The Angry Gay Mobs Are Domestic Terrorists

Rico is not just the guy that wore a diamond and killed Tony at the Copacabana.

RICO stands for the 1970 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

The original purpose was to break the Mafia. In recent years, it has been used to prosecute terrorists.

Yet terrorism has come a long way from the stereotypical Italian portrayals glorified in “The Godfather.”

We now know that people are capable of hijacking airplanes, and using them as guns to destroy buildings, businesses, and economies.

Yet one type of terrorism is not given media attention, and that is political terrorism. So why does political terrorism get ignored?

Because the terrorists are on the left.

If I believed what I read in lamestream media, I would think that every Evangelical Christian in this nation is bombing abortion clinics. The incredibly few individuals that commit such horrid acts are charged with domestic terrorism under RICO. Eric Rudolph hid in the woods in North Carolina, but he was caught, and punished.

Yet left wing terrorism goes unabated. Ecoterrorism flourishes. ELF, the Earth Liberation Front, commits violent bombings. Animal rights activists put our lives at risk when they free wild animals into society. Entering fur coat stores and using spray paint on an expensive mink coat is terrorism.

Now Gay America has picked up their pitchforks, and are using mob violence to obtain what the ballot box would not.

I have often complained that since liberals fail in the free marketplace, they then turn to the legislature. When that fails, they turn to left wing activist judges to overturn the rule of law. Yet even judges cannot completely wreck a society when enough people stand up.

This brings us to California. Although I live here, I am a New Yorker living in California. I am not a Californian. This once great state truly has been overrun by left wing lunatics that impose their will on everybody else. If you want a decent steak, move to Texas. Hot dogs and hamburgers can be found in New York and Chicago. California has all the juice bars and coffee shops one could possibly want.

Yet this is not about disgusting food and beverages. It is about freedom, mainly the freedom to live and breathe without being assaulted.

California has become ground zero in the battle over gay marriage.

For the sake of full disclosure, I largely stay out of the culture wars. If gay marriage were to be legal or illegal, I would respect the rule of law without giving it much thought. Proposition 8 sought to ban gay marriage in California. I remained neutral on it and left it blank. If I were in Minnesota, election volunteers would be trying to determine my “intent.” I left it blank. Period.

Before getting to 2008, it is important to analyze 2004. Gay marriage bans appeared on 11 state ballots in 2004, and passed in all 11 of these states. Many attribute these initiatives to the reason President George W. Bush won reelection.

What they miss is why these initiatives came out. It began with some criminal activity in San Francisco. Mayor Gavin Newsom presided over illegal ceremonies. We can argue until the end of time whether gay marriage should be allowed. Yet at that moment, in San Francisco, they were illegal. Many Americans that were open to gay marriage looked at San Francisco, concluded that Gavin Newsom broke the law, and were pushed in the other direction.

In 2008, the fighting has escalated, with fighting being the key word. Gay America, like most predominantly liberal activist groups, want respect and tolerance for only those that agree with them.

I personally have been confronted by angry activists against Proposition 8. When I stated my neutrality, I was yelled at. I was not even against them! I was neutral. While I try not to let emotion affect my voting patterns, the hostility of the anti-8 crowd certainly pushed me away from them.

Had Proposition 8 gone down to defeat, I would have accepted the decision with grace and dignity. I voted Republican for President. The Democrat won. I could have rioted in the streets, but I have a day job. Even if I did not, I still have decency.

This is lost on many basket cases in Los Angeles and San Francisco that are turning the Golden State into the Wild West.

My main concern about legalizing gay marriage is one of lawsuits. I want lawsuit protection in place that gives religious institutions absolute discretion to refuse to perform any ceremony for any reason. Orthodox Synagogues and Strict Catholic Churches should not be forced to perform ceremonies that violate their own doctrines. Some say this lawsuit protection is unnecessary because the laws are already on the books. This has been exposed as a lie. Legal businesses are under assault.

One victim is the internet matchmaking site E-Harmony.

E-Harmony is run by Neil Warren, an evangelical Christian. Unlike other websites that focus on everything from friendship to dating, E-Harmony is specifically set up to introduce people that are looking to get married. E-Harmony has rejected many people on the grounds that it is not a “hook-up” service. It is not a dating service. It is a matchmaking service.

Gay marriage is not legal in most places. Therefore, E-Harmony has no reason to assist gays. Even if gay marriage were legal, E-Harmony is owned by a man that does not believe in gay marriage. It is his company. He has every right to keep his business model.

We live in a world where leftists want to force fast food joints to offer health food. They want to force oil comanies to invest in alternative energy, and automakers to build “green cars,” regardless of whether or not those cars will sell. Liberals sue, and businesses go bankrupt.

Now the gay community has engaged in boycotts of certain companies. That is fine. Boycotts are freedom of speech. However, boycotting E-Harmony would not work because they could not join anyway. So the gay activists will boycott some companies, but fight for the right to join others that do not want them.

E-Harmony caved under the pressure of threats and class action lawsuits. Instead of some enterprising Americans setting up  website specifically designed to introduce marriage-minded gays to meet each other, they forced an already existing one to alter its own business model.

Yet as thuggish as the tactics used against E-Harmony were, they were legal. What should concern all Americans is the illegal and dangerous behavior. In a cruel irony, people that are against gay marriage are being “outed,” by gays. These anti-gay marriage voters want to stay in the closet, but are being publicly humiliated.

A pizza shop owner voted for Proposition 8. He was outed, and his store has been vandalized. A young Christian missionary in San Francisco was beaten up.

Some say a Christian Missionary should know better than to go to San Francisco. Yeah, those black men should know better than to kiss a white girl in Alabama. They deserved the beating that Bobby Joe and Billy Ray gave them. Yeah, those gay people should know not to dress provocatively at the football game in West Texas. Matthew Shepherd? He should have known better than to breathe in the wrong neighborhood.

Violence is violence is violence. If gay people want equality on all levels, then equality of responsibility must be included. If you assault somebody, you are a criminal. If you use violent threats and intimidation, you are a thug.

The police have stayed on the sidelines because they do not want to be seen as anti-gay. This is not about gay vs. straight. It is about the rule of law vs. anarchy.

Some gays compare their struggle to the Civil Rights battles of the 1960s. Blacks in California voted for Proposition 8 by 70% to 30%, much more than their white counterparts. They understand that gay people did not come here in chains, nor did they have to spill blood to vote. Gays were never 3/5 of a human being.

Some gays compare this to the Holocaust. Then again, every left wing group from animal rights activists to environmentalists invoke the Holocaust. I don’t know any gay people that had Zyklon B shoved down their throat in 21st century America.

The gay leftists in America have become what they claimed to detest. They have become the bigots and zealots. Storming the Mormon Church and breaking things is intolerant and bigoted.

I want to make it clear that there are many good, decent, and honorable gay Americans in this country. The Log Cabin Republicans are a great group of individuals. Like most Republican organizations, they seem to be able to advocate fiercely for their viewpoints without burning buildings or hitting people.

So what is the solution?

Aggressive police action.

The moment somebody picks up a brick, they should be tasered. The moment they break a window, they should be pelted with rubber bullets.

As for the young people, I would proudly wear a t-shirt with the slogan “Kent State 2008,” to show them that uncivil disobedience must have consequences.

Those who commit violent acts against Republicans, conservatives, Christians, or any other human beings must be aggressively prosecuted. Although I am against hate crimes legislation, if it is good enough to protect blacks, gays, and Arabs as victims, it should be good enough to punish them when they are perpetrators.

The most violent of the 2008 gay mafia need to be prosecuted as would any other Cosa Nostra. They need to be pulled off of the street, remaned without bail, and charged under RICO.

Ghandi succeeded using non-violence. So did Martin Luther King Jr. If left wing terrorists cannot succeed using only the ballot box, than perhaps they need to revisit everything they stand for. Everybody they know agrees with them, but many others do not.

If Proposition 8 had failed, I would have told the Christian Coalition to respect the rule of law. This would have been easy, because in general religious people believe in God, who instructs them to love their neighbor and not kill their neighbor.

I am now telling gay activists and their fellow left wing cancer causing agents to obey the law. Fight for your beliefs legally.

Boycott the pizza place. Do not ban others from entering. Do not destroy the place.

Respect the right of other people to disagree with you without requiring a rabies shot.

Many people are wondering why an entire column is needed to explain concepts that five year old children can understand.

Five year children are apolitical. Liberals are not. They do need universal concepts explained to them.

Until left wing terrorists face RICO indictments, they will continue to terrorize.


32 Responses to “The Angry Gay Mobs Are Domestic Terrorists”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Gays come in a variety just like people do.
    And those certain varieties are the ones that simply need their heads slapped, metaphorically speaking.
    Well, maybe not.

  2. parrothead says:

    I voted AGAINST the amendment but as I have said several times, sayin git “banned gay marriage” is turly overstating the proposition. It banned the use of the word “marriage” to describe a legal status which has existed in this state for 5 years. Gay “domesitc parnerships” in this state confer all teh legal rights of marriage. I am sorry but the use of a term is not a major civil rights issue. it is all symbolism and no substance.

    Another pet peeve is the constant misrepresentation of the 3/5 clause in the constitution. It NEVER said a black perosn is 3/5s of a person. It was a method for determining representation which was designed to help abolish slavery. Ratehr than counting slaves (who could not vote) to determine the amount of representation slave states received giving more power to slave states to prolong the insittution, it weakened their power so that someday the free states might be able to abolish slavery. In fact it never mentions black people at all. It applied to slaves of all colors, white slaves (who existed in the south even though people like to ignore that inconvenient fact) were counted as 3/5 for representations. Free blacks which existed in the north and in some regions (like the gullahs) in the south were counted in their entirety. I really resent the way the true history of slavery in this nation has been misrepresented. Especially since the overwhelming majority of people in this country of all races (like myself) are descendents of people who arrived int his country long after slavery was illegal.

  3. “Entering fur coat stores and using spray paint on an expensive mink coat is terrorism.”

    Wow. That’s really something. Terrorism, huh? Did it occur to you, while writing this post, that perhaps real victims of terrorism – ya’ know, people with dead children, missing body parts, etc – might not be too keen on being compared to a lousy, stinkin’ fur coat???

    That’s just in bad taste, man. And for a New Yorker to say that? Well, that’s just sad. I saw the Towers fall down before my eyes. I would never have the poor taste to compare petty property damage to 9/11. That’s just nasty.

    As for the gays – good for them. I hope they irritate the living h#ll out of every hung-up moron in California. You don’t like demonstrations? You think they’re violent? You think “Gays were never 3/5 of a human being”? Well, they were effectively LESS. And these demonstartions are mild by American standards.

    This is a sad to post to read. I expect better of this site. You cons have nothing going for you so you whine about other people who have essentially nothing to do with you whatsoever. Act like adults and talk about something that matters. This has nothing to do with you. If Christians didn’t impose their fascist tyranny on other people, there wouldn’t be these demonstrations in the first place. Be a man and put the blame where it belongs. The gays didn’t start this – you’re friends in the Christian Right did.


  4. Parrot, don’t apologize for racism and slavery. It doesn’t matter when you or your family got here. This country was built on the backs of slaves. We owe them for that and we always will.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    I told my neighbor to shut the f*** up one day or I’d slap his head and got arrested for terroristic threatening.
    Get real. Not all terrorism consists of all out warfare.
    The labor and money invested in that coat were subjected to a terrorist act.

    “Most common definitions of terrorism include only those acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for an ideological goal (as opposed to a lone attack), and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants.

    Some definitions also include acts of unlawful violence and war.”

    “Well, they were effectively LESS. And these demonstartions are mild by American standards. You don’t know jack-sqaut about your own country’s history. ”

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo, we should allow innocent people to be victimized by a bunch of sobbing wussies ?
    I’m gonna go break someones window if we end up with socialized medicine or pull out of Iraq too soon, or maybe if the fairness doctrine is brought in I’ll go deface a liberal station ?.

    You’re not much better than what you condemn.

  6. Micky, threatening someone with physiccal violence is a form of terrorism. You are terrorizing another person. Damaging a fur coat is property damage. No one is threatened and no one is terrorized. It’s just annoying to the owner of the coat. But it’s not terrorism by any stretch – not literally, not figuratively, not legally.

    The only wussies I see here are the ones complaining about the gays.

    As for your inane comparison to Iraq – Iraq doesn’t threaten your rights. It takes nothing awy from you except your taxes and you’re welcome to vote for someone who doesn’t want to spend your taxes on it. What happened in California was that a small majority of voters passed a nasty little vindictive ballot to squelch the rights of gays to do with their lives as they choose. Christians imposed their fascist will on gay people, a minority that has historically suffered greatly at the hands of the Christians. I don’t blame the gays at all. Good for them. I hope they raise holy h#ll over there.


  7. Joshua Godinez says:

    Fine. Chant and yell all you want. I don’t care. I dislike being called epithets, but I’ll have to take it. I didn’t like judges reversing a vote by reading new law into a consitution that didn’t imply the meaning found by them. So, I voted to amend the constitution. It was a thumb in the eye of every liberal activist judge out there.

    Off topic, though, I just saw an interesting line over at NRO: talking about trade leaving Europe because of carbon cap and trade: “Pay no attention to the ceramic facilities in Spain shutting down because it was more profitable to go into the business of making nothing — and just selling their CO2 ration coupons”. That got me thinking. Is this whole cap and trade thing just another environmental attempt to put the brakes on trade? After all, nobody’s going to stop working because they have to earn money to eat and buy the next version of Rock Band (love that game, by the way). However, if they can make a living by doing absolutely nothing, why wouldn’t they? Buy my credits. I’ll take a nap and you pay me for it. The global economy has the brakes put on and countries with no industry get stuck in their current level of quaint folksiness and will become dependent on a limited number of businesses who actually make stuff. Sounds like the Democratic party gone global. I’d never thought about that motive for the cap and trade schemes before.

  8. Demonstrations, sometimes quite violent, are an American tradition. In fact – they are quintessentially American. Our very Founding was a product of violent, rabble-rousing demonstration. Much of the great progressive strides of our histopry were all or partly prodcuts of vibrant, loud, colorful – and yes, sometimes violent – demonstration.

    Look. The way someone makes a point is not as important as the point itself. I think it’s a cop-out to argue against the way an argument is made instead of making a counter-argument to the point. When I hear people complain about the way other people make a point, all I hear is, “I have no valid counter-point, so I’m just going to complain about the other guy’s tone, or appearance, or volume, or attitude, or behavior, or language – anything but make a valid counter-point.” It’s a cop-out. And it’s a convenient way of closing your ears to other point of view. Like a little child, you put your hands over your ears and simply tune out the argument with the excuse that it’s too loud, or profane, or colorful, or whatever. It’s a cop-out and it’s kinda childish and creepy.

    Now, of course, violence can never be tolerated in a civil society no matter what and we have laws to deal with it, whether or not the “media” is covering it to your liking. And if one feels so strongly about something that one’s going to get violent about it, then one has to be willing to face the sanctions of law. Otherwise, one shouldn’t get violent. It’s the old, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” Otherwise, one’s a coward. Really, violence is very rarely acceptable. If there’s violence taking place in this case, I’m sure the law is on top of it. If not, they should be.


  9. Joshua, show me an example of a “new law” of which you speak? Just once I’d like to see a valid example of this phony “judicial activism” you cons endlessly drone on about.

    I agree, by the way, if you’re saying that carbon trading is stupid. I think it’s extremely stupid. Most scientists think so as well. It’s a political shell game, but it has no real value, just moving money around pointlessly while accomplishing nothing and giving big polluters a perfect way to go on polluting. Meanwhile, no one is even monitoring or verifying the pollution in the fist place. Just plain stupid. It’s a politically convenient con to appease the naive Left while lining the pockets of the crooked Right.


  10. Micky 2 says:

    Micky, threatening someone with physiccal violence is a form of terrorism. You are terrorizing another person. Damaging a fur coat is property damage.”

    Jersey, you dont get to make up your own descriptions.
    Many dictionaries hold the same description.
    Is this what you guys on the left do ?
    Make up the rules as you go along, change descriptions to suit your needs ? As “Democrats ” you cry for a majority but only when it suits your needs ?

    The man who had his store front smashed was not subjected to terror as he was worried the place might get torched.
    Or the missionary girl was justifiably smacked ? Or the old lady with the cross that got spat on ?

    As far as your last post goes.
    Its just a childish attempt to justify idiocy.
    A long winded “NOTHING”

    “Look. The way someone makes a point is not as important as the point itself. ”

    Like if they blew my brains over a popsicle ?

    Please,and then you backtracked at the last paragraph condemning the violence just to cover your butt, but ebeded up conradicting yourself.

    ” I don’t blame the gays at all. Good for them. I hope they raise holy h#ll over there. ”

    “violence can never be tolerated in a civil society no matter what ”

    You wana BS your way outta that one ?

  11. Micky 2 says:

    “It’s a politically convenient con to appease the naive Left while lining the pockets of the crooked Right. ”

    BS again !!!

    You actually expect any intelligent person or pundit to believe that ?
    How many carbon credits does Al Gore own ?

    Millions buddy !

  12. blacktygrrrr says:

    This blog was and always will be a very benevolent dictatorship.

    Editing will be done at the sole discretion of the committee of one.

    I am the Decider.

    I do save the originals in my personal email in case any of you need an unredacted version in a court of law.

    Unredacted may not be a word. Again it is my blog and I will use it.

    It is also my party, and I will cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you.

    Off to Shabbos dinner. I trust my readers will not litter the blog with filth in my absence. Checking email during Sabbath dinner is not my preference.

    Everybody keep the gloves up. I like all of you, editing notwithstanding.


  13. But could you please notate that something’s been editted? It’s just a matter of good form. The internet is an unforgetting, unforgiving record of our words. I think we’d all like to be remembered truthfully. Truth is and should always be more important than any silly rule or whimsy.


  14. Micky, I don’t care what Al Gore has. I don’t hold him up to anything. I couldn’t care less about or for the guy.

    And Micky, by any definition, damaging some stupid fur coat is most certainly NOT terrorism. To say otherwise demeans and devalues the the true victims of the horrific scourge that is truly terrorism. It’s really in poor taste.

    As for what I said about demonstrations and violence and such – hey, I don’t have any claim on understanding it all. It’s just the way it is. There’s a big ol’ gray line there, and as Justice Potter Stewart once said, “I know it when I see it.”


  15. Micky 2 says:

    So, I guess what these freaks did to the guys store, the church, the missionary in SF, and the little old lady was alright huh ?

    Whether you care about Gore or not is irrelevant, my point cancels out your BS claim that the rights pockets are being lined when its common knowledge that the majority of scientists and eviros working on the left aint doin it for free !!!!
    Just about every darn green cause on the planet comes from the left, global warming is your little baby, dont forget it and dont think we will either.

    “I don’t have any claim on understanding it all. ”

    Very obviously, NOT !


  16. Micky 2 says:

    “It’s just a matter of good form.”

    In my house, the form is the form.
    If ya dont like it, split.
    This is not prop 8, so you can b*tch all you want.

    Eric edits me constantly, I dont b*tch.
    I shine it on, or rephrase it in the next comment

  17. parrothead says:

    “What happened in California was that a small majority of voters passed a nasty little vindictive ballot to squelch the rights of gays to do with their lives as they choose.” Absolutely FALSE. They can live their lives as they choose and have ALL the rights of married couples. They just have to use the term domestic partnership instead of marriage. The use of a word to describe a legal status is NOT a basic civil right. I wouldn’t care if they passed a proposition that did the same thing for heterosexual marriage. I am married through my religion and can have domestic partnership legally. This is really about gays sticking their fingers in the eye of the straight community. I know you will never acknowledge the facts on this so I keep stating them over and over again. ALong wiht this one I VOTED AGAINST THE PROPOSITION.

    “Parrot, don’t apologize for racism and slavery. It doesn’t matter when you or your family got here. This country was built on the backs of slaves. We owe them for that and we always will.”

    Another piece of revisionist crap. MORE states outlawed slavery than allowed it before we became a nation and that never changed. Slavery was a WORLDWIDE institution (which still exists) and was brought here by the British. We fought a war to make it illegal in all the states. The country grew to what it became through the industrial revolution in the north and the railroads in the west (which was built largely by free underpaid Chinese Workers who don’t get ENOUGH credit in making this country what it has become). The South was dragged along kicking and screaming for much of that time. The most populated and successful cities have been and remain in areas in which slavery was never legal (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston for examples). Few countries in the rest of the world have had leaders whose ancestors came over just 2 or 3 generations prior as frequently as we have in this country. Whether it be a Barack Obama, John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan just to name 3 recent ones. We have less of a history of slavery and racism than most of the rest of the world, and I get sick and tired of hearing how we supposedly have one of the worst. I am trying to remember the name of all the Black leaders (whether called president or Prime Minister) of all these white european countries which are supposedly so much morally better than us and I can’t think of one (because they DO NOT exist). Same with non-Asian leaders in the east. (Japan, China, Korea, etc). Yet we are much younger than any of those countries.

    Is our past perfect of course not, but what countries is. I think we have done more toward recognizing and correcting our mistakes than most of the other countries in the world. I feel no need to apologize for or be ashamed of this country

  18. Parrot,

    Even from what you’ve just said, it still stands to reason that Prop 8 was just a nasty, vindictive little “finger in the eye” to the gay community. I have no idea how “gay marraige” effects anyone but gay people. It’s just your typical nosey little Christians butting into other people’s lives.

    And I certainly don’t need a history lesson from someone who simply ignores the facts and legacy of slavery. Weren’t you the one who said that America was the first to end the practice? Because that’s just so wrong as to be pitiful. You point out the industrial revolution and the big cities? Where do you think the slaves went after the war and the failure of reconstruction? Do you believe they were suddenly treated evenly with white people? The legacy of slavery was low wages and abusive labor standards for years to come – even to this day. I stand buy what I said – this country was built on the backs of slaves – slaves of a few races, but mostly blacks.

    “I think we have done more toward recognizing and correcting our mistakes than most of the other countries in the world.”

    Really? Most Americans don’t even know their history, let alone recognize or correct anything.

    Micky, those Christians were the instigators. They got what they deserved. There was plenty of abuse targetted at the gays too. This was a give and take. I wouldn’t blame the gays if they kicked those sorry Christian arses all the way back to Jesusland. If Christians don’t like the Catsro, then they shouldn’t go there.

    As for “good form,” I stand by what I said. Either you have the character to follow some standard of good form or you don’t. If you put words in my mouth in your home, I would walk out and never return. Does the Ninth Commandment mean anything to you guys? Sometimes I think I’m more of a Judeo-Christian then all of you combined – and I’m an Atheist!


  19. parrothead says:

    I read your timeline on slavery and it was VERY misleading. I admit I overstated my point and was wrong on part of it. You miss that slavery was outlawed in several of the colonies in America before MOST of the countries/events on your time line. True it took a lng time to get it everywhere in the country but it was outlawed in the Majority of states from the beginning. Outside of a few events on that time line most of them occurred AFTER colonies here started doing the same thing. You like to ignore that the issue was a major debate in the Declaration of Independence almost 100 years before it was finally eliminated. I stand by my point. It was not something that started here or was a peculiarly American institution. AS far a the industrial revolution started well before the migration of blacks northward. That migration was also slow and took a long time, much happening long after the turn of the 20th century. The majority of the workers who drove the industrial revolution were in fact poor largely immigrant white people in the north. As I said earlier the railroad workers in the West were primarily Chinese. The reason many American don’t know their history is because liberals like you, (and those in our educational system) keep revising it to make the narrative about what a terrible country this is sound true.

  20. parrothead says:

    What is funny about your comments in Christians (by which I know you mean evangelicals) is it shows how little you know about the dynamics and demographics in this state. If any religion is dominant in this state it is Catholicism. That becomes more true as immigration increases. Over all this state is extremely diverse and integrated with a large block (maybe the majority) of atheists and agnostics. So please spare us all the religion and especially Christian bashing.

  21. parrothead says:

    to clarify the large migration of black nrothward occurred in the 1930s and 1940s

  22. Micky 2 says:

    Micky, those Christians were the instigators. They got what they deserved.

    Wheres your proof ?
    Show me a police report or video.
    The girl was just singing Amazing Grace.
    People in churchs were worshiping, minding their own business.
    The ole lady had as much right to hold her cross and sign as the gays acting like territorial female dogs in heat.
    I think you’re lying again.

    Its Erics blog, its Erics rule.
    I’m not kissing Erics ass, I’m using this situation to make a point.
    That point would that you are no better than these rabid wussies on the street cryin about prop 8 who think they have a right to circumvent the law and create anarchy becauise it doesnt suit them. Just like Erics editting practices dont suit you but you for some strange reason seem to think you have right to say what you want on the paper that he owns.
    Grow up.
    Its not yours, if you dont like it leave, if it was so terrible then why are you still posting ?

    Can you understand that ?

    Now, to the point.
    The people, a majority of them have said no to gay marriage, TWICE!!!
    As democrats you are all supposed to be about the majorities needs, and yet you freaking hypocrits pitch a bitch when it doesnt suit your agenda.
    To top it off you want to sue christian institutions for not performing the cerimonies ?
    HAHAHAHAHAHAH, Y’all has got to be kiddin me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Alsoou are record here , up a few posts first condoning the violence, then condemning it.
    You and these clowns in the street are all over the place with idiocy and hypocrisy

    And by the way, how the hell can anyone with a clear conscience compare a few guys who like to go down on each other to races of people, millions of them, who have been beaten starved and worked to death for centuries ?

    That crap right there just makes me puke in my mouth a little bit to even think anyone can be so freaking self centered as to place themselves there.

  23. Micky 2 says:

    ” If Christians don’t like the Catsro, then they shouldn’t go there. ”

    If Jersey don’t like the blog, then he shouldn’t go there ???

    Which is it Jersey ?
    We should all conform to your ideals of form ?
    Or not go there if we dont like it ?

    Starting to see a pic of what you and libs look like here ?

    I’ll tell you the diff.

    Private property.
    Public Property.

    Learn the diff.

  24. Parrot, just as our good host is an unabashedly biased conservative and proudly so, I am an unabashedly biased anti-theist and proudly so. I can’t ALL Christians. ;) Really, though, I don’t mean just evangelicals. Unfortunately, American Catholics, who had tradtionally been all pretty liberal and progressive Democarts, have been drawn into the culture war of late and many have joined the Dark Side. I’m well aware of that, and well aware of the demos of California – I lived there, I have many friends and family there, and I worked with people there and from there for many years.

    As for slavery, I’m not getting into a tat over that with you. Your simplistic timelines and apologist language just irratates me. I know when what started when and when it died out and when it moved and when it changed and when it whatevered. I also know that ending slavery was fgar from ending it’s legacy and the tradition and legacy of racism. I certainly don’t need a lesson from a modern Republican.

    Micky, there’s plenty of press out there on the incidents in San Fran (contrary to opinion around here). Look them up yourself.


  25. Oops…

    “I can’t stand ALL Christians.” ;)


  26. Micky 2 says:

    You made the accusation, you prove it !
    And we are not talking about SF only.
    Get real.
    Man you’re loosing your hide on this one, arent you ?
    You say Parrots respones were simplistic and irritating and you have people in Ca. that you know so we should just take your woed for it againg.
    Once again, you lost the debate becaause as usual it boils down to us having to take your word for it as you have nothing to back up your claims
    And then your best response is to ask me to prove your accusations ???
    Are you drinking again ?

    By the way, I belong to no religion or denomination, as much as you cant stand christians, you having said that, even myself and a few others would still pull you out of the gutter if we saw you lying there in dire straights.

    We can stand you.


    Here’s a Google news search with a bunch of hits.

    You can see the way the different stories are framed. The Christian conservative news outlets portray the the Christians as victimized while the left leaning outlets show the trouble as instigated. Most of the press is pretty silent about all this, which may suggest that stories are being a little exaggerated here. I tried searching arrest stories but wasn’t able to find any, which only further shows the probable exaggerations.

    Drinking? No. I gave that up.

    Parrot didn’t prove anything but that he’s a blind patriot who figures that everything happens in a historical vacuum and we all just move on from moment to moment as if by whole cloth with nothing having started the movement in the first place. Whatever floats his boat.

    I was just ribbing about Christians. I have lots of Christian friends and such. I just get a little tired of Christianity sometimes. It can be very annoying. When you believe in something that makes no sense then you become suseptable to all sorts of pointless and annoying dispositions.


  28. blacktygrrrr says:


    I received a fabulous piece of hate mail on my thread “Dear Detroit: Drop Dead.”

    Please check it out.

    eric :)

  29. Micky 2 says:

    Look at this and tell me this old lady instigated anything !!!!

    This lunatic and friends were waving there hands in her face, stomping her cross, blocking the camera, spitting on her, while the whole time she just stood there with her hands folded.

  30. Micky 2 says:

    And tell me how this church full of worshipers were instigating anything.

    Give a it rest already, “the way they’re framed “????
    Show me these” left leaning” videos that frame it the way you say they’re framing it.
    Your digging a hole the size of your ego man.
    You got nothin.


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