Black Arrogance Meets White West Virginia

Barack Obama is being done in by his own arrogance. Yes, a man can be black and be arrogant. Attitudes are 100% uncorrelated with melanin content. Anybody can be smug.

To make things crystal clear, I have often stated that I personally like Barack Obama. I disagree with his views on taxes and trade, but find him to be a decent fellow. I wanted him to defeat Hillary Clinton in the democratic primary because I simply like him better than her. I am voting for John McCain, but am thrilled that Hillary is on the verge of being taken down.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama has not closed the deal. Every time Hillary is about to be counted out, she has survived. Yes, the Clintons are the political equivalent of Lazarus. Yet Obama does not help the situation by driving the stake through his own heart when he should be finishing her off.

The bottom line is every time Obama is on the verge of wrapping up the democratic nomination, he gets too full of himself, and takes a step backwards.

After Obama crushed Hillary in Iowa, he was supposed to cruise in New Hampshire. Then when Hillary was asked about her likability, her major weakness, Obama got pompous. He coolly looked barely at her and said, “You’re likable enough Hillary.”

Most people agreed with him, but realize he should not have said it. His nose was so high in the air that he was starting to look French (pre-Sarkozy). “Looking French” is a death knell criticism. It did in John Kerry. Americans want a man’s man, not a guy who eats Brie cheese and surrenders in war. Yes, this is a stereotype, but stereotypes are based on truths.

Had Obama won New Hampshire, Hillary would have folded. He would have crushed her. Instead, she survived.

This was after he asked an Iowa corn farmer if he planted arugula. This is akin to when former President George HW Bush looked befuddled by a scanner at a grocery store. Ordinary people know what a scanner is, and they don’t buy arugula at the grocery. How could anybody running for a serious office not know that Iowa corn farmers plant corn? That is why they are called corn farmers!

After these gaffes, in San Francisco of all places, he made remarks about how bitter people cling to guns and religion.

First of all, liberal politicians should not even be seen in San Francisco. If they have to walk the streets, they should wear disguises similar to politicians or celebrities who visit prostitutes or gay bath houses. They should absolutely not be seen hobnobbing with “celebrities.”

These “bitter” remarks allowed Hillary to portray herself as culturally conservative. Yes, this is ludicrous. No, Hillary does not have anything in common with average Americans. Yes, she has contempt for Middle America. Those are facts. Facts do not matter when the perception to the contrary is overwhelming.

Now Obama is making another arrogant mistake. He is barely campaigning in West Virginia.

Obama has conceded West Virginia. Yes, he is technically in the state, but he is already campaigning elsewhere. He is treating West Virginia the same way Hillary treated South Carolina.

Hillary refused to compete in states with large black populations. She discounted losses there as not counting. This was racially poisonous, and bad judgment from a delegate standpoint. Her race based campaign in South Carolina led Obama to gain 90% of the black vote in subsequent primaries. This was not the case beforehand.

Now Obama is dismissing West Virginia. Rural white voters are simply not his target.

This only feeds into the perception that Obama is an elitist.

First of all, the notion that black people cannot be arrogant because they have traditionally been abused by society is a nonsensical argument. Societies are not individuals. Individual black people are not monolithic. They have all the same traits that white people have. So yes, a person can have a dark pigmentation and still have negative qualities.

I am not convinced that Obama is an elitist. I just think that sometimes he gets too full of himself, and does not have somebody to remind him that he is a mere mortal, and not the guy who could take a trip to the toilet and then sell it on Ebay. His wife is certainly an elitist, and she seems to have a seething rage that would make Hillary proud.

The fact that Obama grew up under tough circumstances does not mean anything. People often forget where they come from.

He once remarked that if he wanted to gain advantages in society, he would not have his name, since being named Barack Obama does not give one built in advantages in life. That is a great line, but it is false. His unique name gives him branding, which is key in politics. A guy named “Barry,” which he used to be known as, is simply less unique than a guy named Barack. In the same way Lamar Alexander wore a flannel shirt to appeal to lumberjacks in Tennessee, Barack Obama emphasized his ethnic background to appeal to people. There is nothing wrong with this, and it worked.

As for his wife, I absolutely do not blame Obama for comments his wife makes. However, Bill Clinton muzzled Hillary when she kept opening her mouth in 1992. One “baking cookies” remark was enough. Winning was more important than keeping the missus happy.

John Kerry would not shut his wife up. He lost. Michelle Obama is a loose cannon, and her comments about how she was not proud of America until Barack started winning was off putting.

The bottom line is while front runners occasionally stumble even after victory is well in hand (such as Jerry Brown defeating Bill Clinton in Connecticut 37-36%), for a front runner to lose by 20, 30, or 40 points is mind boggling. This only happens when the leader has not closed the deal.

Some will say that West Virginia does not matter, because Obama has already won the nomination. This is wrong because the general election is not that far away. West Virginia was owned by democrats for decades, until President George W. Bush won the state in 2000 and 2004. West Virginia has reelected liberal Robert Byrd to the Senate forever. Their other Senator Jay Rockefeller is also a liberal. Yet West Virginia also has coal miners and gun owners. They like democrats, but not liberal elitists. Only Al Gore and John Kerry could lose that state…and perhaps Barack Obama.

Barack Obama should have given one of his major inspiring speeches like he did in other states. Instead, he conceded the state.

I have argued for years that republicans must go into black neighborhoods. It is always better to talk to people, rather than ignore them.

Barack Obama must go into culturally conservative white neighborhoods for one reason, and one reason alone. White people in West Virginia are human beings. The President has to lead everybody.

Democrats have been trying to win the White House with an 18 state strategy that ignores the 32 states that make up “flyover country.” Obama seems determined to run that same strategy. Even if it allows the democrats to eke out a victory, it does not allow for effective governance.

Barack Obama is basically a good, decent, likable man that occasionally gets too smug for his own good. Many of us are guilty of that on occasion. However, if he truly wants to lead all America, and his speeches are not phony platitudes, he must speak to all Americans. If he wants to transcend race, he has to reach out to the very people that do not automatically gravitate towards him.

West Virginia is not “white trash.” It is a state consisting of people.

Obama had better figure this out before he gets trounced in Kentucky.


26 Responses to “Black Arrogance Meets White West Virginia”

  1. chimera says:

    Obama has started to believe his own hype, or maybe he always has. He isn’t an African-American like most African-Americans; he has no history of slavery in his family. I think that has kind of given him a psychological edge and it makes white people less afraid of him, even if they aren’t aware of it. He went to Harvard, where his dad went. Like the Bushes both went to Yale.

    He has no interest in people really, only in his own adulation from the people. I like your line: West Virginia is a state consisting of people. People of all colors and walks of life have shown themselves willing to vote for Obama, but he refuses to reach out to anybody who isn’t already “obtainable.” I don’t get it.

  2. Jersey McJones says:

    “Now Obama is dismissing West Virginia. Rural white voters are simply not his target.

    This only feeds into the perception that Obama is an elitist.”

    Huh, and all this time I figured it made him look like a REALIST. Arrogance has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with why Obama loses WV. RACISM does. In fact, when you look at the states he loses, and the way all the polls coelate, RACISM is the great obstacle for Obama, not stupid, phony pseudo-isues like “eltism.” That only works on Fox “News” vewers.

    Chimera, I was Obama, I wouldn’t set foot in that Klan territory ever, let alone on the campaign trail.


  3. O Nation says:

    Senator Clinton went to Yale. So what? McCain left his cancer stricken wife and kids who waited for him from Vietnam for a beer baroness. So what if Obama went to Harvard. He done good and got on a scholarship.

  4. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, If racism is why Obama will lose W VA, then is that why Hillary lost S Carolina? In other words, does it play both ways?

  5. micky2 says:

    Sorry jersey.
    You can invoke FOX all you want.
    Obama has already made it clear with or without FOX thet he does not understand common Americans.
    News flash.
    My wifes co worker( a democrat) whom went to school with Obama said he was a “stuck up and unpleasant fellow to be around”

  6. Jersey McJones says:

    No. If Obama wasn’t in the race, Hillary may well lose such states to some other guy, like an Edwards. Of course black people are very proud of Obama and see this as a wonderful opportunity. That’s not racism, that’s reaction top hundreds of years of racism. How many black people are in the senate? How many black people have been elected to statewide offices in the Bible Belt? You can’t compare blacks for for Obama with white people voting against him because he’s black. That’s specious logic at best.

    Micky, the whole “elitist” tag is just rightwing rabble-rousing rhetoric. That’s not for “common” Americans, that’s for slobbolas. GWB was a Blue Blood from Connecticut and somehow the slobbolas bought that he was a regular cowboy-guy. The rightwiong media creates and promegates these phony typologies. Obama would be wise to ignore them.


  7. micky2 says:

    Sorry, but once again you seem to think what you say, your opinon, and partisanship somehow is more truthful than what we have all seen and heard.
    The question of his elitsm was asked, commented on and confirmed by many , many sources other than the right wing media.

    ‘Of course black people are very proud of Obama and see this as a wonderful opportunity. That’s not racism, that’s reaction top hundreds of years of racism. ‘

    Yea, its has nothing to do with his credentials, its all about “hey ! we got a black man running!?
    And you say its not racist ?????????????

    It amazes me how you never fail to address racism on behalf of whites, but anytime blacks do it you call it everything but what it is.
    Reaction to years of racism ?
    Please, give us all a break.

    Choosing a black man just to even the score is racism to the core

  8. ztormtra says:

    Why was Hillary neck & neck with Obama in North Carolina all day and then within 17 minutes the votes drastically changed to a landslide for Obama?

    When in the history of America has that happend in any state anywhere?

  9. micky2 says:

    I like Brie, and Camembert and Limberger.
    Gotta have my stinky cheese.

  10. Jersey McJones says:


    Because Hillary gets more suburban votes (which are usually counted the fastest) and mail-ins.

    It happens all the time. Pay attention.


  11. micky2 says:

    Ztormtra asked a question refering to when in history has this happened before.
    All you say is “it happens all the time”
    And then snap his/her head of with”pay attention”.

    Maybe you could be kind enough to give an example instead of just autocratically dictating and then getting smart.
    I saw nothing in the qiestion that deserved your arrogant response.
    It may be off topic but I couldnt ignore it.

  12. Jersey McJones says:

    It happens ALL the time, Micky. You’d have to live in a cave not to know that.


  13. micky2 says:

    Ya know what.
    That has little to do with the hostile answer you gave.
    And once again. You assume people are less than or something along those lines(oh yea, they live in caves) when they dont agree with you.

    It does happen all the time? In North Carolina, in 17 minutes?
    Please enlighten me instead acting like the gran poopa whos always ontop of the latest but seems to never have a document to back anything up.

  14. Jersey McJones says:

    Oh God, Micky, it just has to do with the time it takes to count ballots. It’s all just timing. Now, that Indiana county next to Chicago that took so long to report – that was a little smelly. There was no need for horseplay in NC. Obama had it in the bank. He’s not Richard Nixon, ya’ know.


  15. micky2 says:

    No, thats not at all what you said.
    You said the suburb votes get counted first. (usually)
    Now , honestly, I dont know what happens in North Carolina, nor do I give crap.
    But it seems this guy asked a question with no histility attached to it and you acted like he was some kind of jerk.
    If I saw that happen and was concerned about something fishy I would ask.
    So, thise leads to the more important point.
    Are you sure that the suburbian votes got counted first ? What determines that ?
    You would think actually that in urban areas and cities with higher concentrations of people would actually give more results quicker.
    So, the guys question was legite and you really had little or no reason to sound off like some kind big winded know it all bully.

    Jusy keeping you in check man

  16. Jersey McJones says:

    I am right, but I was rude.

    My apologies to all.


  17. micky2 says:

    We got rude outta the way now.
    What makes you right ? Or will you just ignore the question ?
    Who knows, you might teach me something.

  18. Jersey McJones says:

    Which question?


  19. micky2 says:



  20. micky2 says:

    Scroll up dude, theres only a couple, maybe three, its not a 200 comment thread

  21. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, I wouldn’t even know where to beging citing such data. All I know is that I seen and participated in plenty of votes in my day and to deny what I’ve said would be just plain ludicrous.

    And as for “arrogance” and Obama, there’s no way in low unholy h@ll that anyone can tell me that last night’s ridiculous spread didn’t represent deep racism in WV. I know it serves conservatives to believe that racism is no longer a tangible problem in America, but if this doesn’t bring you to a reality check, I don’t think anything ever will.


  22. micky2 says:

    Yea right.
    Just as thought.
    You got nothin again. Just your word of authortiy.
    The irony is amazing.
    Whats that liberal motto you here evrywhere ?
    Oh yea. ” Question authority!”
    Well Jersey. You are always the authority on everything. And yet when you are questioned about how you come to conclusions or where you get your facts you get all bent out of shape or of course as we all have noticed, you have nothing reliable to draw from except expecting us to take your word for it.
    Hilariously ridiculous.

    If you wouldnt know where to cite such data how in the hell can you claim it to be fact !!??

  23. Jersey McJones says:


    jeez man.


  24. micky2 says:

    Jeez man what ? You wanna tell me I’m wrong?
    Theres a diiference between debating/arguing/discussing and just banging on your chest , making empty statements and saying things that have no merit.

  25. yonason says:

    “You got nothin again. Just your word of authortiy.” — micky2, to JMJ

    Once on a visit to the Philadelphia Zoo I saw an African America gent., about 6 foot plus and built like a football player, trying to keep up with his small but very oppositional son. As I approached him I smiled and said, “He’s two?” Exasperated, the fellow slowly nodded several times and said, “Yeah,” then continued after his, as I and my wife tried to keep up with ours.

    That’s reminiscent of my exchange with JMJ about the existence of G-d, where he rejects tradition, reason/logic, science/data. What’s Left? The reason he doesn’t believe in G-d boils down to ” ‘Cause I don’t wanna!” From that, and his(?) responses on other threads, it appears he(?) is either a very smart “terrible-2” toddler, or a not too bright adolescent. (And, if older, it only gets worse.)

  26. aaronclermont says:

    I can tell exactly when this “blog” was written. Times have changed, son.

    I am so concerned that I found your written words on the internet so easlily… I am now thinking about joining the Obama campaign.

    Stop trying to hold on to your past ideas. I pray that you wake up tomorrow with a renewed sense of ‘today’ and look out your window at the world that surrounds you. Our country ‘SHOULD’ be in a position to help other people… now, we are like the good-hearted cripple wishing we could do kind acts in the world, but are unable to help in any meaningful way. Sure, the “fundamental” ‘philanthropists’ will help HAITI, but who’s going to invest in “Wall Street” this month… or this year? Our national security, foreign relations, “social security”, world standing, dollar, financial markets, credit system, loan system, housing market, education system, army, navy, air force, national guard, “terror alert level” …. (please add to this list) … are worse than they were 8 years ago – not because some a$$holes learned to fly planes — but because our leadership was not competent in dealing with the national security and financial crisis that ensued ‘post 9/11’. Sure, our gas prices are lower than Europe, and Michael Moore is the only real terrorist on American Soil… but where is accountability in our current political “system” ??? Isn’t it easier to just vote for a new president than to ‘deal’ with the bad decisions that our “current” president has made??? Will I be killed tonight for creating this post???


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