The San Diego Sorceress

I just got off of the phone a few minutes ago with the San Diego Sorceress.

There is a very good chance that she will be marrying somebody who is not me. She has been with him awhile now, and she even apologized for us not being a couple. She has nothing to apologize for. Timing is everything, and she and I had the worst timing.

May 1st, 2005, was supposed to be our first date. However, three days earlier, on April 28th, 2005, I met somebody. It was instant click. The instant click girl wanted our 2nd date to be on May 1st, 2005. I am not someone who breaks dates lightly, but I was about to plunge into a relationship. I realized that this was not just about breaking a date. It was about deciding what type of human being I was, and whether I was someone I could respect. Thankfully, I was.

I told her the complete truth, and asked her to be supportive of me and to please not be mad at me. She was wonderful about the whole situation. She wished me well, and I did the same. She even suggested we stay in touch as friends. Although it was a wonderful idea, people who barely know each other do not keep in touch easily. I even offered to set her up with one of my friends. They were too busy to meet.

Then on December 1st, 2005, my girlfriend and I broke up. It was a good 7 month run, but we didn’t make it. I took some time to heal, and then in January of 2006 made on the most nervewracking calls of my life. My head was flooded with thoughts. What if she kicks me in the teeth? She would have every right to do so. Worse, what if she did not even remember who I was?

She was beyond friendly, and said she totally understood that I did what I had to do. She was glad that I was honest with her. She was now in the San Francisco area, an hour away by plane from Los Angeles. I swallowed my pride and asked her out again. She explained that timing was everything, and that she now had a boyfriend. She asked me if I hated her, and I explained that would be hypocritical given how sweet she was. Then I realized I did not possess anywhere near her amount of class.

I asked her out anyway. To be fair, her relationship was on the brink of collapse, but she was still taken. To show her how serious I was, I offered to fly to San Francisco just to take her to dinner. She explained that she would be spending Mother’s Day weekend in San Diego. I offered to drive the 2 1/2 hours just to have dinner with her. She said yes. I had my second chance.

I arrived with three pink roses…one for her, one for her mother, and one for her grandmother. This went over well. Her grandfather warned me “Be careful, this one’s a talker.” I responded by saying “That is good, because I like what she has to say.” This also went over well. I picked the most romantic restaurant in San Diego, and reserved a corner secluded table with a view of the water and the San Diego skyline.

When we went to the car to leave for the restaurant, she said that she needed to get her camera out of her car. As she bent over to feel around her car to locate her camera, I remember thinking that it would leave a bad impression if I literally left a bad impression. I did not think she was asking for the dracula treatment, and it wasn’t her fault that she had the most spectacular hide on the planet. I knew she was doing this on purpose because it does not take 5 minutes to find something in a clean car. It was either right there or not there at all. She then got the camera which was sitting there the whole time, and took pics of me totally flushed. She knew exactly what she was doing. I took a picture of her looking powerful and assured.

Dinner was flawless, and we then went for a walk along the San Diego coast…we sat on a bench, just a few feet from the water. It was one of the most romantic scenes in my life. I was on overload, and so was she. Skipping salacious details to protect something, I only remember telling her “Thanks for the O.” What else can a guy say when a woman takes him to that point? Heck, it was fantastic, and wish I could have gotten her an “O” as well.

I suggested we get a hotel room, but she was concerned about being scandalous. I explained that it was a bit late to be concerned with that. She also had nothing to fear, because it was not like I was any use to her sexually at that point. She suggested we call it an evening, but that when she got back to Frisco and chucked her boyfriend, she and I could be together. I kissed her, and began the agonizing drive back home. It was not heartache, but stomachache (You try to drive 2 1/2 hours in a post-O state soaked to the bone. When people say “Use the restroom, it’s a long drive,” they are so not kidding).

When I called her to make our next date (and return the favor and give her an O), the nightmare scenario had occurred. Her boyfriend cried, begged her to work things out, and she agreed to try again. I was out in the cold. She said she understood if I hated her, but how could I? She was so gracious when I walked away, I owed her the same.

It is now Mother’s Day weekend 2007. Two years later, we still talk from time to time. She is still seeing him. He still hates that she talks to me. He can get over it. Losers should say little, and winners should say even less. He has her. He is a lucky man.

Although there will likely not be a 3rd chance, I will always think positively about the San Diego Sorceress. I can make her blush any time I want by reminding her of how she acted. She can make me blush just by saying hello. She wins hands (and hide) down.

I think we keep in touch because we truly want each other to be happy. She has had personal success, but her career has been floundering (although it is finally starting to come together). My career has taken off like a rocketship (similar to her effect on me), but romance has been more fleeting.

I care about her. She cares about me. As my traveling carnival of adventure continues, I only think about what would have happened had we not both had the worst timing ever.

“We crashed and burned and perished…yet San Diego Sorceress I cherish…

Time to board another plane…memories of you still remain…

This is how my life unravels…as the carnival travels…

San Diego gravel…as the carnival travels…

This is how my life unravels…as the carnival travels.”

From her head to her feet, and everything in between (Yes, she has a beautiful heart and soul, but my lord is that hide stunning), I will always cherish my time with the San Diego Sorceress. One never knows what will happen in the future. We will not be getting married, but I will be at hers and she will be at mine. This gives me the advantage because blazing hot women have blazing hot bridesmaids. She must get married first.

It has been an hour since we talked. I hope a happy weekend and beyond exists for the San Diego Sorceress.


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