U.S. Liberals and Palestinian Terrorists–Different means, same end

As the politics of personal destruction is guided in America by warrior liberals (the only time liberals ever support war is against republicans), real destruction is taking place in the Middle East. While normally this would not be news, in this case it is significant because it is Fatah vs Hamas, in a battle to see which lunatic genocidal faction can represent their darling people best. What liberals fail to acknowledge is that what they are doing towards their political enemies (or what civilized people refer to as opponents) is not much better.

First of all, I want to make it crystal clear that I am not referring to liberals as murderers. Even Ted Kennedy, who did kill somebody, did not commit murder, only negligent homicide. However, before some liberals speak up and criticize me for painting a broad brush, they should speak up and condemn their more radical elements to have any credibility. Silence is acquiescence, hence the broad brush. While the means of U.S. liberals and Palestinians are far different (words vs bullets), the ends are equally destructive to the bombthrowers and the targets.

Palestinians, it was said, would be ready for peace when they decided that they loved their own children more than they hated the Jewish children. So far this has yet to happen. The proof of this is Hamas fighting Fatah, with the winner of this “Superbowl of nutcases” leading the charge against Israel. When two sides are fighting to represent a cause they completely agree on, you know they are far gone. Not since a telelvision show in the 1980s satirized peace groups (One group was named WIMP, for “War Insane Make Peace…it led to a fight betwene the peace groups)has such ridiculous dinner theatre been part of the news. Apparently Palestinians did not get the liberal memo about singing kumbaya and starting  alove train.

Which brings us to our liberal friends (boy am I being generous). In 1992, they had all the levers of power, and they fought amongst themselves, bringing Newt Gingrich and the next leg in the Reagan Revolution to power. Liberals were great at being revolutionaries themselves, but they found governing was tougher, and so they simply did what liberals normally do when confronted with actually having to do things…they failed.

For the last several years the left has wasted time. For three years the Bush White House was harassed over covert “Vanity Fair” agent Valerie Plame and her husband Joe “sipping tea with despots” Wilson. Scooter Libby might be going to jail. Why? Liberal vengeance. Paul Wolfowitz is resigning from the World Bank. Why? Liberal vengeance. This has nothing to do with anything he did. He is a Neocon, he pushed the Iraq War, and now the left needs to punish him. Alberto Gonzales is admittedly not a spectacular public relations person, but he is an honorable public servant. He is being dragged through the mud for badly articulating why people the President had every right to fire were fired. This is liberal vengeance.

Liberals along time ago forgot how to debate on issue sof actual policy. Maybe they have no policies, or maybe they know most Aamericans disagree with them, so they hide their policies. A good example of this is their vow to never back down from the President regarding the troop withdrawal. The only withdrawal was the meek liberals scurrying like rats to explain why the President kick their hides this round. Simple. He was right, they were wrong. Liberals will probably learn from this fiasco the wrong lesson, which is to simply not announce policy initiatives anymore.

Perhaps an immigration deal (which I have not taken a position on…I am on the fence, no joke intended) will get done. More likely, the next couple years will be spent with liberals trying to claim more scalps in the hope of getting President Bush removed from office. At this point, I shall announce to liberals my brilliant plan to remove him from office. It is called term limits. On January 20th, 2009, he will be gone. He cannot prevent this. So rather than spending the last few months of his presidency ripping him to shreds, why not be for things…anything…rather than merely against him?

Liberals want vengeance because they believe Bill Clinton should not have been impeached (the whole rationale for moveon.org before it became another irrational group), and that George W. Bush stole the election. Apparently moveon never did move on. Bill Clinton’s impeach was legal. All proper procedural channels were followed. In the same way Rodney King asked if we could all get along, Bill Clinton, if he really wanted to improve the world, could tell his fellow democrats to stop the attacks and focus on positive change. The reason that George W. Bush has not been found guilty of corruption si because he simply is not corrupt. He is a good decent man who enacts policies that some agree with and some do not.

If liberals keep going down the Bush Derangement Syndrome road, they might find it an ugly place once the tables are turned. From Robert Bork to Clarence Thomas to George W. Bush, conservatives have had it. Me telling them not to retaliate will fall on deaf ears, and I would not be able to blame them. 

Liberals cannot burn down the village and expect it to be in one piece when they want to run it. Just ask your friends in Hamas and Fatah. Payback can be brutal…and unproductive.

It is time to work on actual policies. It is called governing. When liberals drop their Jihad against the President, and republicans and conservatives in general, they might wish to try this phenomenon of actually doing things. In the meantime, liberals will continue griping. Conservatives do not have time. We have a nation to lead, and lead we will.


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