My Interview With Congressman Bob Barr

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr.

Congressman Barr was the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States.

His Vice Presidential running mate was somebody I have met personally and like, Wayne Allan Root.

Although many republicans were not happy to see Bob Barr at the convention, there was no question that he was the darling of the media circuit, particularly along Radio Row. Despite being one of the first people to ever call for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, even Barr might have been surprised at the fact that his most positive reception came from those on the left. They were hoping he would be the difference in the election, in the reverse manner of 2000.

What is undeniable is that Bob Barr is a pleasant guy and a fun person to interview. Below is my interview with Congressman Bob Barr.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

BB: “The economy is most important. We have got to get the government out of the economy and out of our lives. We must have economic freedom. Government should get out of the way regarding our energy policy and stop blocking exploration. Government needs to stop managing housing. That is what contributed to the current climate. We need to stop bleeding the USA treasury dry with domestic expenditures and Iraq.”

2) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

“My political heroes are George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson.”

3) Your Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Root, who I have met, and personally like, made his money by building a sports gambling empire. Should this be a concern, or is it a non-issue for Libertarians?

BB: “It is a non-issue. He fits in perfectly with the Libertarian philosophy.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Bob Barr the person?

BB: “I would like to be remembered as an outstanding President of the United States.”

Well the votes have been counted, and Bob Barr and Wayne Root are not residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nevertheless, for those that believe that the two party system has failed, the libertarian philosophy of being conservative economically and moderate on social issues is an attractive one.

I personally am more of a pragmatist. I want to win elections and govern. Therefore, although I lean libertarian, I do vote republican. However, my parents have a different attitude. I expressed this to Congressman Barr, and he was happy about it.

“Congressman Barr, I just want you to know that my parents detest almost every politician, yet they like you. They think you are one of the only ones worth anything.”

Congressman Barr happily thundered back by saying, “Well tell them I like them too. I look forward to their votes, and look forward to representing them as President.”

He is brash, dogged, and yet very likable. I wish him much success, and hope that he returns to public service in some form, perhaps as a Senator or Governor of Georgia.


2 Responses to “My Interview With Congressman Bob Barr”

  1. I can’t figure Barr out. he seems libertarian sometimes, then other times liberal, than other times hard-core conservativ, then federalist, then statist, then here then there then everywhere.

    Interesting guy. I’ll give him this – at least he has the intellectual courage to change his mind – albeit on a regular basis…


  2. parrothead says:

    While I lean libertarian at the state and local levels (although like Eric Pragmatism leads me to vote for republicans most of the time) there isolationist approach to foreign policy bothers me at the national level.

    Barr himself seems an interesting affable guy but hard to pin down from a policy standpoint.

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