Jumbalaya Friday

While the Tygrrrr Express had hoped to continue exposing liberals gone wild today, stories with lifetime staying power shall be put on hold for a couple of days to cover recent events with rapidly declining shelf lives. Additionally, I managed to crack a terrorist sleeper cell, but that story will also be delayed.

Today is Jumbalaya Friday. This is similar to Mish Mosh Friday, except spicier and tastier. As always, quality shall be spread thin in favor of quantity, the ability to cover several stories marginally at once.

The first story on Jumbalaya Friday belongs to Caroline Kennedy and her aborted public relations campaign to be appointed to the vacant New York Senate seat. Even pro life people should be delighted at this abortion.

Speculation is running rampant as to why she dropped out at the 11th hour. One theory has her involved in an affair with one of the most horrible human beings on Earth, Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. He is the head honcho at the Jayson Blair Times. Both of them are married. Another rumor has her with a tax problem, along the lines of Timothy Geithner. Besides, maybe Leona Helmsley was right, and only the little people pay taxes. A third rumor has her with an illegal nanny in the grand tradition of Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood.

The Tygrrrr Express will not be delving into any of these reasons. Unless hard evidence emerges, it is better to wait and get the story right than carve up an innocent human being.

My theory is that Caroline Kennedy dropped out because New York Governor David Patterson simply did not want to offer her the job, and resented her being rammed down his throat by her overbearing family. Rather than risk being rejected, she chose to reject him first to save face.

Caroline Kennedy appears to be one of the least offensive members of her family. She has not been accused of raping anybody or driving off a bridge and getting somebody killed. Yes she is a child of privilege, but she does not seem to be one that detracts from society, which for a Kennedy is an achievement. She did however have the Kennedy sense of entitlement. Her “listening tour” was disastrous.

Her dropping out is good for New York and for her. She has led a private life where she has not had to be scrutinized. She is a socialite. Socialites are great company at the New York Metropolitan Opera, but not exactly people who get a charge out of meeting with dairy farmers in Upstate New York. The perception of her is that she would be bored and unqualified to do the actual work. Somehow she will survive. Multi-millionaire New York Princesses usually do.

Her problem was her lack of qualifications and sense of entitlement. This brings us to Timothy Geithner. His nomination for the post of Treasury Secretary was widely praised in the beginning. Now it faces a minor speed bump in the form of unpaid taxes. Mr. Geithner will most likely be confirmed. He does have the same arrogance and sense of entitlement as Mrs. Kennedy. What will save him is that he is qualified to do the job he is being appointed for.

This should pose a concern. Yes, Wall Street likes him. However, he seems to be skating by because he has been seen as “too big to fail.” Times are so tense and Wall Street is so shaky that he must be rescued to avoid a deeper financial meltdown. This is ridiculous. “Too big to fail” has been apllied to various firms that have been bailed out. Nobody should be too big or too important to fail.

Nobody is indispensable. To imply that we need Timothy Geithner with as much urgency as we needed J P Morgan a century ago is unhealthy. Not even a President should have that much influence. Mr. Geithner may be a competent executive. I personally am tired of the “gotcha” games. However, it is unhealthy for an entire country to hinge on the confirmation of one man.

Another angle that must be covered in the wake of Caroline Kennedy and Timothy Geithner is the kid glove treatment liberals receive, and how conservatives are quick to roll over. If a republican had tried to apply for the Treasury job with unpaid taxes, they would be crucified. Until equal standards are applied to liberals and conservatives, resentment will build and the media will continue to collapse under the weight of their own corruption.

Yet almost taking a job, and almost not being given a job, are inside baseball. Beneath all the stupidity and games are people that actually need to get things done. The buck stops with the President. It is in this vein that President Barack Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay must be examined.

I am 100% opposed to his decision. I think it is wrong, reckless, dangerous, and a sop to the lunatic leftist cancer in our society. However, I am less enraged by President Obama than I was by President Clinton.

President Clinton drew my ire by getting elected based on lies. He promised to lower taxes. The entire nation knew that his numbers did not add up. Three weeks into his Presidency, he broke his word and raised taxes. This was bad policy by a bad guy.

Barack Obama seems to be a good guy that just made a bad move. What I mean by this is that he campaigned on closing Gitmo. He did not get elected and promptly reverse himself. He kept his word. Therefore, this move, while unpleasant, was not unexpected.

This does not in any way absolve Mr. Obama of the fact that he made a terrible decision. However, he kept a campaign promise, which allows me to at least have faith that he will keep the few campaign promises that republicans couls be ok with.

This closing is also not so cut and dry. It takes effect in one year, giving him plenty of time to reverse himself. I have recommended that we place the terrorists that are captured in the San Francisco district of Nancy Pelosi. Let the Pelosiraptor explain why terrorists are living near schoolchildren. Then again, San Francisco is such a hypertolerant environment that perhaps the locals would not notice.

Barack Obama is not a dumb guy. He has shown himself to absorb information like a sponge, and adapt accordingly. Perhaps our military leaders will set him straight. I hope so.

What is most troubling to me is that Barack Obama is so concerned with how the rest of the world views us. Contrary to media reports, he is not President of the world.He is President of America. His job is to keep us safe, and if that ticks off our fairweather friends and our mortal enemies, so be it.

As the lone remaining superpower, we will never be liked. Barack Obama is already being burned in effigy. I hope Mr. Obama quickly grasps that nothing we do will make us liked, unless we are willing to commit national suicide.

Some will say that it is possible to keep America safe without irking other nations. This is false. These other nations either want a “multi-polar” world, or they want America toppled altogether. We have to stop being so obsessed with being liked by people who hate us.

The top responsibility of the President is to keep us safe. He is book smart, but I am less convinced, despite his Chicago background, of being street smart. Time will tell.

While having power is often seen as much better than not having it, there is one upside to relinquishing power, or not ever claiming it.

When Jumbalaya Friday ends, George W. Bush and Caroline Kennedy, if they so choose, can enjoy my ritual known as “Sleep in Saturday.” Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner will not have that luxury for years to come. They have big decisions to make, and every move is frought with peril.

They may not be “too big to fail,” but we will all be better off if they get the big things right.


17 Responses to “Jumbalaya Friday”

  1. I always cringe when I hear a conservatiyes go on about how we shouldn’t care what the world thinks of us. It’s just so adolescent. I mean, I could just see the 15 year old with the pierced lips and green hair exclaiming aloud for all to hear, “I don’t care what anybody thinks of me!” Ten years later, his hairs brown, his lip hole is sealed, and he’s working as a mail clerk in a corporate office. Of course it matters how the rest of the world sees us. Why do you think 9/11 happened in the first place? Do you think we would have been attacked if everyone loved us or if no one thought about us at all?

    I agree about Caroline Kennedy in that I’m glad she dropped out. She sent the wrong message at the wrong time to the wrong people. These dynasties are getting old and tiresome. The seat should go to someone with a proven track record of hard work and good decisions.

    I agree about Geithner but in that he’s a prototypical laizzez faire useless pile of dung. The fact that he’s a shoe-in even though he’s a thief just goes to show how little some things change. And the fact that he’s considered the “only” person who can deal with those other thieves on Wall Street shows just how crooked Wall Street has become.

    I diagree about GITMO. I’m glad Obama’s closing it. Even if all it leads to is a shuffling of locations, it still sends a powerful message. Hopefully, he will bring all these perps to American justice and the world can see that what we have works, is the right thing to do, and that we are not the hypocrites they now think we are.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “Do you think we would have been attacked if everyone loved us or if no one thought about us at all?”

    They wont love us no matter what.
    Will you and the rest of the moonbattery ever get that into that abysmal collapse between your ears ?
    Even Obama said so himself that we will not apologize for our way of life to these terrorists.
    It is the radical that you are talking about ? Right ? Not everyone attacked us so it is not everyone we should be worried about pleasing.

    Al Queda did not attack us because “everyone” as you say does not love us. The whole world could love us and they would still of attacked us .
    GET IT !!!!

    ” And the fact that he’s considered the “only” person who can deal with those other thieves on Wall Street shows just how crooked Wall Street has become.”
    Its a fact ? Its a fact that that he was appointed because he is as crooked as you imagine wall street to be.

    Seems to me that he was appointed because his tax evasion was deemed not crooked enough to overshadow his skills.

    “it still sends a powerful message. ”

    Yea, that we did it on their terms and not on our terms as Obama so disengenuously claimed the other day.

    The only message it sends is to the wrong people. It tells the moonbat radical code pink Cindy Sheehan freaks that it was time to have their bone.
    Nothing but a huge PR stunt that so far has no answer and only shows the ignorance of those who fell for it because Bush had his own plans to close Gitmo in just as short order(you’ll never hear that from the leftist MSM) but had the brains to realize that need to know what you’ll do with them before you close it !

    DUH ?

  3. Toma says:

    The “Oh please like me, let us sit down and talk about us” foreign policy has left the dock and sailing swiftly into teeth of our enemies. Who will promtly chew it up and spit back into our face. It is show of weakness and the world will not tolerate weakness.

    Obama says our security will come from the justness of our cause. This is folly. Justness does not protect anyone unless it is enforced. The world does not care about the justness of our cause. But the world will pay attention to enforcement. Just causes do not protect people, armies protect people. “Speak softy and carry a big stick.”

    Talk is good if it is used as a distraction while one prepares for a worst case scenerio. Our enemies use talk for that purpose and that purpose alone. While we talk they are out cutting a big stick. If my enemy has stick I’ll get a knife. If he has knife, I’ll get a gun. If he has a gun, I’ll get two bigger guns. Some may say this is primitive, unsophisticated, barbarian. Well it may be, but in a confrontational situation it is merely being willing to do what is necessary to survive. It is my opinion that the only ones willing to do what is necessary to survive are the terrorists. I believe we will learn this the hard way.


    P. S. JMJ, I is an interesting word. I don’t remember ever see it before.
    No offense meant. We learn something new every day.

  4. Micky,

    The point I was making about 9/11 is that we would not have been a target if they loved us or didn’t think about us one way or the other. They attacked us because the opinion of us in that part of the world was already bad and so we made the perfect unifying enemy. “The Unifying Enemy” is one of the oldest political tricks in the book. Leaders use unifying enemies to divert the attention of their public from their their own misadventures, and rally the people under their power. Would-be leaders use this strategy to focus public animus on their current leaders or a foreign interloper or other entity. Bush made the perfect patsy for this strategy because he gladly took the bait and took up their strategy for himself – we became their unifying enemy and they became our unifying enemy. It is a universal strategy.

    I never said that “everyone” doesn’t like us. But in general, the opinion of us, “us” being our government and international interests both public and private, expecially when our government leans toward the reactionary right, has been very low in the Muslim world for some time. If this was not so, then even if 9/11 happened, the Muslim world would have been furious and OBL would have been captured and tried years ago.

    For example, if an American arranged suicide killers to fly planes into First Canadian Place and the NDHQ in Canada, Americans would be appalled, and the perpetrators would be hunted down like rats and brought to justice. The point is that we Americans generally love Canada, or at least are ambivalent about it. We could never make Canada a unifying enemy. Now, when Oliver North under orders from the White House consipired with Israel and Iran to fund the Contras in their bloody terrorist activities in Nicaragua, he was hailed as a hero. Why? Because the Commies were then our Unifying Enemy already and Americans were willing to tolerate pretty much anything in the name of fighting communism. So, while we never would have tolerated Oliver North doing something like that in Canada, no matter how much to the left Canada may be, Americans would never tolerate it. but in Nicaragua – brown, Spanish speaking, poor people and commies – Americans tolerated it.

    Do you see what I’m saying at least?

    Closing GITMO was necessary and smart. You guys will never admit that, so I won’t bother trying to convince you.


  5. Oh, okay Toma. No offense taken then. ;) I’ll assume in the future that you mean no offense.

    I think, Toma, Obama is speaking softly with the big stick, as opposed to Bush, who spoke loudly and jabbed the stick at everyone. That is why Obama is changing our physical stance only a little, but our rhetorical stance a lot. Obama understands that appearnces do matter, no matter how much we may lament it. What we look like we’re doing is just as real to people as what we’re doing. This is human psychology 101.

    The terrorists want our attention, they want a war with us, they want to be recognized as an existential threat to a great power. We have been goving them exactly what they want. Obama realizes that this strategy is just self-fulfilling failure. We need to deal with the terrorists quietly and with a stealthy stick – not loudy with an ostentatious one.


  6. Toma says:

    JMJ, good point. Ambush is always a good ploy. Well see how it works.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    “The point I was making about 9/11 is that we would not have been a target if they loved us or didn’t think about us one way or the other. ”

    BS Jersey !
    There you go again playing sematic kiddy games.

    You said:
    “I always cringe when I hear a conservatiyes go on about how we shouldn’t care what the world thinks of us.
    Why do you think 9/11 happened in the first place? Do you think we would have been attacked if everyone loved us or if no one thought about us at all?”

    “THEY ” is only radical Islam and Al Queda.
    “YOU” said the whole world.
    The whole world did not attack us !!!!
    And Al Queda and radical Islam is the part of the world that Obama was telling “we will not apologize for our lifestyle.”

    What you should of said was.
    Do you think we would have been attacked if Radical Islam loved us or if no one thought about us at all?
    But instead you are worried about our image in the eyes of ” everyone “.

    Image is great.
    If you’re alive

    “Closing GITMO was necessary and smart. You guys will never admit that, so I won’t bother trying to convince you.”

    If you thought you had a decent argument you would try to convince me.
    So you cant because it was pure unadulterated idiocy and only a PR stunt to appease the radical left and/or you just dont think fighting for what you believe is worth it.

    Besides that, closing it is not the real issue as you so childishly try to divert to.
    It is the question of what to do with them.
    Only a freaking lunatic idiot would close the place commiting to a year from now not knowing where they were going. Thats the same cut and run mentallity applied to Iraq. “leave no matter what “If Obama had a place to take them then it would make sense to say you’ll close it in one year.That would be what you moonbats lovingly like to call “due process” Right ?

    Obama already flipped on this once. At first it was a 100 days, now its a year. I’ll bet any amount of money that in about 9 to 10 months we will here Obama flip on this one again,much like he flipped on Iraq he will say that hes sorry but new matter have arisen and he going to have to take it as it comes and that he must do this “responsibly” and as the situation demands. Bull, nothing will of changed except that hes realized he painted himself in a corner
    Anyone want to bet ?
    Anyone ?

    And please, please, please lets not forget that there is no media broadcasting the big story here. And that, is that Bush had the same policy and the same plans to close Gitmo. But he was waiting to find out what his best options are.
    Right now, as it stands, Obama is no further ahead than Bush was and has the exact same options which renders everything he did just a waste of ink and time.

    Its all bullsh*t dressed up to look like hes keeping his promises.(after breaking it once already) And your guys are eating it up bigtime.
    And tell me, what happens a year from now when these guys still have no designation ?
    Do you want them in your neigborhood if someone decides to spring them ? Or make them martyrs ? Or if they escape ? Or some vengeful right wing nut blows the place up ?

    Your Olly North example only assumes on your part that if Olly was wrong, bad behavior warrants more bad behavior. Even if Olly was wrong, it doesnt justify what was done just because people dont like your lifestyle.

    “Bush, who spoke loudly and jabbed the stick at everyone. ”

    Yea right.
    not so long ago you guys call it a massive colonial invasion of the worst proportions, called the cost greater than anything and bla bla bla , and now its just “jabbing a stick”

    The reason hes not changing our physical stance is because now he gets the real info and knows that Bush was right. Otherwise he would change everything physical.
    If he wanted to he could ship all these guys at Gitmo to Bhagram Air Force base in Afghanistan right now if he wanted to.
    But he knows that Gitmo is the best place for them, and America

  8. Well, I hope I’m right, Toma. But given that Obama has pretty much left the defense dept in tact, it looks like that’s what he’s up to. I hope also that it works – or at least works a little better. There’s another problem here too, though – if Obama doesn’t give the terrorists what they want, they might come back and hit us for more. I hope he’s up to that possibility as well.

    Micky, on your first point, you’re taking two separate points I made with different contexts and mixing them together. In the case of 9/11, of course I’m referring to Muslim terrorists and the Muslim world. Who else would I refer to? We didn’t even have much of a probelm with our allies and other unrelated states until after 9/11 anyway. Perhaps if we were having those problems prior to 9/11, then I’d have an argument about that, but as it is it’s moot.

    As for closing GITMO, Obama made the decision after consulting relevent entities. The one year plan was made after that. Some foreign states have offered to take some of these guys back as well. I’m sure he has a plan, unlike Bush.

    If you think what Oliver Nortth did was right, I think you need to read your Bible.

    Obama is not changing our physical posture all that much right now not because Bush was right, but because he just doesn’t have much choice. It will take a few years to make significant changes to our physical military structure and posture. It’s not as simple as you perhaps think.


  9. Toma says:

    He can’t give them what they want!! They want to kill us. Every thing that comes out of their mouth is Jihad. If you think they won’t strike us because of Obama’s different posture then you are wrong my friend. They are working their black hearts out as we write to achieve their Jihadist goals.

    “It will take a few years to make significant changes to our physical military structure and posture.” Obama must, I repeat, must maintain a strong flexible military structure and posture.

    The problem as I see it is congress. What will congress do? Obama is CIC, but the people in congress are the Foul-ups in Chief. I don’t believe that Obama and congress are on the same page. Obama will have to do some steam rolling. I don’t think congress is interested in coming together and working as a unit. Most of them have their own personal agenda. They demonstrate that every time they open their mouths. I mean both sides of the proverbial aisle. You may have gathered that I despise congress. I hope Obama is up to it.


  10. Micky 2 says:

    jersey, you’re full of it.
    I was the one who had to point out to you that you were mixing our impression on the whole world with that of Radical Islams impression..
    It was right there in your very first sentence.

    Nice try.

    “As for closing GITMO, Obama made the decision after consulting relevent entities.”

    Oh yea ” relevant entities”? What ? God ? Allah ?

    ” The one year plan was made after that. ”

    He should of consulted with these “relevant entities” before he opened his yap during the election.

    “Some foreign states have offered to take some of these guys back as well. I’m sure he has a plan, unlike Bush.”

    You cant say “unlike Bush” and be honest about it, so whats new ? As I just mentioned Bush had the same plan but was doing things in order like any sane person.
    Yes other countries they want them. But it would be a security risk such as Yemin to give them back to them. So squash that feeble attempt.

    Even MSNBC reported Bushs plans for Gitmo almost TWO YEARS AGO !!!


    “The Bush administration wants to close Guantanamo Bay and move its terror suspects to prisons elsewhere, but says no decision about the status of the facility is imminent. White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said the United States has released about 80 of some 375 detainees, and hopes to transfer several dozen Afghans back to Afghanistan in the near future. ”

    So there ya go buddy, spare me any more of your ridiculous attempts to make it look like Obama has done a damn thing besides draw attention to himself and kiss the far lefts collective rumps.

    “If you think what Oliver Nortth did was right, I think you need to read your Bible.”

    Yea, I do, because I know the whole story, not just what moonbats prescribe to. And I take the bible with a grain of salt.

    Excuses excuses and then you demean your opponent by saying he thinks its easy.

    Give it up.
    Obama already flipped on withdrawals 3 or 4 times, he knows we arent leaving Iraq til at least 2012. Thats the way it is and so it only make sense to leave things the way they are. Bush crafted it so he wouldnt be able to yank everyone out in a heartbeat like he said he wanted to.
    If he wanted to make more immediate changes he could. We got rid of Rummy,and sent in the surge all in very short order.
    It did not take a few years.

  11. “He can’t give them what they want!! They want to kill us.”

    Well, kind of. I think, Toma, what they really want is a unifying enemy. Obama has to find a way to fight the terrorists while at the same time make nice with the other Muslim people of the world.

    “Obama must, I repeat, must maintain a strong flexible military structure and posture.”

    Yeah. I’m sure he will.

    “The problem as I see it is congress.”

    We’ll see. The Dems certainly don’t want to do to themselves what the GOP did and lose the majority in record time. I think the Dems will coopt the muscular American foreign policy. Rhetorically, they will adopt it more outright, while in actually, adapting it to better uses and more realistic goals. Like Obama and Biden said, the days of expecting the military to do everything are over.

    From what I read and heard, Micky, Obama made his decision about GITMO after consulting his defense people, state people, legal team, etc. Why don’t you read about it yourself? From what I understand, the Bush administration wanted to close GITMO for some time, but couldn’t find a way to do it. So much for plans. I think the main reason they couldn’t figure it out was that they had so committed themselves to that stupid endeavor politically, they couldn’t find a way to put a nice face on reversing the policy. I think also, they wanted to leave it to Obama, privately hoping that one day they could use it against him, like if one of the detainees winds up on a battlefront in Iraq or Afghanistan one day.

    Obama’s doing fins so far. I have no complaints. I haven’t seen any flip flops of note yet. The only thing that bothers me is the way he had to allow more room for lobbyists in his administration. He should have stuck to his guns on that one. I haven’t heard the right complain about that, though. I guess that would be one too many rocks thrown outta that glass house!


  12. thepoliticaltipster says:

    Interesting article. Timothy Geither is a bad choice for Treasury Secretary, because he was one of the prime architects behind TARP and has been quoted as saying that he opposed letting Lehman’s go bankrupt, which was the only thing Paulson & company did right. However, there is a convention that Senators should respect the President’s right to choose his own cabinet, and only oppose an incoming administration’s nominees if there are other factors (such as the person is patently unqualified or has been engaged in illegal behaviour. On balance, I would consider that non-payment of taxes would fall into the latter category.

    This does raise the question as to what extent the GOP (and moderate to conservative Democrats) should oppose Obama’s legislation, at least initially. Obama clearly has a mandate for a stimulus and the Republican abuse of the filibuster during the last congress was one of those things which a more competent Democratic congressional leadership might have used as an issue. It would also be impossible for someone like McCain to start attacking Obama, because he would be seen as a “sore loser”, especially in light of the President’s symbolic gestures.

    My view is that there is no shame in McCain and Republican moderates working with Obama on needed legislation – indeed, to do so is part of their job. It would also be absurd for McCain to do anything other than support Obama on the closure of Guantanamo Bay, or immigration, given that he held those positions before he moved to the right during the general election. In fact, there is a strong national security case for having the terrorists in a super-secure location like Ft Leavenworth, as opposed to a camp in a hostile communist country or one of the West’s so-called “Allies” in the Middle East (such as Egypt or Jordan).

    However, what McCain shouldn’t do is allow his sense of honour to provide Obama with cover for a premature withdrawal from Iraq. If McCain feels it would be wrong of him to attack Obama on this issue, he should follow Al Gore’s example and keep quiet until he is ready to rejoin the debate. Supporting a policy that he opposes, on the naïve belief that Obama can be “managed”, or out of guilt at some of the wilder moments on the campaign trail, is understandable but wrong. I also think that it is unfair for McCain to rope Lindsay Graham into this plan (unless Graham wants to) since the obligation to be a “good loser” has never extended to campaign surrogates.

    Of course Obama will probably withdraw troops from Iraq whatever anyone says or does – and McCain’s political career is (obviously and sadly) finished anyway. However, a concerted insurgency by moderates from both sides over this issue will force Obama to delay it, increasing the breathing space for Iraqis and making him think twice about being dovish in the future. If a precipitous withdrawal goes unchallenged then Obama will also have succeeded in moving the terms of the debate to the left. Additionally, if moderates leave the field now, it will be hard for them to retake it from both sides when the next Presidential cycle starts up in two and a half years time.

  13. I agree with most of the above comment. It is important to note that many of the new Democrats on the Hill are moderate to conservative. There are some 47 Blue Dogs in the House now, and Hillary’s new replacement in the Senate is one of them. Since ’06, the Democrats have moved significantly to the Right. Many of these conservative and moderate Democrats were supportive of the Iraq war and still haven’t come around yet. Just the same, you do have to remember this – Obama never promised a full withdrawal. He has consistantly said that he intends to keep a large security presense along with military trainers, advisors and an anti-terrorist contingency.


  14. Micky 2 says:

    “From what I understand, the Bush administration wanted to close GITMO for some time, but couldn’t find a way to do it. So much for plans”

    Must I repeat myself over and over again before you get it ?
    HUH ? Are like a child in denial when the obvious stares you in the face ?

    That statement above is the exact same predicament that Obama is in right now. Nothing has changed, only the mouth piece is different.

    Obama did not have his defense people etc until after he won the election. That is why after being told by them the reality he switched from 100 days to 1 year. Bush knew all along what Obama did not find out until he was actually privy to sensative info after his first security briefing. Wake up !
    Obama was probably aware of the predicament with Gitmo even while he was pledging to close it in 100 days. But figured for the time being he would just tell the far left base what they wanted to hear.
    I am very well informed bro. That is why everything I say is always verifiable by reputable sources, you should of learned by now.
    You are not the only one on the planet who finds info that doesnt hit the mainstream, or hit it often eough.

    Obama has wanted to close Gitmo all along but today finds himself in the exact same position as Bush was while Bush was saying he wanted to close Gitmo.
    Where to put them !
    So until Obama actually does figure it out, exce[t for the signing of the order, there is no difference and no progress to brag about.
    Even the executive order is nothing but a bunch of hot air until there actually is a means to deal with each inmate on his individual merits.
    Which could take years.
    Bottom line is this. Someone in the White House has probably already wiped their rear with that order.

    “privately hoping that one day they could use it against him,
    like if one of the detainees winds up on a battlefront in Iraq or Afghanistan one day.”

    This has already happened on Bushs watch. 61 of these characters that have been released have already returned to the battle field and just recently two have been discovered to return to Al Queda. One just blew himself up as a homicide bomber, I forget where, it was on CNN and FOX yesterday.
    So, I would find it difficult to believe that they were setting Obama up for any blame since what we are worried about is and has happened.
    Which is all the more reason to do it the way Bush was doing it. Take your time and do it right instead of pushing this thru as quick as possible just to make a statement.
    Honestly, no matter where we kept these guys do you think the moonbattery on the left would paint a pretty face on it ?
    If we started out keeping these combatents at Levinworth do you think the far left zealots would of not found something wrong with that ?
    Gimme a break, at least be honest about your own partys modus operandi.

    Yea, what is now so far, 2 lobbyists after he swore up and down how evil they were and he would have no part of it ?
    Add that to the list of about 10 lies and flips in a record 4 days.
    I wonder how much longer before all the hype settles down and you guys start realizing that you all got flim flamed on the back of hatred for Bush who as it turns out actually had many policies that made enough sense to still leave in place by the man who they all said was an idiot.

    Trust me, the right is complaining about it, but right now were still busy dealing with and bringing up all the other flips in the order they came in.
    The guys is a regular flip machine, In my 40 years of watching these clowns I’ve never seen one flip so much, and so blatantly at that.

    As far as putting in lobbyists goes, its not that no one hasnt done this before. Its happened a million times.
    But when you swear up and down as much as Obama did that he would not do it no matter what and then turns around not 4 days into his term and does it, SHEEEEZ !
    What else do you need to know ?

    Our 6:00 news last night narrated the letter that the Bush twins left for Obamas girls and I must say …

    What a class act !

    After having their fathers good name dragged thru the mud by just about every Obamanite and their leader these two young women took the high road and reminded America what a class act is all about.

    Almost had me in tears.

    ” Our dad, like yours, is a man of great integrity and love; a man who always put us first. We still see him now as we did when we were seven: as our loving daddy. Our Dad, who read to us nightly, taught us how to score tedious baseball games. He is our father, not the sketch in a paper or part of a skit on TV. Many people will think they know him, but they have no idea how he felt the day you were born, the pride he felt on your first day of school, or how much you both love being his daughters. So here is our most important piece of advice: remember who your dad really is.”

  15. Toma says:

    WOW!! You can’t add a thing to that. The Bush family are good people.

    Thanks Micky!


  16. Micky, no. Obama has a different conundrum with GITMO. Bush’s problem was political. Obama’s problem is just logistical. Obama will work it out. Bush could not. These detainees will see justice. With Bush, there was no justice. Personally, I’d like to see criminal investigations of the Bush people involved with things like GITMO.

    Of course there will be a threat of these people turning up on batlefields. Could you blame them? Even if they weren’t radicals before they were detained, they sure will be now!

    As for “good people,” I won’t even get into that nonsense.


  17. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, no. Obama has a different conundrum with GITMO. Bush’s problem was political. Obama’s problem is just logistical. Obama will work it out. Bush could not. ”

    You fell for that crap ?
    Tell me whats different about gitmo today than what was 2 weeks or 2 years ago ?
    There is no difference and I have the stats , sources and facts to prove it.
    Once again all you have is your accusations, opinion and “I say so”.

    Gitmo is the same problem in the same form it has always been.
    Obama is faced with solving all the problems associated with Gitmo that Bush was.
    They will not see justice any quicker than they would of with Bush simply becasue all the logistics that were in place last year are still in place today.
    Fact, plain and simple.
    First we will see numerous supreme court rulings before these guys even get moved an inch.
    We are talking years, not “one year” like the head moonbat so delusionaly claims.
    Once Obama wakes up to what happens with these guys as I factually pointed out hes going to flip on it again and say that new circumstances have arisen or some crap like that and it will get dragged out past his promise date.
    WANNA BET ??

    Yea, thats right, you dont want to get into because the Bush family is truly a class act reflected in the way they have treated the Obamas with a generous, more than cooperative transition and a warm welcome even after having them and the rest of their followers treat them like crap four two years now.

    Bush is a better man than I am.
    I would of just grabbed my stuff and told Obama, yer on your won except for the security details, I dont want to see any American get killed due to your naivety and ignorant ideology. I wouldnt even show him where the crapper was after his two faced antics

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