Joe Biden and other significantly less boring issues

I will not be providing a lengthy analysis of Delaware Senator Joe Biden today.

I have made many new friends in the blogosphere, in addition to some blogger friends from ages ago that could use a shout out.

Therefore, my analysis of Joe Biden will be something that Biden himself has never been…brief and to the point.

His negatives are that he is a complete and utter gasbag. Obama and Biden are now the Gasbag Ticket. In fact, he just began his nomination speech, which he may finish before the election.

His positives are that he is one of the only remaining adult in the party of utter children known as the democrats. He has foreign policy experience. His Iraq partition plan was completely wrongheaded, but unlike most democrats including Obama, at least Biden has ideas to begin with. He is also a skilled debater.

I will offer more detailed analysis during the convention, but I do not see the need to spoil a beautiful Saturday on a non-story. The entire democratic party, win or lose, is irrelevant.Therefore, whoever leads them is just a placeholder until those that matter continue making history.

Those that are significantly less boring than Obama and Biden consists of most of society, but I will narrow it down to some new blogger friends I have made.

I will start with a Southern Belle named Mandy Wilkes. Her site is “Flipping the word.”

She is a republican Jewish brunette, and it is a shame that the man who impregnates her will not be me. She is already married. All I can say is that Spree at “Wake up America” now has competition in the blogosphere Miss Aphrodite competition.

“American Truckers at War” produced a 2008 National Security Voter Guide.

“Alexa Shrugged” offers intelligent insights.

“The Bald Headed Geek” has a shiny outlook on life to match his gleaming cueball.

The guys at the “Constitution Club” have been beyond gracious towards me. Check them out. They are quite intelligent.

Forget the Drudge Report. The fellow that offers a brilliant satire of this site is “The Drunk Report.”

Several members of the G club include the “Goat’s Barnyard,” “God, Guns, and Grits,” and an incredibly hot girl that refers to herself as “Great Satan’s Girlfriend.”

“Mountain Shout” offers fun analysis, as does “Nuke Gingrich.”

The “P*ssed off tree rat” has not given up on the Detroit Lions.

“Small dead animals” is just hilarious.

“Snooper” is a great American. Welcome him home.

A brilliant woman and black female republican comedian and author is Al Sonja Schmidt. I will be publishing some of her routine soon enough.

Tom at “Old Glory Radio” is a talented woodworker among other things. Check out his stuff.

His friend the “Thunder Pig” is a South Carolina blogging powerhouse.

A friend and RJC member is running for the Pennsylvania State House. Vote Lynne Lechter.

Terresa at Media Mythbusters does solid work.

Lastly, Richie at “Hip Hop Republican” is worth checking out, as are the guys at “Random American,” and Tim at “I’ve Gotta Fang.”

I wish all the good people of the blogosphere much success.

Oh yeah, and Delaware Senator Joe Biden won the right to teach Barack Obama about adulthood.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty should be selected to run with John McCain. He should start preparing now. Perhaps he and the rest of us can watch Biden debate himself for 90 minutes until we all fall asleep.

Speaking of sleep, I could use a nap. Joe Biden just started speaking, and he still has that effect on me. Good night.


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  1. nels96 says:


    Some years ago it became apparent to me that politics stinks, and that the stinkiest part of politics is the US Congress. Judging from the fact that voter participation in all our elections runs from 40 to 50%, apparently a great many voters agree, and simply don’t vote

    So I made myself a commitment to start a campaign to “Tro Da Bums Out!” (All of them)

    First, I looked at Term Limits. Since 75% of Americans want term limits for Congress, I thought it would be easy. But… we need to get a bill for term limits thru Congress FIRST, which ain’t never gonna happen!

    Then I looked at Article V of the Constitution, which says that “the people” could have a “convention for proposing amendments”. But this was already tried by Bill Walker of, and bounced by the Supreme Court in 2004, erroneously (imho), and should be attempted again. But we should wait for a more ‘originalist’ court.

    Finally, after listening to many website discussions on this topic, I have come to realize that there is one unstoppable, foolproof method of achieving the goal of reforming Congress. Simply put, we voters must never reelect anyone in Congress.

    If enough voters stick to this simple principle thru several election cycles, reelections in Congress would plummet. This would have a major impact on the behavior of all incumbents remaining in Congress. Furthermore, the many freshmen elected in such a changed election climate would have no doubt that they will be serving very brief terms unless they vote as responsible legislators instead of party hacks. And they would be much more likely to vote for a term limits amendment bill just to serve more than one term.

    The big question is: How do we get Americans to stop reelecting their lousy Congress? We don’t have to succeed 100%. Just enough to drop House reelections from its current 98% down to about 65%. That’ll get their attention!

    And if we keep it up thru 2010, 2012, and 2014, we will make a big difference.

    When the media talks about the new trend, many, many people who haven’t been voting will start voting again because they’ll see they can make a difference.

    A second question will be: Who should I vote for if I don’t want to reelect my incumbent? Suggestions for both Democrats or Republicans:

    1. If your guy was opposed in your primary, and lost, vote for the guy who beat him.
    2. If he was opposed in the primary, and won, vote for the other major party guy.
    3. If the other major party guy also won an unopposed primary, then vote for any 3rd party.

    What we want is a 100% turnover in Congress, on BOTH sides of the aisle.

    Remember the objective here is to defeat all incumbents of both major parties, so the simplest decision is to vote for any 3rd party candidate. Or, when in doubt, vote ‘em out!

    Nelson Lee Walker of, Saratoga, CA

  2. alfroliz says:

    I can see it now.The lady approaches the podium for the debate with Biden and her entrance is heralded by the crescendo of Queen’s “Killer Queen”.
    It’s all over, for Obama’s barmy army. Hillary has a new hero and alls right with the world.

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