Conservatives Hate Al Queda, Liberals Hate Sheldon Adelson

The left would like to win the War on Terror, but apparently they are too busy attacking conservatives for having the nerve to exist. Recently the Tygrrrr Express dealt with the war that the Obama campaign does have the courage to win, that being its war against the Republican Jewish Coalition.

One member of the Republican Jewish Coalition is Sheldon Adelson. The left has decided to make him public enemy number one. I researched his background, and he does seem to fit the pattern for somebody leftists could despise. He is rich, Jewish, republican, and breathing properly.

(Full disclosure: I am also a member of the RJC. I have attended events that took place in Casinos that he owns. I cannot recall ever meeting him, but I may have shaken his hand. The decision to write this column was mine and mine alone, with no input from any other sources connected to Mr. Adelson in any way. I did not stay in his hotel after the meetings since my friend since 4th grade has an apartment in the City. My friend is a liberal democrat. I would happily let Mr. Adelson adopt me in the same manner I would let any rich person adopt me.)

For those who have never heard of Sheldon Adelson, he is simply a man who became a billionaire through hard work. He own Casinos in Las Vegas, that being the Venetian and the Palazzo.

Yet he is being attacked now more than ever. The Obama campaign has ordered its surrogates to use every lever of power they have to disrupt the Republican Jewish Coalition. Mr. Adelson is one of the wealthier members of the RJC. The theory is that taking him down would cripple the entire organization.

An article in that bastion of waste known as the “New Yorker,” was written by a woman named Connie Bruck. Unlike Ms. Bruck, I understand that ethical writers offer disclosures, such as mine above. The issue is not about being biased. It is about being honest.

Connie Bruck is the partisan hatchet wife of former Congressman Mel Levine. Mel Levine left Congress after a disastrously failed Senate run, and now spends his time doing Obama’s laundry, and occasionally smelling his rumpus to see if it needs cleaning. Mr. Levine has gleefully taken on the task of trying to undermine the RJC at every turn, as the Tygrrrr Express has already reported on at length.

So what “scandals” did Ms. Bruck unearth?

For one, Mr. Adelson contributed a significant amount of money to help get George W. Bush reelected. What she fails to mention is that unlike leftist George Soros, Mr. Adelson donated his money legally. More on the contrast between Mr. Adelson and Mr. Soros will be dealt with.

Mr. Adelson has a problem with the leadership of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. According to Ms. Bruck, using that logic, 91% of the Israeli public is a threat. She is content to cast her lot with the 9% who like the approach of Israeli surrender. I guess that is what the left means by “tough diplomacy.”

Mr. Adelson supports Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the leader of Likud. Many rational people who believe that Likud is better than Labor on Israeli security issues support Likud. Barack Obama has stated that “You do not have to be Pro-Likud to be Pro-Israel.” American Jews have a hostility towards Likud and Bibi Netanyahu that would have been better directed towards Saddam Hussein. I understand that the left cannot distinguish between the two, but there really are stark differences.

Mr. Adelson funds the Zionist Organization of America. Ms. Bruck is concerned about this. I understand that the left equates Zionism with Racism, and fights U.N. Ambassadors such as John Bolton who overturn such horrible resolutions. Conservatives are perfectly comfortable with the concept of Jews moving to Israel, which was solely created out of the Holocaust so that Jews everywhere would finally have a homeland.

Mr. Adelson was concerned about Condoleeza Rice and the Annapolis summit. So what? So was I. I did not need a billion dollars to know a bad deal when I see one. Mr. Adelson simply understands that Palestinians never give up on a chance to break their word. Bad behavior should not be rewarded.

Ms. Bruck claims that Mr. Adelson accused Ehud Olmert of making concessions because a peace deal would keep him out of jail by distracting from his various corruption scandals. I am not sure what part of being right Ms. Bruck finds so objectionable. This is the Bill Clinton strategy. At least Bill Clinton blew stuff up to change the subject rather than give stuff up.

Ms. Bruck claims that Mr. Adelson got what he wanted when Prime Minister Olmert admitted his guilt. How incredibly sinister. Mr. Adelson brought down a corrupt politician that was destructive to his own country. He did it by speaking, which apparently is still allowable, even for conservatives.

Yet if Ms. Bruck and the New Yorker are useless (they are), then Thomas Edsall of the Huffington (com)Post is downright vicious. I have long referred to the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, and as the “Axis of Anti-Semitism.” Some will argue that Jews cannot be anti-Semitic. True. They can, and often on the left are, self-loathing.

Mr. Edsall refers to Ms. Bruck’s hit job to compare Mr. Adelson to Mr. Soros.

For those who are not aware, Mr. Adelson is a United States Citizen. He earned his money legally.

Mr. Soros is a foreigner that has tried to subvert the United States Constitution by violating United States election laws.

Mr. Soros is also a felon. He is a convicted insider trader in France. He makes his money by destroying third world currencies. Like many wealthy leftists, he spreads global misery, profits off of that misery, and uses the proceeds from the ill gotten gains to try and blame conservatives so that more compassionate leftists can continue the cycle.

Mr. Adelson’s main interest seems to be Israeli politics, so even if he was skirting laws like Mr. Soros, which he was not, it would be an Israeli issue. Apparently the only thing he has done is purchase a newspaper that favors the Likud. Apparently newspapers are only good when purchased by those on the left.

Mr. Edsall really goes off of the rails when discussing the idea that percentages means truth. He states that 62% of American Jews back Barack Obama over John McCain, and therefore Mr. Adelson is outside the mainstream. Yet he then criticizes Mr. Adelson for turning away from Prime Minister Olmert, in conjunction with 91% of Jews in that country. Which is it Mr. Edsall?

Liberal Jews keep claiming that they love Israel. My only question for them is if they really do love Israel, why not listen to Israelis?

Because liberals love Israel less than they love themselves. They love the troops, but will not listen to them. They love the “pristine” nature of Alaska, but will not listen to Alaskans. They love children, but ignore their needs in wretched schools. They love everybody provided that those people agree with them.

Well Israelis do not agree with them. Israelis do not have time for liberal nonsense. They are being shot at every day. They do not have time for “aggressive,” or “tough,” diplomacy. They are too busy trying to win a war, which they could have already won had leftist politicians not repeatedly forced them into untenable “compromises,” for the sake of “peace.” This is why 70% of Israelis voted for George W. Bush in 2004, and why 70% of Israelis support John McCain over Barack Obama. It is the left that is out of the mainstream on “Jewish” issues, based on Mr. Edsall’s own metrics.

Mr. Adelson is accused of threatening to withdraw support from AIPAC due to his opinion of them capitualting on certain issues. How dare a man decide to support people he agrees with and withdraw support from people he disagrees with. He said, “I don’t continue to support organizations that help friends commit suicide just because they say they want to jump.” Good for him. When Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones was criticized for being on the sidelines instead of watching the game from the owners box, he reminded his critics that, “It’s my sideline.” The same principle applies here.

Mr. Edsall then states that Mr. Adelson, through the RJC, has another sinister motive. He claims that, “One of the central ambitions during this current election cycle is to weaken Barack Obama’s support among Jewish voters.”

Imagine that. A republican organization wants to weaken a democratic candidate to help elect a republican. A republican Jewish organization is targeting the Jewish community for this goal. My lord, if I did not know better I would think a political organization was getting, dare I say it, downright political!

Another group Mr. Adelson contributes to is Vets For Freedom. I have met several members of the group Vets For Freedom. The only thing they are guilty of is actually winning the War in Iraq, and telling the truth about it. True, one could get information from John Murtha and John Kerry, but that information would be wrong. Those men served decades ago. The guys in Vets For Freedom have been to Iraq in recent weeks. I understand that liberals cannot accept information unless it has been deliberately misconstrued by the Jayson Blair Times, but Mr. Adelson should not be condemned for funding a group just because the members of the group base their opinions on things as obsolete as actual facts.

Mr. Adelson has also invested in one group run by Newt Gingrich. One conservative funding a group by another conservative seems sensible.

None of these hit jobs (which I refuse to link to since my blog has an anti-garbage equivalent of a v-chip) involve anything remotely illegal.

The left knows that George Soros tried to buy the 2004 election. Laws were broken. The left knows that their attempt to steal 2004 was debunked faster than one can say “fake but accurate” memos. Their attempt to steal 2008 with ACORN is drawing attention to actual real criminal activities by ACORN.

Rather than castigating Mr. Adelson for being rich, perhaps the left may wish to become conservatives themselves. They could lower taxes, and give everybody a chance to be as wealthy as Mr. Adelson. Or they could do what they do now, which is make sure that everybody becomes as poor as the folks on the street under a crushing weight of high taxes, more regulations, government bureaucracy, and less security.

Mr. Adelson is 74. I am 36. I can achieve what he has achieved, if government would just get out of my way. When I do, I will contribute to many of the same organizations that he is involved with.

Like Mr. Adelson, and unlike Mr. Soros, I will do it legally.

Until then, like Mr. Adelson, I will have the sheer unmitigated gall to support organizations that want to cut taxes, win wars, and spread liberty. I will have the audacity to speak out against those that would rather sing Kumbaya with genocidal lunatics than actually make the world more secure.

Lastly, I understand that Sheldon Adelson never hired people to fly an airplane into the World Trade Center. That would be Al Queda. Mr. Adelson never gave money to Palestinian suicide bombers who killed Jews. That would be Saddam Hussein.

It would be nice if liberals, particularly liberal Jews, understood the difference. They need to stop being the moral equivalent of human shields, and start supporting those that simply want to shield their own people.


18 Responses to “Conservatives Hate Al Queda, Liberals Hate Sheldon Adelson”

  1. Adelson “brought down” Olmert? That’s news to me. And here I thought Talanski turned over on him. Shows what I know. :l

    And what about Kadima? Why is it just Labor and Likud with you? Did you forget about Kadima? I thought Sharon was a hero of Zionism?

    And as for Adelson – what about Clarion? What about that 501 c-3 staus that’s under investigation? You sure that’s all on the up and up? But we should believe wholehearted in allegations from partisan hacks like Morris and Noonan that somehow Hsu and Soros formed some kind of illegal fundraising cabal that didn’t make a difference anyway?

    No one’s comparing the RJC or Adelson to OBL or Saddam Hussein. But that doesn’t mean that they are perfect people who are above all criticism. Only a blind sycophant would even want that.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “Adelson owns a newspaper called Israel Hayom. As a free paper, it is not a moneymaking venture; instead, it is widely regarded as a vehicle for attacking Olmert’s administration with the aim of propelling Netanyahu into office.”
    Along with his recomendation to Bush that Condi not promote a two state solution where Bush more or less told him “just tell me whats best for your people” I can see how Talansky was not totally instrumental in Olmerts problems.

    The political/leadership scenario that Israel is about to become a victim of is something I could probably stand to research a little more.
    But from what I’ve seen so far it seems like Adelson has contributed to and is willing to be the biggest part of bringing down Olmert.
    Theres a ton of articles out there supporting this, even one from the NYTs makes the point of how instrumental Adelson is and has been in taking on Olmert.

    “The conservative-leaning newspaper Israel Hayom, which is owned by Mr. Adelson, the casino magnate, attacked Mr. Olmert in Sunday’s issue. Dan Margalit, a columnist, wrote that the prime minister “has chosen hyperactivity as a means of dulling the impression of the police recommendations.”

    Mr. Olmert tried to promote Mr. Talansky’s business interests, making introductions on the American’s behalf.

    In November 2005, for example, Mr. Olmert, then Israel’s minister of trade and industry and vice prime minister, sent a letter to Sheldon G. Adelson, an American hotel and casino tycoon, asking him to consider using Mr. Talansky’s minibar company in his hotels. The letter, on official stationery, was introduced as evidence.

    Mr. Talansky has denied deriving any benefit from his relationship with Mr. Olmert. In fact, Mr. Talansky told the court, Mr. Adelson slammed down the phone when he called. ”

    “No one’s comparing the RJC or Adelson to OBL or Saddam Hussein.”

    Really ?
    I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve heard the left say that Israels actions to defend itself are that of terrorists, and they are no better than the Palestinians.
    Gee, Hamas, Hezzbolla are largley funded by state sponsored terrorism, and dont deny it.
    Sure, there have been acts perpetuted by individual Israelis but not on the scale of anything like what we see with huge terror organizations like Hamas and Hezzbolla.

    I’ve looked into Obamas stance on Israel pretty deeply recently.
    There is no doubt that he will simply prescribe more of the same policies in the past that have failed Israel. If anything, from the transcripts I’ve read its painfully obvious that with him in office Israel is screwed since he doesnt appear to want to get tough eneough with Iran and is under the delusion that a two state solution can exist.

    “I will strengthen Israel’s security and strengthen Palestinian partners who support that vision and personally work for two states that can live side by side in peace and security with Israel’s status as a Jewish state ensured so that Israelis and Palestinians can pursue their dreams.”

    Do you know how many times I’ve heard this from so many politicians in the last 40 years its not even funny ?
    When will people see that as many times as this approach has been tried it has failed ?

  3. Micky, a small majority of Israelis support the two-state solution and walays have since the wolution was proposed. That’s enough for any governing majority in Isreal. The two-state solution had nothing to do with the fall of Olmert. It was a combination of some financial shenanagans and a faultering economy that brought down Olmert. Adelson has as much to do with the reignation of Olmert as a butterfly flapping its wings in China.

    Many on the Left, including myself, are just plain getting tired of the never-ending status quo between Israel and Palestine. Israel hasM/em> to do something mew and different because as things are now they’ve become nothing but a constant, convenient excuse for Arab and Muslim hostility and malevolence. Only Israel can do it, because no one else will. A viable and realistic two-state solution is the only way Zionism can be a sustainable reality. What choice is there? There’s none. It’s the only way. Any rational person can see that. And it doesn’t really matter what America wants or does. Our blindly obedient, ambivilant support does the Israelis no good and it puts us in the unteneble middle of their problem. Israel has to grow up, get realistic, pull the settlers out of the West Bank, wall it all off if they have to, and build, by force if necessary, a viable, contiguous Palestinian state. Sharon realized this, and no one was more Zionist than him, especially Netanyahu, who’s stubborn adherance to a truly failed status quo led to the splitting of Likud in the first place.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Yap yap yap.
    I think I’ll listen to some reliable sources who are far more educated on the matter than you.
    You’re a riot, a huge flaming riot, do you know that ?
    I read up on this extensivly and after all that you just expect me to take the grand poobas word for it ?

    “Only Israel can do it, because no one else will. A viable and realistic two-state solution is the only way Zionism can be a sustainable reality. What choice is there? There’s none.”

    Right, and we should allow terroristic organizations to live here in America also.
    And three state solution in Iraq will work also.
    The Arabs could settle this, and we know it.
    We also know why they wont.

    Dream on bro

  5. Charlene Martel says:

    I, for one am heartily sick and tired of the liberal smears and witch-hunts directed against anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I don’t know much about Israeli politics, but I know the state of Israel MUST survive. Giving up territory should be off the table. All that needs be said is, remember what happened the last time it was tried. The greenhouses that were left as a goodwill gesture were smashed and with them went any good will I had for the Palis. It wasn’t even a week after Gaza was surrendered, that the Palis were shooting rockets into Israel. They have clearly demonstrated that they’ll NEVER be satisfied until the last Israeli is pushed into the sea. Screw them!

    The depths of self-hatred from any group (Jews, blacks, American liberals) is a well-known phenomenon. I don’t know the explanation for it, but I do know that it is more virulent than hatred directed at external targets.

  6. So, what do you guys want to do? You just want to kill every Palestinian single man, woman, and child. Is that the final solution?


  7. Micky 2 says:

    Well Jersey, since it sure seems like thats what the Palestinians want for Israel what do you think ?
    When you’ve got major funding coming from Iran( who wants Israel off the map) to support the movement against Israel.
    If someone ran around threatening my life and actually tried to kill me a few times I can honestly say I would finally kill him one day.

  8. So, you’re saying that the Israelis should become like Palestinian terrorists? Should the Israelis create and fund their own terrorists? Would that work for you?


  9. Micky 2 says:

    Is that what I said ?
    No, I think they should kick the living crap outta them and tell em to buzz off.
    Israel has a pretty formidable military. They dont need to resort to chickensh*t militia tactics and suicide bombings.
    You know that so knock off you little game.

  10. Micky, they’ve been doing that for sixty years and NOTHING has improved? Just how many times, and for how long, must everything you guys do fail before you try to think of something else?


  11. Charlene Martel says:

    Whatever the Israelis do, the Europeans and arabs start crying about how disproportionate the response is. Oh, the poor arab children. You know who they are. The ones that the arabs hide behind.

    They need to cut off the head of the snake.

  12. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, where have you been ?
    What have they been doing for 60 years ?
    Taking pot shots, thats what.
    Everything you see in the last 60 years is what has failed, the peace talks/processes etc have all been abject failures.

    Everything us guys do ?
    What freaking difference has anything you guys done made ?

    Please, when you want to be honest about this I’ll respond to you.

  13. Micky, what do you propose the Israelis do?


  14. So, did you guys hear about the attack hoax?



  15. Micky 2 says:

    And I slapped around anyone who was convinced of anything before they knew anything.

    I believe this womans motive was one of hatred for anyone supporting Obama as oppsed to her support for McCain.
    Just think, some poor innocent dude could of been a victim of this.

  16. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, what do you propose the Israelis do?”

    I already answered that.

  17. Where? I just ran through the thread and didn’t see it. What do you think Israel should do?


  18. Micky 2 says:


    “Where? I just ran through the thread and didn’t see it. What do you think Israel should do?”

    “I think they should kick the living crap outta them and tell em to buzz off.”

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