Lady Macbeth, Camelot, and the Wizard of Oz

Lady Macbeth, aka Hillary Rodham Clinton, has finally come unglued for all to see.

Although she will deny it for the rest of her remaining hate filled days, she implied today that she could still win the democratic nomination for President, if only her opponent Barack Obama would follow the example of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, and get shot to death.

She claimed that she was merely pointing out that the 1968 and 1992 democratic races were not decided until June. This is a lie.

While Bill Clinton technically did not reach the delegate threshold until June, he pretty much had the nomination wrapped up after Super Tuesday in March. Paul Tsongas dropped out because he ran out of money. While it was very impressive that he scored 20% of the vote in New York after dropping out, he remained on the sidelines. Jerry Brown was only token opposition. The last three months were a coronation.

So the only June shocker was 1968. RFK was murdered in cold blood. The democratic party was ripped asunder.

While I am not implying that Hillary wants Obama to die, I will be the first to say that this would not cause her to lose an ounce of sleep.

It will take a republican to explain to this vile woman why her comments were even chillier than her.

Less than 100 years ago, black people were set on fire. They were hung from trees. This was called lynching. Black people today, despite significant progress, still live in fear in some ways. James Byrd was slaughtered like an animal less than 10 years ago simply for being black.

I say there has been significant progress because in 1996, General Colin Powell was seriously considered as a candidate for the White House. He decided not to run mainly because his wife Alma was worried that he would be murdered. Yitzchak Rabin had just been murdered, and Israel was supposed to have the best security in the world. If the Prime Minister of Israel was at risk, so was Alma Powell’s husband.

I disagree almost 100% with Barack Obama’s political views. I also do not want him to be assassinated for two reasons, one of them completely selfish. The selfless and obvious reason I want him to live is because he is a human being, a husband, and a father. That needs no elaboration.

The other selfish reason I do not want anything bad to happen to Obama is because it will destroy the republican party. It could be a liberal democrat or a completely apolitical person that murders Mr. Obama. Somehow, republicans will get blamed. The democrats have milked the assassination of JFK for 45 years. LBJ used the grief America felt to ram through some awful legislation in the form of the Great Society.

Some may ask why I always ascribe the absolute worst, most sinister motives to Hillary Clinton. Maybe she honestly did misspeak.

I ascribe the worst motives to Hillary because she is a cold, calculating woman that chooses every word with breathtaking care. She leaves nothing to chance. If she misspoke, her statement was idiotic. She is no fool. She could blame fatigue, but the bottom line is that she has a history of viciousness.

This viciousness means blind ambition, regardless of who else gets hurt.

Bill Clinton desperately wanted to be JFK. He wanted to be Camelot. His wife understands that Jackie Onassis is revered for some reason, mainly for being dignified in the face of intense scrutiny.

Yet Hillary keeps forgetting that Ms. Onassis was seen as dignified because she acted dignified. The Clintons are not Camelot. They are not even the Beverly Hillbillies, since Hillary despises big oil.

Hillary may be a better speller than most Americans, but she seems to mistake “crass” for “class.”

Only a crass woman would compare her struggle to steal the democratic nomination with the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. Hillary is a wealthy, white woman. On her toughest days she could not understand that the civil rights pioneers were spilling blood and giving their lives so that their children would be acknowledged as more than 60% of a human being.

Only a crass woman would dare to compare her struggle to the struggle for freedom for the people of Zimbabwe.

Yes, Hillary Clinton has been fighting for black people her whole life, while rooting for the New York Yankees and listening to Kentucky Bluegrass.

Oh no, wait a minute. She was a Goldwater girl.

Further proof that this woman has no shame was her attempt at an apology. She did not even apologize to Barack Obama. She apologized to the Kennedy family, with special sweetness for Ted Kennedy.

Some would say she is the Wicked Witch of the West. While that might be ever so slightly overstating her mean streak, the Wizard of Oz does play a very peripheral role in this aspect of her character.

The dog in the Wizard of Oz was named Toto. Toto was a rock band that had a song called Africa. Zimbabwe is located in Africa.

This might be the evidence that Hillary needs to prove that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy made her do it. For those who have forgotten, the VRWC started in 1998 when Newt Gingrich put a gun to Bill Clinton’s head and forced him to sexually submit to the whims of an all powerful 22 year old intern.

Hillary is a creature of polling. Had her remarks been seen as positive, there would have been no retraction. Thankfully, even liberals are willing to condemn the talk of murdering an innocent man provided that the man is not a republican. Liberals howled, and for once, they were right. Hillary quickly backtracked.

Perhaps Hillary is not Lady Macbeth. Maybe Shakepeare’s “Othello” would be more appropriate with Hillary playing Iago. After all, how dare Iago not have complete power. He hated the Moor, whose only flaw was being a decent guy that was likable.

As a republican, I should be delighted that Hillary’s bloodlust for power solely for the sake of power itself is ripping democrats in half. Since I put principles above politics, I want her to stop.

She will never stop. Sure, she might appear to give up after failing to blackmail Obama into giving her the Vice Presidential slot. As for Obama, he will never stand up to terrorists worldwide if he cannot even stand up to Hillary.

Make no mistake about it. Once Obama officially wins the nomination, Hillary will quietly sabotage him so she can run again when he loses. She could barely contain her glee when John Kerry lost in 2004. She will look forward to debating John McCain, whether now or later.

Some say that Obama is the nominee. Hillary is too far behind.

That scenario only works if Obama lives. Lady Macbeth was ruthless. Hillary may not be at the level of trying to murder somebody, but she certainly would be ok with capitalizing on such a tragedy to heal America.

Lady Macbeth, Camelot, and the Wizard of Oz were all fictional. They were powerful, occasionally beautiful, but always illusory.

If only that were the case with Hillary. Perhaps one day soon, she will be a distant awful memory.


9 Responses to “Lady Macbeth, Camelot, and the Wizard of Oz”

  1. micky2 says:

    I got the impression she was implying that Kennedys tenacity is what put him in that predicament. And due to that aspect it might be better for Obama to look at Kennedys plight and take heed
    The only problem is that I see her being a lot more tenacious and at a lot more risk of sticking her neck out too far.

    Then again, people around her and her husband have been know to drop dead mysteriously.

  2. ztormtra says:

    Nonsense & you know it.

  3. The Lizard says:


    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have read your blog and enjoy your content. I will gladly place you on my blogroll in exchange for being on yours.

    The Political Lizard is run by a friend of mine and myself. We just got started last JUL and we are just now getting traffic to the blog. We hope the traffic increases with time as readers spread the word.

    Thanks for your support and I have added you to the Lizard blog roll.

  4. While Hillary should never have said that, many people do fear for Obama’s safety. There very well may be people out there that would rather spend the rest of their days in prison rather than see a black man elected president. I hope he stays safe.


  5. micky2 says:

    This is what I mean about liberals.
    While I was stressing that it would be tenacity that would be the element for Obama and was so for Kennedy.
    The moonbats come in and play the race card by saying there would be race as an element in any similar scenario.

    How bout this for a thought ?
    God forbid, If anyone did take a shot at Obama do ya think it could be just because he has some lousy policies ?
    Nooooooo, the moonbats will cry; ” its cuz he’s black !”

  6. Well, Micky, I’m sure there are probably some deranged persons out there who might try to kill him because of some perceived “lousy policies.” All I was saying is that any sane American who knows anything about his country and doesn’t live under a rock would fear somewhat for the safety of America’s potentially first black president.


  7. micky2 says:

    Or for any president for a number of reasons.
    As history has proven, most assasinations had nothing to do with race.

  8. parrothead says:

    I could also see some fanatical Hillary fan killing him because he is a man, since he is “standing in the way of a woman president.” That would be similar to Monica Seles getting stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan so she would not take away the number 1 ranking. Or the end of The World According to Garp. Hopefully nothing like that happens, but if it did it could be for a myriad of reasons. The point is by Hillary saying what she did, God forbid something does happen there will always be the question did her comments put the thought in the person’s mind (whether she did or not).

    Just a side note, assuming George W. Bush survives to the end of his term, he will be only the second president since 1820 elected in year ending in 0 not to die in office. Reagan was the first but even he got shot. So presidents have been shot for many different reasons, many we don’t even understand to this day.

  9. J.Rock says:

    Olbermann gets it right, for once. Opening the door to Hillary’s soul reveals something frightening.

    Pt 1:

    Pt 2:

    At 1:50 into Part 2, Olbermann nails her in the best chronological summary of her campaign to date. His last sentence… wow… I could not have said it better myself.

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