Cuba (Gooding Jr.) Has Excellent Health Care

Michael Moore, aka the Jayson Blair Times of the movie industry, is once again being forced to backtrack from his newest movie. “Sicko,” an indictment of the U.S. health care industry, is a Fidel Castro lovefest for the 12 to 14 people who truly do get top notch health care in Cuba. Given that Michael Moore is second only to NBC News in his love and enthusiasm for fake and doctored footage, it is no surprise that he faces the same accusations again.

When confronted with the truth, that the USA does have superior health care to Cuba, Michael Moore made a startling admission. His remarks were taken out of context. He was not saying that the nation of Cuba has better healthcare than most Americans. He was saying that actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has better health care than most Americans.

When news reporters confronted the Oscar winning actor from “Jerry Maguire” and “Men of Honor,” he said that he was taken aback by the controversy.

Mr. Gooding Jr. stated that he was fairly apolitical, and really did not know much about his own health plan, much less having any knowledge of the entire health care system. He said that he had an HMO or PPO or something, his vision and dental care were fine, and that he was with either Blue Cross or Blue Shield. He did have a bad flu a couple years back, but the doctors took good care of him, and the antibiotics they gave him worked just fine. He hopes everybody named Cuba could be so lucky.

He also stated that he had no idea if any of his former costars such as Robert Deniro, Tom Cruise or Renee Zelweiger had health care as fine as his was, because the topic did not come up during filming. He also said that while he had heard of Michael Moore, he really thinks it is unethical of Mr. Moore to film an entire movie about him without providing adequate compensation.

This whole fiasco brings back the memory of a comedian (name escaping me) who once two decades ago discussed the war between Libya and Chad.

“When I heard that Libya went to war with Chad, I thought, ‘Man, a whole country went to war with one person.’ Then when I heard Chad was winning the war I thought, ‘Man, this Chad is one bad dude.'”

This is not Mr. Moore’s first brush with controversy. It was explained to him that Venezuela was a country in South America, with a dictator who ruined the health care system. Valenzuela was a baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1980s, and like Cuba (Gooding Jr.), his health care was fine. The real problem is that Moore refuses to acknowledge these mistakes.

Then again, this is the same man who calls Americans lazy and stupid, yet cannot remember his own upbringing. He was not from a small town called Flint. He was from a very wealthy town nearby. To quote a 1980s rock band, “Park Avenue leads to Skid Row.” I can personally attest that Beverly Hills is only 15 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles by car, and those two neighborhoods are about as similar as classy actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and classless fraudumentary maker Michael Moore. 

The bottom line is that Michael Moore cares only about the bottom line. I am not bothered by his winning awards. Nobody cares about awards. The quickest way to tell me that a movie is boring, unwatchable, and about some far away social topic that I could care else about is to label the movie “critically acclaimed.”

The American people are not as “sophisticated,” as elite critics, meaning they have better taste, more integrity and more class. They decided not to see “Sicko.”

Long after Fidel Castro dies (assuming that ever occurs) and Michael Moore fades into deeper irrelevance than Al Gore (several years ago), the common knowledge that the USA has virtually the best of everything this world has to offer will be universal. No, our health care system is not universal, but outside of Mr. Gooding Jr., neither is that of Cuba, despite Mr. Moore pretending otherwise.

I wonder if Mr. Moore knows the difference between a lip roll and a liposuction. Either way, he should have them done in Cuba. That way, if something goes wrong and they accidentally sew his mouth shut, he will not be able to blame America for another problem he created himself.


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  1. micky2 says:

    HE is soon to be served a subpeona to appear on charges of going against the no trade laws with Cuba. He says he has done nothing wrong because it was a journalistic mission. But that only applies to the journalist, not the others he dragged with him.
    He hasn’t been served yet, but lied on the tonight show saying that he had already been served.
    I find it nauseating { just to look at him} to have anyone that has one of the most unhealthy appearances I’ve ever seen lecture anyone on healthcare.
    Why, is this lying creep tolerated ? He has been exposed repeatedly as a liar. And STILL he gets a spotlight. I just dont get it.

  2. Jay says:


    As usual, your comments are right on. The separation between the governed and the government has never been as great as it seems to be now. I think we’re entering an era when “government” is morphing into “rule”. The dynastic congress…passing from father to son, husband to wife…is becoming the true enemy to democracy and freedom. I wonder when the next Kennedy is going to infect the halls of congress…

    Schumer is a bloviating scumbag who loves the sound of his own voice.

  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Cuba — the nation — has lower infant death rates and higher literacy rates than the U.S.

    Why do you hate children and knowledge so? What is it you have against America?

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