Tea With Mussolini, Columbian Coffee with Armageddonijad

For the sake of full disclosure, no, I did not watch the movie, “Tea with Mussolini.” I also have never seen, “Beaches,” “Steel Magnolias,” or “Fried Green Tomatoes.” If I did I would have to kick my own @ss, or have my friends come over and do it for me. I am a heterosexual, red meat eating, football watching alpha male. Feminists call me a Neanderthal. I refer to myself as a “guy.” For those of you who are passionate about the right of homosexual vegetarians to watch frisbee golf on tv, leave me alone. I have nothing against your causes. I just want to get home without being bombarded with leaflets.

The bottom line is if I wanted to watch something about airhead women babbling, jabbering, and yammering about nonsense, I would watch, “The View.” I don’t, so I don’t. Yet “Tea with Mussolini” was merely a movie. “Columbian Coffee With Armageddonijad” is real life.

I used to think as an uneducated teenager (I did go to public school after all) that Columbia was a nation known for coffee, cocaine, cartels, and corruption. I now know as an adult that Columbia is a place for tree huggers, treason, terrorism, and thoughtlessness.

http://michellemalkin.com/2007/09/25/what-the-msm-considers-link-worthy-blogging-on-ahmadinejad/#comments provides evidence of the ridiculousness of the entire Armageddonijad spectacle.

In the real world, 9/11 was a tragedy of unmatchable proportions. We lost policemen, firefighters, medics, fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, and loved ones everywhere. The memorial resides in the State of New York.

In the Tea with Mussolini world of Columbia, 9/11 is an anachronism. Despite the fact that the university is located in New York, it intellectually resides in the state of oblivion.

In the real world, Lee Bollinger is a terrorist sympathizer and America hater who preaches diversity, but bans ROTC from the Columbia campus because United States soldiers are the villains and Armageddonijad is a freedom fighter.

In the Tea with Mussolini world of Columbia, Lee Bollinger is an academic, aka a man that possesses knowledge, which apparently distinguishes book smarts from street smarts.

In the real world, Armageddonijad is a terrorist that should be murdered on sight. Let those who orgasm over the Geneva convention criticize us after we have put two bullets right in his murderous heart. The Geneva lovers do not seem to be concerned with his hundreds of violations of this worthless rule preventing political assassinations. Those who argue that it could lead others to try and kill George W. Bush should realize that they are already plotting to do this. The way some liberals talk, I am not sure that this even troubles them, given their warped view of good and evil.

In the Tea with Mussolini world of Columbia, Armaggedonijad is A-Jad, a celebrity often confused with A-Rod, J-Lo, Skee-Lo, K-Fed, C-Span, or Brangelina.

In the Tea with Mussolini world of Columbia, everyone has a right to free speech.

In the real world, free speech does not entitle anybody to be allowed to address a college campus. I could demand the right to give the commencement address at Columbia. I would implore the students to go to work at McDonalds, because that is all their poison ivy league degrees would be worth. After all, toilet paper is not a rare enough commodity to get rich selling.

In the Tea with Mussolini world of Columbia, valuable insight can be gained engaging in dialogue with a genocidal madman. In fact, one of the deans of Columbia would have invited Hitler. Granted this would have been before the Holocaust, when Hitler was a nice guy and wonderful painter.

In the Real world, Armageddonijad should be captured, cuffed, and then drawn and quartered. Perhaps he could be the prequel to the Kentucky Derby. Actually, quartering him should be done at the Belmont Stakes because that is in New York (sorry Maryland Preakness fans).

On the subject of the Holocaust, in the real world, it did happen. The sun rises in the East, 2 + 2 actually is 4, and my father did not make the whole thing up to scare me straight.

In the Tea with Mussolini world of Columbia, debates about the Holocaust are important because diversity of ideas is valid. Next week the flat Earth society will address the crowd to adoring throngs. If only Lee Bollinger could have gotten Ed McMahon to introduce Armageddonijad like he was Johnny Carson, it would have been a perfect show.

In the Tea with Mussolini world of Columbia, there are no homosexuals living in Iran. Being gay is a phenomenon unique only to the United States, such as In n Out Burger or Dairy Queen.

In the real world, there may not be many gays in Iran because Iran is such a wonderful democracy that gays have the freedom to choose whether to be shot to death, stoned to death, or burned to death (as opposed to universities where students are merely bored to death).

In the real world, one would think that left wing activists from groups such as gay rights, civil rights, animal rights, environmentalists, feminists, and others would protest against regimes such as Iran that believe that peace and harmony can exist in a nation when dissenters are beaten, raped, tortured and killed by savage baboons such as the Ayatollah Khomonkey and Armageddonijad.

In the Tea with Mussolini world at Columbia, peace activists fly into violent rages. They protest that they are being censored at the top of their lungs. They despise American soldiers, adore left wing and other murderous “freedom fighters,” and demand legislation to address their oppression at being forced to live in an imperfect but amazingly noble nation. They also seem to think that those that worry about illegal immigration think in both directions. Nobody will stop them from leaving. I would guarantee this in writing.

In the Tea with Mussolini world of Columbia, everybody has something valuable to offer (except conservative republicans and American soldiers). Civility and respect of opposing views is important (except when throwing pies at Ann Coulter or storming the stage against the Minutemen).

In the real world, New York City has a hole in the ground. Armageddonijad has a hole in his head, although his is figurative. It needs to be made literal. One day I will stand before God, and I will absolutely stand by my willingness to advocate the murder of this bloodthirsty thug. He should be wiped off of the map, as if he never existed. At the very least, we should use “enhanced interrogation techniques” until he breaks down and sobs his love for America and Israel. Perhaps we can torture…excuse me, enhance…him into surrendering by blaring rock music so he cannot sleep, like we did with Noriega. We can force him to listen to Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” album, from, “Pour some sugar on me,” to the new Mullah theme song, “Armageddon it (Yes, that is a real rock song).”

Wow, given how angry and enraged about this I am, I should just go completely off the rails. That way I will be mistaken for either a leftist protester at a peace rally or a genocidal maniacal third world dictator. Either way, that would qualify me to enjoy a Tea with Mussolini experience enlightening the students getting a poison ivy league education.

Then again, I enjoy being an intelligent and productive member of society. I support efforts to strip Columbia of all government funding. That is sanity, not censorship. The Patriot Act bans aiding and abetting terrorists. I think it would be fabulous if students turned on their hippie parents and stormed Bollinger’s office, and demanded their right to a quality ideologically free education. I do not encourage violence, but think about how wonderfully delightful it would be to have students actually protesting for something useful, such as the right to learn.

Maybe they can protest for the right to have the National Rifle Association address the campus to teach the students about responsible gun ownership, and the appropriate usage of firearms to defend the USA and its citizens.

After all, one never knows what threats may show up to cause Ground Zero…or to try and lay a wreath at Ground Zero after enjoying Tea or Columbian Coffee with Bollinger.


25 Responses to “Tea With Mussolini, Columbian Coffee with Armageddonijad”

  1. micky2 says:

    Screw the moonbats.
    I would rather we fight the good fight and be alive to tell about it , than to adopt or concede to any of their warped thinking or ideas in the name of “open minded dialogue” Once you engage in conversation with this jerk the phrase becomes an oxymoron.
    Some would like to believe that another tragedy just as or greater than 911 will get these clowns to snap out of it.
    I wont (if I can help it) let the cost of human life be used as a tool to prove them wrong .
    I wont sit down to a debate with amadingdong any more than I would debate anyone who supports him in the least. It would be an insult to common decency.

  2. Jersey McJones says:

    Eric, you shouldn’t let things like this get to you. Ahmedinejad is just a two-bit puppet shill of a second world country. His 15 minutes are alomst up. Bush talked him up, he became news, Columbia wanted to know what the fuss was about, we saw. Big deal.


  3. greg says:

    Sun-tzu, the great Chinese general and military strategist said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Or, as Lyndon Johnson responded when asked why he didn’t fire J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI and a royal pain in the ass to presidents and government officials for years, “I’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in.”

    Columbia University inviting Ahmedinejad to speak was not treason but smart strategy and one that while the Bush Administration can’t from a political standpoint encourage, I suspect privately aren’t all that worked up over. And then there’s that whole First Amendment free speech thing that we’re pretty fond of here in the United States.

    Another point worth mentioning is that while Ahmedinejad does come off as a shrill loudmouth idiot, he’s also a democratically elected leader, and one that is about as popular in his country as our own shrill loudmouth idiot is in this country.

  4. GunnyG says:

    Eric, Bollinger was also the clown at Univ of Michigan who the two white students sued over Affirmative Action. Typical of a liberal like him to call 800-WAA ACLU. Of course they lost after millions were dumped into the fight through various liberal “foundations.”

    Micky2, well, if we HAVE to get hit again, and we will with the libshitz in charge (Shrillary already said she’s appointing disgraced EX NatSecAdv Sticky Socks Burgular if she’s elected.)I just hope they take out a Blue City like SF. I can’t see ANY downside to taking out a city that: bans ROTC, denied a dock to the USS Missouri,. and recently forbid the Marines from filming a commercial there.

    Really, they’ve stopped being Americans in SF in 1969. They won’t be missed.

  5. Jersey McJones says:

    Gunny, that’s a really terrible thing to say.


  6. micky2 says:

    Yea gunny, I understand how you feel, I really dont want to see anyone get killed.
    And I think you dont really want that either.
    Unfortunatly, I think that most of these jerks are so entrenched that some other tragedy will be the only thing to wake them up. Or at least a portion of them.

    I like San Francisco and the whole Marin county area mostly for the asthetics, art and geography. The Kumbaya Kamsutra ding dong crowd I can do without. You can only listen to Natalie Merchant and eat trail mix for so long.

  7. David M says:

    Trackbacked by The Thunder Run – Web Reconnaissance for 09/26/2007
    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  8. mad_adder says:

    Let me just “say”, I hate people who hate!

  9. We Didn’t Start the Fire

    I had no idea that Billy Joel’s song ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ had so much history in it. My friend, another Beth, recommended this video of it today. I understand that teachers are using it in classrooms to teach American history.

  10. Blue Star, that was a blast!


  11. Hueguenot says:

    greg said:

    “And then there’s that whole First Amendment free speech thing that we’re pretty fond of here in the United States”

    The First Amendment protects us from government suppression of speech. It has nothing to do with whether we have the right or the decency to tell Ahmedinejad to F-off. To do so would be the decent thing to do. Do you think that free speech rights extend to military recruiters, ROTC detachments or Ann Coulter?

    “Another point worth mentioning is that while Ahmedinejad does come off as a shrill loudmouth idiot, he’s also a democratically elected leader,”

    I have Iranian friends who would spew their tea out their noses at the idea that he’s a democratically elected leader.

    “and one that is about as popular in his country as our own shrill loudmouth idiot is in this country.”

    Beyond unbelievable. Unhinged. Said Iranian friends would have a good chortle over that one, too. But if true, that would make Ahmedinejad MORE popular than the Democrat controlled congress. So what? I despise most congressional Democrats, but I’m not so around the bend as to compare them with Ahmedinejad. Shrill, loudmouth idiot? Heh, heh. No matter what crud the Left throws at him, GWB remains as gentlemanly and even-tempered as ever, and constantly outflanks them, which is probably part of what enrages them so much. Please.

    By the way, mad_adder, people who don’t hate anything at all (i.e., evil) are pathetic. Nothing worthy of hate, nothing worth war, nothing meriting moral outrage? All three were essential ingredients in the American revolution and the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps.

  12. greg says:

    Hueguenot said,

    “The First Amendment protects us from government suppression of speech. It has nothing to do with whether we have the right or the decency to tell Ahmedinejad to F-off. To do so would be the decent thing to do. Do you think that free speech rights extend to military recruiters, ROTC detachments or Ann Coulter?”

    That was exactly my point. And yes, I do think free speech rights extend to military recruiters, ROTC detachments and even Ann Coulter.

  13. GunnyG says:

    Sorry to offend liberal sensibilities so if you want, I’ll send you a crying towel and some wet wipes.

    When they ACT like Americans, they’ll be TREATED and RESPECTED as Americans.

    In fact, right now being IN Iraq, I can say for certain that I RESPECT the Iraqi people a helluva lot MORE than I respect the liberals in SF.

    I have no time for fifth columnists and refuse to waste my limited amount of sympathy on them.

    It’s not hatred, merely the facts. With liberals in charge, we’re gonna get hit like we did 10 times overseas, with Bubba in charge. (Khobar Towers, USS Cole, Kenya, Tanzanika, etc, etc, ad nauseum)

    If we HAVE to get hit, as I stated, is it not better to lose anti-Americans in SF or REAL Americans in, say, the Heartland?

    Me personally, I think that the Left Coast is a blight on America.

  14. micky2 says:

    Gunny ,
    I’ve agreed with you on the most part up untill now.

    Its still America, and there are a lot of people in Frisco that have nothing to with the majority of moonbats that do live there.

    Really man, come back down.

  15. GunnyG says:


    If you leave your house unlocked, should OTHER people worry about you getting robbered?

    If you aid and abet terrorism, isn’t it FAIR that the fruits of that sedition fall on those who perform it?

    Yes, they are Americans and the worse sort. They are like termites inside a house eating away at the structure until it falls. Who is to blame?

    Check out my blog today for the absolute STUPIDITY emanating from the Gay Area.

    These people are anti-American and very vocal about it. Why should THEY be offered the protection of the very people they hate and scorn? Should the National Guard, who are most likely NOT SF residents respond quickly in a natural disaster to help those who HATE them?

    Sorry brother, I can’t muster up too much sympathy for anything bad happening to that area, they will reap what they sow.

  16. micky2 says:

    You are not listening gunny.
    I understand your distate for this crowd. They make my blood boil also.
    I make it my duty to run around the internet and give them all as hard a time as possible. They make me want to take massive amounts of tranquilizers, they piss me of to no end and they are equvalent to the enemy. I would like to slap each one of them upside the head personally, and then some

    But you cant wish the destruction of a city and the innocents in it just to rid it of the undesirables.

    I lived in San Francisco for a while, I am well aware that the majority there are jerks.
    But there are also a lot of good so called “normal ” people there also.

    If you want to look at it another way from your perspective, try this;
    Lets nuke Michigan ! they have the largest Muslim population in the country, right !

    Or what about L.A. ? It most definatly has the next largest population of moonbats,
    probably more thatn S.F..

    And while your at it you might as well take out all the predominantly far left college campuses that are in the area also

    We will definatly kill thousands of innocent people. But we are gauranteed to nail the few radical muslims that have blended in to that society, right ?

    “Sorry brother, I can’t muster up too much sympathy for anything bad happening to that area, they will reap what they sow.”

    The key word in this statement is “THEY”
    It is “THEY” that you must seek out ,and as an American we do what we must to avoid collateral damage to the innocents

  17. Jersey McJones says:

    “When they ACT like Americans, they’ll be TREATED and RESPECTED as Americans.”

    Gunny, since when are you the decider of what it is to be an American? You sound just like Ahmedinejad.


  18. micky2 says:

    Maybe we should of just used a small tactical nuke on Fallujha ?

  19. Jersey McJones says:

    Yeah, THAT would make the world a better place!


  20. micky2 says:

    I dont know about anyone else but in my last post I was being fasicious towards gunny.

    And while I’m at it gunny, what ever you meant by this statement;

    “Sorry to offend liberal sensibilities so if you want, I’ll send you a crying towel and some wet wipes.”

    My sensibilitie are based on common decency and respect for human life. It has nothing to do with poltical parties.
    I think its sick that you are O.K. with terrorist wiping out a whole city just because it holds a majority of moonbats. And since the moonbat is the terrorists best friend in America , that would probably be the last city they target.
    I have alway supported you on this blog , but not on this one.
    You can offer your towels and wet wipes to some else who doesnt have the balls to distinguish right from wrong.

    Do you realize that you wish all these folks in Frisco to die just because they dont see the threat the same way as you ? Who are you to decide that stupidity is punishable by death ?
    Just because I dont want to throw out the whole basket of apples due to a few bad ones doesnt make a liberal.
    Theres a difference between the ones who really mean us harm and the idiots who dont realize what they are doing.

    So do me a favor son, save your macho rambo crap for someone else.

    By the way , thank you for your service.

  21. GunnyG says:


    My remark about liberal sensibilities was directed towarsd the site’s resident hanky twister not you.

    I see your point, I do.

    My point simply, is those that dance with the devil deserve to pay for it. And believe me, there ARE no innocents in SF.

    Check out the site:

    http://www.zombie.com/hall of shame.

    THAT is the Gay Area my friend. I guess seeing frantic moonbats spitting on GI’s at Oakland Airport in the 70’s is a little hard to forget.

  22. GunnyG says:

    Oops, don’t know what happened.

    Make sure you’re NOT eating when you surf this

    That should be: http://www.zombietime.com/hall_of_shame/

    Micky2, IMHO, it’s not because they don’t see the threat as I do it’s simply that they don’t CARE to. They’re ready to appease and surrender in order to continue their pathetic lives and they castigate those who work to protect them! They want to destroy America as it is and remake it into something different.

    Did you check my blog and read the article on what kinda of garbage the Bezerkley Daily Planet printed? UNbelieveable.

    Like I said above, they’re dancing with the devil, let them pay the bill, not someone else.

  23. micky2 says:

    For the most part I like you guy. And I was thinking about the wet wipe comment and not till it was to late did I think I might of taken it out of context.
    Let me be even more simplistic about this and ask you a question.

    Gunny said;
    “And believe me, there ARE no innocents in SF.”

    Now, in all seriousness gunny, that was not an intelligent statement.
    And I would not belive that anymore than someone telling me at lunch that the sun didnt come up today.
    I have nailed JMJ for saying things of absolute knowledge with no real evidence.
    And I must let you know that this is in that same category of B.S.
    As a matter of fact, your thinking is actually pretty scarey when you claim to know for a fact that there ” ARE” no innocents in S.F.

    And they are paying the bill in a sense. Do realize how miserable most of these people are? They are entrenched in the belief that the whole world is backwards and out to get them and that we all have to move to higher ground and that the goverment knows every move they make and if they cant marry some other guy they will never be complete.
    They are constantly running around with their face in their hands crying about the injust and cruel world we live in. Who the hell wants to be and feel like that all the time ?
    So in a sense they are vitims already of their own self.

    (Jeez, in the time it took to write this I almost started feeling sorry for them.)

    Just remember, I dont like these creeps any more than you do. But you should really be a little more careful what you wish for or condone.

  24. micky2 says:

    O.K. , I screwed up , heres how the first paragraph was supposed to read ( I could of sworn I proof read it )

    For the most part I like you guy. And I was thinking about the wet wipe comment and not till it was to late did I think I might of taken it out of context.
    Let me be even more simplistic about this and ask you a question.

    Are there no innocent children in S.F. ? Do mean to tell me that every single person in S.F. is a rabid moonbat ?

  25. greg says:

    Since I guess I’m the site’s “resident hanky twister” I was curious, GunnyG, just where do you live? I checked your blog and where it lists your location you left it blank. Your bio doesn’t mention it either. Are you hiding? Are you ashamed of it or do you just not have the balls?

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