The Seinfeld Network & Seinfeld Party had a Seinfeld Debate

The cable network of the past had a debate with a party offering a vision of the
past discussing nothing. It was the Seinfeld debate.

In 2 hours, the War on Terror was not discussed. For that reason alone, this debate
was amazing in the sheer magnitude of its worthlessness. You Tube is a perfect fit
for liberal voters, who competed to see in videos who could be more narcissistic
and preening than the candidates.

First the idiotic questions have to be eliminated, which would condense the debate
in half.

How will you be different (asked by a fellow who yelled “wazzup!” This was funny
a few years ago, and accurately reflected the seriousness of today’s democrats)?
What republican would you run with? How can women deal with Muslim Nations? Who
was your favorite teacher? Did your kids go to public or private school? Will Al
Gore run (the stupidest question, which says a lot in this case)? Are political
dynasties a problem?

None of the candidates were asked what type of tree they would be, but then again,
one question about Al Gore is boring enough.

Now for the slightly less idiotic questions, proving that CNN is great at hiding
behind other people even though they screen the questions and decide which questions
are truly dumb enough to present to the world watching.

Hillary was asked if she was a liberal. She replied that she was a “Modern Progressive.”
This was a gutless answer that proves she is ashamed of who she is.

As for reparations for slavery, are you kidding me? Who doles out the money? How
much money? Who decides who gets reparations? I am the son of a Holocaust survivor,
and some of my dead relatives were denied entry to America. Should I get reparations?
Should Bill Cosby get reparations? How about Clarence Thomas or Condoleeza Rice?

Here is my reparations policy. Anybody who is alive today that currently owns or
used to own slaves should pay reparations. Everybody else should move on. I wonder
how feels about that.

Was there a racial component to Hurricane Katrina? Dodd and Richardson played the
race card. The other candidates need to be asked this as well. Obama said George
W. Bush has not gotten past Jim Crow laws. Incredibly classy.

On gay marriage, Kucinich showed integrity by saying yes. Dodd said no. Richardson
ducked the question. The others need to be asked. Edwards babbled about being emotionally conflicted, stating he was against it but his wife was for it. Unless Elizabeth
Edwards is running for President, this is irrelevant, an attempt to be on all sides
of the issue. That proves John Edwards is in Hillary Clinton’s league. Obama ducked
the question, ignoring a valid question of how it differed from interracial marriage.

As for the candidate videos, John Edwards appealed to the Vietnam protesters and
other counterculture filth of 1968.

On Darfur, Biden continued to be strong but wrong. I disagreed with his solutions,
but at least he was clear and unequivocal, balancing integrity with idiocy. Biden
wants to send US troops into Darfur now. Hillary said the UN should do it. Richardson
said the same, but then went a step further by stating that foreign policy was about
“caring,” not about strategic U.S. interests. I could not make this up if I tried.
Gravel stated that we are not wanted there, ducking the question.

When asked about pulling out of Iraq, Biden had integrity. He stated that we cannot
just pull out right away, and he correctly chastised those who want to leave now
as irresponsible. Kucinich also gave an honest answer of pulling out now, and saying
he supported cutting off all funding. Obama, Hillary and Dodd ducked the question.
Obama criticized the Iraqi congress for taking a vacation with so much at stake.
Apparently they learned from the U.S. Congress. This would be the pot calling the
kettle black, which would lead to me being accused of playing the race card for
mentioning the word black. When asked if Vietnam and Iraq vets died in vain, Gravel
said yes. This was disgusting, but an honest answer. Edwards said no, but answered
the question. Obama ducked.

A specific timeline for leaving Iraq was offered by Dodd, Richardon and Kucinich,
with Kucinich wanting out now. Biden correctly pointed out that he supported the
bill providing supplemental armor to the troops, and his candidates opposed it.
He was right.

All agreed that women should register for selective service, and were against the
draft.  They taught their kids about sexual abuse, ducking a question about teaching
sex to kids. They would all agree to work for the minimum wage except Joe Biden.
Let’s reduce their salaries tomorrow to test this.  With social security they all
ducked the question and are against privatization, a great combination of cowardice
and being wrong. Again, Obama invoked Ronald Reagan in a nonsensical manner.

A key moment was when the candidates were asked if we should talk to foreign killers
like Syria and Iran. Obama blew it. He said, yes, and for some bizarre reason, invoked
Ronald Reagan to back up his view. Hillary hit a home run out of the ballpark, and
said no, we should not just talk to them. Hillary came across as an adult, with
Obama naïve. Edwards was the strangest, saying that we should talk to them but that
Hillary was right. Edwards learned more from Bill Clinton than Hillary did.

Bill Richardson wants a minimum salary of $40k for teachers and federal programs
to teach art and music. He voted to scrap “No Child Left Behind.” Biden wants to
scrap it, but says he voted for it because of Ted Kennedy. I wonder how Biden feels
about drunk driving laws. Dodd was right when he said that accountability is important,
so it should be revised rather than scrapped. This might be the first time a democrat
talked about accountability regarding anything.

Kucinich had a good line about global warming vs global warring. Gravel and Dodd
want to raise taxes to combat global warming. The others need to be asked. They
all took a private jet to attend the event except for Kucinich and Gravel.

When asked about nuclear power, Edwards said no, and no to liquefied coal. Had he
studied the issue, he would know that gassified coal, not liquefied coal, is the
serious alternative. Obama had his most honest moment when he said yes, and that
there were no magic bullets. Hillary Clinton ducked the question in a bizarre manner
by stating she was an “agnostic” on the issue. Does that mean she does not know,
does not care, is skeptical, or all of the above? She also wants to tax big oil,
reminding me of Vladimir Putin going after Yukos.

One ridiculously stupid question asked why Starbucks can standardize coffee but
states cannot standardize voting. Starbucks is a corporation, proving once again
corporations can do virtually everything better than governments. Richardson played
the race card, accusing republicans of suppressing minority votes, with no evidence
to back this up.    

It took almost two hours to get a question that mattered, but somebody asked about
taxes. Biden wants to soak the rich, without defining who is rich. Kucinich ducked
the question, which is not his typical style. The others need to to be asked this

On health care, Edwards mandated that everybody be covered, and then told one of
his heart wrenching stories that may or may not be true. Obama ducked the question
again, and blamed big business. Hillary offered platitudes. Dodd brought up stem
cell research, the only legitimate attempt to answer the question.

When asked if health care should be given to illegal aliens, or as Anderson Cooper
kept calling them, “undocumented workers,” Dodd and Richardson said yes. Richardson
said all Americans deserve healthcare, forgetting that illegal aliens are not Americans.
The other candidates need to be asked this question.

Nothing has changed since the previous democratic debates. Everybody not named Hillary, Edwards and Obama need to get off the stage and let the adults have a serious discussion. Liberal voters continue to ask questions that only CNN could appreciate. CNN continues to be the Kucinich/Gravel of news networks.

The big winner of the debate was Osama Bin Laden, and his terrorist friends everywhere.
They are no longer important enough to deal with or even talk about. For those who
crave, nay demand, a serious debate among adults about what actually matters, the
republicans will oblige.

Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson also did well by not being
associated with or representative of the Seinfeld nothingness that is now the modern
democratic party, one that consists of modern progressives, but no liberals.


7 Responses to “The Seinfeld Network & Seinfeld Party had a Seinfeld Debate”

  1. Raven says:

    I was only able to catch a small portion of the ‘debate’ last night. wasn’t impressed with what I saw, nor did I expect to be. It seems by your excellent analysis I didn’t miss a great deal. Very good synopsis. It will be quite interesting in September when I heard they are scheduled to hold a similar ‘debate’ with the Republican. ( Or so I heard) I am quite sure the ‘selected’ questions will be very fair. ~cue heavy sarcasm~

  2. micky2 says:

    Boxers or briefs ?

  3. Carole says:

    Eric, thanks so much for watching and summarizing that….’debate’….so I didn’t have to! Kudos. Let me know when I can do you a favor! I owe you one!

  4. Toothy says:

    How are these people raising more money than the republican candidates?

  5. micky2 says:


    I think it’s just because the Dems started too hard and too heavy.
    I think the majority of republican candidates are just waiting for the left to implode and out spend themselves, and then move in for the kill.

  6. Skul says:

    In other words, they fielded questions from select cartoon characters.

  7. Skul says:

    Toothy, I think it’s because there isn’t a candidate that inspires loyalty.
    Of the declared, I only consider Romney as viable.

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