Kerry & Edwards Revisited–The scam, the scum, the scrum and the Shrum.

Slash and burn political consultant Bob Shrum has written a tell all book where he builds up John Kerry and lambastes John Edwards. Given that Bob Shrum is the politics of personal destruction, in addition to being an 0-8 loser in presidential races, it is no surprising that he would do what anyone who has repeatedly failed on a spectacular level would do…write a tell all book. Having said that, he does indirectly give clear insight into John Kerry and John Edwards, although not necessarily as he intended.

He paints John Edwards as a snake oil salesman. This is like implying that Peyton Manning is a good quarterback. It is on the verge of being a given. Of course John Edwards is a snake oil salesman. He made his money suing hospitals. He is a medical malpractice attorney. He once claimed that a dead girl was speaking to him in the courtrooom. Perhaps that is why people confuse him with the other John Edwards (the psychic, who some also believe is a snake oil salesman).

According to Edwards, he ordered his staff in 2004 to never mention his late son Wade during the campaign, for fear of exploiting a tragedy for political gain. The suffering the Edwards family went through was I am sure as genuine as it was nightmarish, but Edwards claimed that when he spoke to Kerry, he talked about Wade for the first time. Yet Kerry claimed that Edwards spoke to him about Wade two years earlier, also claiming that he had never spoken about it before. Now this is only if one believes Shrum, who has every reason to tell the truth and every reason to lie. Knowing this bunch, somehow if it possible, they are all lying.

Yet John Edwards was who we thought he was. The son of a millworker was actually the son of the man who was the boss of the mill. The man who complains about poverty is a filthy rich man who may or may not have ever known it. The bottom line is, Edwards is Clinton minus the fancy degrees and the bimbo eruptions.

John Kerry, although coming across positive in Shrum’s book, is the worst of the lot. Shrum claims  that Kerry did not want Edwards, but that Shrum forced him into choosing him. What does this say about Kerry that he is not man enough to choose his own running mate? John Kerry did not like John Edwards. Yet John Kerry was so unpricipled that he would choose a man that he did not like or trust out of a cynical need to fool the voters. Kerry is a liberal, and he needed a good old boy Southern moderate. This is a dishonest attempt at “ticket balancing” that insults the voters. It did not work when George HW Bush picked Dan Quayle. They were too different. It was ok when Reagan picked Bush the Elder because Reagan was so likable that he could have picked Stalin as his VP and still won. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both picked people that meshed well with them. John Kerry did not.

John Kerry first decided to go for John McCain. The ludicrousness of this decision is beyond debate. McCain was wise to reject the offer. Dick Gephardt would have been a good choice because he was experienced, cerebral, and respected.

John Kerry simply was unprincipled. His campaign was about naked political calculations, and John Edwards was just another caluclation. Now Edwards has veere far to the left, showing that John Kerry did not vet him out properly. The bottom line is John Kerry wanted to win at all costs, which meant placing the fate of the world in the hands of somebody he himself had no belief or confidence in.

So John Edwards supposedly hates Shrum because Shrum chose Kerry, and now Shrum writes a book bashing Edwards through Kerry. Is there no honor among leftist thieves?

The scum created a scam that ended up in a big scrum of egos. So sayeth the Shrum. The Shrum may be the biggest ego of them all, and the least politically accomplished (which says alot compared to John Edwards), but that does not mean he is absolutely lying. Edwards may be the least scummy of the three, because by acting as the most blatant of the three, he is so obvious as to be honest about his phoniness. Kerry and Shrum are worse in a  perverse sense by being ever so slightly less transparent.

May they all devour each other. If they do not, they will quickly fade to public irrelevance, since anybody not named Clinton in the democratic party is irrelevant anyway. 


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