Proud to be a Jewish South Park Conservative Republican

Many Jewish media institutions such as the Jewish Journal do not understand why a young man would beam with pride at being a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Below is my response to those who want to party like it’s 1932 and FDR is in charge.

To those thinking that Republicans are individuals with blue suits, red and blue diagonal ties, and silver trust-fund encrusted spoons that double as Chardonnay glass swizzle-sticks, I recommend fewer ivory tower stereotypes about gold watches.


 As a 35 year-old “South Park Conservative,” who has attended several Republican Jewish Coalition conferences, I found the RJC conferees hip, young, fun and optimistic. What the Jewish Journal fails to understand is why middle-class people like me are Republicans. The answers are two-fold:


1) My parents are retired teachers who owned no stocks, but did possess common sense. They worked hard, emphasized honor and integrity, and wanted their government to do what government should do: lower their taxes and leave them alone. They left Long Island for South Florida and a lower tax burden in a nicer house.


 2) My father is a Holocaust survivor, rendering me unable to sing Kumbaya with homicidal lunatics whose main objection to the Jewish community (and all Americans) is our obstinate refusal to allow them to murder us.


 WE ARE AT WAR. The fate of the world is at stake. Civilization or barbarism is the choice. Barbarism must lose. Civilization must win. 


Republicans understand that the reason Barbra Streisand can charge people $25,000 per concert and the Jewish Journal can distribute its newspaper is because American soldiers are fighting and dying for these freedoms.


The Republican Party is totally committed to reducing taxes, killing terrorists, and leaving people alone when they wish to teach their children parental values, not governmental values. For these reasons, I, along with ever-increasing multitudes of young Jews, are committed to the GOP.




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