Reducing hate speech one liberal Hollywood celebrity at a time

America is a better place tonight. Alec Baldwin is in seclusion, and Rosie O’Donnell is kicking and screaming her way out the door. One by one, Hollywood liberals are slowly, finally and thankfully being smacked down, and smacked down hard.

Now before some of you play the censorship card and blame George W. Bush or Karl Rove for this, remember that free speech is not absolute. More importantly, free speech does not cover hate speech.

At this point liberals will find an example of some right wing zealot declaring homosexuality a sin. The difference is conservative hate speech is an aberration condemned by mainstream conservatives. Liberal hate speech is the norm…it is becoming redundant, and embraced by liberals. Even worse, it is stupid speech. Combining anger with a lack of intelligence…come to think of it, that just might be “The View” in a wingnutshell. Who watches this stuff? Certainly not men, or women with any skills. Show me 5 men in America watching that drivel, and I will show you men who fell asleep watching a ballgame at midnight.

Why blame the View? Because it promotes idiotic hate speech, whether it be Danny Devito getting drunk and savaging President Bush, or Rosie O’Donnell ranting 40 years after bra burning became passe. Barbara Walters used to interview Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat. Now she plays second fiddle, drooling next to a hatemonger, when not drooling next to fascinating people such as Paris “My parents worked hard” Hilton.

Some liberals claim to be against hate speech, but by not speaking out loudly, they are complicit. Many Germans claimed to be against the Holocaust after the German lost the war, but they were mighty quiet during it (No, I am not comparing liberals to Nazis, although silencing your enemies is scary no matter who does it).

Alec Baldwin and Rosie O’Donnell have both made careers out of hurting other people with unprovoked attacks. Henry Hyde did not deserve to have Alec Baldwin threaten to stone him to death. Donald Trump did not deserve to have Rosie heap verbal abuse on him. Liberals seem to think that just because someone is rich, powerful or famous, makes them a bad person. Ironically, many of these liberals are the very rich, powerful and famous people they claim to loathe.

The good news is we are at a tipping point. Al Franken bombed on Air America, and his Senate candidacy against a good decent man like Norm Coleman is floundering. The men Al Franken ridiculed, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, are thriving. Sean Hannity, a target of Alec Baldwin, is doing phenomenally well. It is not because they are conservative. It is because they stick to issues in their area of expertise, and do not resort to ad hominem attacks.

Civility does work. Howard Dean ran a campaign in 2004 based on rage and hatred. As he was imploding, John Edwards rose in the polls and almost won the nomination, all the while running a positive campaign.

A good example of how to behave is rock star Jon Bon Jovi. He is politically liberal, and he headlined frequent fundraisers for John Kerry. Yet he did not lob bombs. He exhorted the crowd to support John Kerry, and then he did what he was supposed to do. To quote Laura Ingraham (I will spare you all my R-rated fantasies about her. She is a dignified woman, and I doubt she would be willing to have a pillowfight with me on a trampoline in her underclothing…I respect her for her mind), he “shut up and sang.” He did not call President Bush a liar, Hitler, or a loser. Harry “the war is lost” Reid could learn from him.

Everyone needs to be more civil. Yes, there are actually Hollywood celebrities who have never been divorced, done cocaine, beaten their children, abused their assistants, or generally disgusted the American public. The problem is they do not speak up. Until they start breaking ranks and bring down the pink wall of piousness, they will continue to offend Americans. There was a time when this was tolerable. This tolerance is finally, albeit perhaps temporarily breaking down.

Hollywood could be a force for positive change. This week is a good start. Even if it IS only for a couple days, Alec Baldwin and Rosie O’Donnell being quiet for a short amount of time is better than nothing.

Society will get better when good people stand up and say that they have had enough. One Hollywood liberal at a time, they will be either silenced or they will change for the better. This is not censorship. It is promoting decency. Goodbye, Rosie, Queen of Morona. Goodbye Alec “child abuser” Baldwin. Your narcissism has run its course.

May every Hollywood celebrity who acts this way look in the mirror, and decide to act like someone who is not them. Observe good people, and become one of them. Perhaps some people from middle America…the real heart and soul of America…can teach them how.

Two down, only a few thousand more to go…slowly but surely…it will not be easy…but it will be worth it. Hate speech can…and should…be reduced…even if we have to do it one drugged out, abusive, Hollywood celebrity at a time.


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  1. ed says:

    alex “child abuser” baldwin. Hmmm, look at your own hatespeech. O’Really, Hannity and the like are thriving on the back of retarded viewers. Liberals require much more. Pathetic.

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