The Iraq Study Group–Calling Doctor Kevorkian

As the son of a Holocaust survivor, I am disgusted that the democratic party is fawning over itself to lick the (insert pg-rated body part here) of the Iraq Study Group. Being elderly does not automatically make one intelligent, but only Alzheimers or Anti-semitism can explain the ISG.

Blaming Israel for everything that is wrong in the world, and suggesting that we coddle Iran and Syria in the hopes they will like us is insane. Iran and Syria wish to kill every Jew and every American. How do we know this? Because they tell us this on a daily basis.

The democratic party used to at least pay lip service to caring about Jews and Israel. My great grandparents were not murdered so that Americans could advocate singing kumbaya with Syria and Iran, and embrace Elder Senile Statesmen who believe the solution to a war in Iraq is to pressure Israel. The “Israel Surrender Group,” or ISG for short, must never be the basis for serious foreign policy discussions.

I do not agree with President Bush on every issue, but if he promises to use the ISG report as the toilet paper it is, he will have my support. I do not need to sit in an ivory tower and pontificate to know that democracy is good and murderous bloodthirsty Anti-semites are bad. Then again, I am a simple man with simple common sense.

You cannot teach old dogs new tricks. The ISG needs to go the way of Old Yeller. For those who support euthanasia for the weak and sick, I nominate Dr. Kevorkian to let the ISG die with dignity.


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