The ZOA and the Jerusalem Post

The last couple days have been very politically charged in real life. I met Karl Rove, which I will elaborate on later in the week. The day before that I had the pleasure of meeting Gil Hoffman, a political correspondent at the Jerusalem Post.

No, I was not in Israel. He was in Los Angeles. He was speaking on behalf of a pro-Israel group known as the Zionist Organization of America.

Zionism is the concept of moving to Israel, also known as making”Aliyah.” Aliyah is the pilgrimage.

Zionism is a very charged concept among Jews, and even more so among non-Jews. Zionists believe that all Jews should live in Jerusalem. Jews living anywhere else in the world are in exile, and therefore miserable.

While I respect Zionists, I am pretty happy living in a luxury condo in Los Angeles with all the trappings of power. My exile is pretty good.

In the 1970s, enemies of Israel, and Jews in general, helped pass a United Nations resolution equating Zionism with racism. It was a vicious antisemitic act led by a useless governing body that to this day only exists to detest the USA and Israel. The resolution was overturned by former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton. Despite being a friend to Jews everywhere for this deed, John Bolton’s nomination was held up by liberal Jewish Senator Barbara Boxer.These struggles exists because among liberal Jews, liberalism trumps Judaism. They would tell you the two ideas are synonymous. This is why they see republican Jews as foreign creatures to be either misunderstood or derided.

Nevertheless, while the ZOA is officially non-partisan, they are not shy about working with both political parties. They were very pleased with President Bush, and feel comfortable with John McCain. His entire career has been as a staunch friend of Israel.

Mr. Hoffman did surprise the crowd by stating that the Jewish concerns in Israel about Barack Obama were not intense the way they were in America. Americans, mostly non-Jews, have pointed out that Obama’s middle name is Hussein, and that his father is Muslim. They also point out his pastor, who has ties to Farrakhan.

The Jerusalem Post is not worried about Obama on these issues. He states that he is Christian, and they accept his explanation that one can love people, including relatives, that have views that are offensive, without embracing those views. Obama’s Jewish outreach coordinator has warm ties to Israel.

My worries about Obama are not that high from a Jewish standpoint because I think that he is too inexperienced to do any harm. On many foreign policy issues, inexperience is a major negative. On this issue, he would fail to successfully have the votes to screw anything up. Stalemate is acceptable.

Hillary Clinton is forceful enough to be effective. Domestically I see her as too stubborn to get anything done, but foreign policy decisions require less consulting with Congress on many levels. Hillary could bully Israel into a bad deal. Her husband is beloved by American Jews, but Israelis were not happy with the Clinton-Barak-Arafat debacle. American Jews are suspicious of George W. Bush, but Israelis like him. Hillary Clinton kissed Suha Arafat, and that is not forgotten.

Yet Mr. Hoffman’s main point was that Israel will not rise or fall based on American leadership. Israeli leadership was key, and right now Israel is suffering under the incompetence of Ehud Ohlmert. The smart money is betting on Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu returning to power. He led Israel from 1996-1999, and his stint as Ariel Sharon’s Finance Minister was largely successful. He instituted reforms that has helped the Israeli economy rebound significantly in the last few years.

One of the poignant aspects of the evening were the bracelets they gave us to enter the lecture. The wristbands had the name of three kidnapped Israeli soldiers, which was the impetus for the 34 day Israeli war with Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. Those three soldiers have still not been returned, although at least one of them is believed to be alive. This bracelet meant a lot to me because I wear a necklace with the dog tags of the three soldiers. I will wear it until they come home.

Yet while politics and war are a part of any Israeli discussion, the ZOA was not about conflict. It was about the beauty that is Israel.

I personally have never been, and will go in 2008 or 2009 at some point. The ZOA and the Jerusalem Post want the world to know that Israel is not the war zone it is made out to be. It had only one suicide bombing in 2007, resulting in 13 deaths. While anything more than zero is intolerable, it is less than the hundreds of deaths from multiple bombings only several years ago. It is also important to note that the lack of successful bombings is not due to Arabs becoming peaceful. The Israeli Defense Force is just better at foiling most of the plots. The IDF’s vigilance is the world’s gain from a tourism standpoint.

For more information, the ZOA website is

The Jerusalem Post website is


Also, while she is primarily known (to me anyway) as a gorgeous republican Jewish brunette, Spree at is an expert on Israel issues.

Also, for those who are either Jews, or supporters of the People of the Book, it was pointed out by Mr. Hoffman that the problem is not antisemites, but hypocritical ones. Therefore, people who hate Jews should no longer use cell phones, since most of those are made in the Israeli equivalent of Silicon Valley. They should also give up their pacemakers, and most other medical devices that allows them to prolong their lives.

As for me, I am a republican Jewish blogger. I often try to advance a republican point of view. Every once in awhile I need to contribute to the alleged Jewish conspiracy to take over the world by advancing that agenda as well.

I hope people enjoy the Jerusalem Post, and wish much success for the ZOA.

Most importantly, I hope and pray for Israel, and Jewish people everywhere.

Never again.




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  1. chris naron says:

    Obama will style himself a peace-maker in foreign policy. That’s something to fear greatly. Don’t let his inexperience fool you.

    But I think the main reason to be suspicious of him is not what he would do to Israel but what he would do for Israel’s enemies.

  2. SC&A says:

    Great post. Zionism, as you say is a ‘charged subject’ to say the least.

    Also, both Hillary and Obama might very well be willing to ‘rock the boat’ if for no other reason than to display their commitment to ‘change,’ no matter the end result. The ramifications are huge, fro many reasons.

    That said, Zionism is a complex subject. You might appreciate this primer, an ‘Idiot’s Guide To Zionism: What it is and why it matters:

  3. micky2 says:

    Putting any paranoia aside. I still got very lit uup when I heard that Farrakhan had endorsed Obama.
    Obama has rejected almost all of Farrakhans positions.
    But still. What does it say when you have a guy like Farrakhan backing Obama who has been linked to a lot of pro black positions and movements. ?
    Why would Farrakhan think Obama be good for the country ?

  4. I’m not touching any of this.


  5. Gayle says:

    I also posted yesterday about Farrakhan endorsing Obama, Eric, and another post about four kids badly beating up a Jew outside of Temple University in Pensylvania. The college hasn’t decided whether to expel them or not! Sheesh! They should be charged with assault and battery! I hate these type of crimes and completely detest those who practice Anti-Simitism in any form whatsoever!

  6. Tom Autry says:

    Obama and Clinton are to be feared. Also the majority of the Dem party and their supporters are to be feared. The Dems will say or do anything to gain power and control over the American People. This is their agenda and they will do what ever is necessary to achieve it. What is most terrifing is that about 50% of the American People don’t see the danger and unfortunately actually believe in this agenda.

    Has any one ever noticed that our enemies support the Dems? Pay Attention!!

    Don’t be fooled, the Dems will harm Israel if not by their action then by their enaction. I consider Israel our (America’s) best hope. If Israel is successful against its enemies then perhaps we will be successful against ours. Which by the way are one and the same.

    I can’t trust a person who can’t see the danger. But I’ll pray for you and our Nation.

    Tom Autry,
    Watonga, OK

  7. jweaver says:

    Good post, but Zionism is actually the belief in the need for a Jewish homeland in biblical Israel. There is not a requirement to move there, thereby allowing many non-Jewish Zionists to exist.

  8. Christopher says:

    President Bush as much as I love him has been too weak in supporting Israel and too friendly with Saudi Arabia. Until we completly erraticate every single muslim theocracy posing as goverment, Israel, the UK, and the US will not be safe. Iraq was a good start but let’s get to work.

  9. micky2 says:

    By the time we get the middle east handled Europe will be were its at.

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