Finally, some irrational hate mail, courtesy of an anonymous Palestinian

It seems I have touched a nerve. Who knew that terrorist supporters had feelings?

I had planned to write a very gracious thank you note to everybody who has helped me with my blog, but that will have to wait until later today or tomorrow. I just received my first piece of hate mail, even though I go out of my way to emphasize ideas over vitriol. Yes, I am hard hitting, but I do not curse, or use racism, sexism or any other kind of ism to make my points. Luckily, my feebleminded opponents have no such societal constraints.

The policy towards hate mail is to address it once, in what I hope is a humorous manner, and then if they respond again, not address them, therefore depriving them of their ill informed (and often badly written) platform.

I had the nerve to suggest that the Palestinians are a disaster as a civilization, and that they are entirely at fault for their own miserable lot in life. Hamas and Fatah are killing each other, and yet some Palestinians still want to blame Israel, which to my knowledge does not have membership in either of these groups. Unike Groucho Marx, we refuse to join any club that would have them as members, not us.

Now for the hate mail, from a brave soul who left an email address of [email protected]. Now that is too courageous.

“jewish is a religion, NOT A SPECIAL BREED OF PEOPLE!!!!!!”

Actually, my parents think I am quite special, although they could mean the type of special that rides in the back of the little yellow bus.

“what is your origin? I bet its not even close to the middle east…”

I do not have to live next to homicidal lunatics to know what they are. I have never grown an apple tree, but feel comfortable identifying the apple and eating it.

“FACT: at least 10 to 1 is the ratio of palistinians dead people to israeli dead
people because of the sh*t that happened in the region because of Israels existence,
do you think that those people (palistinians and israelis) would’ve been murdered
in the same way if Israel didn’t exist?”

Absolutely! Of course they would. Jordan massacred one million Palestinians. Palestinians are Arabs. They outnumber Jews 100 to 1. So a 10 to 1 death rate is not an impressive achievement, although the current situation in Gaza is leading them to play catch up.

“FACT: Israel are the one who broke the UN agreements and they took land that does
not belong to them, kicked out it’s native people, destroyed their houses, and
even killed some natives in the way, and built settlements and cities in there,
caused a couple of wars in the way, and whined and still whinning about being the

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and your houses could not be salvaged with help from Bob Vila. Israel should stop blowing up empty houses, I agree. We should stop warning the people to get out alive before we blow up the house. We should stop dropping warning leaflets telling you when the house is being bombed. We should just do what you do to us. Your objection is not that killing is wrong. It is just that the Israelis are better at it, and humane in how they do it. Maybe if you stopped hiding terrorists and munitions in the houses, we would not blow them up. Yet behaving like human beings seems a foreign concept.

“If israel has not been greedly eating land like a b*tch every couple of years, Israelis
and palistinians would be living in peace today.”

So Israelis are not just dogs, but female dogs. Got it. Oh, and this fellow keeps misspelling the word Palestinians. Lastly, Israel withdrew from Gaza. There are no Jews there. Yet Palestinians are killing each other.

As I have repeatedly said, if Palestinians want to stop killing altogether, Israel would be happy to embrace them. Palestinians say this is not true, but they have never tried the non-lunatic approach. You act normal, then you get rewards, not the other way around. Since Palestinians refusing to kill is about as likely as children refusing to give up candy, I would strongly prefer they kill each other and not my people.

Well, there is nothing like a civilized debate among rational people. Time for lunch. Burnt Gaza Strip and eggs sunny side down. My favorite.


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  1. Ah, I remember my first hate mails. That tends to happen when you’re a conservative columnist for a Campus newspaper.

    Mine were mostly the “you are full of hate” variant, combined with various innuendos about how I was raised.

    My response was generally “you’re attacking my family, but I’m full of hate for writing someting you disagree with that attacks a concept you support. Alrighty then.”

    My hate mail from my column on The Vagina Monologues was hilarious. Sometimes you have to make an executive decision whether it’s worth your time to confront hateful trolls.

  2. Delta Vines says:


    Good posting back. Btw, Jews in Israel are losing land left and right, being forced by organizations such as Peace Now to justify their existence. Since Hebron is where the ancestorS Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are buried, it seems natural Jews would like there. But no, Peace Now insists Jews living there is horrible.

    The Biblical heartland of Israel, including Judea and Samaria (aka “West Bank”) is being taken over by Arabs who uproot trees, vineyards, and gardens, then walk away. All this under the protection of the IDF. Go figure.

    Btw, Arab leaders encouraged palestinians to leave their homes, with a promise of the Jews being destroyed. This was in 1948. At the same time, Jews were displaced from all Arab countries that they at their families had lived in for years. Where else could they go but to Israel.

    I recommend a DVD “The Forgotten Refugees” for anyone who wants to know more about how Jews were treated. It’s too bad the teaching of history isn’t as all inclusive as it should be.

    Keep standing tall, Eric!

  3. Casey says:

    I’ve added you to my links on my site.

    I did a series of shows a while back on the history of Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah. I still get requests for those shows on a weekly basis. I didn’t use any pro or anti- Israel material … only the facts from history books, and encyclopedias. A simple basic look at history is not difficult, and it dispells the lies that “Palestinians” have been feeding the world.

    I use “Palestinian” in quotes because the Roman Empire created that name out of disrespect for the Jews who revolted. There was never a “Palestinian” people until the Romans created them.

  4. Jay says:

    Caught your comment on Craig’s blog, and congrats, you’ve got a good one.

    Great about the hate mail, but you really haven’t made it until you’ve been fatwa’d. Then you can run with the big dogs. Keep up the good work, and it’ll happen. You don’t have to rush it…

  5. mdvp says:

    Oh, this is definitely better than the stuff I wrote on your last post, I don’t know what you’re talking about : ). I’m definitely using the apple tree/ apple thing, that’ll come in handy. Keep up the good work!

  6. Yeah…nothing drive hate like the Jewish people, which is regrettable…I’ve had a Ron Paul supporter or two visit my site over the last few days, and they’re nuttier than a squirrels turds (sigh…I’m becoming a verbal cliche)…and antisemitism is a live and well, and it’s propagated and encouraged by todays liberals, who are so busy apologizing for the filth of this earth, that they can’t see their hand in front of their face. I just don’t get it…being a Canadian…how a single people can be so blamed and hated for the ills of the world.

    I’d wear it as a badge of honor. If I could piss off people to that degree, I would…because then they start talking, and nothing furthers my cause and own beliefs more than letting these people tell the truth…the bitter vitriolic “truth” about what they feel, and where they really view the Jews in todays world. The media and liberals dig and bury…but the more people hear, the more they see the way things really are.

    Back to drinking beer for the night. I’ll have one for you Eric. Are you a dark or a light beer guy?

  7. Brian says:

    I didn’t find the “anonymous” letter to be hateful…it was ignorant, misinformed, angry and disingenuous…terribly easy to refute and weak as heck…what these people often do not get these days is we have finally just had it with them, their lies and hate… we see through them and recognize their definition of peace bears no relation to ours…

  8. Gayle says:

    As a conservative blogger, Eric, I’ve been called things I can’t even repeat here. When I first began blogging several years ago one extremely nasty troll left a link that he said would emphasize the point I was making. What he linked to was some really disgusting porn! I’ve never fallen for that again. If I don’t know the commentor I don’t click on links that they leave. This is also the reason I turned on comment moderation. It has helped a lot. But your visitor came by way of an e-mail, and anonymously at that. That’s because all of them, every single one of them, are cowards. I don’t publish them unless they are very civil in their disagreement, so that’s why you won’t see very many of their comments published at my place. So few of them even know the meaning of civility!

  9. Craig says:

    Hi Eric,
    Great post. I’ve added your site to my blogroll. The lunatic-ing time bomb who wrote you is more than welcome to read my take on their Death Culture.

  10. The absurdity is that “the Palestinian problem” – Palestinians were native to the land and had been for millennia – was manufactured in an attempt to create sympathy in the media for the Jordanians and Syrians (now known as Palestinians).

    With the help of the British and their efforts to sabotage the land mandated to Israel, it worked and is still working today.

    This commenter is spewing rhetoric, the media line. I don’t think the media has ever attempted to report the true history.

    To end: shame on Palestinian men who ignore their family’s welfare, to join the crowds in the streets and aggressively share in “the humiliation brought upon Palestinians.” They need to get a job.

    Maggie’s Notebook

  11. […] Finally, some irrational hate mail, courtesy of an anonymous Palestinian It seems I have touched a nerve. Who knew that terrorist supporters had feelings? I had planned to write a very […] […]

  12. This is a bunch of nonsense. As someone that has studied the fromation of Israel as a nation and the deal the World offered the Palestinians in a land that wasn’t even their own I have little sympathy for them. They have always answered the olive branch with a gun and then cry because the God of Israel has been stronger than their Allah. They always say Allah willing, well duh…..what do they think has been the obvlious will of Allah during the past 60 years. I recently watched a DVD on PBS that covered the 1967 war. This should be required “reading” for all students. If none of the history I mentioned above were true, the current events are clear evidence that the so called “Pallestinians” are the aggressors in this neverending battle……………………steve

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