May leftist protesters speak early and speak often.

While Sun-Sara World was the inspiration for this email I recently sent, it is dedicated to Code Pink,, The Daily Kos, and every other organization that makes me proud to be a republican. As someone who personally associates with “normal” liberals, and counts some of them as my close (yet misguided) friends, I only hope that leftist protesters continue to party like it’s 1968. Now, Sun-Sara, you adorable lil screecher:

I had no idea who you were until 5 minutes before this email. Then I saw you on Fox News. I was delighted the moment you opened your mouth.

I want you to speak loudly and clearly. I want you and your followers to shout from
the rooftops. I want you to be known to every person in America.
I am a conservative republican who disagrees with you on most issues. So why 
would I want you to continue? 

Because you are the gift that keeps on giving. Even if most Americans are against the
war, they are in favor of civilized discourse. Shouting people down is not civilized.
Again, as a conservative republican, watching you and the Code Pinkos rip into
Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi is hysterical fun. For me it is
Roman dinner theatre, with you being the lions, or more appropriately, jackals.
The perfect should not be the enemy of the good, but given that you would yell
at someone who agrees with you on most issues makes you look unreasonable.
If you look at the last 10 presidential elections, the candidate who was MORE
LIKEABLE won the election. Had Howard "screamin" Dean won the nomination,
he would have gone the way of Mondale and McGovern.
Just because people may agree with you on the war does not mean they support
rude tactics over civilized discussion. Many people disagree with the president,
but they do not hate his guts. THE MORE STRIDENT YOUR RHETORIC, THE
MORE AVERAGE AMERICANS SAY "I do not agree with Bush, but his critics
are lunatics."
To be honest, I hope you ignore every word I say, because I am looking forward to 
see the democratic party rip itself to shreds as they did in 1968.
Keep screaming and leading protest rallies. My side will continue to win presidential 
elections, except when democrats nominate politicians who pretend to be republicans. 
Keep shouting. My republican friends will tivo your rallies and play them in campaign
commercials. You-tube was made for you. 
Do not think this is reverse psychology. I GENUINELY want you to keep doing
exactly what you are doing, the very way you are doing it. 
P.S. On virtually every issue that matters, you're wrong. 
That can wait for another time.

3 Responses to “May leftist protesters speak early and speak often.”

  1. If Republicans had used MoveOn’s welcoming of racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic hate speech at its Action Forum against the MoveOn-endorsed candidates in 2006, they would still control the House and Senate. Unfortunately, only Jim Gerlach (R-PA) used this information, with the result that he beat Lois Murphy in an election he was expected to lose. 2008 will be different.

    Cindy Sheehan, backed by Michael Moore, accused MoveOn of fabricating a poll that misrepresented its members’ antiwar views. What we think of Sheehan and Moore doesn’t matter. The point is that they have accused MoveOn of misrepresenting its members and, once the members start to believe THAT, it is all over for the organization. It is becoming increasingly clear that MoveOn exists to support Eli Pariser, not its membership.

    If Obama does not repudiate MoveOn’s support soon, he will be history because I am spreading the word about the MoveOn hate speech scandal–and Obama’s refusal to distance himself from this hate group.

  2. Jame Camaron says:

    If Obama does not repudiate MoveOn’s support soon, he will be history because I am spreading the word about the MoveOn hate speech scandal

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