Larry Craig, Owen Wilson, Kurt Cobain and Richard Jewell

The feeding frenzy has begun. A man who has dedicated his life to public service is now watching his career be ruined.

Larry Craig allegedly solicited homosexual sex from an undercover cop posing as a male prostitute. He then tried to use his power as a senator to escape punishment.

Larry Craig did not lie under oath and subvert the constitution. That was Bill Clinton.

Larry Craig did not use his power to appoint a completely unqualified lover to a cushy government job. That was Jim McGreevey, a homosexual American, and John Corzine, his successor, and a heterosexual American. So gay or straight, it was about corruption.

Bill Clinton is a convicted felon. I know that sounds like a slur, but it is a legal fact. As part of his plea agreement, he agreed to surrender his law license, and was fined $90,000. He pled guilty to a felony. Most convicted felons lose their right to vote. I do not know if Bill Clinton is legally allowed to vote. If so, he is getting special treatment.

What Larry Craig did was disgusting. It was also a misdemeanor. Personally, I think people take misdemeanors too lightly. They are crimes. Nevertheless, Larry Craig is being pilloried.

Many are going after Larry Craig for hypocrisy because he ran his career as a family values candidate. He wants a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. He is a hardliner on gay issues. So isn’t he a hypocrite for taking severe stands against gays if he is gay?

No, he is not. First of all, let’s assume he is gay. A liberal reader of my column, JMJ, who I fiercely disagree with, made the hilarious point that if he is not gay, then he should not start his press conference by, “thanking everybody for coming out today.”

Jokes aside, a man can be gay and be anti-gay. It is called self-loathing, and it is as destructive as it is ethically acceptable. Larry Craig can hate homosexuals while being one. He can advance legislation condemning those who live that lifestyle because he himself lives that lifestyle, and despises himself for it. This is not hypocritical, but it is tragic.

Some gay activists “out” conservative politicians who are gay. This is vicious. Tolerating a person’s right to proudly embrace their gay lifestyle is not the same as forcing them to embrace it. For some reason, some people are ashamed of who they are. A tolerant community gives a gay person the right to keep quiet about if they choose to do so. No gay person should be forced to keep their sexuality hidden, but neither should they be forced to disclose it. It is like saying because a woman is pro-choice, she has the right to force another woman to have one when she wants to keep the child.

I worry about Larry Craig today not because I like what he did, but because he is a human being and a creature of God. He is about to be destroyed by people who do not know him and have never met him. 

Bob Beckel was ranting and raving about republican sexual misdeeds. Bob Beckel was caught with prostitutes a few years ago, and he is the last person on Earth besides perhaps myself to be lecturing anybody on morality. I wish Hannity would turn to him and say, “Well Bob, you are the hooker expert. Describe your expertise.”

Bob Beckel may enjoy driving Larry Craig into the ground, but what if, God forbid, Larry Craig were to take his own life? Do people have to commit suicide before we realize we should have eased up a bit?

Suicide brings out the best in people, when it should have been brought out before hand. Kurt Cobain is a prime example. For the sake of full disclosure, I never liked his music. I detested the whole grunge era, and with every fiber in my being reject the label “Generation X,” that he personified. He did not speak for me, and he did not speak for a whole generation. He was insignificant as an artist.

However, as a human being, he was very significant, as are we all. He was a husband and a father. The Reverend Billy Graham accurately pointed out that Kobain’s last song was called, “I hate myself and I want to die.” Four million people bought that record, and not one of those four million realized it was a cry for help. Now his fans lionize him. All it could have taken was one person to intervene.

The television show “Scrubs,” had a brilliant episode where patients died with a song in the background called, “How to save a life.” The singer keeps asking, “Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend.” He laments that he, “Wish he knew how to save a life.”

The way to save a life is to care, and to make sure you know what you are talking about when you go after somebody with accusations, even if they are true. Richard Jewell died a decade after he was falsely accused of the 1996 bombing at the Atlanta Olympics.  While he was exonerated, many people still to this day do not know that. For some people, wherever he went the last decade of his life, this hard working family man was seen as a serial bomber. How does one correct that? I don’t know.

We have to get to people before it is too late. Hollywood comedy actor Owen Wilson apparently recently tried to take his own life. Many people see him as funny, successful, wealthy, handsome, and having it all. Contrary to what some fail to understand, but rich people do feel pain. They hurt when they get divorced or lose at love. They have spectacular successes, which means that their failures are even more spectacular, especially when magnified through the media.

I don’t know what was going on Owen Wilson’s head, and I do not know how or why a successful man like that would consider any aspect of his life a failure. All I can say is thank you to God that he failed at suicide. Yes, he may have many adoring female fans, but if the one he loved broke his heart, his power and money mean nothing. What he needs is understanding and compassion. We have the power to save a life, and preserve a life. We must do so.

We spend so much time arguing over life and detah issues involving abortion, euthanasia, and stem cell research. I am not trying to minimize those issues. Yet the best form of preserving life is helping those that are on the edge of losing life.

One mistake we as a society make is that we are so willing to talk about physical illnesses, but not mental illnesses. If somebody has cancer, they go to the doctor and get physical treatments. Yet if somebody has a mental breakdown, there is a stigma with getting counseling. People will go to the Betty Ford Center, but not see a mental health care professional for fear of being seen as “nuts.”

I cannot fix my car or my computer. I have professionals for that. My Rabbi is my spiritual counselor. I hope Owen Wilson sees a psychologist or psychiatrist, or somebody that can help him repair his broken life.

The thing is, Owen Wilson has been pushed to the brink already. He broke down. We cannot keep pushing people until they break down. This brings us back to Larry Craig.

Yes, he will be a victim of jokes by David Letterman for weeks to come. We will laugh at those jokes. Yet of he were to kill himself, the jokes would not seem as funny. Bill Cosby has a hilarious routine about killing his son for not cleaning his room. It is one of the funniest comedy bits of all time. However, it is tough to watch that video knowing that his son was tragically murdered two decades after that routine.

Larry Craig is on the edge right now. He deserves to be criticized for what he did. Whether or not he should lose his job is up to the voters of Idaho. Again, it was a misdemeanor, and Larry Craig is no Ted Kennedy.

What we should not do as a society is demand our pound of flesh from Larry Craig for engaging in what is an essentially victimless crime. As for his hypocrisy, try living in the skin of a man that might very well hate his own guts for being something he despises. That is the second worst thing of all.

The worst thing would be if he truly is innocent, and we accused him falsely, of being homosexual, and of being a criminal.

His pleading guilty does not help his cause, even though he has recanted that plea. However, I hope those that want a pound of flesh from him realize that we are all one pound of flesh away from being no more.

I am disgusted by what he did, and pray for his health and recovery.


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  1. Well, Eric, Craig’s own senate republicans are starting an investigation into whether Craig attempted to use his senate creds to get off the charge.

    And remember, if he weren’t such a “family values” anti-gay conservative, all this wouldn’t be much of an issue.


  2. micky2 says:

    I’ve already posted on other blogs about Craig. Some of it was not reflecting my own battles with my problems and bad choices that I have made.
    This post by Eric has reeled me in to realize that I was a little too sarcastic in not realizing that I have done worse things.
    Dennis Miller put it very well, he said; “We all have our freaky side, and when we see people getting caught doing these things we stand back and say , “see thats how I dont want to be.” At the same time brushing off our own freakyness”
    I battled addictions and suicidal depression for decades. And thank God for those that didnt know me from Adam, but choose to understand.
    As a result there are two kids on this earth now that are happy and love me, and I’m alive to witness it.

  3. David S. says:

    I don’t know where conservatives are getting the impression that Craig is the victim of liberal judgementalism. I have yet to hear one prominent democrat speak about Larry Craig. I HAVE heard the president, two republican presidential canidates, two republican senators, and several republican congressmen, say that Craig needs to step down. If anyone is contributing to a feeding frenzy, it’s family-values conservatives. If anyone is guilty of self-loathing it’s anti-gay republican politicians who can’t stand the idea that yet another one of their own is gay.

    Do you know what Trent Lott, Bob Foley, and Larry Craig all have in common? That they have all been brought down by their own party.

    Everytime a republican is caught up in a sex scandal, and his fellow party members turn on him, I read blogs like these accusing liberals of hypocrisy, which all ignore the fact that when a republican gets caught up in a sex scandal, most of the outrage comes from within the republican party.

  4. micky2 says:

    So why doesnt the left come after their own when a crime is evident ? Instead they rally to support that individual with feelble arguements and “Vast right wing conspiracies”
    Could it be because republicans walk their talk ?

    The left would be smart to stay out of these kind of things, their closet is packed !

  5. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, do you have an example of what you’re talking about?

    And Micky and Eric, corect me if I’m wrong, but you seem to be saying that there is something wrong with Craig. Micky, you brought up “addictions and suicidal depression,” and Eric, you said you “pray for his health and recovery.” Is homosexuality an addiction or like suicidal depression, Micky? Is homosexuality a disease from which one can recover, Eric? Isn’t the real problem that certain arbitrary, unfair, and unrealistic societal morays drove Craig into men’s rooms instead of enjoying his own sexual needs in his own bedroom? Do you guys have a problem with homosexuality?


  6. micky2 says:

    I’m talking about being pursued and haunted by media and people who are too quick to pass judgement. And dramatize things out of context to the point where he will be public enemy #1 before anyone really knows what really happened.
    Craig is responsable (it seems) for some really bad judgement.
    Here we go again, I get this crap everytime homosexuality comes into the frame.
    Its a fact that because of societys unwillingness to accept gays ,a lot of them lead miserable lives due to the ignorance on the part of many. This results in a feeling of being an outcast or
    Its very hard to live in a world where people dont except or understand someones traits that they have no control over. That is my position.
    A lot of gays commit suicide because of ignorance on the part of our society.
    A loy of addicts commit suicide because of ignorance on the part of our society.

    Lets not turn this into an issue of profiling or bigotry
    I never said I wanted to be an addict or alcoholic any more than gays have a choice at birth what there sexual preference will be .
    Gays and and addicts are persecuted through life as if they choose some way of immoral life. When nothing could be further from the truth.

    But I do think Craig lost control. A man in his position could of and should of done the hotel/motel/holiday inn thing.

    I think Craig was under the impression that if he got caught he could get out of it.
    It has nothing to do with being gay.
    And I dont think his life should be destroyed.
    Maybe he finds it exciting to do it in a stall. I think it would be exciting to do my wife on the steps of the Taj Mahal, but that would be stupid.

  7. micky2 says:

    JMJ said;
    Micky, do you have an example of what you’re talking about?

    Why should I even go there ? As if both sides dont have their share of crap , you would like me to bring up instances just so you can argue validity from your perspective, and I’m bored with that game already.
    Anyboody that has a television knows what I’m talking about. Maybe they would care to argue the obvious. I’m tired of it.
    If I had to I would start with JFK and work my way up and past Clinton.
    See ya !

  8. trevor says:

    This martyrdom of Craig you’re purporting is just silly. What’s happening to him now is the result of his own actions and bad choices.

    I seriously hope you’re not defending his indefensible actions to keep his legal affairs a secret from his family, staffers and constituents. The Democrats didn’t make Craig plead guilty to the charge. He did that himself. The media didn’t crowbar him into failing to inform his family about it, despite the massive blameshift he pulled yesterday in Boise (with wife-in-tow no less) when he disingenuously pointed the finger at Dan Popkey and the Idaho Statesman, who have had exercised a tremendous amount of discipline and patience in dealing with this issue and Craig himself.

    No one but Larry Edwin Craig is responsible for cruising that airport bathroom and pleading guilty to the actions committed therein. This really isn’t that difficult to understand, is it?

  9. micky2 says:


    I dont think anyone is trying to excuse Craigs actions.
    It’s the collateral damage from the media and the contempt that we as a society issue to people that is the issue here.
    Craig could of handled this better, no doubt.
    But should his life be destroyed by contributing factors other than his own stupidity ?

  10. trevor says:

    Let’s slow down a bit here.

    How, exactly, is his life being “destroyed”? He was going to retire anyway; this situation merely speeds up that timeline. Craig has been publicly contemplating a move into lobbying after his senate career is over. After this cools off and Craig spends a year or so playing rancher in the Boise foothills, he’ll be more than ready to do that. The private sector will welcome him with open arms. Even in Idaho. (Probably, *especially* in Idaho.)

  11. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, you, sir, are a great debator. Kudos! The Right could use more people like you. You remind me of Bill Buckley – and that’s a BIG compliment. back when I was a Libertarian Republican, William F was my favorite writer. You’re bringing me back to Firing Line. God, I miss that show!

    Trevor – very funny, and true. Craig ruined his own life – not some liberal media culture. The only culture that was culpable in this, beyond Craig’s own actions, was the one he ascribed to and led.


  12. micky2 says:

    No, lets not slow down.
    Should he be hounded and sesationalized by the press ?
    Should peoples stupidity be a form of entertainment ?
    Does the ignorant and bigoted public have the right to help speed up the process you mention ?
    Should we beat him with this issue untill he snaps ?
    Should we relish in a life destroyed by himself or others or both ?
    It’s all over the media, we cant get away from it.

    And by the way, I never said his life had been destroyed. I asked if it was the intent of our public or political rivals on both sides.
    Does his retirement give anyone license to trash what little he has left ?
    I think what he did was stupid, but isnt it time everyone just lay off and let the legal system work ? Now they are digging up crap on him from the 60s, why ? No one has come forward and complained about him in the 60s. Maybe he choose to keep this from his family. Thay alone will destroy at least a part of his life.
    Same for Vicks, everyone just shutup already. Because you only really know what you see on the tube, and even that is usually inaccurate.

    The examples are Richard Jewell, not untill the system found him innocent did we leave him alone, for the most part.
    Kurt Cobain , ridiculed by people who knew nothing about him.
    Owen Wilson, We are too busy wanting entertainment to look at the person.

    What do all these have in common?
    We forgot that they were people, humans.

  13. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, you can not deny the obvious hypocrisy of Craig’s actions.


  14. micky2 says:

    That is completly beside the point.
    For the third or fourth time man ! No one is denying that !

    We dont have the right to make it any worse ! Get it!

    Jeeeze !

  15. trevor says:

    Of course we live in an hyperbolic, mostly-mediated culture where things like senatorial sex scandals trump more important issues like war, poverty, and the apparently irreversible rot of one of our major cities. I don’t doubt that you mean well, micky. And unfortunately, it’s true that we love to watch the destruction of the famous and powerful, and you’re well on the mark when you point this out as a sad form of entertainment. The examples of Cobain, Wilson and Jewell are salient ones, but they don’t exactly fit the pattern that’s been so well-established by elected officials who use the media (who, after all, work on our behalf ultimately, for better or worse) to their narrow purposes and then excoriate it when it’s politically inconvenient.

    I see nothing even remotely tragic in Craig’s case. If he is a victim, again, he is so by his own actions. In pleading guilty, he accepted the gravity of the situation but apparently believed he could still manipulate the reality by not telling his family, constituents or party leadership about it. It was Craig’s decision to go into that bathroom and solicit sex from an undercover officer; that much he could control. After that, well, there’s only so much he could do (and he did it, by the way, in pleading down to the lesser charge and thus getting a cupcake sentence in return).

    And let’s assume that Craig *is* the victim of the media demons that he, apparently, has been able to stave off and even mostly use to his advantage over the past 30 years. I suppose that his press statement yesterday in Boise, the one where he flatly and angrily placed the blame for his actions onto Dan Popkey and the Idaho Statesman, was also some sort of Shakespearean interlude beyond his control.

    Instead of shaking his finger at the media yesterday and repeating that refrain “I’M NOT GAY! I’M NOT GAY!”, maybe he should have simply turned to his wife, said he was sorry for the obvious fool he’s made of her, and walked away.

  16. trevor says:

    I, too, miss William F. Buckley and FIRING LINE. I have a video of Buckley and Noam Chomsky going toe to toe for over an hour on the Vietnam War, completely without script or program breaks, just the two of them on a public stage having a vigorous conversation on an issue which they clearly had diametric viewpoints. What a sad cartoon televised debate and those insipid cable “talk” shows are today, in comparison.

  17. Hey tigerr.

    Here’s my link for exchange.

  18. micky2 says:

    So waht are you saying?
    Anything I dont know ?
    You use the word “maybe” a lot.
    That is the point of Erics post.
    Maybe we could stand back before we make things worse than they are.
    Good for you! You have suceeded in driving the obvious into the ground over and over and over.
    Which is my whole point !
    Enough already ! we get it..
    You sir are a perfect example of my point.
    Will you be happy when he blows his brains out because no one will let up.

  19. micky2 says:

    Trevor ! visit this link and see what I had to say this morning in comparison to what I say after reading Erics post. I grew past my judgement with a different perspective brought on by Erics post.
    Maybe you can follow my lead and humble your anger for the man.

    I mention this above in post # 2

  20. stjarna67 says:

    The issue here is that Sen. Craig, presumably conservative and vocal about family values as I understand it, is being hypocritical. Say one thing, do another. In a time where the government needs to seriously rebuild confidence, we have yet another example of how it all comes down to appearances rather than character. I would think that the choice to step into the spotlight would also mean they hold themselves to at least a slightly higher standard. None of us are perfect, but it’d be nice to see some honesty or a fairly consistent attempt at it. Instead, we get a parade of government officials who break the law or participate in dubious behavior. They get defensive when asked about it, put up a legal fight then months later – they admit it. In this case, he at least saved us some run-around by already pleading guilty. The Craig case seems to have missed the traditional abuse of power with attempting to use influence to make the charges go away or stay hidden.

    Whether or not he’s gay, that’s for him to worry about. If he has a libido that causes him to act out his sexuality in public, he probably should do some soul-searching on that too. All the public should be demanding here is that people who step up to the political plate should be straight-forward. Trying to be something you are not or trying to hide it is a complete waste of time. Information flows freely around the world, whether or not it’s the truth or not. If you are in the public eye, your life is even more likely to be scrutinized. The public does not need another reminder of the dissonance between who the candidate appears to be and what the candidate is really like.

  21. micky2 says:

    Gee, I thought the issue was the one that Eric wrote about in his post.

  22. Lave Sus Manos says:

    I must say, this is one of the most level-headed discussions I’ve seen about Senator Craig.

    Couple of comments:

    1. I’ve battled depression. I’ve attempted suicide (and damn near succeeded). I know how demons can f with your m.

    2. I’ve read stories of very high level individuals who’ve done very sick things that have landed them in jail. In retrospect, it’s been learned that these activities were cries for help and resolution for *stuff* that happened to them in their own childhoods.

    3. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that one can be self-loathing to the point of *being* something but hating it at the same time. I believe it was the Apostle Paul who wrote “Those things I don’t want to do, I do, and those things I want to do, I don’t do …. who will save me?” Millions of Christians look up to the Apostle Paul, yet here he was acknowledging his inability to control his own physical desires.

    4. These points and more give me empathy for Senator Craig, but I must also state that regardless of how staunchly he stands for issues I agree with, his actions have led him to a huge credibility gap in the eyes of (a) his constituents (of which I am one — I live in Idaho) and (b) his peers.

    If I may quote another piece of scripture, “avoid the appearance of evil.”

    – – – – – – –

    I travel A LOT. And being from Idaho, I often fly through Minneapolis on my way to the east coast. With all that flying I am an “elite” member of the main Minneapolis-based airline (aka ‘frequent flyer’). I’ve been seated in 1st class on flights with Senator Craig, and with Governor (former Congressman) Butch Otter. I’ve talked with them in the “Club Lounge” where frequent flyers usually go between flights.

    Why do we go there? Privacy. Quiet. A comfortable place to relax and have a drink or check email without all the business and noise that normally bombards you at the airport.

    I have to tell you, when I need to use the rest room in Minneapolis, I usually head for one of the club lounges. Their rest rooms are very quiet and very nicely appointed. Why a US Senator would stand outside a stall for a few minutes in a public rest room and not use that time to walk to the club lounge is a bit of a question for me.

    _ _ _ _ _

    I very much appreciate this level-headed post about the Senator. But I do think he should preserve his dignity and step down “for the good of the party.” To NOT do so would be to tarnish his peers’ chances for success in the next election. His seat here in Idaho will be safely retained by an “R”. He can become a lobbyist or take some other “behind the scenes” position, and retain some dignity.

    Reason: He’s come out very clearly with the statement “I am not gay.” If evidence comes out to the contrary, he will have lost ALL.

    – Lave sus Manos

  23. trevor says:

    “humble” my “anger” for Craig?


    I am not angry with Craig. He—and politicians like him (the blameshifting kind, not the gay/bi kind) simply make me tired. There are far more important things for us to talk about. Truly.

  24. micky2 says:

    By the way, JMJ,
    Coming from the biggest pain in the ass that I’ve met in quite a while, that is a true complment.

  25. greg says:

    I, too, pray for Senator Craig’s health and recovery.

    It should be noted, however, that Bill Clinton is not a convicted felon. He did surrender his law license but was never charged with a felony, let alone convicted. Thus, his right to vote has not been impeded.

  26. Jersey McJones says:

    Yeah, I hear ya’, Trevor. Man o’ man I miss Firing Line. Today’s patented talking-point, sound-byte, shouting contests are a sad joke compared to the great history of debate in years past. But let’s face it, when the conservatives sold their souls to the GOP which sold it’s soul to the Dixiecrats, conservatism in America took one giant step backwards. I actually miss the old bourgeoisie, industrialist GOP that couldn’t give a rat’s behind about goofball, divisive, apolitical “social issues.”

    Coming from you Micky, that’s a compliment for me too! :)

    Greg and Lave, I would still like to know, what exactly are Criag’s demons and health problems??? It seems to me that Craig’s only problem is his inability to accept himself!


  27. Craig says:

    “Do you know what Trent Lott, Bob Foley, and Larry Craig all have in common? That they have all been brought down by their own party. ”

    Yah…something the Demo-bats are incapable of doing- bringing down their own.

  28. David S. says:


    Because the left doesn’t believe that there is something wrong with an openly gay politician. Because the left doesn’t believe that whether a president is cheating on his wife is an important factor in determining whether he is fit to stay in office. As a matter of fact, it seems to me that the only time the right is willing to bring down one of their own is when it involves some sordid sex scandal. Unlike Larry Craig the allegations surrounding Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales, and Scooter Libby all actually related to the the performance of their duties. Like Larry Craig, these people denied these allegations, and there was some degree of public debate as to how true the allegations were. But in the case of Larry Craig, despite his protestations of innocence, several top republicans are calling for his ouster. I don’t think the republicans are people of integrity who believe in removing someone when wrongdoing occurs. They just seem to be obsessed with sex scandals.

    Don’t get me wrong. I personally think that the democrats lack integrity just like the republicans. The only difference between the dems and the republicans is that the dems ignore just about all kinds of wrongdoing, while republicans ignore everything … except the juicy sex scandal here and there.

  29. Pop Gumbo says:


    Nice post. I got your message about exchanging links. I will add you to my blogroll. And no, your message was not an intrusion. It is nice to know that someone other than my friends is reading my blog.


  30. laree says:

    I did not read or hear about Senator Craig, being sucicidle? Is this being reported somewhere? I don’t get the impression he would hurt himself.

  31. gopnews says:

    I added your blog to my roll… Thanks for visiting and doing the same.. great blog you have here.

  32. Gregg Mattocks says:


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    We are still in “beta” mode right now, but should have our official URL by tomorrow.

    We should be able to “exchange” links at that time.

    I don’t have much time to look over your site right now but, at first glance, it looks very nice.

    Gregg from TPZoo

  33. Lave Sus Manos says:


    It’s not been reported. The original post simply suggested that it was a possibility, because people in high places fall harder — and it’s hard enough for the average Joe (or Larry) to deal with the pressures of public ridicule, but following the adage ‘the bigger they are, the harder they fall, it may be that a person in the Senator’s position is still human and might not be able to withstand the ridicule.

    If, as the original post simply suggests, Craig is a bi-sexual who NEVER acknowledges it to anyone else — to the point that he NEVER deals with it — he can be self-loathing. His entire culture and upbringing and religion say men should not have sex with men (old testament scripture: “A man shall not lay with a man as he does with a woman — it is an abomination”).

    With sexual stimulation equating to a physical arousal resulting in a high from the chemical release at orgasm, it MAY be (and emphasis goes on the word “may”) that Senator Craig finds tremendous pleasure in something his entire being (and the Bible) says is wrong.

    The answer is not necessarily to say “Just accept the fact you’re bi-sexual.” It is a slap in God’s face to ignore his word (it is an abomination) just to aleviate oneself of guilt. Craig may (and again, I emphasize the ‘may’) feel so guilty that he doesn’t feel like he can come to God and say “Hey — God — I have this problem . . . ”

    The pain may be too great.

    And from that perspective, if the pain is seen by Craig as being unbearable and he does not feel he can confess appropriately to God, then he MAY (again, the emphasis) choose suicide.

    The original post simply suggests that as a society, we dog pile on people. But if the dog pile suffocates the life out of a person and they end it all, then how do WE feel?

  34. micky2 says:

    David ,
    I agree with most of your post. But I hardly think that the right is only obsessed with sex scandals.

    And once again, everyone , please try your best to undestand that I dont approve of Craigs actions at all, I think it’s all rather revolting , and has nothing to do at all with sexual preferences.
    I just think the media and all the linch mobs should just back off already.
    This subject is just getting WAY too much attention already. I had to turn off my TV this morning before I blew a gasket.
    He should answer to the law, resign and be left to whatever resources will help him to get whats left of his life back on track.

  35. Smokin Joe says:

    Best wishes to those in need – life is precious, and an understanding of one’s self combined with the ability of restraint is necessary to succeed (or even know where to begin):

    So big ups to Owen and Craig and anyone else who needs to rethink their life.

    And also big ups to removing any Politician or person in power who doesn’t even know their own desires. I do not trust your judgment that may dictate hundreds of millions of lives.

    That’s about all I gotta say, this comment chain is pretty intense. Good stuff.

  36. Timothy J. Buddenhagen says:

    I enjoy your blog but you are worng about Clinto – he was never convicted of a felony, nor did he ever plead guilty to perjusry, although he admitted to it – I know, sounds odd, but true.

    “In the Independent Counsel’s judgment, there was sufficient evidence to prosecute President Clinton for violating federal criminal laws within this Office’s jurisdiction. Nonetheless, the Independent Counsel concluded, consistent with the Principles of Federal Prosecution, that further proceedings against President Clinton for his conduct should not be initiated. That decision was supported by:

    (1) President Clinton’s admission of providing false testimony that was knowingly misleading, evasive, and prejudicial to the administration of justice before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas;

    (2) his acknowledgement that his conduct violated the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Arkansas Supreme Court;

    (3) the five-year suspension of his license to practice law and $25,000 fine imposed on him by the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas;

    (4) the civil contempt penalty of more than $90,000 imposed on President Clinton by the federal court for violating its orders;

    (5) the payment of more than $850,000 in settlement to Paula Jones;

    (6) the express finding by the federal court that President Clinton had engaged in contemptuous conduct; and

    (7) the substantial public condemnation of President Clinton arising from his impeachment. ”

    Clinton paid a fine, gave up his law license, paid a civil penalty, paid Paula Jones almost a million bucks, but was never convicted or pleade guilty to a felony.

    Thanks …

  37. jporchanian says:

    The simple fact that you, someone who didn’t even like his music, refer to Kurt Cobain years after his death is proof that he was not “insignifigant”.

    To be honest, I don’t think any artist musical or otherwise, should ever be called insignifigant.

  38. AndyB says:

    Even if Clinton had been convicted of a felony, he would probably be allowed to vote now. All but 14 states allow felons to vote after they have completed their sentences. Neither Arkansas nor New York (where Clinton now resides) disenfranchises felons for life.

  39. Goddess says:

    Wow. Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide. “I Hate Myself and Want to Die” was a joke because of how the media portrayed Kurt. If you know anything about him, you know he had a very sardonic humor.

    “How to Save a Live’ was on Scrubs? I only heard it on Grey’s Anatomy…

    I guess I need more facts for me to comment…

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