The Senate Slumber Party Epilogue–The good, the bad and the ugly

As the Senate was mistaking length for strength, and confusing hours worked for actual productivity achieved, the real world (everywhere except the U.S. Senate) was continuing. There was good, bad and ugly events, although most of the ugly emanated from the Senate itself.

Starting with the bad news, I strongly recommend one goes to and read what Blandly Urbane has to say.

The bad news, without being repetitive, is that America’s enemies (no, not oil or timber companies for you liberals) all over the world did not have time for a slumber party. They were busy trying to kill us, which they have been doing for the last 35 years or so.

Al Queda plotted in caves. They planned the next big attack. Insurgents, or as we should call them, Islomafacist terrorists, continued to plan homicide bombings everywhere from Afghanistan to Iraq to Israel, and of course to the West as well. The Palestinians decided to teach their children about the birds and the bees, although in this case the bee involves an adorable character in a bee costume picking up where his Mickey Mouse predecessor left off, that being teaching children about the glories of martyrdom.

As hours and hours drifted by, and Senators who died years ago but were never told of this fact (Thank you Don Rickles) prattled on and on, our enemies were too busy to watch. Apparently Osama Bin Laden does not need Harry Reid’s approval to help his side win the War on Terror.

As for the ugly side of the last 24 hours, a tragic plane crash killed 200 people aboard a Brazil flight. Apparently this is only a minor story because it happened so quickly, instead of taking a whole ngiht to unfold. The tragedy is unimaginable, it shakes the very foundation of what we believe is decent and right in this world, and perhaps the media will cover it despite the fact that it is actual hard news.

Less ugly, but still grotestque, is the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal. I will wait for more facts to come out, but on the surface it seems that actions that were barbaric (unless you live in the Syria, Iran or Gaza, where barbarism is simply known as normal behavior) towards dogs took place. Animal rights activists will start screaming and hollering as soon as they can pull themselves away from the riveting television drama known as Capitol Hill. Some of these senators are so old they think bedwetting is what ecomonists mean by trickledown theory. Get the bedpans and send some of these fossils home. Otherwise, they will be even grumpier than pit bulls bred for fighting (see it does tie in).

The truly ugly event today that was mentioned at courtesy of (The Jawa Report)  was the 38th anniversary of Mary Jo Kopenchne’s death. Yes, Ted Kennedy is still a Senator instead of an inmate at Rikers Island, and yes, he is still hailed by feminists everywhere as a champion of womens’ rights along with Bill Clinton. I know this is not an original slogan, but “Teddy lied, a woman died.” Liberals have no right to criticize any republican legislator for anything until Ted Kennedy is removed from the Senate.

When asked for a comment about Senator Chapaquiddick,, taking a lunch break from hate speech, discovered benevolence and said we should all just move on. After all, killing somebody in the 20th century and getting away with it is old news.

However, there was plenty of good news occurring during the Senate Slumber Party. No, none of it actually came from the Senate itself. Again, one day Senators will discover there is a world beyond them. Or perhaps they will not, and become as irrelevant as Hollywood celebrities, if slightly less self absorbed.

The good came from the U.S. Military. It was not anything new. Like days past that went unrecognized, our soldiers continued to capture and kill terrorists. Another top Al Queda leader was killed. The surge is continuing to work, and General David Petraeus is going about his job, something Senators could learn from. In fact, Senators were the ones complaining about soldiers being over worked and overtired from lack of sleep. They then stayed up all night to point this out. I think if I want people to lead by example, I will go with the military.

Libya is continuing to try to enter the family of nations. North Korea is disbanding its nuclear reactor, although time will tell if they are serious. Some will give credit for Libya to delicate negotiations begun by Jimmy Carter, with Bill Clinton getting credit for the North Korea breakthrough. This is nonsense. What brought these nations one inch closer to normalcy than lunacy is the Bush Doctrine.

For all the talk about Khadafi Duck and Kim Jong Mentally Ill (Thank you David Letterman for the latter), apparently these fellows are pragmatists. They simply do not want to end up like Saddam. One would think more liberal feminists would hate them, given that they are pro-life, at least when it comes to preserving their own.

George W. Bush’s vision of the world will take time, but while the Senate becomes the Seinfeld of government, deliberating about nothing (and accomplishing it as well), the Bush Doctrine is slowly but surely being implemented. This is good for America, good for the world, bad for democrats, and ugly for the terrorists.

I could go turn on C-Span and watch the slumber party, but like President Bush and many useful, productive Americans, and unlike the Senate, I have actual, real work to do.

I will also accomplish it during business hours. That is what a professional does.


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  1. blandly says:

    “Apparently Osama Bin Laden does not need Harry Reid’s approval…” No he doesn’t but he sure appreciates the weak willed that fit his description of the West.

    “….Brazil flight. Apparently this is only a minor story …” minor because it wasn’t an American flight crashing here…that may have taken the wind out of blankets on the cots.

    “…until Ted Kennedy is removed from the Senate.” which will probably be in a casket

    “The surge is continuing to work,…” Wait, I thought it had failed?

    “….pro-life, at least when it comes to preserving their own.” HA, HA, HA…GOOD ONE!!!

    “….Seinfeld of government…” No, no, no Seinfeld was successful

    Good stuff, thanks for the return, though not necessary

  2. micky2 says:

    I only watch one football game a year, and that would be the Superbowl.
    And no I’m not gay
    I ‘ve heard of Vicks from time to time. And I’m well aware of his financial status.
    Just goes to show that money doesnt bring class.
    We have the same problem in Hawaii with Pit bull breading and fighting.
    When I see these morons with their dogs I can help but notice that most of them are mentally and maybe physically deficiant . And the dog is just over compensation for their shortcomings.
    I see the dogs with there scars and war wounds and quickly realize why I shouldnt pack in public.
    You can be for animals rights and still enjoy a good Rib eye.

  3. snooper says:

    AMEN! I live-blogged this for Spree at her blog last night and this morning.

    I used SO many air bullets it isn’t even funny.

    I pawed thru the kids OLD toy box and found some nerf arrows with suction cups and the gun even worked.


  4. Braden says:

    Good post. Let’s do that link exchange. I’ll put you on my blogroll.

  5. Kate says:

    I’m real disappointed there were no pictures of Runnin’ Reid in his footie jammies!

  6. starbunk says:

    Nice blog…Obama also wants to teach sex-ed to kindergarten kids. I immediately put that on my blog since I look for the obscure and rediculous. I’ll keep checking your blog…good work.

  7. micky2 says:

    Starbunk, got a link ?

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  9. spree says:

    I linked to this post earlier today. Right on target.

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