My Interview With Ambassador John Bolton

The other night Larry King insisted he was not deceased while interviewing Iranian President Armageddonijad, who wanted him deceased. Larry thanked the madman for his graciousness and asked him about his family.

Thankfully, adult conversations with intelligent questions of people that have insights actually worth sharing also took place that night.

Sean Hannity interviewed Ambassador John Bolton. Three weeks earlier, at the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, so was I.

For those who do not know, Ambassador Bolton was the man who successfully overturned the horrible U.N. Resolution that stated “Zionism is Racism.”

As a reward, the cancerous wing of the democratic party consisting of many liberal Jews tried to block him from becoming Ambassador. Nevertheless, as he communicated to Sean Hannity, Ambassador Bolton remains undaunted.

Out of respect for Mr. Hannity, I will present his interview with Mr. Bolton first. For the cynical among us in society, I am giving myself last licks. Below are the remarks of Ambassador Bolton, answering the questions of Sean Hannity.

“What has the UN done to stop terrorism? They can’t even agree on a resolution on what terrorism is.”

“5 years of Europe trying to talk Iran out of acquiring nuclear weapons has left Iran 5 years closer to achieving that objective.”

“He (Ahmadinejad) also said that Zionists control the financial markets.”

“Deciding when you negotiate should come from a cost benefit analysis. With Iran we do not have to calculate. We have had 5 years.”

“As unattractive as the military option is, Iran with nuclear weapons would be even more unattractive.”

“Iran is the largest financier of international terrorism in the world today. The notion that they do not possess the same nuclear arsenal as the former Soviet Union does not mean they are not a serious threat.”

“Many Americans are at the point of the U.N. I have one reform regarding the U.N., and that is that we make our contributions voluntary. We abolish the system of mandatory contributions.”

Mr. Hannity sat down with Ambassador Bolton for several minutes. I had a rapid fire walk and talk with him. One thing that is evident from the very first glance is that Ambassador Bolton is a serious man with a serious purpose. Like many people, he wants to save civilization from blowing up. Unlike most people, he actually understands what civilization should do to rescue itself.

With that, my interview with Ambassador John Bolton is below.

1) How do you feel about the Vice Presidential nomination of Sarah Palin?

JB: “It is a good nomination. Sarah Palin will be an asset to John McCain. She was a good choice, and has a history as a reformer who fights corruption. I’m happy with the choice of Sarah Palin.”

2) Who are your 3 political heroes?

JB: “Edmund Burke, John Locke, and Ronald Reagan.”

3) With regards to the situation between Israel and Iran, is it time for Israel to strike Iran, or is there any diplomatic option that is still feasible?

JB: I don’t see anything other than 2 options. There is regime change, and the targeted use of force. It is a choice between a bad option and a worse option. Diplomacy has not worked. As awful as having to enact regime change can be, allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons is worse.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about John Bolton the person?

JB: “I was somebody who did his best to stand up for human freedom.”

I thanked Ambassador Bolton for his time, and for his staunch support of Israel. I also appreciate his recognition of the United Nations as a worthless entity. Those are my words, not his. For somebody that is not accused of being diplomatic, he is more diplomatic than me.

I wish that sharpshooters simply waited outside the CNN studios, and after Larry King fell asleep, put a couple bullets into Armageddonijad.

This is why I am not an Ambassador.

I may not know diplomacy, but I do know that the world would all be better off if John Bolton were allowed to do his job.

It was my honor Mr. Ambassador.


20 Responses to “My Interview With Ambassador John Bolton”

  1. “Thankfully, adult conversations with intelligent questions of people that have insights actually worth sharing also took place that night.

    Sean Hannity interviewed Ambassador John Bolton. …”

    My head just fell clean off.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Good for you.
    What happened when Katie interviewed Biden ?

    I’m surprised Katie didnt ask him how he thought people would react to Obamas commercials in 1929.

  3. I agree, Micky. Hannity is the rightwing version of Katie Couric.


  4. Joshua Godinez says:

    “My head just fell clean off.



  5. infidel308 says:

    What happened when Katie interviewed Biden ?
    I’ll bet the interview had a “Happy Ending” (sorry eric)

    “My head just fell clean off.”
    Jersey you really need to get rid of that coffee table.

    I would say that all people that like Amb Bolton, like him for his no BSing when he speaks.

    Eagle6, see yesterdays post for my answer.

  6. “Jersey you really need to get rid of that coffee table.”


    Actually, it turns out it was my blood pressure. I was lucky to find out! The doctors told me that if I had kept walkin’ around like that I wouldn’t have been walkin’ artound much longer! Thank God for coffee tables!

    I agree with you about Bolton and his supporters. Unfortunately for him and them, diplomacy is about being smart and careful about how you speak. Bolton acts like a loudmouth drunk in a cheap bar.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    “I agree, Micky. Hannity is the rightwing version of Katie Couric.”

    I’m glad you agree, because Katie could not be the smart version any more than Biden could know what hes talking about.

    I have seen Hannity speak with Bolton numerous times, its always an adult conversation as Eric says.
    However, I honestly, serioulsy, not being sarcastic or facetious would pay admission to watch Katie interview Boltron strictly out of nothing but bloodlust.
    Bolton looks like that nerd kid in the school yard that when he gets picked on an gets into a scrap doesnt waste any time with the obligatory displays of shadow boxing and verbal threats/gestures, dancing etc…
    Without wasting any time he just stabs you in the eye with his pencil.

    “Bolton acts like a loudmouth drunk in a cheap bar.”

    Yea, but theres no coffee tables.

  8. “I have seen Hannity speak with Bolton numerous times, its always an adult conversation as Eric says.”

    Sean Hannity is to “adult” as Jeffrey Dahmer is to “Gourmet.” Not only is Sean Hannity not “adult,” he’s not even adolescent. He’s not even prepubescent. He’s barely a toddler. A whiny, nasty, spoiled, mean, dumb toddler that was born backwards and never sealed up it’s soft spot. Sean Hannity is so stupid that just watching or listening to him for more than 30 seconds actually permanently reduces one’s IQ. Sean Hannity is and of himself a neurotoxin. In fact, I once heard a rumor that the military was considering dropping transcripts of his shows on enemy encampments during wartime as nerve agents to drive their troops into an idiotic stupor to the point that they forget they’re actually fighting a war and start fighting amongst themselves over who’s the greater American. Sean Hannity is to the news what Jim Jones is to Kool Aid. He is to “fair and balanced” what Dennis Miller is to comedy. He is to “great American” what John Walker Lindh is to patriot. He is to “adult” what the Three Stooges are to high brow comedy.

    Sean Hannity is a living joke. But hey, I watch and listen to him every so often. Afterall, I’m fascinated by the paradox of how the nonthinking think. Of course, I have to take plenty of FMB after tuning him in lest my IQ sink so low I actually start thinking that piece of …. actually makes sense.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “Sean Hannity is to “adult” as Jeffrey Dahmer is to “Gourmet.” Not only is Sean Hannity not “adult,” he’s not even adolescent.”

    You know what Jersey ?
    It doesnt speak much to your maturity if you think Katie Kourics journalism credentials even come close to Hannitys.
    What ? She worked a cucmber eye patch avocado face mask talk show for decades before she ever announced any news or did a seious interview with a head of state ? Her ratings suck and have tanked sisnce she went to NBC.
    Now, lets try this on for size.
    How bout Hannity interviewing Biden instead of Kouric ?

    Yea, you know that would be a whole nuther story.
    I’m not crazy about Hannity all the time, trust me, hes repetative.
    But I will take him over Larry King or Katie any day, any bad day.
    Yea, I know you love Olberman and you talk about maturity ?
    Hes the biggest whining little cry baby on the tube.

    You’re entitle to to y0ur opinion but you cant compare caliber of journalism between the two.

    Listen to yourself, read your post over again to yourself and pretend its someone you’ve never met.
    Does that person sound like they would know maturity if it bit them in the a$$ ?
    All you did was contest yourself to see how many analogies and asinine comparisons you could come up with, and not one legit/ logical example of immaturity on Hannitys part.


  10. Sean Hannity is a mockery of all journalism. He is the anti-journalist.
    Shall I continue? I got plenty more of this if you’d like to hear it.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    “Sean Hannity is a mockery of all journalism.”


    He is the anti-journalist. He is the shrillist, silliest, shilliest excuse for a political pundit in the history of shrill, silly shills. ”


    “It is a proven anthropological fact that Sean Hannity is the missing link between humans and dung beetles as evidenced by his incessent spinning of giant steaming balls of feces in which to propagate his hybrid species of human-insectoid bowel excretion rotators.”

    Once must be rlevant to dung beetles to know this.
    More maturity ?

    ” If you watch too much Sean Hannity and you happen not to live in a city with public sewars, it is highly recommended that you add yeast to your septic every five minutes lest a volcano of human waste erupt from your backyard and cover a ten mile wide radius in a chain reaction of your turds exponentially expanded in volume ten feet deep.

    Shall I continue? I got plenty more of this if you’d like to hear it.”

    Nah, it seems Obamamania has infected/effected you.

    No, just make sure the coffee table is off to the side this time.
    And invest in a crash helmet.

    And if you wanna kick the habit(either one) I can steer you in the right direction

  12. Eagle 6 says:

    Eric, Nice post. Even though I agree with most of Hannity’s positions, I have to agree that he is shrill, whiney, somewhat of a bully, and full of himself…of course, he’s made a pretty good living at it, so he’s doing what he does. I just don’t like how he asks questions, and just when the responder begins proving how stupid he/she is, Hannity interrupts and says it for them…he’s to preemptive…I savor when the goofballs, themselves, prove their stupidity.

    Infidel: different guy. I don’t know whether Malik was AMU or SMU – I just know he helped write counter Sniper training for First Army…with the help from you and your crew – thanks a bunch.

  13. Obamamania? Hey, look Micky, I tolerate Obama, and I’ve been bashing Hannity since he came to NY radio, years ago. I go way back with Hannity. I was listening to his NY radio show when it first started. Back to 2002 I started commenting and posting on his blog board. They banned me from that board like 5,000 times. I had to keep changing my moniker. That’s where “Jersey McJones” came from. That was my first moniker on the Hannity board and how they all referred to me no matter what moniker I used after they figured out it was me from my style and talking points.

    I’ll never forget one time, though. Usually they’d ban me because I insulted one of the board members, or Darths, or Hannity himself, or some popular conservative. But they banned me for good a couple of years into it when I posted a comment about Hannity heavily advertising the French product, Chamonix, while he was incessently bashing France for not being stupid enough to get mixed up in the Iraq debacle. Sean Hannity is a hypocrite and a phoney.

    And it goes on from there. He constantly bashes the ACLU even though he has them to thank for saving his career. When he was starting out in radio he was fired from his first gig for discrimination and gay bashing. The ACLU stepped in, supporting his right to be a moronic gay basher, and Hannity was reistated. He never seems to be man anough to admit that little factoid.

    He’s a police state authoritarian who goofed off so much when he was a kid that he won’t even discuss it for fear of embarrassing his family, and yet has no problem with with ruining the lives of other kids who do the same things he did. He whines and moans about protesters and freaked out when a few threw some ketsup packets at him, but when a tobacco chawin’ hick spit his spat on Jane Fonda, Hannity said it was just fine.

    He’s a liar, a blowhard, a hypocrite and anything but a journalist, as he has no credentials or education in the field.


  14. thepoliticaltipster says:

    I admire Bolton and think that McCain should make him Secretary of Defence or give him his old job as USUN back (heck if it wasn’t for Lieberman I’d say make him Secretary of State). Although I had to miss his talk at the LSE last year, I enjoyed his memoirs immensely and I think that his role as a hard-headed reformer is exactly what the UN needs (and this is from someone who is generally pro the UN).

    Regarding the whole Hannity vs Couric debate, I think that Hannity is too partisan for his own good, although most of the time he is reasonably fair. The problem with modern American television journalism is that presenters have forgotten that they are there to report the news rather than to comment on it (Keith Olberman is probably the worst offender in this regard).

    I think that Couric was extremely fair in the in the way she treated Palin. No politician in modern history has been given as easy ride as Palin has been and Couric’s questions were fair. I have to say though that Couric looked furious throughout the interview – her eyes were blazing. This might be because of the terms of the interview or it might be because as sucessful women she was annoyed at Palin’s hiding behind the gender/mother/moosehunter card.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, all the things you accuse Hannity of is why he banned you 5000 times.
    get it ?

  16. Micky 2 says:

    “but when a tobacco chawin’ hick spit his spat on Jane Fonda, Hannity said it was just fine.”

    You dont even want to know what I would spit on her.


    Sorry man, if Kouric was fair to Palin then was she fair to Biden ?

    I saw relevant questions to Palin but she let biden slide on some serious innaccuracies.
    To me it looked more like Palin was the one who was getting mad as Katie was asking her about records of people that not even the most savy historian would know.
    I am hard pressed to agree that Palin has had an easy ride. The first ciuple of days were fun for her, I’m sure. But since then she has been attacked relentlessley by the media and the opposition. Actually “smeared” would a more accurate term

  17. Only once or twice did his board ban me because I lost my temper. Most of the bans were because I made the Darths look like the bunch of insipid little monkeys that they are.


  18. parrothead says:

    Jersey your criticisms of Hannity are way over the top and beyond the bounds of accuracy and good taste. They seem to reflect the bile and animosity I thought you only held for Bush and Palin. Of course if that reflects your posts on his blog no wonder you were banned.

    As far as I am concerned the most arrogant, condescending, idiotic, ignorant blowhard on the airwaves by far is Keith Olberman. I formed that opinion when he was a little know sports commentator on KNX (LAs news radio station). Everything he has done since has only strengthened my opinion in that regard. I was appalled that anybody would give him a microphone to talk about real news, and he has fallen below even my low expectations.

  19. Micky 2 says:

    “They banned me from that board like 5,000 times.”

    “Only once or twice did his board ban me”

    If you want to be taken seriously you really ought to figure out whats been happening to you.

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