From Jewish Los Angeles to Mumbai, India With Love

While Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving, Islamofacist terrorists were blowing up Mumbai, India.

For three days, bombs were followed by fierce firefights. When the infernos had been put out, almost 200 people had died.

While every loss of innocent life is tragic, my own community was hit hard by the tragedy. Although Mumbai only has 1000 Jews in a city of 2 million (India itself has only 10,000 Jews among over 1.2 billion people), these people of the book were targeted by Islamic murderers specifically because they were Jewish.

A sect of Judaism known as Chabad is one of the most significant outreach organizations in the world.

Never has a group been more misunderstood while doing so much good. The first Chabad House was built in Los Angeles, and it still stands within walking distance to my home.

As previously mentioned, Chabad is an outreach organization. Outreach by definition means sending people everywhere, hence “reaching out.” Chabad Rabbis give up their comfortable lives in New York and Los Angeles to live in every part of the globe, all for the purpose of helping people. 29 year old Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg was sent to India with his 28 year old wife Rivka. They did not go to India for glamour. They went their to bring the joy and sweetness of life that they had known in America to people in India. As a cruel reward, they were murdered by Islamic terrorists.

Members of Chabad are among my closest friends. I consider them members of my extended family. Members of our extended family were murdered, and we were going to shout from the rooftops that we need to act now. A memorial service took place on Sunday in memory of the Holtzbergs, and the other victims of this senseless tragedy. I have a million things I want to express, but more eloquent speakers than myself offered the complete spectrum of emotions in front of a crowd that was diverse, but one in being united in grief and seriousness of purpose.

Marshall Grossman began speaking.

MG: “There are over 3000 Chabad Houses world wide. The first one began here. Chabad Shliachs are committed to the spread of good and the destruction of evil. Chabad serves all faiths. May those who perpetrated this evil burn in Hell. We will continue the lighting of candles and spreading of joy.”

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villagarosa has been a friend of the Jews, and showing solidarity is par for the course with him. He was at the airport ready to board a plane, but he called in, and with the help of technology, the cellphone blared through the sound system to the crowd. While the Mayor is not Jewish, he let the crowd know that “This was a crime that specifically targeted the Jewish community.”

An emissary from Israel then issued necessary words of what Judaism is about. What Americans refer to as 9/11, Israel calls every day life.

“We should not succumb or let terrorism dictate our lives. We must live our lives, and do good to other people. We are approaching Hanukkah. Hanukkah celebrates life and freedom of religion. Our religion confronts those that celebrate death by celebrating life.”

Rabbi Shlomo Cunin then came to the microphone. He is the head of Chabad of the West Coast. The Lubavicther Rebbe Menachem Schneerson dispatched Rabbi Cunin to Los Angeles as an emissary. Rabbi Cunin then honored the Rebbe’s wishes by sending emissaries of Chabad around the globe.

Rabbi Cunin has a forceful personality that is matched only by the forcefulness of the contributions his Chabad Houses have contributed to the world in the name of peace. He began by telling a story I have heard before, but one all should here.

SC: “In 1980, this Chabad House burned. The fire killed three people. On that day a firefighter came up to me. he showed me a picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that had been hanging in the Chabad House. He asked me who the man was. I told him, and asked him why he wanted to know. He told me that when I went inside the Chabad House and saw for myself what had happened to that room, it was a miracle that the picture of this man was untouched.

28 years later, who could have possibly imagined that two emissaries who gave their lives…opened their houses up for people 24/7…

6 million Jews perished because they were Jews. God…What is it? How much longer will the world suffer?

God…Shelter all of us regardless of race, color, or creed. Shelter all of those who perished in this horrible tragedy.

As for the perpetrators, you thought you would do us in. Let me help you get it straight.

We the Jewish people will join hands with India. India, Israel, and the greatest nation, the United States of America…we will grasp hands and make the world a better place.

We are also celebrating a miracle. A two year old child was saved from death by an Indian nanny who risked her life to save his. That child is not alone. Moshelah, we are all your family.”

Rabbi Shochet spoke next.

“In the aftermath of the Holocaust, there were diffferent types of people. There were those who despaired. I cannot criticize them. I never went through anything near what they did. Then there were those that were strong. I am dust under their feet.

There are three pillars of Judaism. There is Torah. There is prayer. There is charity. We must continue to do acts of kindness.”

Rabbi Cunin came back to the microphone.

“Have more children. The safety of our people depends on bringing more children into the world and raising them”

County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky spoke next.

ZY: “The targets of these terrorists believed in reason, justice, and righteousness.

What was a Jewish organization doing in India? India has 10,000 Jews among 1.2 billion people.

Chabad is on every continent. I picture going to Antarctica and seeing a sign welcoming people to the South Pole next to the sign that reads ‘Chabad, Antarctica.’

Chabad is a place where indigenous Jews can be among each other. It is a place where students can have a warm Sabbath dinner. Tikkun Olam spreads to all.

That building that was blown up had a Star of David on it. It belonged in India because we all believe in the value of the individual human being. That is not the view of the perpetrators.

We reacted the way the nanny did. We all wanted to do whatever we could to help. We are all part of the same story. As soon as we understand this, we can come together for good.”

The Chabad House Headquarters in Los Angeles is located directly across the street from the UCLA campus. The UCLA Medical Center is renowned world wide. Dr. Sherwin Eisenberg deals with optometry issues, mainly blindness in children. He has three centers in India that try to cure blindness in Indian children. He almost became a victim of the terrorism himself.

SE: “In India there are 100,000 blind children.

I was in Mumbai last Friday. I was invited to sleep in the Chabad House, but I declined. I already had reserved my stay at, of all place, the Taj Mahal. I saw Rabbi Holtzberg. He was in great spirits. He gave a sermon about how we will be measured by the way we treat our pets and other animals.

Imagine a man talking about the need to love animals…only to be massacred by human animals four days later. May the murderers receive what is coming to them.”

Delivering a forceful and absolutely necessary message was Councilman Jack Weiss.

JW: “In addition to the loss of life, one concept also died…the concept of non-alignment.

India was non-aligned during the Cold War. They took great pains to not be aligned against the USA or the USSR.

At this moment, when it comes to terror, you may not be non-aligned. You are either aligned with them or they will align against you.

Bali, Kenya, Israel, Spain, 9/11…none of us have the right to be non-aligned.

This will keep happening until we stand up.”

On a day when good men offered good words, a truly great man offered great ones. Rabbi Marvin Hier is the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Simon Wiesenthal has spent decades hunting down Nazis and bringing them to justice. Rabbi Hier has dedicated his life to fighting hatred and bigotry in all of its ugly forms. He offered words of compassion mixed with jusified toughness.

MH: “Never has their been such a disaster between the worlds of light and darkness. The Holtzbergs prepared meals for traveleers. They provided prayer counseling for those seeking spiritual sustenance. They had no political motivations. They were just seeking to help make a better world.

Those that arrivedon the boat to blow up buildings attacked doctors, nurses, grandmothers, and grandchildren. We have never seen a plague like Islamic fundamentalism.

Even the Nazis, who murdered millions, did not want to die themselves. Even the Nazis valued their own lives. They killed, but they did not want to die. Even Nazis wanted to live another day.

Islamic fundamentalists want to die and collect their virgins. They want to sit at God’s table. They will not sit at the 50 yard line of Heaven.

It is not just the killers. The religious leaders who trained them are equally culpable. The Imams that taught hatred are just as guilty of murder.

The world must not remain silent.

The United Nations must make suicide terror a priority. The U.N. has called special sessions for drug trafficking and peacekeeping. The U.N. has never held a special session for the greatest crime of th 21st century, suicide terror.

Some want to listen to the grievances of the terrorists so we can understand them. Forget the grievances of the terorists. What about Holocaust survivors? They have grievances. Did you ever see Jewish Holocaust survivors blow up buses, or discos, or pizza parlors, or shopping malls, because they had grievances?

Holocaust survivors dignify the world. They do not destroy or demean it.

To the terrorists and terrorist supporters: You may have a new concept, but you have old methods. We have seen you and yours before.

We are approaching Hanukkah. One shining light from a candle brings more to humanity than your whole entire lives. The Jewish people will still be here while you will be deposited in the dustbins of history where you belong.”

John Fischel of the Jewish Federation offered life lessons.

JF: “The lessons we learn are…selflessness…peace…prayer through faith…and resilience. We need to engage in good will. We must have the resilience to continue good will.”

Sheriff Lee Baca showed empathy. Like the Mayor, the Los Angeles County Sheriff is a friend of Jews and other good people everywhere.

LB: “There are heroes in the military and in law enforcement. Yet those that are doing the work of God are heroes. Through study, service, commitment, and goodness…the Holtzbergs were heroes.

For those that want to win the battles against drug addiction and homelessness, Chabad is here. We want to put our arms around Chabad.

We hear about the Holocaust…I live as a Christian who loves the jewish people.

How many doctors, teachers, scinetists, and scholars did we lose? Judaism and the world are one and the same. All faiths must protect Judaism. The world would be a weaker and more backward place without Judaism.

I look forward to a world where we do not need law enforcement. Until then, I know that God does not reward murderers.”

Jimmy Delshad, the Persian Jewish Mayor of Beverly Hills, offered heartfelt words of solace and consolation.

“Chabad brings dignity, acceptance, and tolerance. We must hug, kiss, and accept each other. We long for Mashiach. There is a two year odl boy…who might be our Mashiach. He might be the one to heal the world. We must pray for him.”

Rabbi Cunin let the world hear the chant that should be spread to every corner of the Earth.

“I am Yisroel Chai! We want Mashiach now!”

The people I spoke to ranged from the well known to the everyman. Some Indian Seikhs attended the ceremony. As cliche as it may seem, all I could think of telling was what I said when I clasped their hands. “We are all Indians this week.”

When I spoke to Rabbi Hier, I let him know that my father was a Holocaust survivor, and I appreciated and honored his work. I thanked Dr. Eisenberg for his work with blind children.

I ran into my friend Brad Greenberg of the Jewish Journal. Like me, he also lamented that we had to meet under such circumstances. We both expressed a desire to see each other again for a happier occasion.

As for Rabbi Cunin, I once told him that a previous Yom Kippur speech had a shelf life of 1000 years. He responded back then by telling me “Just make sure you do not leave it on the shelf.” He prays for Jewish people everywhere, and I am praying for him and his family now.

His son Chaim and Chaim’s wife Tova have invited me into their home many times. They have treated me like family. That is why I saw them today. Chaim helps his father run the Chabad organization. He helps heal the world, and on this day it was he and his that needed healing.

The City that many in India still refer to as Bombay is known at this moment as a capital of sorrow. Yet India, like Israel and America, are democracies. They are rooted in religion, but remain secular at the state level. The people of India are good people. India has Muslims, Hindus, Seikhs, Christians, and even a small number of Jews.

The people of India are our brothers and sisters. They need us.

So what can we do?

The best thing we can do to defeat evil and darkness is to do what Chabad teaches. We must spread goodness and light.

Good deeds are many, but Tzedakah is the most important one. Tzedakah is charity.

In addition to Tzedakah, those who have the money and the time should travel to India. I booked tickets to New York within 24 hours of 9/11. A trip to India would show the terrorists that we will not stop living our lives.

As for me, I am looking forward to Hanukkah. Hanukkah is more than a tale of oil. It is about the Jews fighting to defeat the evil enemy and preserve the right to live and exist.

Our very existence as Jews and citizens of the world is at stake. Barbarism has struck again.

Civilization must respond loudly and forcefully.

As a Jewish man living in Los Angeles, I stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Mumbai, India.

The terrorists will not win.

The terrorists have darkness.

Rabbi Cunin and his army of Chabad emissaries have righteousness and goodness backed up by 6000 years of tradition and light.

The terrorists will burn in flames. The Jewish people will be lighting flames of their own, as we embrace each other over Hanukkah.

We will light candles, spread light, and remember Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzberg.

Never again.


11 Responses to “From Jewish Los Angeles to Mumbai, India With Love”

  1. TaliT says:

    Thanks for sharing the memorial with those of us who were unable to attend…brought tears to my eyes, very moving. I like your positive attitude – to book flights to India and not let the terrorists keep us in fear, very nice….

  2. Pandora says:

    Although not totally Jewish—my maternal grandfather was a Jewish Italian—I am a supporter of the Jewish people worldwide. But one doesn’t need to be Jewish to sympathize or empathize with the Jews, in times of tragedy or times of joy. What radical Islam has done to our world has shaken the very foundations of what we thought life was. We are not protected, we are not immune to such terrorists, as we found out on September 11th, 2001. While living in Egypt I witnessed the aftermath of the Luxor massacre of November 1997, a senseless rage of terrorism in that beautiful historical city. Tourists were killed near the Museum of Antiquities in September 1997, and we had just been there weeks before, as I was living in Cairo at the time. Tourists were killed in 1993 at a hotel on the Sakkara road. The hotels in Egypt have had strict security for many years, but even then we are not fully protected—- we cannot assume that someone else is watching out for us—we have to protect ourselves, but how? How can we protect ourselves against a radical belief, against something that is not a tangible army until it strikes in cold blood?

    For any one religion to attack another is morally wrong, but it keeps happening. Radical Islam seems not to be a religion but an ideology–although some would argue that it is a religion. During the Spanish Inquisition, who were the attackers? The Catholic Church. But this wasn’t the entire Catholic Church, just some radical offshoots who got the idea that if one didn’t convert, then one would be tortured to death. Jews, Protestants and Muslims were all victims of this horrible era. I believe the Catholic Church doesn’t wish to be reminded of this shameful time, but it did happen. So organized religion can produce radical elements, that is a fact. We are now unfortunately living in a part of history that radical Islam has taken hold of its parent religion, distorted it to suit its own means. Murdering innocent people in the name of Allah doesn’t make sense to peace-loving people, which I believe the majority of humans the world over are. However, these radicals truly believe that they have a just cause, as warped as it is.

    May God condemn all who have done these heinous deeds, to any people of any faiths, and may we become wiser in our discernment of who our enemies are, not forgetting what happens when we become lax during this time of war, for we are in a battle of sorts; although the enemy is all around us (as David said in the Scriptures) we must remain vigilant and never let the enemy destroy us. Good will always overpower evil in the end.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    My feelings go to all that suffered along with my prayers.
    Those prayers include hopes that the Indian govt. pull its head out of its rump and pay attention.
    Theres no excuse for the abject failure on the part of the Indidan govt.

    R R Patil ;(Maharshta State Chief Minister deputy)
    “In such a big city, one or two such incidents are bound to happen. This doesn’t mean that it was a total intelligence failure,” said R R Patil.

    Uh, I could see him getting away with that BS if it were one or two locations that were hit.
    But 10 ???
    You’d think someone at just 1 out of 10 locations would of been hip to something going on ?
    Was there any competent intelligence leading up to these attacks ?
    I understand that we cant hold some of these countries up to the standards of security that we have here in the US but on the other hand India has been subjected to many many more urbam terror attacks than we ever have so it seems to me that by now they would have some kind of inclination as to how and when these things are going to happen
    And I’ll ask for forgiveness ahead of time for what I’m about to say, as it has a component of generalization that some may find offending, I dont care.
    Theres something about the leadership in alot of middle eastern countries that I find very hard to accept as genuine.
    It seems that you can bet money that almost any and every schmuck over there that has any power is always holding some ulterior motive and is never ever ready to accept the blame for anything.
    And please, dont anyone come back on me with this crap that our politicians are the same way.
    I see far more noble acts of selflesness in our leaders than I could ever hope to see in just about every middle eastern leader.

    All we’ve heard out of the media recently is how incredibly well organized this whole thing was on the part of the terrorists.
    It doesnt seem like anyone wants to point out just what a miserable and complete failure the Indian government was in handling or preventing this.

    10 locations all at one time ????

    Gimme a break.

    And these a$$clowns have nuclear weapons ???
    God help us.

    I wish I could say or do more that matters, that would take the pain away from the innocents.
    I guess the most I can do is what Eric and the rest of us on his side do.

    We have to keep pointing out evil and never let anyone who tries to justify it get away with it.

  4. “So what can we do?

    The best thing we can do to defeat evil and darkness is to do what Chabad teaches. We must spread goodness and light.”

    I’m not sure how dropping bombs syncs with spreading goodness and light.

    Micky, India is a nation of over 1.1 billion people. 14% of the population is Muslim. There are over 20 million people in the Mumbai metro area and it’s located on the north west coast where Muslim/Hindu tensions run high. It is entirely reasonable to note that attacks such as these will be hard to avert, especially if tensions are high at any given time. India – and China – have an incredible task at hand given there historically unprecedented populations. It’s almost impossible to imagine.

    This attack appears to be related to the old India/Pakistan problem. For a long time now the India/Pakistan dispute has been the most dangerous on Earth – more dangerous than the “Axis of Evil,” more dangerous than the Taliban or Al Qaeda, more dangerous than the awakening of the Russian Bear – more dangerous than anything or anywhere else on the planet. If there is to be a nuclear conflict within our lifetimes, it is between India and Pakistan that it will be most likely. This situation must be considered in that context and that context alone. This has very little to do with the “GWOT” or the Middle East, let alone America. We should tread very lightly and carefully here. And we should seriously reexamine our approach to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Bush doctrine in these regards has been yet another complete and total failure.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Spare me the history lesson.
    I know more about the deal with India and Pakistan than you think.
    If you bothered to pay attention you’ll note that I mentioned;
    “but on the other hand India has been subjected to many many more urbam terror attacks than we ever have so it seems to me that by now they would have some kind of inclination as to how and when these things are going to happen”

    You’re not telling me anything I havnt already mentioned or already know.
    Just another attempt of yours to try and look as if you know what you’re talking about.

    “This situation must be considered in that context and that context alone. ”

    That made my point for me , bro.

    That is why these guys need to be more ontop of it.
    Stop making excuses for abject failure and then tying Bush into it which has nothing to with any of this as you mentioned it has nothing to do with the GWOT, yet you can tie it to and blame BUSH ????
    Make up your mind.
    As you say, this conflict has been around for many administrations.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “This attack appears to be related to the old India/Pakistan problem.”

    You’re clueless.
    These attacks are not part of an old Indida/Pakistan or Hindu/Muslim problem.
    These Muslims went after centers that are populated with westerners, hotels etc…
    If it creates tensions between Pakistan and India that could be a secondary goal. If it were the initial goal the targets would of been selectivly Hindus/Indians.

    “The Bush doctrine in these regards has been yet another complete and total failure.”

    For everything you see as a failure I can point out undeniable successes.

  7. Micky 2 says:

    Looks like our intelligence was warning India a while back to be ready for something like this.
    So the whole “The Bush doctrine in these regards has been yet another complete and total failure.” is garbage, as it has been proven to be a complete failure on the part of India.

  8. I don’t know what exactly you, or anyone here for that matter, expect of India. I doubt you know much more about the situation than I or Eric or any other American who happens not to be in the India diplomatic corps. I remember an interview with Kissinger back in 1999 when he warned that the most dangerous place on Earth in the coming century would be the Subcontinent. I don’t think he was kiddding around. Kashmir and the Indian divide were never expected to be perfect arrangements, but in the end they have been endlessly problematic. I do know a lot of Indians, and some Pakistanis, and from what they’ve told me, the situation is extremely complex and difficult. Don’t forget the Hindu nationalists either. This is not a one-way street. Targetting Westerners isn’t new either. What poltical end it serves inthis case we’ve yet to hear, but I’m sure we will soon enough, and I’m sure that fear over the fate of Northern Pakistan is playing into this somehow. It’s a shame to see India Jews getting dragged into this. They’ve enjoyed relative peace over there since the time of Alexander (he reported finding Jews there all the way back then – some even theorize that the “Jesus” character was a man who spent some time there as some of his philosophies are reminiscent of Indian types). We don’t know if they were targetted or if it was more just a matter of taking advantage of coincidence. We shall see. As for what the Indians should or shouldn’t do, I think we should wait and see what they actually do first, and then form opinions. The Indians have been managing this problem a lot longer than any of us in the West. From the outside looking in, it seems they’ve been better at it than us for the most part.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “I don’t know what exactly you, or anyone here for that matter, expect of India. I doubt you know much more about the situation than I or Eric or any other American who happens not to be in the India diplomatic corps.”

    I know enough where any lessons from you are simple redundancy to even the most intellectualy challenged moron there is.
    I was watching these guys scrap over Kashmir when you were still in diapers.

    Doesnt change the fact that Indai has been terribly complacent in their approach to terrorism.
    I understand the demographics and the problems associated with such a large compacted population.
    Israel has been victimized by terror that on a scale of relevance is comprable that of Indias to Indias. Israel has met the challenge and gone far and above the standards of any country that suffers these kind of attacks, not only could the US take a few lessons from the Israelis but so could any other country that has been faced with terror.
    My point being that India is obviously without a doubt failing in protecting its people and visitors when not even one out of ten attacks was approached at all when our own intelligence gave them a heads up overt a years ago that specifically the “Taj Mahal Hotel” would be one of the targets.
    With that info, which by all accounts is accurate as reported by many reputable sources there is absolutly no excuse in the world for Indias complete failure to deal with this.
    This is why knowing that these incompetent morons having nuclear weapons scares the living bejeezes out of me.

    “From the outside looking in, it seems they’ve been better at it than us for the most part.”

    This last week proves your statement to be nothing but absolute complete garbage.
    This list here is just from 2000 up until present.

    And then theres this.

    Yea right Jersey, looks like they’ve been way better at it than us when we havnt had not even one single attack on our soil in 7 years and they’ve managed to have at least 40 since 2001.

    No wonder we could never trust the democrats/liberals/progressives/whatever to fight a war.
    You guys are so delusional and ill infoirmed its utterly ridiculous.

    March 12, 1993 Bombay bombings
    1997 Brahmaputra Mail train bombing
    February 14, 1998 Coimbatore bombings
    October 1, 2001 Terrorists attack Jammu-Kashmir assembly complex
    December 13, 2001 Attack on the parliament complex in New Delhi
    21 December 2002 Kurnool train crash
    10 September 2002 Rafiganj rail disaster
    27 February 2002 Godhra Train Burning
    September 24, 2002 Terrorists attack the Akshardham temple in Gujarat
    March 13, 2003 A terrorist bomb attack on a commuter train in Mumbai
    May 14, 2003 Terrorists attack an army camp near Jammu, killing more than 30, including women and children
    August 25, 2003 Simultaneous car bombs in Mumbai
    August 15, 2004 Bomb explodes in Assam, killing 16 people, mostly school children
    2005 Jaunpur train bombing
    July 5, 2005 Shri Ram Janmabhoomi attack in Ayodhya
    October 29, 2005 Three powerful serial blasts in New Delhi at different places just two days before Hindu festival Deepawali[2]
    March 7, 2006 Three synchronized terrorist attacks in Varanasi in Shri Sankatmochan Mandir and Varanasi Cantonment Railway Station
    July 11, 2006 Series of 7 train bombing during the evening rush hour in Mumbai
    September 8, 2006 Series of bomb blasts in the vicinity of a mosque in Malegaon, Maharashtra
    18 February 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings
    May 18, 2007 At least 13 people were killed, including 4 killed by the Indian police in the rioting that followed, in the bombing at Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad that took place during the Friday prayers
    August 25, 2007 Two blasts in Hyderabad’s Lumbini park and a restaurant
    October 11, 2007 One blast at a shrine of a Sufi Muslim saint in the town of Ajmer[3]
    October 14, 2007 One blast in a movie theater in the town of Ludhiana on the Muslim holy day of Eid ul-Fitr[4]
    November 24, 2007 A series of near-simultaneous explosions at courthouse complexes in the cities of Lucknow, Varanasi, and Faizabad[5]
    May 13, 2008 9 bomb blasts along 6 areas in Jaipur
    July 25, 2008 8 low intensity bomb blasts in Bangalore
    July 26, 2008 17 serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad
    September 13, 2008 5 bomb blasts in Delhi markets
    September 27, 2008 Bombings at Mehrauli area 2 bomb blasts in Delhi flower market
    September 29, 2008 10 killed and 80 in bombings in Maharashtra and Gujarat bomb blasts
    October 1, 2008 Agartala bombing
    October 21, 2008 Imphal bomb blast
    October 30, 2008 Assam bomb blast
    November 26, 2008 Coordinated attack in Mumbai

  10. USpace says:

    Well at least Dhimmpak said “Jihad”. Other than that, all he said was laughable, and sad, very sad. Let’s hope India leads a more successful investigation than the USA’s pathetic investigation of 9/11. They should of arrested 50+ people I imagine. I bet India will pin it on at least some terrorist sympathizers, as long as they aren’t Muslims. In NY these scum-terrorist monkeys would have been blown away by the NYPD long before they killed 10 people probably.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    call yourself a policeman

    if you are afraid of thugs
    and refuse to put them down
    No matter how many terrorist attacks there are, and no matter what groups carry them out, we must never fear, resist or mock the precious and ever peaceful Islam. Who are we to say that raping 6 year-olds is immoral? Who are we to say that stoning gays and rape victims to death is evil?

    Who are we to say that killing hundreds of people every month in the name of Allah is the height of evil? That is just their culture and ideology and it MUST be respected. Morality is all relative, we must remember that.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe wants
    all planets Islamic

    Earth is one of many
    in process of conversion

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe wants
    many Taliban planets

    stonings and beheadings
    billions served daily

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    allow Islamic conquest

    enjoy the dhimmi life
    of second class citizens

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    convert the infidels

    or make them pay a tax
    if they don’t want to die

    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
    Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
    Help Halt Terrorism Today!


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