I have never been happier to be a republican. That is because I understand that the 2006 election was not a repudiation of conservatism, nor was it by any means an embrace of liberalism, which has been in retreat for over a quarter of a century. I am optimistic because the republican class of 2008 is the strongest group of individuals to seek the office since Ronald Reagan (George W. Bush, who I find to be a phenomenal president, was not a strong candidate). One of the strongest candidates to ever seek the republican nomination is Rudy Giuliani.

At this point some conservatives are suffering from frozen mandibles, or lockjaw for short. How can a Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay rights, and Pro-Gun control republican win the republican nomination? Simple. The religious right are not the troglydytes they are often made out to be. They are clear thinking individuals that realize that several factors make Rudy a fantastic candidate for them.

First of all, New York republicans have to be moderate. George Pataki is Pro-choice. Even Al Damato played the moderate card to perfection. He voted down the line for pro-life issues, but he never talked about it. He was a stealth conservative. He worked on breast cancer issues, endearing him to moderate women. Rudy Giuliani had to be liberal in New York. No, he should not have endorsed Mario Cuomo. He was wrong. Ronald Reagan raised taxes in 1982, and outside of my family, no one commands as much respect from me as the Gipper (rest his soul). Rudy Giuliani is not Nancy Pelosi. He is conservative where it counts.

Secondly, Rudy cleaned up New York City. Gotham City is now a world class city. Under David Dinkins, a good, decent man who was simply not tough enough for the job, New York City was dying. The problems existed long before Mr. Dinkins, but the Dinkins reign of error exacerbated those problems. Rudy Giuliani took on everyone who stood in his way.

The Mob? Fugheddaboutit. Yassir Arafat? Out of my city! The Anti-semitic Saudi Prince? Take your 10 million dollars of blood money and shove it where the Manhattan sun doesn’t shine. The Unions? Go to work or be fired. The Virgin Mary defilers? He did not win in court, but cleaned their clock in the court of public opinion.

Those who like Giuliani say he is a bully, but he gets things done. Those who dislike him say he gets things done, but he is a bully. As someone myself who takes being called “heavy handed” or “high handed” as a compliment, I do not want someone warm and fuzzy. I want someone who is effective. I do not need eloquence, class, grace or a an endearing smile with a fake lower lip quiver feeling my pain. I want someone who will take terrorists and b*tchslap them.

Yes, I said b*tchslap them. I do not just want them defeated. I want them humiliated. I want them wiped off the face of the Earth quicker than you can say the name of the Iranian President (in all fairness, it is hard to pronounce).

This is the third issue concerning Giuliani, where Rudy can appeal to the religious right. We are not at war with an indescribable enemy. We are at war with Islamofacist monsters. They want to kill all Jews and all Christians, as well as Muslims who have the nerve to not be genocidal lunatics. This is a religious struggle. It is Judeo-Christian Civilization versus Islamofacist Barbarism. Conservatives can overlook a few abortions provided Rudy really is Pro-life in the form of not allowing good Christians to be murdered. That is being Pro-life.

All politicians talk about winning the war on terror (republican ones anyway), but Rudy has helped lead the fight to actually win it. Others have words. He has deeds. With steely-eyed determination, he told Bin Laden “Not in my city.” While others thought the War on Terror started in 2001, Giuliani at the 2004 republican convention traced terrorism all the way back to the 1972 Munich Olympics. He spoke of the 1985 Leon Klinghoffer atrocity. He spoke of the USS Cole, Oklahoma City, and Mogadishu.

Fourth, Rudy Giuliani is a conservative where it counts. He cut taxes. He promised to appoint strict constructionist judges. He cracked down on the squeegee men, because cracking down on small crime does reduce big crime. He unequivocally supports Israel, which is music to the eardrums of evangelicals. Even liberal Jews, who go out of their way to support policies and candidates that are bad for Jewish people, support Israel (most of the time).

Yes, Rudy has been divorced. He has committed adultery. His loyal right hand Bernie Kerik was tainted by scandal, although if I was given the opportunity to date Judith Regan, I would throw my career in the toilet as well. I mean the whole point of getting power for men is to date women like Judith Regan. Money won’t do it. She already has it. (Several minute digression while I fantasize about Judith Regan in ways that the bible would not condone…those pouty lips, that perfect flowing hair gently caressing her…ok, I need a few more minutes)

Anyway, back to Rudy. He was wrong on gun control, although again New York City is not middle America. He had no choice. He can be abrasive, but somebody has to stand up to Al “Strom” Sharpton. More importantly, somebody has to stop Hillary Clinton.

NY Post columnist John Podhoretz understands that Hillary Clinton should never be underestimated. She is smart, calculating, tough and ruthless. She will deck you in the face and then smile, and then play the delicate girlie crying routine when a less aggressive pol dares to fight back (R.I.P. Rick Lazio).

Rudy Giuliani does not back down from Mafia kingpins, drug lords, or even teachers unions, and everybody including mobsters fears teachers unions. He will not be afraid of Hillary or her thuggish band of character assassin Clintonistas. He will match her blow for blow. Hillary Clinton is not the devil, but her agenda would be anathema to conservatives. Rudy is Pro-choice. Hillary would bring the abortion of the month club to town and have her be fawned over in a way only rivaled by Oprah’s minions. Her views on the economy, gun control, and most issues are toxic. Bill Clinton won in 1992 partly because the religious right abandoned George HW Bush, even though he catered to them enough to drive away moderates and collapse the Reagan Coalition, until Newt Gingrich unified it, with help from Bill Clinton. Republicans will not make the same mistake. If Hillary wins, they get nothing. If Giuliani wins, they have some voice, even if less than they desire.

Rudy Giuliani appeals to moderates, but his election would be a dream for social conservatives, if they could just get out of their own way. Perhaps they will not have a choice. Rudy Giuliani will not fear them. He does not fear Mobsters, Hillary or teachers unions.

No one is perfect. Leaders do not get everything right. They get the big things right. The big thing in the 21st century is the War on Terror. Everyone from Liberal Jews to Moderate Muslims to Conservative Christians must understand this.

Mr. Giuliani has my vote. He has earned it. Now he needs to roll up his sleeves and get to work. We all do. Taxes do not lower themselves, red tape does not cut itself, and terrorists do not surrender themselves. It takes leadership.

If Liberal Jews, Moderate Muslims and Conservative Christians all have concerns, that tells me Rudy Giuliani is on the right track.

Good luck Mr. Giuliani. You are the right man at the right time…the religious right will understand. Do what you have to do. Then lead us well.



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  2. Keif says:


    I’m worried about Rudy winning the primary, but not the general. If Rudy doesn’t win the primary, I will need to worry about the general.

  3. Key says:

    I hope Rudy turns the slide around. It makes me nervous!

    BTW, I compiled a list of quotes about Mitt from the NR folks. It seems hard to imagine they would endorse Mitt after saying things like this. Check ’em out, and post a link to it from your website if you’d like! (I think Mitt is Rudy’s biggest threat.)


    BTW, didja see them both on Meet the Press? I thought Rudy kicked ass, but Mitt talked in circles and gave long answers when short answers would have sufficed. Both interviews were enlightening and worth watching…

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