Al Sharpton, Colon Cancer and other pains in the rumpus

When playing chess, the white pieces get to move before the black pieces.

This is racism. Call Al Sharpton immediately.

Good guys wear white. Bad guys wear black.

Holy Selma Alabama. This has to stop.

Black people have white blood cells but white people have no black blood cells.

Nothing has changed since 1863.

Not since music group Hot Chocolate changed their name from Pure Vanilla (ok, I made that up) and sang, “You sexy thing,” has America needed Al Sharpton so badly.

The man is a miracle worker. He is a Reverend, yet nobody has ever seen his congregation. He is a civil rights leader, yet his followers were freed decades ago. Mostly, he is a colonoscopy gone bad, a proctological carbunkle that refuses to subside.

Long after James Dean died, Al Sharpton is a rebel without a cause.

Why is Al Sharpton losing his power? For the best of reasons, the one that many refuse to admit. Society is simply getting better. Society is not perfect, but it is absolutely better.

For every Abner Louima (who retracted his comment saying that the cops who abused him said “It’s Giuliani time”), there are many police officers of all stripes saving lives of all people, regardless of race.

Are we where we need to be? No. Has their been significant progress? Absolutely.

There are black billionaires in America. They are not basketball players or actors. They are investment bankers, corporate attorneys, government leaders, and CEOs of fortune 500 companies. This is an overwhelmingly positive development, and it should continue.

The reason this does not reported is because Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other excuses for “leaders” are more interested in lining their own pockets than in improving society. The problem is Al Sharpton is running out of causes.

Al Sharpton slandered Steven Pagones, labeling him as one of six white men that raped Tawana Brawley. This was a lie and a hoax. The jury found for Pagones, and Sharpton has never paid him.

Al Sharpton is now going after gangsta rappers. I have admitted before that I find Snoop Doggy Dogg incomprehensible (although I admit I like some of his songs, and think he is funny, and of course, a football fan), but at least is not making his money by leeching off of other people. People buy his albums, and he succeeds in the marketplace. Al Sharpton earns (if you can call it that) his success by attacking the Dogg Pound.

Now Al Sharpton is continuing his Jihad (or is Crusade the politically correct word) against Don Imus, with help from a complicit media.

I condemned Imus’s remarks. My objection was that the women’s basketball team were private citizens. We can argue until the end of time whether calling them, “nappy headed hos” was a firing offense, but the real issue is that private citizens not in the public arena are to be given significantly more privacy than public figures. It is why John Kerry and John Edwards got into hot water for bringing up Dick Cheney’s daughter in a debate.

Yet this issue should have ended when Imus was fired. The problem with that is once Imus was fired, Al Sharpton had nothing to do. Agitators need to agitate.  Al Sharpton did everything but speed down the highway drunk at 200 miles per hour in the hopes that a white cop would pull him over. The problem is he cannot even get profiled because the cops know him and are scared of him. He can’t win for losing.

Howard Beach is a fading memory. White students want to be like Mike, wear Air Jordans, and listen to gangsta rap. Maybe that is why Al Sharpton is going after gangsta rappers. If white people like it, it has to be bad.

The thing is, unlike guilty white liberals, black gangsta rappers aren’t backing down. They are not afraid of him. What is he going to do, accuse them of racism?

Al Sharpton was thrown a lifeline when Don Imus was given a severance package, in the sense that he settled his lawsuit over his firing. Then one of the basketball players decided to sue. Reverend Al came to the rescue, supporting the lawsuit.

This basketball player is on the verge of going from innocent victim to greedy profiteer, which is coincidentally what gangsta rappers are accused of labeling many women as. How is greed through  frivolous lawsuits any better than greed through trying to hook up with a rich rapper because of his money? A parasite is a parasite. I am not in favor of calling women “hos,” but the rappers that call them that are not attacking all women. They are attacking the women that leech off of others.

For a person to have a legitimate reason to sue, they have to have been injured in some way. This woman claims that wherever she goes, she will be seen as one of the women humiliated by Imus.

This is insane. The reason why…again…that Imus’s comments were so offensive was because these were unknown anonymous women.  Sorry to get Gloria Allred’s granny undies all bunched up, but people still do not know who these women are, nor do they care! Yes, her name was mentioned on the news, and no, people do not remember it a few moments later.

Now to really enrage the Allrednistas and as many others as I can offend to make a point. Nobody outside of a precious few people care about college women’s basketball. Title IX forces schools to spend money on various sports so we can all feel good about ourselves, when the truth is, at most schools, everything except men’s football is irrelevant.

The only thing people care less about than college women’s basketball is trying to figure out where colleges are located when the name of the school does not reveal this. I understand where Georgia Tech is. I can find Michigan State on a map. Does anybody really know where Rutgers is located? It turns out it is in New Jersey, but what part?

So an obscure woman in an obscure town living an obscure life was joked about in an inappropriate manner. The joker was punished. However, that same woman who was justified in being upset because obscure people should not be targeted, cannot then turn around and say that she is ruined because everybody knows who she is.

These women were known as “the Rutgers women’s basketball team.” To find out who she is would first require that people care, and then second know who she actually is from somebody besides herself going on television and telling us. This woman is the Valerie Plame of basketball, shouting at the top of her lungs that she had the right to remain anonymous.

This basketball player needs to have a colonoscopy to have a cancerous lesion known as Al Sharpton removed from her rectum.  Like the parasite he is, he will then find another black host to leech on to and pretend to care about.

I predict he will then get involved in the Michael Vick case. If anybody can find a picture of one of the black dogs being attacked by one of the white dogs, Al will be there and on the case, combining the rhyming of Johnny Cochran, the intelligence of Barney Fife, the ethics of Bill Clinton, and the purity of Tawana Brawley.

If that does not work, he can always try slandering some Jewish store owners as “diamond merchants” until an angry mob burns down their grocery store and covers it in Swastikas for refusing to sell Lean Cuisines. After all, there is a Zionist plot by Jews to kill overweight black agitators by murdering them through “Cholesterol extermination.”

Racism absolutely does exist in this country, and every frivolous lawsuit about nonsense being compared to Selma, Alabama does not help anybody. It only devalues Selma, Alabama. The way to end racism is to stamp out racists, and that includes David Duke as much as it includes Al Sharpton.

Perhaps a Harvard educated black doctor can remove the mole on Mr. Sharpton’s rectum…that being his head…and reattach it above his neck.

Now if this doctor can only give him black blood cells, all will be right with the world.


8 Responses to “Al Sharpton, Colon Cancer and other pains in the rumpus”

  1. Bruce says:

    Great Blog and I agree totally with the argument. Al Sharpton is just looking for attention.

    He could have been a savior if he had accepted Imus’s apology and continued a meaningful dialog. But OH NO… He wanted him fired. People that never heard of Imus only got the 2 minutes of Nappy Headed Hoes comment.

    Bad Imus… Worse Sharpton and Jackson… And the Worst CBS and MSNBC.

    Now Sharpton want Imus to pay this Kia Vaughn before he lands another job. That will be a cold day in hell before that happens. And I hope Kia has a clean closet? If not she will be the laughing stock ot the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team.

  2. JoeM says:

    i agree with all of your argument but one part. When those young women stepped on a basketball court in front of other people they were no longer private people. And I heard the game was televised on national tv. (Although I wouldn’t know because I wouldn’t watch women’s basketball at gun point. Too much masculinity from women for me.)

    Once they walked out onto a national stage they were no longer private people but public figures at least in the eyes of the law of defamation.

  3. micky2 says:

    This is just another example of the left to make race an issue, and so the divide remains. With no divide Al would not have much of a purpose.
    He’s no better than some greasy ambulance chasing attorney.
    And as he chases that ambulance with a black man in it he will be hoping that the driver is white and accidentaly makes a wrong turn so he can claim racism, it would be a gold mine for him if the patient died. Maybe thats going too far, but I never liked him one bit.
    Hes just as bad as Kia Vaughn.

    They cry that racism is a problem in America, and it is. But they are a large part of the problem by constantly using as a problem.

    A friend of mine owns a Mexican restaraunt in Orange county. A few years ago I went to him looking for a job. He said ” look around you Micky” he let me know that I would be a victim of reverse discrimination.I still would of taken the position if offerd.I spoke enough Spanish. But I never once thought of suing. I realized ” plain and simple” that I would be out of place and moved on.
    Al and whatshername need to move on.

  4. Bruce says:

    From what I have been reading about Ms. Vaughn, someone is going to pay her. Now that would be not only an outrage, but would open the door for the other 9 to do the same.

    In my heart of hearts I do not think the Court will even hear her case. It is too ridiculous. An unknown person whether they be Black or White, who does not want notoriety, would never sign papers to sue the principals if she did not want the attention. I will also say that if Sharpton would have opened a dialog with Imus, he would have been more then happy to pay out of his own pocket, an endowment to Rutgers for what he sadly said. But now it’s history. I will be disappointed if he allowed this one Woman to open the flood gates.

    Bruce from Florida

  5. laree says:


    I enjoyed this very much, I think you have hit the Sharpton on the head.

    I have corresponded with other Imus fans, who think this young woman might be getting bad advice. I believe she is in Europe or in the process of coming back from Europe. Which brings us back to an issue facing many Americans, the Airline’s Issues, Good Luck KIA and maybe you want to keep that lawyer on retainer. People only mention Imus but CBS and I believe MSNBC are also being sued, other wise known as the MSM. I do have a new blog “Imus Finds His Feet”


  6. Bobbie Reinecker says:

    Excellent blog. You are right on the mark where Mr. Sharpton is concerned. I would love to read his agenda each morning. I also disagree about the Reutgers team members being private citizens with respect to the fact they were on National TV and I don’t think the seats were free at the arena. They were representing their university and doing it well if anyone actually wanted to know the gist of the actual conversation taking place on the Imus show at the time the NHH remark was dropped. Don Imus was trying to give the team some press(that did not work out very well for him!)and was trying to insert a little humor about how “tough” the women were. It was not meant to be derogatory. Maybe in the suit, the entire conversation and its intent will be revealed. Context should count for something. Now that we all know Kia ‘s name, she will probably be able to market herself as a model, broadcaster, or whatever she named as her life goals. Somebody will pay her to do/say something. Only in America!

  7. laree says:


    Have you read this, I am not Jewish but I believe the word to describe Al Sharpton, is Chuptza. You might have a better adjective.

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