Darfur–Will liberal Jews ever learn?

People are dying in Darfur. Let me be the first to go on record and stamp my passport to hell right now now by saying I don’t care.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I do not care. I do not lose sleep over it. It does not affect my daily life. It never will. I may be an awful person, but at least I have integrity. I admit that I do not care. I admit I cannot force myself to cry over people I have never met, know nothing about, and who have never done anything to help me.

Before I lace into the people who claim that they actually do care, and do as much to actually make a difference as I do, I stumbled across an excellent article on Doctor Bulldog’s website http://doctorbulldog.wordpress.com/2007/07/29/sudanese-defense-minister-accuses-jews-of-fueling-the-conflict-in-darfur/#comment-13903 that should be mandatory reading for every liberal Jewish person worldwide.

The Finance Minister of Darfur blames the Jews for the crisis in Darfur. Yes folks, in a place where Muslims are killing other Muslims, and no Jews are to be found, the Jews are responsible. I would like every Jewish liberal who has been ringing their hands trying to come up with a way to save these people to snap out of it. If you are a Jewish liberal, here my words loudly:

The world hates you. They want to kill you. You are the source of all the evil in this world. If you need proof of this, I can tell you about my father’s experiences in 1940s Germany. Nothing has changed. You cannot make the world a better place, because most people that you want to help think that the world would be a better place if you were dead. These thoughts would be turned into action in a moment’s notice if it became feasible. I know it goes against everything you think the Torah teaches you, but your interpretation is wrong. Jews, for once, have the courage to deliver a message to the world that it has been delivering to us for years…the message of, “Go f*ck yourself.”

There, I said it. Now do not get me wrong. I do not want innocent people to die. What I want is for other people besides us to for once in their miserable lives contribute something positive.

Let’s start with Muslims. There are a billion Muslims in this world. Why did they sit by and let Bosnia deteriorate? Why are they letting Darfur go to hell in a handbasket? If all Muslims are brothers, which is a noble sentiment, why are they not helping their brothers? Perhaps many of them are, but it is obviously not enough. All human life is precious, but how many people in Syria or Iran sent Israel anything but homicide bombers? Jews should support Israel and other Jewish causes, and refuse to lift a finger to help Muslim nations until hard evidence is presented showing that these nations are taking care of their own.

The United Nations, that useless, worthless, hopeless excuse for an entity, could upgrade itself to a moderately colossal failure by doing something for once in its wretchedly ineffective existence. Steeped in a tradition of letting people die that gained no attention in Rwanda, this antisemitic and anti-American monstrosity continues to allow Darfur to destroy itself.

I am not advocating that these plutocrats that fly lear jets to New York City and then drive one block in limousines to expensive lunches actually do something. It is too late for them. I recommend we fire them all and hire people who actually will do things. In the same way Jews should not help save Muslims who want to kill Jews (We absolutely can and should help all people including Muslims who do not hate us), the United States should not help the United Nations as long as it continues to hate us.

The reason why I could care less about Darfur is because I know that the people who claim to care will forget about it soon enough. It is the latest cause celebre. In the 1980s it was “USA for Africa,” in the form of helping Ethiopia. In the 1990s it was trendy to wear ribbons and ignore Rwanda. Today it is Sudan, and office pools around the country are betting on who we will pretend to care about next while doing nothing about it.

I am tired of ribbons. I am tired of smugness. I am tired of people criticizing President Bush for saying “Mission Accomplished,” after ousting Saddam Hussein when they think that wearing ribbons means anything has been accomplished. I am tired of people who want to commit troops to Darfur to improve their lot in life while simultaneously wanting to cheat the people of Iraq from this noble goal.

For those who want to appear trendy at wine and cheese parties, please do not ask me to respect you. Words mean nothing. Life is about deeds. Social justice itself is a miscarriage of justice. It places concepts over metrics, feelings over dollars, and wishful thinking over actual results and lives saved.

Liberal Jews need to understand that trying to love those who hate you is pointless. Ironically enough, the one group of people that love Jews is Christians, and liberal Jews hate them. I have apologized to Christians many times for the 70% of Jews that need cranial-glutial extraction surgery.


If Christian America wants to tell Jews to “go f*ck themselves,” I will understand that. The liberals in my community are ungrateful brats, and they should stop trying to help those who do not help themselves.

It is for this same reason we should ignore Darfur. We need to strengthen our own people, that being Jews in America and Israel. Given that many people worldwide hate Jews, the Sudan Finance Minister’s antisemitic rantings should be more than enough reason for Jew haters everywhere to donate money to their brethren. Perhaps if the people of Sudan threaten Israel with homicide bombers like the Gaza lunatics do, the Iranian and Syrian blood money will flow and they can all bathe in it.

For the millions of Arabs and Muslims that are good decent people, help your brothers. God requires you to do so.

For Jews, I still recommend that we only help our own, as every other culture on the planet does without being criticized. For those of you on the left who must be bleeding hearts that want to help people, make sure that they do not hate you. My father did not escape the Holocaust so that he could donate his charity money to Nazis today, wherever they live.

Lastly, to activists everywhere…take off those stupid ribbons. They do nothing to help anybody. The money spent on ribbons can be used to help people. Charity according to Jewish law is more noble when it is anonymous. Do good deeds quietly, without the self satisfaction of letting the world know how righteous you are.

I am not righteous. I could care less about most things. Yet when I look in the mirror, I know I am not making things worse. I know who I am, and I will not help those that wish me harm.


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  1. Toothy says:

    From my understanding, the victims of Darfur are not Muslim. The victims are local indigenous people who rebelled.

  2. Late tonight, former Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty endorsed Sarah Palin for V-P on the GOP ticket. His blog is one of the most widely read in CA.

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  3. micky2 says:


    Led by the Government in Khartoum and its Arab Janjaweed militias, African-Muslim civilians are being continuously slaughtered and raped. According to the United Nations, an estimated 170,000 refugees have fled to Chad and more than a million others are internally displaced within Darfur.

  4. Lord Nazh© says:

    ‘local indigenous people’ … ‘local indigenous muslim people’ :)

    When the jews pull back, will you still remember us non-believers (Christians)

  5. micky2 says:

    Eric has more balls than I do. And I’ll dare to say more than quite a few others.
    If I spoke out on how I feel about Muslims in general, never mind the stupid evil ones.
    I would probably have a few on my doorstep.
    My father was raised in a jewish household, but grew up to really not believe in any faith at all. He did take with him into his life the general philosophy of the faith and lifestyle.
    He was an excellent buisness man, and had a clear no nonsense view of things, and was very practical. .
    He was a hand me down child and never new who his real parents were. But because his adopted family was Jewish he sufferd all the hatred and discrimination that any other Jewish child was subjected to in America during the 40s.
    He always made it a point to let me know the plight of the Jews and the obstacles in the past that they have had to overcome.
    He also had no sympathy or interest in anyone that displayed hatred or discrimination for Jews. As a matter of fact he would go out of his way to shut that person down and never have to deal with them on any terms again.
    He never threw a baseball or football with me or did the typical American father/son bonding thing. But he taught me about people and the world. Knowing that those were the lessons I truly needed to make it in life. He also taught me to never ever take any shit from anyone. He was also an excellent boxer, and taught me well. Ontop of the 8 years of martial arts he insisted I take. He did not want me to have to go through the crap he went through.
    He was the pillar of wisdom in my life and I miss him more than anything in the world.

    With all that in mind I have always offerd my full support for Jews. I never understood the mindless venomous hatred that has always been cast their way.
    Looking back on history it appears that it has always been easier to pick on a small group like the Jews and blame them for whatever. Only because these people felt that retaliation from such a small group would not be much of a threat. As opposed to a huge group that could pose a threat if you pissed them off.
    Well these assholes got it wrong, didnt they ? As it turns out the Jews have come to be one of the most formidable opponenets anyone could wish to deal with and that pisses them off even more.
    The little kid on the end of the block can actually kick ass, and it has humiliated and frustrated them to the point of evil hatred.
    You go Eric ! I may be a little more sympathetic than you, but I do understand why you feel the way you do. And I give you a ton of credit for being clear and ungarnished in your feelings and views.

  6. …Ironically enough, the one group of people that love Jews is Christians…

    That’s cool… You know, Jesus Christ was a Jew. :)

    I am just curious about the use of the phrase, “Ironically enough,” as Christians are commanded by the Messiah to love their neighbors as themselves. Any Christian who strays from this commandment is considered anathema.

    And, contrary to popular beliefs most likely left over from misguided medieval Catholic doctrine, Christians don’t blame the Jews for temporarily killing the Messiah. Jesus explicated that no man could take his life but that he would voluntarily lay it down and pick it back up again.

    To inculpate the Jews or the Romans or anyone else for the temporary killing of Jesus is to call the Messiah a liar. And, since we Christians believe that the Messiah is as much a part of God as a mouth is to one’s own body, calling the Messiah a liar is the same as calling God a liar, which is contradictory to Jewish and Christian scripture which emphatically elucidates that God cannot lie.

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to get all preachy and stuff, so I’ll just shut up for now. :)



  7. Stormwarning says:

    I’m pretty relieved that you don’t speak for or represent all Jews. I don’t make a distinction between liberal or not Jewish people. Now, I could be wrong, but…

  8. Aurora says:

    I don’t understand anti-semitism…Well, I have my theories which I won’t go into here. I am a Christian and I love Jews, not just because I’m a Christian (which I am). I love their guts and their fighting spirit! The heroes like Golda Meier and Moshe Dayan while not perfect epitomize that fighting spirit, but the vast majority of Jewish heroes are the ones you don’t hear about unless you read the history of Israel; all the anecdotes which talk about amazing courage and self-sacrifice of nobodies in the hills defending their little villages and communities.
    Anyway, about the Darfur situation, what many people don’t know beyond the fact that the government sanctioned (and still protect the Janjaweed) but since the displacement and genocide, that same government has invited in foreign Arabs to walk onto the land left vacant by the fleeing Africans (many of whom are not Muslims) and ‘given’ it to them while thousands exist rather than live, with no idea of what they’re going to do tomorrow in refugee camps in the middle of nowhere. This is a horrific story of land theft and of a (Muslim) government’s collusion in genocide. The evil that exists in this corner of the world can’t help but affect us all down the track.

  9. Aurora says:

    Sorry, I added some extra text after the fact and this sounds weird…Please ignore!
    I am a Christian and I love Jews, not just because I’m a Christian (which I am).

  10. Trooper TK421 says:

    As someone soon entering the US Navy, I say that if Israel were to finally go on the well-deserved rampage over the hostile Arab Nations surrounding her, I’d be screaming all the way up the chain of command, right to the Commander-in-Chief (whoever he or…*shudder*…she may be), to give all possible aid to Israel. Surge our SSBNs, SSGNs, fast-attack, carrier groups, pull the entire Marine Corps into it if need be. Intel and materiel are not the limits to the aid I would advocate giving to Israel.

    As a private citizen (which I still am until March), I think Condoleezza Rice has her head up her ass for “offering” to push Israel back to pre-1967 borders, when most of us who’ve studied history in more depth than what’s spoon-fed to us in schools know that what the Arabs want (and will not stop until they get it or are dead) is Israel returning to pre-1948 borders, or perhaps to where they were gathered in the defunct Reich.

    America has been, and MUST REMAIN, the staunchest ally of Israel in the world. Those who bless Israel will be blessed by Israel and Her G-d, while those who curse her will be cursed. That was His Promise to Israel, and despite the punishments over time (because there were times when Israel strayed from the LORD), He has always returned His Face to shine upon them. As Christians and Americans, we must defend the Children of Israel against her enemies, but always as brothers in faith.

  11. […] Filed under: Darfur, Israel, Religion — wasteofmyoxygen @ 7:50 pm BlackTygrrrr’s Darfur-Will liberal Jews ever Learn?, is an excellent piece that illustrates the on-going question of why Jews, who are typically […]

  12. Tina says:

    I was born to hindu parents but have no belief in any religion–was searching for information on jewish holidays when I came by this post. As far as I remember no one in the region I come from has any or any negative feelings towards jewish people. infact most people do not even know that such a religion exists.

    Anyways the point of my comment is how very disturbed i became when read this post quote from this article:
    “The world hates you. They want to kill you. You are the source of all the evil in this world. If you need proof of this, I can tell you about my father’s experiences in 1940s Germany. Nothing has changed. You cannot make the world a better place, because most people that you want to help think that the world would be a better place if you were dead. These thoughts would be turned into action in a moment’s notice if it became feasible”

    By saying the word” the world ” I feel the person who is writing this article is insulting and abusing me –what do i care about “hating ” someone..So please stop generalizing and insulting the people of the world. For your information there are many type of people from many religions , race, ethnic backgrounds and countries.
    It is sick to see people spouting such nonsense. Fortunately I have many jewish friends who are sensible. so please stop making such generic accusations and insulting people of the world. We have better things to do than “hate” some group and Just as there are good and bad people in your religion
    there are good people who do not belong to your religons

  13. Ben S. says:

    Perfectly Stated, especially for making it imlicit that people should stop putting the pressure on America to go into Darfur (we’re doing our part in the middle-east) but instead everyone else should do something. Also, I agree that the 75% of Jews in this country that are liberal (well at least democrats) need a slap across the face. I’m Jewish myself and find them just plain dumb.

    O and Tina who had post # 12, be serious, you just admitted that where you come from is ignorant because they don’t even know Judaism exists. So who are you to judge whether the whole world (which means basically the whole world) hates Jews?

    O and your comment that your Jewish friends are sensible is arbitrary and probably partisan, because I”M GUESSING (and not sure) that you probably think they are sensible because they agree with your political (or other) views.

    O and don’t give me this crap about being insulted. Stop wasting everyone’s time, talking about how you’ re personally insulted. KEEP IT PITHY NEXT TIME!!!!

    O and Trooper…WELL SAID!!! But when you stated:

    “That was His Promise to Israel, and despite the punishments over time (because there were times when Israel strayed from the LORD), He has always returned His Face to shine upon them. ”

    I hope you don’t mean to say that Jews have been brutalized for thousands of years for “straying from the lord”…I hope you are not saying the holocaust is a punishment to Jews for not following the new testament.

    O and Doctorbulldog…I like what you had to say…makes sense to me

    O and Micky…seems to me like someone had a great father…a real man

    But you say you don’t understand why there is all this hatred for jews…and then you answer it with the rest of the paragraph…those reasons are probably the exact answers…especially the fact that people are unhappy that the underdog can kick some ass

    Best Wishes All!!!!!!!!!

  14. ted lasky says:

    Jewish Republican is an oxymoron. Sure, Jews need to be responsible and self-supporting, but Republican morals (actually the lack of them) regarding helping the poor, helping those in medical need, helping build better public education systems are antithetical to historic Jewish values.

    Most conservatives I know consider it just fine to deny medical coverage to those who cannot afford it. Is America a country or company. Do you really like the American under Bush better than the America under Clinton? If you say ‘yes’, you are also a liar.

  15. Class Opinion says:

    Dear Eric,

    Our Grade 12 class found your comments very… thought provoking!

    We will try to be less liberal. Yet we can’t help caring. Life is complex.

    BTW, you generalize a lot. But we understand — this is a blog — you have to generalize to get your point across.

    If you help people who hate you, maybe they will start liking you. I know it won’t always work.

    Good article — been looking for an article like this since July.

    -The Class

  16. James says:

    Hey Eric,

    I like your rhetoric. Thanks for being honest.


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