The Tygrrrr Express is on Lockdown from 8PM EST on January 15th through January 21st of 2009.

I am suspending all democratic rights and instituting a dictatorship on this blog.

Just call me VladiTygrrrr. I do not care.

All comments…and I mean ALL comments…criticizing President George W. Bush will be deleted.

Those who object can leave, and return when the ban is lifted.

This good man George W. Bush has been beaten into the ground, and I am giving him 5 days of peace and solace.

His detractors can read Arab Terrorist Sympathizer Helen Thomas and leave comments of support with her if they need to satiate their bloodlust.

I am tired of everybody saying that we must “come together,” while castigating this man who is leaving office. There is no further need to brutalize this man.

It stops now.

On January 20th, I will extend the same one day courtesy to Barack Obama. His first day should be pleasant. Any criticisms of him will be deleted.

Given that I spend weekends dealing with football and other topics, this ban is actually 2 days, not 5 days.

If people have bile that they need to spread, this is the post to do it. Any subsequent posts before the 21st of January will result in mass screeds from both sides being deleted as I see fit.

Men should be allowed to enter and leave a job in peace.

7 years and 360 days is enough time to try and destroy a man. My President is getting his 5 days of peace.

President Bush, you have a speech to give. I have secured the perimeters of the Tygrrrr Express.

You may speak freely without verbal violence.

Commence Lockdown.


12 Responses to “Lockdown”

  1. Can I say bad things about Dick Cheney? ;)


  2. Chicagoray40 says:

    You much kinder and tolerant than I Eric as I started banning all liberal comments the day after election day due to the 6 years of Bush disrespect. That was my answer to their brutal discourse that harmed the country by giving the world the AOK to trash the US and it’s now all led to this self fullfilling prophecy of economic collapse and all the things they dreamed of and worked towards to get a dem elected president.

    Well I hope they’re all happy now as they got what they wanted, full economic collapse and a dem president to make it worse. Now it’s our turn and payback’s a beech….and while we won’t sink down entirely to their level, Obama better get his skinny a** to work and keep this country safe or he’s roadkill.

  3. Wait a minute. You’re not seriously suggesting that somehow Bush-bashing and criticism of late GOP one-party state somehow caused the economic collapse, are you? I mean, coooome ooooon. You can’t be serious.


  4. So, did anyone watch the speech?


  5. Chicagoray40 says:

    No Jersey what I’m stating and not suggesting is that disrespect for this president, starting with the NO WMD mantra started by democrats in congress and then parroted by the far left coupled with the insane Abu Graib torture silliness turned the world against Bush and America right away in the Iraq war. This led to anything Bush tried to accomplish being either completely disregarded and ridiculed to no end if not simply outright dismissed, including his & the GOP’s “emphatic warnings” that the Fannie Mae crisis would come to a head with a warning way back in 2003 yet was again ridiculed and completely dismissed.

    Other bush bashing trains the left the station then boarded and being ridden by the left til this very evening range from the far left teasonous media at CNN actually sitting with terrorists and filming the killing of American soldiers, to the NY Times reporting troop movements and other clandestine information from left wing left over Clinton CIA rogues. This activity was again caused by the disrespect for this president and his office generated by far left bloggers and media using them as hard news sources both when warranted as well as when not warranted.

    All this disrespect when the president was simply responding the best he could to the worst terror attack America has ever seen on her soil and using it to our advantage to remove a murderous dictator who we somewhat created and justly decided to take out to do us and the world a favor . This activity also caused the entire world to then dismiss everything from there on this president tried to do, No matter what the subject matter and it’s importance to our safety here in America everything was an unneccessary uphill battle all from democrats piling on the president and his agenda politicizing every issue they could to regain power. .

  6. bdubya says:

    Eric, thanks for your dedication to our current President. While he certainly wasn’t perfect, I defy anyone to definitively say that the Goracle or John “effing” Kerry would have come anywhere close to keeping this nation out of harm’s way.
    I have been making the case since the Iraq war started that the UN Resolutions and the No Fly zone issues were all we needed to go to war, and the the WMD argument never needed to be made in the first place (as compelling as the world-wide intelligence and consensus was).
    Barry will get no quarter from me. Ever. I anticipate the vast number of uniformed quasi-libs will be scratching their heads and saying “WTF, why did we vote for this guy” very soon, when Barry starts signing off on some of the craziness Waxman, Frank,Reid et al start dropping on his desk.
    Let the games begin.

  7. Micky 2 says:

    No Jersey, maybe thats not what Ray is saying. But they certainly are trying to say they inhereted something that was his fault.
    Any measures Obama applies to the scenario will either have one effect or the other.
    So if all his efforts fail I dont want to hear him sayin that Bushs mistakes were so grand that no matter what he does it cant be fixed.
    Bush managed to perform CPR on the country right after he was elected and right after 911, its up to Obama to do the same now.
    Bush did not blame anything he inhereted on Clinton and I would expect the same decency out of Obama by not taking the easy way out and placing Blame on Bush.
    You and the looney left have relentlessly beat up on Bush for the last 8 years , usually with no proof of your accusations and still we see Bush offering up one of the most gracious and cooperative transitions with support to I’ve ever seen a sitting president perform.
    So no matter how deep your incurable BDS runs, he is a fine and decent man.
    After all I’ve seen and heard from his staff and supporters in the last two years Bush would be totally justified in telling Obama and his whole crew to go f*** themselves before they one ounce of cooperation from him.

    Fortunatly Bush is a more decent man than you or I

  8. Well, Ray and Micky, as per our good host’s wishes, I won;t bash Bush here, so let me say this – neither of you seem to understand the world around you.

    If you think F&F caused the mortgage collapse, you don’t understand finance and economics.

    If you think Bush-Bashing caused the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan and the disregard of the international community, you don’t understand war and geopolitics.

    If you think Bush is a “fine and decent” man, then fine. Whatever.

    “I may make you feel, but I can’t make you think.” – Ian Andersen.


  9. thepoliticaltipster says:

    I think Bush’s presidency was ultimately a mixed success. The liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan saves him from being in any way a bad president but TARP, the recent decision to second guess Israel and the irresponsible 2001 and 2005 tax cuts stopped him from being a great President. On balance I’m happy he beat Kerry and I’ll have to admit that, despite the bottom of the ticket, his victory over Al Gore was for the best. There were a lot of missed opportunities, especially over immigration, trade policy and education reform and he did have a tendency during the last years of his administration to outsource his fights to other people, including letting Obama interfere in last summer’s SOFA negotiations.

    Even with Afghanistan and Iraq Bush came close to pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. His decision to treat the former as France in 1944, rather than Germany/Japan in 1945, was a major blunder. Instead of relying on the loose anti coalition of warlords and tribesmen to “win the peace”, which has been an incomplete success in the outlying regions outside Kabul, Bush should have appointed Giuliani as a High Commissioner granting him Macarthur style powers to completely reform the country from top to bottom (at the very least Giuliani should have been offered Bremner’s job). Similarly, Bush’s disastrous decision to summon the ISG to draw up a “plan” would have ensured defeat had he not had the guts to support the surge instead.

    Interestingly, most of the other post-war Presidents would have done much worse. Carter would have done nothing about Afghanistan (except maybe send a few token supplies to the Northern Alliance) while Nixon, Ford, Eisenhower, LBJ and HW would have ignored Saddam (and the latter might even have cut a deal with him). Clinton and Reagan might have sent troops in only to pull them out pretty quickly afterwards. Of the post-war presidents only JFK and Truman would have had the courage to follow in Bush’s footsteps.

    Ultimately, I think that Bush will be a better President than Obama. At the expense of being repetitive, Obama’s latest decision to “love-bomb” McCain and Graham and his recent symbolic gestures to the centre seem more calculated than substantive. Indeed, they remind me of the “Yes Prime Minister” episode “The Ministerial Broadcast” where Jim Hacker (the fictional Prime Minister) is told that he can either make a radical policy announcement accompanied by reassuring music and background or confirm the status quo, but with an abstract set and energetic music. It goes without saying that I hope that I am proven wrong and that Obama is really a centrist on foreign policy.

  10. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, everytime someone doesnt agree with you its because they dont understand this or that or because you’re a student of history.

    F&F are constantly being described as one the single largest contributors to the problem.

    “Just cuz yer head comes to a point it dont make ya sharp” – micky

  11. jafman says:

    A vast majority of people in this country and even more across the globe are more than ecstatic about the fact that Bush is finaly leaving office. He didn’t keep us safe, he allowed us to be attacked by taking his eyes off all the important things that threatened this country. His incompetence, and inability to see the complexities of reality eventually caught up to him and all but the most partisan see him for the failure he is.

    The world, and this country are far, far worse off than they were 8-years ago – a sad legacy if you ask me. The jubilation you are going to see over the next few days is not so much about our new leader (who has an understanding that this is a different world than it was 20-years ago) they are celebrating because they know that this country is going to be handling matters in a different, mature, and reasonable manner. Even most conservatives are seeing the benefits that – as matters are handled by a competent administration, there will be something for everyone.

    The saddest part is that most of the new administration’s efforts will be focused on cleaning up the host of problems left behind by one of the worst adminstrations ever.

  12. smill1953 says:

    I just registered for this blog. Is there any way to not have that music blare when you first enter the site? Thanks.

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