Violence in Gaza–Oh, and water is wet

There is violence in Gaza today, and in further news, a tree is falling in the forest somewhere. Like a third tier presidential candidate, this story is gasping for air time. Let it die, along with the people there.

Yes, I said it. Humans are suffering, and I am content to let them. I am Jewish, and the Torah I believe in does not ask me to pray for people that want to kill me. Jews are supposed to be fruitful and multiply, which is hard to do when living next door to genocidal lunatics.

Although I had grave misgivings about the Gaza pullout (I felt we as Israel should have taken more land), I trusted Ariel Sharon. It was difficult to force Jews to leave their homes, but once the Jews were gone, the Arabs (Yes, Palestinians are simply Arabs, and the worst of the lot at that) would have no excuses. They would either succeed as a civilization in Gaza or they would fail. What a shock. They are killing each other.

A dirty not so little secret about many Arab nations is that while they publicly hate Israel, they hate each other more. Does any sane person honestly believe Kuwait hates Israel more than Iraq? Does anyone honestly believe that Saudi Arabia worries about Israel more than they do Iran? Israel is the best thing that ever happened to the Arabs. It is the only thing that (most of the time) keeps Arab nations from firing their guns while standing in a circle.

When it was brought up that without Israel controlling Gaza, the Palestinians would descend into a civil war, my only difficulty was trying to figure out what the down side of this equation was. Of course they were going to kill each other. They had to kill somebody. That is what killers do. The Roman Empire collapsed because it was founded on military victories, and when they had nobody left to fight with, they got bored and turned inward.

For those who want the obligatory politically correct nonsense about the peace loving Palestinians, and how many are held hostage by a few renegades, turn on the television. There are no Jews left in Gaza. They are still killing each other. For what? I do not know and I do not care, although I suspect they are arguing about who would be best at killing the Jews, a worthy and noble goal as opposed to fighting illiteracy, starvation and homelessness.

It is said about the Palestinians that they “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” At least they are consistent, hobgoblins of mindlessness that they are. Of course their billion Arab brothers want to help them against the Zionist infidels. This is if you define hope as leaving them to rot in their own misery.

Like a government civil service worker on lunch break, I am declaring this not my problem. I just do not care, and I encourage my fellow Americans not to care. Or if we have to pretend to care by saying we care, let’s not do anything about it. We can call this the “Darfur method” of problem solving…it involves making pious speeches and then nothing. It’s kind of like watching an episode of the Sopranos, except even more pointless.

There is violence in Gaza because it is Gaza. Water is wet, the sun rises in the East, and Gangsta Rapper Old Dirty B@stard (rest his dirty soul) beat up his girlfriend. These things are the norm. The Jayson Blair Times may never get the story right, and they may never put important stories on page 1, but every once in awhile they fail to put a non-story on page 1 as well. They are to journalism what Hamas and Fatah are to civilization.

If an eye for an eye makes the world blind, why not just flip this expression on its head and turn a blind eye? Look, not everything in life is worth fixing. The people leading Gaza have only two hobbies…killing Jews and killing each other. Since they will never give up the first hobby, and are unable to learn a third nonviolent hobby, perhaps something safe and boring like golf or macrame, then the second hobby is all that is left.

Let them kill each other or figure it out on their own. I have washed my hands of them, and unlike their hands, mine have no blood on them.

There are too many important things in the world to worry about to deal with these miscreants. It is not even news any more.


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  1. Lord Crimson says:

    Hi TE

    I remember thinking many years ago that with all the land in the middle east under Arab control, why don’t they just give the Palestinians a small portion and be done with it. They get their homeland and everyone is happy. Of course that was when I was mistaking Palestinians for reasonable people. As you say other Arab’s don’t want them and Israel, well in my humble opinion has given them more chances than they deserve.

    Lord Crimson

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