Hillary…Please God, No

Hillary Clinton may be the next President of the United States.

Please God…no.

Until 2004, I never prayed for anything regarding politics. I prayed for the health of my family, and that was it. In 2004, in the middle of a war that I will go to my grave believing was right, I prayed for President Bush. Now that he is leaving, I pray for the fate of the free world. Regardless of who the republican nominee is, the democratic nominee is a foregone conclusion. It is Hillary Clinton.

Some people think that the democratic primaries are democratic. Not this time. If either Edwards or Obama become a threat to her, the Clintonistas will destroy them. I am not sure how the Clintons ended up with so much power, but people simply are willing to fight and die for them. Susan McDougal and Webster Hubbell went to jail for them. Vincent Foster killed himself upon believing he had failed them. Monica Lewinsky lied under oath to protect them. Even a good churchgoing woman like Betty Currie was put in the position of having to come dangerously close to lying for them. Nita Lowey put her own Senatorial ambitions on hold for her. Does anybody think this was voluntary?

By the time the Clintonistas, mainly James Carville, Paul Begala, Susan Thomases, Harold Ickes, Sidney Blumenthal, etc, get done with their enemies, they are rubble. Make no mistake about it. Hillary does not have opponents. She has enemies. if you stand in her way, she despises you. By the time Edwards and Obama are done being driven into the ground, people will believe they molest puppies and kittens. For the safety of their own reputations, they had better not become viable.

I want to make it clear that I used to hate Hillary. I was in college, and I took politics personally. I do not hate her anymore. However, I do fear her. I am scared to death of her. Make no mistake about it. Hillary Clinton can win the White House. Republicans should underestimate her at their own peril. There are several reasons she must be defeated.

First of all, Hillary Clinton is a vicious human being. You are either with her or against her. Consultant Dick Morris freely admits that he likes her husband but dislikes her. One of the reasons is because she referred to Morris as a Jew-b@stard. Even in the heat of anger, this is not acceptable. The IRS audited Paula Jones. Why does a woman making $35,000 per year need to be audited?

Some will say that she has nothing to do with the scandals of her husband’s administration. Nonsense. If she is going to take credit for the positive things that occurred, she has to take the baggage as well.

Secondly, Hillary Clinton is corrupt. Scandal after scandal after scandal would render her unable to govern. From Whitewater to Travelgate to Filegate, she was a walking scandal that never ended. Even after she left the White House, the scandals continued, from the FALN Puerto Rican terrorists to the missing White House furniture that ended up in her home to the controversial pardon of Marc Rich, among other pardons. 

Thirdly, Hillary Clinton is poison. She is the most polarizing politician on Earth. She wants to unite people. This is not possible. To do that would mean accepting opinions as valid even if they differ from her own. It means acknowledging that your political opponents are human beings with equally noble values, not monsters out to destroy society. Hillary cannot end the politics of personal destruction because Hillary is the politics of personal destruction. To lambaste Preisdent Bush for 8 years and then expect a free ride from his supporters is insanity.

Fourth, Hillary Clinton is unethical and hypocritical. The ends justify the means. She will say and do anything to win an election, because for her, power is the ultimate goal. She will criticize Vice President Cheney for holding secret meetings, even though she is incredibly secretive. She will criticize Newt Gingrich over a controversial but legal book deal while then taking an even larger book deal from the exact same individual. She will criticize Wall Street for predatory lending practices when she was guilty of the exact same, if not worse, practices. She bashes those who want to earn money as being greedy, yet turned $1000 into $100,000 by trading commodities, not allowing ridiculous inconveniences such as laws stand in her way. 

Fifth, Hillary Clinton on issues is simply wrong. On virtually every issue that matters, she is wrong. She wants higher taxes. She wants to pull out of Iraq. She wants universal government mandated health care, and will have to cripple small businesses to do it. She wants to confiscate profits of oil companies and drug companies to fund an expansive array of new social programs. In short, she is an unreconstructed socialist in a moderately conservative country.

Sixth, Hillary lies about who she is. If she would stand up and admit she is a socialist, there could be an honest debate, and she would lose. Instead she has decided to triangulate every single issue. She was for the war, then against the funding. She thinks we need to come out of Iraq, but should get tougher with Iran. She supports Israel in front of Jewish audiences and supports Arabs in front of Arab audiences. It is not that she is without core beliefs. It is that deep down she knows that enough people disagree with her to deny her an electoral win. Therefore, she articulates her beliefs in moderate language designed to delay, deny, obfuscate, and insulate.

Seventh, Hillary Clinton is arrogant. She is right, her enemies are wrong, and there is no room for compromise. Her health care plan went down in flames because she would not listen to congress, including members of her own party. She claims to have learned from this, but she made the exact same mistakes as First Lady of Arkansas, leading to her husband being fired.

Eighth, and lastly, Hillary is a self indulgent spoiled brat. For her, the 1960s never ended. She is morally superior. Those who disagree with her are either intellectually inferior, or malicious. When she does not get her way, there is hell to pay. Extrapolate that abusive personality as a First Lady and give her command of a military that she neither understands nor respects. Imagine her vision of government intervention in the economy, and if the central bank contradicts her. Will she politicize them?  

I have never met Hillary Clinton. I do not know her. I do not have access to confidential information. What I do have is plenty of videotape of her speaking. It truly frightens me. This woman is Lady Macbeth. No, she has not murdered anyone, but she has ruined plenty of lives. The travel office staff were human beings. She wrecked them. Everybody who comes into contact with her ends up falling on their sword, perhaps out of fear.

It is not just that she is wrong on issues. Obama and Edwards are wrong on issues. Hillary is simply, based on everything I can see, an awful human being.

Some may say this is harsh, but she and her supporters had some not so nice things to say about President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Republicans will not be afraid to hit back. Nor should they.

It is time for some new blood in the White House. George W. Bush tried to create a civil tone in Washington. If he could not achieve this, Hillary would not even come close. She is too angry, too mean, too vicious, and too sanctimonious for anyone to listen.

She will fail in the job if given the opportunity. She should not be given that opportunity, just because she feels she is entitled to it.

I implore the republicans to have the guts to match her slash and burn tactics. Do not be afraid. She can be defeated, but it will be tough.

As for now, I can only pray to God that somehow, some way, she does not win.


32 Responses to “Hillary…Please God, No”

  1. Carole says:

    I will never forget the first time I saw Bill Clinton on TV. I took one brief look at him, and said ‘The guys got nothing going on. No one will take him seriously’.

    I was not wrong about the first. I was wrong about the second.

    Not one to forget a lesson so costly to learn, I will make NO assumptions that everyone will see Hilary Clinton asI see her; soulless, harsh, empty, ruthless and evil….evil, in that she has no scruples when it comes to getting what she wants. She will say and do anything.

    If I were the only one who saw this, I would assume I have personal problems. But I am not…as Eric has proved. And with Eric, I find the idea of that woman in power of any kind, frightening.

    Yeah, g, you and I and MANY will be/are praying for this election. Yet even if – God forbid – the Clinton is elected, there is comfort in the realization that God is ultimately in charge of who is in charge of us.

  2. spree says:

    Great piece. Voted for it at RCP!!

  3. Stormwarning says:

    Tgggr, I agree with you. Senator Clinton is very likely to be the Democratic candidate. So for all of your prayers, perhaps the one that is missing is for the Republicans to:

    1) get its act together
    2) nominate a candidate that has a real chance of winning

    IMO, its not Rudy, its not Mitt, and its not Fred. So who will it be? You’re right. Hillary is vulnerable, if for no other reason than she is a lightening rod for negativity. So for all of you “Hillary Haters” out there, as a distressed Republican, find a candidate that has a real chance of beating her on the issues…don’t fight her for what people think she is or isn’t…find me someoe who is qualified to beat her.

  4. One More thing says:

    I can’t wait until Clinton/Obama wins in ’08 and we FINALLY get universal healthcare, like the rest of the western world.

  5. micky2 says:

    After Bill’s term was over I told myself that if she didnt leave him it would only make it evident that she had huge plans.
    I am by no means a moral giant, but I can’t help but ask why any woman with any scruples would stay with a man that played the field the way Bill did.
    My answer to that question is simply that only a cold emotionless person could conduct themselves in that fashion after every fiber of her marriage was torn apart.

    I know couples that have had a bump in their marriage and made it right.
    Bill was full of speed bumps and instead of making a turn, she is staying on the road, Bill is the road.

    This is a woman that is so self absorbed she wont even take a look at what dignity she has left.

  6. Jason says:

    If Congressional Democrats’ approval numbers keep tanking, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Hillary.

  7. Jason says:

    “I can’t wait until Clinton/Obama wins in ‘08 and we FINALLY get universal healthcare, like the rest of the western world.”

    Yep. It’ll be great waiting months and months for some bureaucrat who doesn’t know me to decide if my cancer treatment (if I ever get cancer) is worth the price the government would have to pay for it.

  8. micky2 says:


    Illegal aliens will get brain surgery before you get anything.

  9. Sandy from Ga. says:

    Excellent article. You have summarized all the reasons why we should make sure that Hillary is not elected President. I recommend that anyone who is still considering voting for HRC should read this article.

  10. Carole says:

    To One More Thing;

    Yeah. When you think of universal health care, dude…think of public schools. Okay? I teach in them. Teachers are the experts in the room on education, okay? Yet, we are the last ones the people that run the schools will listen to when it comes to education. Who do they listen to? The same people you listen to; the emotional rhetoric crowd, the unions, and the politically correct. And while having public education available is a good thing, it is no longer the BEST thing, BECAUSE of those people they – and YOU – listen to. The people who want the best thing are going anywhere else to get it…even to their own homes.

    So if I read you right, you think it is better to take the best health care available in the western world, and dumb it down to the public school level. I see absolutely no up side to that. Please do not give me the some ‘millions of people in the US do not have health insurance’ line, nor some kind of crap about the poor not having medical care available to them. Most of the people without health insurance in this country are uninsured by choice – see the statistics. The rest, as well as the poor, have medical treatment available as a matter of policy.

    Those are the only two arguments I have heard FOR ‘universal healthcare’ that hold any water, but it is only emotional, and does NOT hold up in the face of reality. What ELSE that does not stand up to the reality of what works is the ‘rest of the western world”s ‘universal healthcare’. Do you even CARE whether it works or not? Has that even occurred to you?! Did the US become the US by doing ANYTHING the way ‘everyone else does’? I don’t think so.

    Given the choice between fixing what is wrong with our current health care situation, and allowing it to become the property of a system subject to the whims of politicians….I’m sorry, there’s no contest! When I need to see a Doctor, I DON’T go to my congressman! I don’t want government/unions/socialists treating me. No, no, NO to socialized medicine.

    Find. Another. Solution.

  11. micky2 says:

    Clinton/Obama ?

    That explains everything.

  12. Rita says:

    If the people come out as they did recently to shut down the immigration debacle that congressional republicans massaged into a real threat, then Hillary will not win. I believe that many who think that republicans may deserve to lose will not in the end vote a socialist/marxist into power. Therefore, she loses.

    Even moderate democrats who promote her will vote against her in the privacy of the ballot.

  13. One More thing says:


    Life Expectancy: US is 20th in the world.

    Healthcare: US is 37th in the world.

    Stop lying about the quality of the health care in this country. Thanks.

  14. micky2 says:

    One More Thing, listen up.

    I think the left and the entitlement freaks really need to get their priorities straight.
    The left wants to keep giving health care, education, food, housing, jobs and legal aid to 15 million people that dont belong here. This endowment upon illegal aliens is killing the nations wallet. And to top it off they want to bring in more illegals whom they believe are also “entitled” to something for nothing.
    I think if we got rid of this problem we would have more “true equality” for “American” citizens in the sense that it would be a lot easier for the goverment to offer heath care plans on a temporary basis that would be tied to the free market.This would not be “Universal health care for life” It would be “health care till you get your doo doo together”

    These are some of the questions I’ve encounterd.

    If we walk past a man laying on the sidewalk bleeding to death and we just keep walking, if he dies are we liable for not rendering aid ?

    If our nation has an overwhelming population of people who are sick with transmittable disease or cannot work because of basic ailments, is this not going to have an effect on the strength of our economy and security?

    Basically, if the goverment can get these people on their feet and well again, it is in the countrys best interest. And putting them back into action as members of the free market should be the goal. #1 so they could pay taxes that would support the system that helped them in the first place. And #2 pay back what they borrowed from the goverment at a discount. I believe that a viable tax paying citizen is the ideal picture here.
    Universal health care would just be the start of a complacent mindset. It would certainly not supply an incentive to get of your ass. Especially if you’re already doing the food stamp/welfare thing.
    If you are a citizen of this country and are the victim of incredible misfortune, we should not just let you die because you have no health care.
    It is the responsability of our country as to give you safety. I believe you are not safe if you are sick. But if you are able to become a viable part of society, it should be incumbent upon you to pay back or a portion of the cost of medical procedures that got you up and running again.

    Now, for all you large jerks that keep throwing Universal health care in the face of the war, go to hell !
    The people we are fighting don’t give a rats ass what you or any of us have, never mind a first aid kit.
    THINK! Are we supposed to divert funds from the troops so you can have free medical ? What good is that if the country is crawling with the enemy?
    That is just a really, really stupid arguement you should just shit can right now, give it up. It’s outrageously selfish and narrow minded to even suggest we leave the enemy alone so that you can raid my wallet and sit under a tree that has a gold plaque with your name on it.
    Look at it this way, if you volunteered for the service of your choice you would get your medical. Hell ! you would even have job!

  15. Frank Haaf says:

    I agree 1000% with your analysis. But It’s too late – Hillary will win BECAUSE she is a socialist, not in spite of it. Then reason is that she understands race and ethnicity in 21st century America. The balkanization of America is at this point irreversible. Bill will advise Hillary to take Obama on the ticket and that will be the end of it.

    Today, race/culture-based interests trump almost all others. Indeed, Hispanics will do as Blacks have done for decades. They will vote for their racial/ethnic interests ahead of any other issue.

    We are well into a slow descent toward a Brazil-like dowager empire that will continue through a succession of increasingly liberal Democratic administrations. Get ready! The recent mortgage crisis is just the appetizer.

    You can see it everywhere. The U.S. breaking down in every possible way, communities falling apart physically and culturally, a bloated corrupt government, oceans of money squandered on a war no one wants, debt at every level from here to the moon, prisons overflowing, hospitals closing, empty factories,
    and borders that aren’t borders, surrounding a country that isn’t a country..

    Think about it! Who’s going to save us? Who’s going to lead the Renaissance, the rebirth of our “shining city on a hill”? Immigrants? Media? Black America? Politicians like the Clintons? – they are the root of the problem, corrupt to the core. Am I the only one who sees what’s happening? It’s Rome all over again, just speeded up to Internet time.

    The only way to defeat Hillary is the emergence of an even more liberal third-party candidate to split the vote. Pity Johnny Cochrane is dead, he’d be perfect!

  16. Kowboy says:


    Life Expectancy: US is 20th in the world.

    Healthcare: US is 37th in the world.

    Stop lying about the quality of the health care in this country. Thanks.”

    Sounds like you need to find a new country. Pick one and I’ll donate a couple of bucks to your airfare.

  17. One more thing says:

    Kowboy, right, because people trying to bring this country back to first world status are precisely the ones who need to leave.

  18. Kowboy says:

    “Kowboy, right, because people trying to bring this country back to first world status are precisely the ones who need to leave.”

    A socialist medical system will hardly bring us back to 1st in anything, except maybe mortality rate among industrialized nations. Do a little research. The systems in place in Canada and Europe are slow and overburdened. Many Canadians who can come here for medical treatment because they can’t get it in a timely manner there. And if their socialized medical program is so good, why do the Prime Minister and members of parliament have their own personal physicians? I don’t trust a system run by the government that the government won’t use.

  19. Craig says:


    “I can’t wait until Clinton/Obama wins in ‘08 and we FINALLY get universal healthcare, like the rest of the western world.”

    Yah…Hillary was so successful in her last attempt. But good news: I hear your frontal lobotomy went well.

  20. One more thing says:

    “I don’t trust a system run by the government that the government won’t use.”

    The government officials use personal physicians because they are WEALTHY. The rich will still be able to buy their way to slightly better care. Universal healthcare is a system to make sure that everyone is afforded a reasonable level of medical care, and anything you want on top of that will cost you.

    You want a private room? Throw down a few more dollars.

  21. micky2 says:

    Oh ! I get it now. Really crappy medical for everyone except rich people, sounds like a great plan..
    Wasnt the idea of Univesal health care supposed to be a system for all ?

    Do you remember when we used to have generic brands on the market shelves with the plain black and white labels ? A can of beer would be solid blue and would just be labeled BEER.
    What you are advocating has been done in different forms and Americans did not like it and it failed, period. As a matter of fact most Americans found it demeaning to be seen with such a product. And will feel the same way about genegic ,cheap ,plain wrapper medical. Aint gonna happen
    We have a system in place that needs work. Insurance companies and needless lawsuits { John Edwards} need to be eliminated or monitord and standardized.
    So the market can bring the cost down. This would be a hell of a lot easier than turning half the country upside down. Just the transformation from what we have now to Universal health care would be humongous undertaking that would do way more damage than good.
    Your want for Universal health care will cost me and others with private health care double . Becuse the taxes will still come out of my check to pay for you, and I will still have to pay my premium for my private insurance. Since I cant afford both and I will go to jail for not paying the taxes, I will be stuck with your brand. You will be robbing me of my right to the insurance of my choice.

    That sneeky little bitch “ethanol” is already is robbing me at the store.
    You guys cant figure out a way to get anything you want besides hitting up someone else, I call these guys bums

  22. Carole says:

    OMT…..I take real exception to being called a liar. One has to knowingly misrepresent the truth before one can be a liar. If…and that’s a big if… I am anything, then I am misinformed, or mistaken. But that is yet to be seen. Is this how you get that Bush lied…when he acted on what was common knowledge for everyone, yet didn’t find what everyone accepted was the truth? To lie, one has to know the truth, and say the opposite. And you sir…or whoever you are…have a lot of nerve calling anyone a liar under either of these circumstances.

  23. Kowboy says:

    “The government officials use personal physicians because they are WEALTHY. The rich will still be able to buy their way to slightly better care.”

    The great flaw in socialist/communist systems. The ultimate goal is to live like a capitalist.

  24. micky2 says:

    One more thing,

    Obviously your not going to sell this idea to anyone on this thread,
    Your persistance has proven you to be totally delusional.
    It has also led you to a point of frustration where you are calling people liars.
    When you start doing this with no point of reference to prove your claim your arguement becomes nothing.

    Might I suggest you “move on” over to the kos or someplace where your brand of insanity will be readily accepted

  25. stjarna67 says:

    You went into more detail than I did, and perhaps provided a few more details. However, hearing the current polls – I am afraid it could be a possibility. Although I think Bush has done massive amounts of damage to our country – and overstepped his bounds with control and our rights as citizens; Unfortunately, the scenario you paint with Hiliary as president could bring us to new lows.

    Anyway, I try to stay away from political topics on my blog…as too much thinking will get me in a dark mood. For a much fluffier yet still negative view of Sen. Clinton, feel free to click on my blognostication of her politics.



  26. Sal Auditore says:

    If Hillary Clinton is elected president then it marks the end of the United States as a freedom loving nation. If she is elected it would also likely mean a Democrat majority in the Congress. We will be looking at a tax rate of over 35% and the liberal fascists looking to control everything we think, say and do right down to the telling us what we can eat and drink, as well as a pacifist nation with no defense against our enemies.
    Hillary Clinton=Doomsday

  27. Carole says:

    Back to you, OMT:

    An interesting perspective on the “facts” you used to assign liar status to me;


    And that’s okay. You were just misinformed.

  28. Malcor says:


    “Life Expectancy: US is 20th in the world.

    Healthcare: US is 37th in the world.”

    Not that I give a rat’s rear about the WHO’s sampling and interpretation methods, but if the US has the 20th longest life expectancy but the 37th from what the WHO considers “ideal” health care, then it seems to me as if the WHO’s “ideal” of health care is an extremely BAD one. Else the two ‘places’ that the US holds would be more similar (if our health care is so bad, we should be around 35-40 on the life expectancy). If anything, that data is a case AGAINST the type of health care used in other countries, as our life expectancy is so high compared to what they would want our health care to resemble.

  29. Bob Agard says:

    Re: Hillary: You nailed her.

  30. joe h t says:

    i can’t help but think and worry that we may have people in this country that is
    as stupid as new yorkers and may vote for hilerly for president. .it won’t take a
    month(if she is elected) to discover they made a big error.,but they won’t admit
    it until they can’t see a doctor for 6 months. the results could be a love ones dies
    or they die..You can bet hillery and her buddy’s will get the best health care
    availble..My place of employment put in HMO back when she was trying to push
    her health care and it was the worst thing that ever happened to my family.
    However it was a cake walk to what she wiil do if she gets a chance to shove
    her health care down our thoats, she is a evil ,lieing ,power hungry WITCH.
    please tell you demo friends they better wake up and vote for anyone but her.

  31. All the Republican nominee has to do, whether it’s Rudy, Mitt or Fred T., is play the quotes that are from her speeches, such as “I’m going to take those profits (from oil companies) and give them to …” I’m paraphrasing. Her book is called “It Takes a Village”…to raise a child. NO IT DOESN’T. IT TAKES PARENTS.

    Let’s all open our eyes, people, and see that this woman may disguise her Socialism, but this woman is a SOCIALIST! This country was founded on free market principles, NOT SOCIALISM!! The woman is backed by a foreign national — George Soros, WHO WANTS TO TURN OUR COUNTRY INTO EUROPE!! (NO THANKS)

    She can be defeated if the Republican nominee fights her WITH HER OWN WORDS. This will wake up the Independants and Reagan Democrats, who still don’t see her for the Marxist that she is.

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