Denver Democrat Debacle Day 2–The 4 H Club of Hillary, Hags, Harpies, and Hatred of Republicans

The second night of the demagoguic party convention was dedicated to the 4H club, with Hillary Clinton, the hags and harpies who support her cheering and bra-burning (lord I hope not…30 years ago maybe), and the hatred of republicans being on full display.

This woman has so much rage that she makes Michelle Obama seem delightful. Watching her lips pursed together in rage frightened me. I pictured her doing to Americans what Jesse Jackson threatened to do to Barack Obama, and Hillary dreams of doing to Bill.

Jack Cafferty, a liberal, had a stinging indictment of the Clintons.

Dennis Kucinich came out to the song”Roller Coaster.” I cannot even dislike this guy because I am too busy laughing. He might be from Earth, but I cannot confirm that.

“We get the color orange while the oil companies and the speculators get the color green.”

I am not positive, but the orange and the green rhetoric could mean that he desires the Peace in Northern Ireland to be replaced with war again.

He kept yelling, “Wake up America!” I felt like saying, “I’m up, I’m up, be quiet already.”

His exit was too the theme song from “Mystery Men.” How appropriate.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle is a non-descript bald white guy. That is what boring Midwestern Governors look like. He did sound more effeminate than most men, but then again the party of Barack Obama and John Edwards is what it is. Hillary could take them all in a fight. I am aware this is not commentary on his speech, but does anybody really care what some non-descript bald white guy from Wisconsin has to say?

One woman in the audience was caught on camera pleading with people around her to stand up and applaud.

While men were allowed to speak on this night, this evening was dedicated to women. Not just any women, mind you. Only angry women needed apply. I thought I saw the middle linebacker from the Baltimore Ravens come on stage next, but it was actually Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, who might be meaner.

The hag and harpie show continued with California Senator Barbara Boxer. Unlike Senator Mikulski, who has always been a tad homely, Senator Boxer has only recently began fading.

This may seem disrespectful, but what is more disrespectful, me cracking some jokes, or Barack Obama putting these women on when nobody would hear them?

Louisiana Senatoe Mary Landrieu alluded to President Bush being to blame for Katrina. Silly me. I thought the two most useless politicians on Earth, Mayor Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin and Kathleen “I’m so overwhelmed” Blanco were responsible. If She only earns 77% of what Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour makes, it is too much. This is not sexism. It is merit pay, and in her case, lack of it.

I have to admit that I did not know that Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell was such a hot piece of liberal (redacted). The next time I revise my “Top 120 political yummy bouncies,” I might include her. If she develops laryngitis that is. She is still a liberal after all. If I was single, I would give her the ketchup bottle treatment.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is fascinating to me. For some reason, I always thought he was Irish, even though he is Jewish. He just fit i so well with Chris Matthews, and is often described as campaigning like “an old Irish pol.” This is said in a complimentary manner.

He then blamed President Bush and Vice President Cheney for not seizing oil company profits in the manner of Vladimir Putin.

Although former Governor Mark Warner of Virginia gave the keynote speech, it should have been labeled the “warm up act.” Any night featuring a Clinton reduces the rest to also rans, which is exactly what the Clintons desire.

He called the 2008 race “The most important contest of our generation.” Every 4 years people say that, but the statement was benign enough.

He mentioned getting past “yesterdays divisions.” That was ironic given that Hillary Clinton was speaking after him.

The red meat of his speech was that President Bush did not reach out to people. This would be true if it were not a complete lie. The left hated his guts, and had no interest in ever accepting his hand of sincere friendship.

Nevertheless, the reason why he is an effective speaker is because he does not come across as rabidly anti-business. When he talks about health care, he mentions bringing down costs and competing in a global economy. He talks about getting off of foreign oil without threatening to seize the profits of American oil companies. He is pro-business because he is a business man.

Because he is normal by the standards of the democratic party, he received smatterings of applause, but not the thunderous ovations of the speakers offering hatred of any non-liberals.

“If an idea works, it does not matter if it has a ‘d’ or an ‘r’ next to it.” The crowd stayed silent.

“We are all in this together. That is what this party believes.”

No it does not.

Nevertheless, Mark Warner is a very effective speaker. I am glad he is not the VP nominee, becaue he is formidable.

Nevertheless, his uplifting speech was followed by the darkness, that being Hillary Clinton.

Hilldawg started out saying all the right things. Unity, togetherness, and teamwork were mentioned.

She wants to help parents balance work and family. She could start by leaving them alone.

She wants to fight for women’s rights around the world. She might wish to thank President George W. Bush for freeing women in Afghanistan and Iraq while she was busy ducking mythical sniper fire in Bosnia.

Then she went into attack mode.

“No way, no how, no McCain.”

Hillary then offered the stump speech of the people she met, including a bald woman who had
“Hillary” shaved in her head. Had Hillary ever followed football, she would see that people do that all the time. Just ask New York Jets fans.

She referenced the “Sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits.”

Hillary altered from talking about herself, to those that inspired her, to virtually everybody except Barack Obama. She offered a ringing endorsement of Obama for the first couple minutes, but then seemed to forget him.

Hillary is simply always on the attack. She does not offer support. She does not build. She destroys and tears down. Therefore, her lacerating of President Bush was her way of helping Obama. It allowed her to help him without saying anything positive.

She claimed that the “Supreme Court is in a right wing head lock.” I hope Justice Scalia takes her in the hallway and gives her a noogie. For an oppressed woman, she sure knows how to make other suffer.

She then went into anger mode, talking about “green collar jobs.” Perhaps she thinks that the primaries are still continuing. She offered red meat to the crowd, but did not speak to Middle America.

At this point she was beyond rage. She managed to mention Obama again during her screed.

Unlike Obama, Hillary is known for occasionally offering substance. This speech had none.

“America cannot compete in the global economy by padding the pockets of energy speculators…”

“Windfall profits taxes…”

“We the people, not we the favored few…”

Somewhere in the Kremlin, the Russian leaders were celebrating their belated victory in the Cold War.

She then took credit for the 1990s, which had nothing to do with either Clinton. It was evil Corporate America that ran things, thanks to the tech boom.

She praised Obama’s universal health plan that she attacked during the primaries as insufficient.

She offered seconds of faint praise to Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and Jill Biden.

She then called John McCain her colleague and friend before getting unfriendly, not based on anything even having anything to do with McCain.

Hillary may not win the War on Terror, but she is good at waging war on American opponents. She is good at class warfare. Now if only she was good at silence. She continued her Socialism 101 class.

She cited the 47 million without health care, neglecting that most of them are illegal aliens or people that forego care by choice.

She failed to understand that the more the crowd adored her, the more those outside the hall recoiled.

She had the temerity to state that John McCain is ok with women not earning equal pay for equal work. She then went into the history of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

She then babbled about Harriet Tubman.

I was waiting for Gloria Gaynor to belt out “I will survive.”

“Nothing less than the fate of our nation and our future hangs in the balance.”

Hillary, I survived you and your husband.

She then lectured us about sacrifices, as if a spoiled brat from the Age of Aquarius knew what that was.

“That is our mission democrats.”

It is not that Hillary is a vicious human being. It is that she is too vicious to get anything done. The reason Barack Obama defeated her is because he is likable and she is not. Bill Clinton won his races by bring likable.

If I was a partisan democrat inside the convention hall, I would have loved the speech. As a human being who genuinely wants people to work together, bombthrowers like her poison the well.

Regardless of who wins the next election, at least Hillary Clinton will not be President.

People with decency in their hearts should be thankful.

Now that her anger management session is over, she can go back to quietly supporting John McCain.

Hillary has no class. Therefore, allow me to sink to her level.

Shrillary…shut up and iron my shirts.

This shrew will never be tamed. Good riddance.


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  2. Micky 2 says:

    No doubt Michelle Malkins opionions can get the lefts panties ( the ones that wear them) in a bunch.

    I first read about this today at Right Pundits.

    This is the party of peace and tolerance in action.
    More like the epitome of hypocrisy at its best.

    Besides that.

    Whenever I see Michell Malkin I think of a coffee flavor ice cream bar on a really hot day. And my mission is to not let one drop hit the ground.

    Man, theres a few guys in that video that were damn lucky I wasnt around. I know it sounds macho and overly zealous, but I have successfully taken out 3 guys by myself before and if some fat loudmouth was following my friend around like that screaming in her face I would simply not allow it. Theres free speech, and then theres is speech that can actually place fear in someone. Although Michelle held her own very well I still feel that sometimes children need to be spanked

    When it comes to radical Islam that all this was about,I’m with Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin.
    “Kill their leaders and convert em to Christianity”.
    After 911, I would of done the same thing we did with the Japanese.
    Or,Pack em up and ship em off.
    I’m not gonna invest a bunch of taxpayer dollars to monitor a bunch that predominantly does not, will not denounce terrorism. If they do, I can barely hear the few that do.
    I mean really, how much more pi$$ed off at us can the muslims in this world get at us ? What difference would it make already ?
    I dont see these countries rushing to the front to help us root out international and domestic terrorism.
    50% of Muslims have a favorable view of suicide bombings, 50% in Indonesia have a favorable view of Bin Laden. We have have Muslim states whithin states operating on Sharia law popping up everywhere in Europe and the makings of a few beggining here in the US.
    Muslims in America are the least demographic speaking out against terror attacks on our country. Maybe because they fear retaliation or are sympathetic, and of course some are willing participants.
    Once you are not willing on any level to do what it takes to defend the constitution of our country I do not believe you are worthy of its protection.

    And by the way moonbats. You a-holes really oughta make up your minds.
    On one hand you accuse Bush of fear mongeriing by over playing the terror issue.
    On the other hand you complain that he is lacking in his responsabilities and as a result terrorism today is on the rise because he is such a loser. This of course is just simply not true but to the BDS lemmings
    You’re party is all over the place with so many self conflicting messages its not even funny. As a matter of fact, its sad to watch.
    Basically, you’re just a bunch of pathetic whiners who will b*tch about the first thing that has crappy face value without looking into the intricasies that underline the issue first.
    Its easier to b*tch about nothing so you can actually appear to care.
    When really you only care about looking like you care to fill some lack of purpose that you cant define.
    Like children who have no identity you are searching for something to make you look relevant.

  3. The only thing I wanted to hear from Hillary was the one thing I didn’t hear. I will NEVER forgive her for that. All I wanted to hear was “All you Hillary-for-McCain people are hypocrites and racists and can go to h#!!,” at least in so many words. But she couldn’t bring herself to do what is good for the party and the people because she couldn’t sacrifice herself for a greater cause. She’s on my $#!+ list from now on.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Yea, I think I warned you about her a few months back

  5. Yeah, I know. I’m certainly not surprised.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    Update from my monday post.
    I can now control the volume from any room in the house.

    So now when I hear liberal nails on chalkboards I dont have to make a mad dash for the remote.
    They should have these little pow wows more often.
    I could get so much more done around the house

  7. infidel308 says:

    “I can now control the volume from any room in the house”

    I had to think quick, for a second there I thought you maybe meant the wife and I was going to applaude you.

  8. Micky 2 says:

    Nah, just throw money

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