Another liberal Jew in need of cranial-glutial extraction surgery

Another liberal Jew has confirmed that cranial-glutial extraction surgery is necessary to pry the head of Judaism from the rumpus of liberalism.

This man is Rabbi Daniel Gordis.

For the sake of full and honest disclosure, I have always found him useless. In 1990 I was a college freshman. I was physically attacked by another student in a classroom. I defended myself in front of a room full of witnesses. Rather than investigate what actually happened, he declared the incident a “fight,” and both parties were admonished. This frustrated the victim, myself, and emboldened the aggressor.

(If I met this guy from class on the street today, we might get in a fight. We are both pretty strong willed. He would never admit it, but I broke him in half psychologically by letting him know I would go to any lengths to win. Everybody he knew was potential collateral damage. He saw I would never back down as long as I lived. He decided it was not worth it. He looked in my eyes, and decided I was serious. To this day, the Guns n Roses song “Welcome to the Jungle” applies. “If you’ve a hunger for what you see…take it eventually. You can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me.”)

I had not thought about Rabbi Gordis until 2006, when my mother sent me an article he had written, unaware of who he was. I wrote him a letter expressing concern that he was the same man 16 years later.

It did not reach him. The other day, my mother sent me another article by this Rabbi. It was even worse. At that point I sent him my response, updating some of the sentences to make them current. Saddam was not in jail. He was now dead (no thanks to liberal Jews).

My issue is not that this guy is a pompous liberal gasbag. My issue is not that he handled me badly 18 years ago. I got over it. What bothers me is that the same attitude of moral equivalence that drove him to criticize a guy for defending himself is still inside of him. Palestinians are murdering Israelis. Arabs are murdering Jews. Liberal Jews, even the ones admitting that Kumbaya does not always work, cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that with regards to resolving conflicts, force works.

(Grabbing a bullhorn)


This should be piped into the eardums of every namby pamby until they become either less namby or less pamby. One out of two is an improvement.

Here is his article. He expresses the positive aspects of the the recent Israeli prisoner swap, where two dead bodies were exchanged for live Arab terrorists. He cannot understand why the Mideast surrender process might not be as good an alternative as to actually winning the war.

For those who want a synopsis, here is the worst of his most recent Kumbaya loving column.

“Yes, in strategic terms, it was probably a mistake. But sometimes mistakes are worth making.”

His logic is that we learn from mistakes. If we can avoid making mistakes, that is learning as well. I don’t want my learning experiences to come from dead Jews.

Also, he claims that this will help shake people from the notion that peace is possible in the current climate. I understood this when I was an 18 year old student and he was my 30-something professor with his head up his hide.

Again, this is not about a fight in a classroom. It is about how a liberal views justice in an adult world. It is about applying moral equivalence to unequal moral parties. He was a young professor then. Now he is a middle aged man, and he still doesn’t get it.

How many liberals have to see their own families murdered before they become conservatives? I wish no pain on his family, but I care more about my family. My approach protects his family. His approach gets mine killed.

“Now we know that the right was correct – further retreats will only embolden our enemies. They’ll demand more. And more. Until we’re gone.”

I knew this in 1990! Yet despite his admitting that his liberal beliefs have been a colossal failure, he remains a liberal. I mean I can understand being a liberal when you don’t know any better. He has seen the evidence, and still cannot bring himself to endorse force as an option.

“The challenge facing Israel isn’t to win the war against the Palestinians.”

Yes it is!

“The war can’t be won.”

It’s like Harry Reid is Jewish. Of course it can’t be won if we listen to people say it can’t be won, and elect people who refuse to win.

“We can’t eradicate them…”

Says who? I wish they felt the same way about us. If we got them to that point, they would stop.

“The challenge that Israel faces is not to move towards peace. Peace can’t be had.”

It can’t be had because liberal Jews don’t get it. Things were pretty peaceful when Ariel Sharon was the bulldozer in 1982. Had the Prime Minister at the time let him go to Damascus, we would not be in this mess today.

“We did the right thing. We gave Karnit Goldwasser her life back. We gave Udi and Eldad the burial they deserved.”

(I met the brother of one of the kidnapped soldiers. I wore around my neck the dogtags of those three men for the last two years, vowing to take them off when they returned safely. I took them off this past week, but out of disgust.)

Had Ehud Olmert been a private citizen, Ariel Sharon would have burned every Palestinian village.

(For those who mention him in the same sentence as the Gaza pullout, make no mistake about it. He was a lifelong warrior, which allowed him to be trusted to make peace)

We did not do the right thing. While Rabbi Gordis is weeping, Hamas and Hezbollah are planning their next round of kidnappings.

“We showed the next generation of kids who will go off to defend this place that this is not a country about calculus, but about soul. We showed them what it is to love. We showed them that we’ll get them back. No matter what.”

Peace at any price. We showed them how to surrender.

“And I was proud, not ashamed. I wasn’t ashamed to be Israeli. I wasn’t ashamed to be a Jew. We proved to our kids once again that we’re the kind of country that’s worth defending.”

Defending? What the hell does this liberal academic know about defending? Perhaps he defended a thesis once. I suspect the antithesis was correct.

We did not defend anything in 2006. Israel has lost its power of deterrence. This is what happens when a liberal is sent to do a man’s job. Shimon Peres is about 140 years old, and he finally figured out at age 120 that the Arabs simply don’t like us. I will never forget, when after his 5th loss for the Prime Minister position (5th! Imagine Dukakis or Kerry getting 5 chances.), he asked, “Am I a loser?” Somebody in the crowd replied, “Yes!”

“We lost. We knew that already. What we did this week is that we did right by the families who paid the price.”

No. A few individuals were “helped” at the expense of the entire nation. These poor departed Israeli soldiers died in vain. They died for nothing. They died for a nation run by leftists that would not fight for them. Olmert did everything but blow up an abandoned building in the Sudan like Bill Clinton did.

“There will be other ways to get our deterrent edge back.”

You keep smoking that peace pipe Rabbi. Perhaps it’s a crack pipe, since that would be the only explanation for a man not to grasp that deterrence is about force.

“But in the meantime, we showed ourselves once again that this country is about soul. They won, and we lost. They celebrated, and we buried. They cheered, and we wept. And I’d rather be one of us, any day.”

There is no “us.” There is a him and a me. If an Arab were to come after me, Rabbi Gordis would sit there impotent, and let me die. That is what the left in Israel did for the kidnapped soldiers. If somebody came after him, his family would want him to actually do something.

Enough candle light vigils. Vigils do not bring people home. Raid on Antebbe worked. Benjamin Netanyahu, naturally a conservative, helped actually do something. The job got done, and it got done right.

Maybe the next time Rabbi Gordis has his prostate exam, they can remove his cerebrum and reattach it above his neck. It is amazing he was able to bring children into the world at all given that I do not recall him ever having a pair.

It is too late for me to get a decent college education with regards to Jewish civilization.

It is not too late for Israel to take the Palestinians, and break them.

Give the Palestinians 7 days to return every terrorist on the watch list. On the 8th day, set Gaza on fire. Let them burn. They have had every chance to show that they are civilized human beings and not animals. They have failed.

This is not aggression. It is self defense.

When conservatives ran Israel, this was understood.

Fire involves smoke. Israelis like to smoke. Since liberal Jews have their heads up their hides, we should shove the peace pipes up there as well. That way they can smoke, while fire rages around them.

Either Jews or Palestinians will burn. The Palestinians have not allowed for an inbetween.

It is us or them.

Rabbi Gordis is a liberal. He prefers being morally superior.

I am a conservative. I am also the son of a Holocaust survivor. I prefer being alive.

There are no tears in my eyes, nor blood on my hands.

I may not be a hero, but he is worse than zero. He is Nero.

We know what happened to Rome. We know what happened in Germany. We know what is happening in Israel.

Never again.


11 Responses to “Another liberal Jew in need of cranial-glutial extraction surgery”

  1. First of all, many, many “liberal Jews” have valiantly fought and died and been maimed defending Israel, and plenty of “conservative Jews” sit here in America complaining and doing nothing to to defend anything. It goes both ways.

    Secondly, it was not “liberal Jews” who arranged the swap – it is the Likud/Labor/Kadima Knesset running Israel these days. Not “liberals.”

    Thirdly, “eradicating” the Arabs around Israel is A) not feasible and B) morally reprehensible. It is the worst, and most naive, sort of moral equivication. Gordis is right, Israel will never win this war, no matter how many battles they win. Even the last invasion of Lebanon was a technically a military success, but a political failure.

    Sharon, perhaps because of his advanced age, realized the fallacy that Zionism can succeed through force alone, and so he pulled the ol’ Nixon-goes-to-China strategy and took peace, rather than war, into his own hands. He realized that the Arab nations leaders would never do their part to bring the Palestinians to peace because the Palestinian “issue” is vital to their popularity on the Arab street. Israel had to do it unilaterally. Unfortunately, he was not able to persuade the unrealistic Zionist extremists to concede enough of the old Palestinian territory to create a viable Palestinian state, and he himself was not terribly realistic about this himself.

    The Ehud’s have been unable to successfully continue the Sharon agenda, mostly because they lack the poltical capital, but also because of the Lebanon debacle. The future is now uncertain. Let’s hope for the best. Fortunately, the Israeli people have had enough of the Netanyahu’s et al and it looks like cooler heads may prevail for the forseeable future.


  2. Welp, there’s goes one Ehud… Olmert just announced his resignation.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    Just goes to show, they’ve had enough. But not enough of the Netanyahu way.

  4. Netanyahu is in the tank. Kadima left Likud with it’s tail between it’s legs. Israelis don’t like either the reactionaries or the laizzez faire policies of Netanyahu. Israelis, unlike too many Americans, are too smart for that sort of simplistic rightwing governance.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Yea, they loved Olmert.
    it pretty much looks like no matter what your interpretation of the Israelis is the sentiment I see does not reflect it.
    I’m willing to bet that if i’m tired of seeing the Palestinians get away with murder constantly year after year , the Israeli must be getting pretty fed up

  6. Kadima proves my point, Micky. Olmert was his own undoing.


  7. blacktygrrrr says:

    I am on the air tonight from 7:30-9:30pm PST.

    My first guest will be Nathan Martin from Vets for Freedom.

    An hour later I will be interviewing Ward Connerly.

    The call in number is 347-838-8653.


  8. StormWarning says:

    S’what took me so long?

  9. Micky 2 says:

    Only because he wasnt running any popularity contest.
    Kadima is not much better, they just want to share everything.

    I’m on Erics side.
    Just get rid of the Palestinians already.
    Nothing from any peaceful approach has ever worked.
    all roadmaps and peace process’s have been a laugh

  10. Charlene Martel says:

    I feel like you Eric. Hit me, and I’ll make you wish you hadn’t…ANY way possible. Bullies pick on those who don’t fight back.

    Isrealis have gotten way too sensitive to the opinions of people who don’t have a gun to their heads. It’s easy for Europeans and Americans to sit in their comfortable living rooms and deplore the violent response to the suicide bombers and murderers who have promised to push them into the sea. I wonder what they would say if their next door neighbors started pelting THEIR houses and children and pets with rocks, let alone a few firebombs.

  11. Micky, are you suggesting the extermination of all Palestinians?

    Charlene, I don;t know where you’ve been, but Israelis don’t take bullying. I can’t think of a people on the face of the Earth who’ve fought harder against the bullies of this world more than the Jews. What more would you have them do?


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