Vengeance for Libby–May republicans bring liberals Scorched Earth

I lost interest in justice today. I am now interested in vengeance. The only law I believe in is Hammurabi’s Law…An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a death for a death. Conservatives cannot be expected to win the War on Terror if we cannot even win a public relations battle against liberals, who are supposed to be a bunch of peacenik wimps.

First, let me get the obligatory politically correct garbage out of the way. No, liberals are not murderers, no they did not cause 9/11, no they are not evil or anywhere close to Al Queda, despite their thinking that conservatives are all of the above.

In the same way a billion Muslims get blamed for the action of a few thousand because the few thousand speak the loudest, all liberals shall be painted with a sweeping broad brush until the normal, reasonable, mainstream ones make themselves heard over the lunatics.

In the same way terrorists break the rules while American soldiers have to stay within them, republicans and conseratives keep thinking that if they hit below the belt, it will bring the liberals into the gutter. Folks, the liberals are already in the gutter. They are an overflowing cesspool of bile and hatred. In the same way that Yassir “That’s my baby terrorist” Arafat gave out candy to Palestinian children after 9/11, liberals will be popping champagne corks and orgasming at their keyboards over the destruction of Scooter Libby’s life and family.

There will not be classy voices of sympathy. Despite football owner Art Modell’s adage that “Losers should say very little, and winners should say even less,” liberals are prepared to dance on Libby’s emotional grave. Like wolves and jackals, they are licking their chops at the next pound of flesh. It is amazing how liberals hate guns and the second amendment, but celebrate hunting season when republicans are being hunted. They will go on and on about how this conviction is a victory for the forces of good over the forces of evil and corruption. No, what it is is a victory of liberals over conservatives, and it will be a pyrrhic one.

The idea that it takes two to tango is nonsense. Only one side is throwing punches. This poisonous political atmosphere started in 1987 when one of the finest legal minds in this country, Robert Bork, was rejected for a seat on the Supreme Court, but not before nearly being reduced to tears. To destroy someone’s career is now referred to as “Borking.” Despite no direct evidence, Clarence Thomas was slandered and libeled in a most disgusting manner.

The consequences for engaging in the politics of personal destruction is that it keeps the best and brightest from wanting to engage in public service. Why would I want to be President, and earn $400,000 and endless heartache, when I can be a Corporate CEO, make mega-millions, and be given a golden parachute filled with stock options?

People leave Washington and become disillusioned. For a brief time, something so overwhelmingly tragic will happen, such as Vince Foster committing suicide, but then it is back to destruction as usual (It was not republicans bashing Foster).

The liberals have decided that conservatives and republicans are for the most part not human beings. Keying their cars is acceptable. Removing their lawn signs and throwing objects at conservative speakers is normal discourse. So why are liberals happy about Scooter Libby? Why is his scalp so important?

Scooter Libby is the closest that liberals can get to President Bush. They despise him, despite his graciousness and compassion for people. They are angry that republicans went after the Clintons. The difference is the Clintons actually were corrupt. The liberals, rather than seeing going after the Clintons as trying to enforce justice, opted for vengeance. This appetite for destroying all things republican only grew after the 2000 election, and exploded after 2004.

They have Alberto Gonzalez on the ropes for simply doing a lousy job at publicly explaining something completely legal (which seems to be the biggest flaw in this administration). Paul Wolfowitz is being ousted from the World Bank under ridiculous charges, when the entire world knows that he is merely another Neocon scalp. The Iraq War should have nothing to with running a bank, but then again liberals have never been ones to let logic and reasoning and morality get in the way of a good scalping.

Now, a scandal about nothing has engulfed an innocent victim. Scooter Libby has been sentenced to jail, and his family is devastated emotionally and financially. Therefore one of two things should happen.

Nancy Pelosi could go on television and publicly urge President Bush to pardon Scooter Libby, and declare an end to gotcha games. This scenario is fantasy, since Ms. Pelosi would catch too much flack from her base, and why would anyone want to do the courageous morally decent thing when they can placate the scum of American society. In the same way Europe is becoming a Caliphate, the democratic party is becoming the party of and Daily Kos hatemongers.

The more realistic scenario is the democratic party does a victory lap. This should be met by republicans with the same response as when those who knocked down the Towers in Manhattan celebrated (although verbally, not militarily)…with Scorched Earth.

Investigations should immediately be initiated against Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. If nothing is there, we should create something. We can even hold hearings into Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. Every democrat should be subpoenaed. Now some will say this will not happen because democrats control Congress. Public pressure can be turned up. Or republicans can lay in wait and exact vengeance when they get power back.

Now some will argue that this will further poison the environment. It is too late. It is already poisoned. One cannot make peace with those who only believe in war. The democrats may lack anything resembling coherent policies or plans to govern, but boy can they fight, and fight dirty, and fight to the death to win. Unless republicans hit these bullies between the eyes (again, verbally), the liberals will continue to do victory laps as innocent people see their careers and lives ruined.

There can be no peace with those who see war as the ends and not merely the means. It is time to go after liberals with Scorched Earth ruthlessness until these rats have no place left on this Earth to hide. As I said, there will be some decent and thoughtful liberals tonight praying for Scooter Libby and his family, but they are in the minority.

From Robert Bork to Scooter Libby, the democrats have had a 20 year head start. If Republicans can topple evil men like Saddam, surely they can handle liberals. Or perhaps they can play nice, hope the left does the same, and then be surprised when another one of them gets in trouble over absolutely nothing.

For every day Scooter Libby spends in jail, one liberal needs to metaphorically burn. It is up to the democrats to try and make peace. I am done reaching my hand out to them first. They want me at their level. Congratulations. I am there.

May God look after Scooter Libby and his family, and may justice be done to those who went after him for sport. When payback happens…and it will…the liberals will understand why…and they will deserve it. The chance to prevent this is to speak up right now, and allow this good, decent, innocent victim of liberal Jihad to go home to his family.


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  1. It’s true that it’s hard to fight back when even your politiccal enemies hold you to a higher standard. To simplify, I must make use of the Clinton “scandal”. Clinton cheats on his wife with an intern half (more than half) his age. People shrug it off on the left…he’s Clinton. Were Bush to cheat on Laura, those same Democrats would be screaming how terrible it is, not because they really “believe” it’s terrible, but because we’re held to a higher standard. “You’re Conservative, you’re not supposed to do that.” Ethical lapses and indescressions (the other Williams Jefferson), not a big deal, because he’s not expected to operate on a higher plane of morailty…Scooter Libby (who didn’t accept $500K in bribes), he’s a Conservative, they’re not supposed to do these things.

    As frustrating as it is, it’s telling when even the Democrats look to Republicans as having the moral high ground…their every action seems to display that they shouldn’t be held to the same standards…as along as their “hearts” are in the right place.

  2. Tygrrr, we at Conclub have added you to our blogroll. I couldn’t help but notice our absence from yours, however.

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  4. Patrick Henry says:

    “In the same way a billion Muslims get blamed for the action of a few thousand because the few thousand speak the loudest”

    Congratulations on recognizing that not all Muslims are the same.

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