Friends and Heroes

The pressure of politics is in the Friday rear view mirror. It will poke its head out again on Monday, but not until football plays its proper role on Sunday.

Today is a Saturday of recognizing some heroes and acknowledging some friends. Two days ago I was in New York, and yesterday was Atlanta. Today begins a peaceful weekend in South Florida. Recharging the batteries does not prevent me from spreading some love across the blogosphere.

I shall begin by giving props to our military heroes. As vital as they are, I also support those that do more for them than I ever have.

The people at Soldiers Angels are angels themselves.

For those wondering how to communicate with soldiers it is easy.

The most respected military blog in the country is Blackfive. i had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Burden, who runs it.

For those who want to send care packages to the troops, there is Operation Gratitude.

For those who truly care about our veterans, Vets For Freedom has some fabulous soldiers leading the way. Pete Hegseth, Jeremy Christiansen, Nathan Martin, and Jason Meszaros are some fine soldiers. It is an honor to have interacted with them.

Tim Maxwell, an injured soldier, writes about injured soldiers. they have pride, dignity, and belief.

A Leiutenant in the United States Navy informed me of his wonderful website, “Appeal for Courage.”

In addition to military heroes, the blogosphere consists of many people that have products that i may be adding to my blog in terms of style. I will not add every one of them, but they are all worth looking at.

One site that tries to take the fight against anti-Semitism to college campuses is Stand With Us.

The quality improvements to my blog are solely the credit of a team led by a guy named Eliot. He is the fella behind Hotweazel.

Another fellow that has been enormously helpful, and is a good guy to boot, is Chad of the Grizzly Groundswell.

Evan Sayet has another comedy show coming up.

His new site is Regular Folks United.

My friend Dr. Bill Smith is the place to go for information about Arkansas Politics.

My friend Michael runs a great website called Urban Conservative.

My friend Laura has a new album out. She is a talented jazz singer.

Lastly, I will be debating at USC Chabad on October 16th and UCLA on October 24th.

No, I did not forget that O.J. Simpson was found guilty at 11pm PST last night. Now Greta Van Susteren will never leave my television screen ever again. I will let Ms. Van Substanceless cover this story. I have better things to do. besides, today was a tough day for former running backs in general. Lawrence Phillips also was sentenced to a decade in prison.

I only get to see my parents a few days a year, so the rest of the day will be about them.

Happy Saturday everybody.


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  1. Laree says:


    I went and watch “An American Carol” today it was funny and worth the ticket price. If you get the chance go see it, especially if like me you support our American Military Service People. The Same People who made The Airplane Movies made this movie, and theme is making fun of terrorist through out the movie.

    I will post the link to the trailer. Do I think the premise is possible? Michael Moore’s soul could be redeemed? I was raised to believe that no one is beyond God’s Grace. This movie may be God sending Michael Moore a sign? God does work in mysterious ways and unlike the uber left I do believe he has a sense of humor.

  2. Laree says:


    An American Carol by David Zucker, It is funny, have you seen it yet?

    Here is the link to the trailer. Now I am convinced that Liberals have no sense of humor so it will be doubly ironic when they pan this comedy. Yahoo Reviews gives it a A- that is a pretty good review.

    Oh yeah and my favorite college football team is now 5-0 Alabama #2 17-Kentucky 14, Roll Tide Roll. “Ala Freaken Bama”

  3. parrothead says:


    You really need to go back a little on Eric’s blog and see his column about the movie and why he is boycotting Zucker films. I don’t exactly agree or understand his reasoning, however if you read that blog you would never posted this

  4. […] Martin, and Jason Meszaros are some fine soldiers. It is an honor to have interacted with them. Gratitude – Welcome to Operation GratitudePlease accept my deepest gratitude to you and […]

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