New Year, Same old Los Angeles Times Anti-Semitism

On Monday, July 5th, 2009, I will declare a ceasefire in my coverage of Israel. I will stop recommending that Israel take its enemies and destroy them militarily, and recommend that Israel sit down and talk to the Palestinian leadership. I will then step back and promise to refuse to comment further.

Then on Tuesday, July 6th, I will break my word, and continue hammering Palestinians with justified verbal ferocity in the same way I believe the Israeli military should hammer them on the battlefield. I will not only break my word, but I will take great pride in doing so.

Oh I’m sorry. I was just doing my impersonation of Palestinian culture, where agreements, integrity, decency, and human life mean absolutely nothing. These cultural savages will lie, cheat, steal, and murder for sport, and for that I will make sure the world knows about it.

Some people and institutions love to claim that criticism of Israel does not mean being anti-Israel, and that being anti-Israel does not mean being anti-Semitic. Some of those people are decent human beings speaking truth. Many other of the speakers of these cliches are simply seeking cover for rabid anti-Semitism. One such disgusting organization is the Los Angeles Times.

In the same way murdering 10 people is not as bad as murdering 20 people, the Los Angeles Times is not as bad as the Jayson Blair Times. Nevertheless, being slightly less vile is not the same as actually doing good. I have often compared the Los Angeles Times to Palestinians because one has to dig deep down to possibly find anything that can remotely be considered positive.

The year 2009 began with the dropping of the screwball. A Jayson Blair Times columnist was thrown over the ocean, and New York celebrated one less wretched journalist (no, not really, getting permits for this ritual was difficult given zoning laws). The ritual in Los Angeles began with the dropping of the screwball column by Rosa Brooks.

I am amazed that environmentalists actually allow trees to be killed for such ridiculously imbecilic words. The column “Israel can’t bomb its way to peace” should be mandatory reading for anybody that wants to learn absolutely nothing, and do so badly.

In the great tradition of liberal columnists, I shall cherry pick the worst of the comments. The difference is that unlike these liberal journalists, they will be perfectly in context.

“As long as President Bush was in the White House, Israel could count on a U.S. administration that wasn’t merely ‘supportive’ of Israel but blindly, mindlessly so.”

Yes, the obligatory smug cheap shot at President George W. Bush has to be part of any liberal article. After all, the geniuses at the Los Angeles Palestiniant Times (LAPT) cannot just disagree with the current policy. They need to call it “mindless.” In their world, the President has no mind. He cannot think clearly, which is ironic given that on issues of right and wrong, he seems crystal clear. Israelis defending themselves are the good guys. Hamas murderers are the bad guys. Nothing about this requires nuance.

“Obama may be less willing to offer Israel blank checks. Thus this New Year’s military offensive, timed for the crucial window before Israeli elections and Obama’s swearing-in.”

In the words of a salty teenager, which I was once, “Well, duh.” The United States has had a President that puts principles before polls. He has allowed Israel to defend itself against murderers without restrictions. Mr. Obama is a blank slate. Nobody knows what he will do, perhaps not even him. It is not just reaosnable for Israel to act now. It is the only course of action. Perhaps Rosa Brooks wants an entire democratic nation to roll the dice on its very future existence, but thankfully this nation of Israel is not going to rely on a 50/50 proposition. Perhaps Ms. Brooks might want Israel to rely on the United Nations to save it. Maybe if the town Ms. Brooks lives in were denied any kind of police protection, she would be willing to trust that the criminals would just voluntarily leave her neighborhood alone. I suspect otherwise.

“For all its threats and bravado, Hamas is weak, and its weapons — terrorism, homemade rockets — are the weapons of the weak. Since 2001, Hamas has fired thousands of unguided Kassam rockets at Israel, but the rockets have killed only a handful of Israelis.”

This is an outright lie, or as the LAPT would describe it, a typical day at the office. The rockets are getting more and more accurate, and traveling further distances. They are not as crudely made as they were several years ago.Besides, given that this might be the only thing taught in Palestinian classrooms, they had better be good at it at some point.

More importantly, the fact that “only” a few Jews have been murdered is pure nonsense. One innocent murdered Jew is too many. I do not know if Ms. Brook shas children, but if she had 10, and she had one murdered, she would not be so cavalier with her numbers. I do not wish that on her or any parent.

Some may ask about Palestinian civilian casualties, but there is a major difference. Israelis deliberately try to avoid civilian casualties. Palestinians use their women and children as shields. Therefore, any Palestinian deaths are solely the fault of the Palestinians. Are innocent deaths problematic? Absolutely. Does this absolve the Palestinians of 100% culpability in the suicidal nature of their own culture that gets their own people killed? Absolutely not. Israel is blameless not because they are Jews, but because they are right.

For those that disagree, ask yourself why Israeli hospitals accept wounded Palestinians. Try finding an Arab country that would save Jewish lives, unless murdering and sending to heaven is considered saving.

“Israel’s military, in contrast, is one of the most modern and effective in the world (thanks in part to an annual $3 billion in U.S. aid).”

That is a thinly veiled threat, and another reason liberal Jews might wish to rethink their support of democrats. After all, we would not want them to be blind and mindless, to paraphrase Ms. Brooks.

“Destruction of Hamas’ infrastructure may temporarily slow Hamas rocket attacks, but sooner or later they’ll resume.”

The reason why the attacks resume is not because of the Israeli bombings, but because of the phony “cease fires.” Palestinians promise to stop firing rockets at Israel. They agree to a “truce” only when they are getting pulverized. Then, like little children on a homicidal playground, they have their fingers crossed behind their backs. The Palestinians use the cease fires to rebuild their capabilities, and then start up again.

The only way to get Palestinian terrorists is to keep their words is to keep destroying their weapons and their capabilities to fire them. Ms. Brooks believes the nonsensical notion that killing terrorists breeds more terrorists. Apparently in her world subtraction truly is addition. Her mathematical skills are truly Congressional. Killing terrorists is the death penalty. It prevents repeat offender. Does anybody believe that more cockroaches show up out of anger that the original cockroaches were exterminated? The additional cockroaches were there the entire time, hiding behind the first layer. The goal is to remove the entire infestation, in as many waves as it takes.

“Arab and Islamic anger over Palestine continues to fuel anti-Western and anti-U.S. terrorism around the globe.”

There is no Palestine! It does not exist. Decent people understand this, which excludes the LAPT. Perhaps they look at the same globes found in Arab schools that do not have Israel on them.

Israel is not the cause of Arab anger. Arab anger has existed for centuries, long before Israel existed in 1948. Besides, so what if Arabs in the Middle East are angry? That does not make their anger justifed.

Does anybody sane really believe that if Israel ceased to exist, Arab anger would not be channeled somewhere else decadent, say Los Angeles? America is the Great Satan. Israel is only Little Satan.

“It’s time for the United States to wake up from its long slumber and reengage — forcefully — with the Middle East peace process.”

In the real world, forcefully means an actual solution. Only in a world run by liberals could the world forcefully be synthesized with diplomatic engagement. Perhaps the plan is to speak in a tough sounding voice, accomplishing nothing but looking spectacular while doing it.

“In January 2001, the Taba talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority came achingly close to a final settlement, but talks broke down after Likud’s Ariel Sharon was elected prime minister on Feb. 6, 2001.”

Even by LAPT standards, this is a disgusting lie. Talks broke down in 2000 while Bill Clinton was still President of America and Ehud Barak was Prime Minister of Israel. Ariel Sharon did visit the Temple Mount, but that visit was arranged in advance and authorized by Yassir Arafat. The second Initfada that broke out was not a spontaneous reaction to this visit. It was planned months in advance by Yassir Arafat, who had no intention of reaching an agreement.

Again, Yassir Arafat did not negotiate in good faith because he wanted bloodshed. He was the Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton of the Middle East. The worst thing that happens to political agitators is peace and contentment. This renders the agitator irrelevant. The conflict is not the means. It is the ends.

“Sharon refused to meet with Yasser Arafat, and newly inaugurated President George W. Bush had no interest in pushing Israel toward peace.”

Ariel Sharon had no interest in negotiating with a lying, murdering, sub-human animal derivative. George W. Bush had no interest in siding with this deranged Palestinian terrorist. He sided with the law abiding and democratically elected Israeli leader. Again, everywhere except the LAPT, this is reasonable.

“When he takes office, Obama needs to push both Israelis and Palestinians to sit back down, with the abandoned Taba agreements as the starting point.”

No. He does not need to do this. He also does not need to dictate what the starting points are. An agreement is null and void once it is violated. There is no Taba, Oslo, or any other type of agreement.

So until anything takes place, here are some questions for Rosa Brooks and the rest of the LAPT ilk.

What if Palestinians do not stop firing rockets at Israel for good? What happens if Israel makes concessions, but the Palestinains violate their end of the bargain? Then what?

That has already happened.

What if Palestinains continue to teach their children Jewish blood libel?

That happens.

What if Palestinian leaders take aid that is supposed to be used for food and medical servies for their own people, and instead spend it on guns and other munitions?

They already do this.

What happens if an agreement is reached, and Palestinians violate the agreement?

That is their entire history.

No, Ms. Brooks. Israel does need to make tough and painful decisions, but not the ones you recommend.

Israel needs to tell their doctors to stop treating wounded Palestinians until Arab doctors treat Jewish patients with equal care.

Israel needs to deny the Palestinians food, water, electricity, and anything else needed to survive. Israel is at war. In war the purpose is to take the enemy and choke the life out of it, not feed and shelter an enemy that will use that nourishment and sustenance to wage more war.

What is the downside for Israel? Bad public relations? They already have that from places like the LAPT and the JBT.

Israel should make sure that Palestinian suffering is so brutal and so thorough that Palestinians decide that the only solution is to make sure that Hamas stops firing rockets. Palestinians must fight for their freedom internally the same way oppressed peoples in other nations do. It is bloody, but in the end, it works.

Palestinians need to blame their own leaders, and stop blaming Israel.

The rockets need to stop.

There is no need to dialogue with the Palestinian murderers just because the LAPT says so.

Israel needs to make their enemies bleed blood red, as if they were the LAPT financial bottom line.

Perhaps when the LAPT, the JBT and the rest of their illiterate newspaper cousins stop adopting the Palestinian method of journalism, they might survive as well.

I hope not. Some Palestinians may be redeemable, but these newspapers deserve to be put down for good.


24 Responses to “New Year, Same old Los Angeles Times Anti-Semitism”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    It all sounds so familiar everywhere I go.
    All the times did was print the crap in the same style I’ve been hearing from every liberal out there lately.
    Whats really sad is that it seems theres an entire generation out there that is absolutley clueless as to whats been going on for decades now.

    I had some ignorant comments I was gonna place here as an example but I’m sure you’ve heard it all before and probably dont need anymore irritation than you’ve already got.

    Bombing them is not the solution, the solution is to try everything thats failed in the past, one more time.

  2. “As long as President Bush was in the White House, Israel could count on a U.S. administration that wasn’t merely ’supportive’ of Israel but blindly, mindlessly so.”

    I actually disagree with this. And, strangely enough, agree with Michael Savage instead. How’s that for bizarro? I don’t think Bush has been very supportive of Israel at all. Rather, he’s simply been benign, or perhaps ambivilant. Savage pointed out the other night, Obama and the Democrats are strongly pro-Israel – historically always have been, while Bush and the Republicans are far more pro-Saudi Arabia. You can’t really be pro-Saudi Arabia and all that pro-Israel. Yet another reason I think some American Zionists are making a huge and incredibly gullible mistake trying to make Israel a partisan Republican wedge issue. I don’t normally agree with anything Savage says, but I think he’s been spot on when it comes to where America really stands with Israel and where it does not.

    “For all its threats and bravado, Hamas is weak, and its weapons — terrorism, homemade rockets — are the weapons of the weak. Since 2001, Hamas has fired thousands of unguided Kassam rockets at Israel, but the rockets have killed only a handful of Israelis.”

    “This is an outright lie,…”

    It is? Funny, just about everyone reporting this agrees that it is true. Do you have any evidence whatsoever that it is an “outright lie?”


  3. Micky 2 says:

    Support on Bushs part has been to let Israel run its own show as much as possible but without a whole bunch of intervention.
    I dont doubt for a second that no matter what Israel asks for Bush would give it to them in a heartbeat.

    “Obama and the Democrats are strongly pro-Israel – historically always have been,”

    Yea right Jersey.
    I guess thats why its only liberals in the street protesring on behalf of the Palestinians.
    Give us all a large freaking break would you ???

    “Do you have any evidence whatsoever that it is an “outright lie?”

    Here ya go buddy.!OpenDocument
    Of those killed in the conflict, 4,228 have been Palestinians, 1,024 Israelis, and 63 foreign citizens. For every person killed, approximately seven were also injured. 3/

    I came across this and thought it was pretty funny.
    On one hand these idiots say that they are getting slaughtered and then when asked about their forces they brag to contradict themselves.
    By Margaret Weiss
    March 11, 2008

    Telegraph in August 2007 that Hamas prefers rocket attacks to suicide bombings because rockets “cause mass migration, greatly disrupt daily lives and government administration, and make a much [larger] impact….We have no losses, and the impact on the Israeli side is so much.”

  4. Micky, you keep making the same ignorant assumption that “liberals” and Democrats are one in the same. Partisans always assume that everyone is a partisan. That everyone is simply Right or Left, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, and that if one is one of those things then therefore one is all the others. So, if I’m a “liberal,” that means that I’m a “leftist” and a Democrat. But I’m not necesarily Leftist, and I’m not a Democrat. You have to stop projecting yourself on others if you wish to have an adult discussion with someone other than yourself.

    As for your link – I don;t see anything in there about the potency of Palestinian missiles. Can you cite it, because I don;t see it. All I see is a report showing that Palestinians die in ridiculously disproportionate numbers to Israelis in this conflict, something which pretty much everyone is already well aware.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Its not an assumption.
    You’re all ,the enemy if you vote democratic

    You didnt ask about potency. All you asked about was “THIS”
    Seems logical that you asked about casualty rates as Eric was arguing the “HANDFUL” remark.
    I doubt seriously that anyone thinks Hamas can out gun Israel or has any military superiority to them at all.
    Hell, Israel could clean Irans clock in a heartbeat.

    Are you actually trying to argue that Hamas posses better missiles than the Israelis ??
    REALLY ???????

    Thats funny, and you tell me to grow up.

    Its only disproportionate because they’re a bunch of scumbag chickensh&ts who put their supply depots, military instillations, caches, and strategic targets next to civilian populations.

    How is Israel supposed to avoid civilian casualties and take out the weapons aimed at the at the same time ??
    HUH ??

  6. […] Tigrrrr Express has an interesting comment: […]

  7. gaylea says:

    That’s quite a post, Eric! I won’t get into the argument going on in this thread, but I will say that I believe Israel has every right to be doing what it’s doing and I hope they continue doing it full force. Does the LA Times article even mention that Israel has been dropping flyers warning civilians about the bombings? Off course not! And how is Israel supposed to make peace with those who don’t even consider them human? I hope they take Hamas off the planet! People holler about proportionate resonse and it’s just plain stupid! I guess they thin that Israel should say “Well, they took out 200 of our people with 16 bombs, so we’ll take out 200 of their people with 16 bombs. We can’t use one more, or kill one more of them than they had of us! How stupid is that?

    They tried to pacify the idiots by giving them the Gaza strip. We all know how that went.

  8. “You’re all ,the enemy if you vote democratic”

    Okaaaay…. Now, that’s just a little disturbing.

    “You didnt ask about potency.”

    Yes I did. It was pretty obvious.

    “Hell, Israel could clean Irans clock in a heartbeat.”

    Maybe. I don’t know. Israel does have a nuclear arsenal, so I suppose they could just wipe Iran off the map. It would be about the genocide in history, and the rest of the entire Muslim world would probably remove Israel from the map if such a thing happened. At that point, all bets would be off. It would be WWIII, and noone in that part of the world would come out unscathed.

    “Are you actually trying to argue that Hamas posses better missiles than the Israelis?”

    Micky, either that was a clever little switch, or about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, either that was a clever little switch, or about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

    O.K. I missed that.
    “As for your link – I don;t see anything in there about the potency of Palestinian missiles.”

    But let me ask you again.
    Why would you need any verification from Eric ?
    Is it not common knowledge that their missles suck ?

    It would seem to me that the issue of Israeli deaths being mimnimized by the word “Handfull” would be of more concern.

    And the “disproportionate ” thing is getting a little ridiculous.

    Maybe if the Palestinians would stop putting their own people right in the path of these bombs and missles the numbers wouldnt be so high ?

    Are the Palestinians dropping leaflets that warn the occupants next to targets to get the hell out of dodge ?

    I dont know Jersey.
    Its a mixed bag out there thats a little confusing and complicated.
    Not all Arab nations are too happy with Iran and the Palestinians, I’ve heard a few reports that they’re getting a little tired of their antics.
    But rest assured. Israel would not be alone in an attack against Iran, so its buddies might want to think twice about messing with Israel.

    Besides that, since no one can seem to learn anything from the past , and as long as there are movements that want to take over the world, I think WW3 is inevitible and the same ignorance will lead to the same solutions that gave us peace in Europe, Korea and Japan.

    Oh yea, by the way.
    You’re all the enemy. :-)

    And I’m not happy about it one bit at all.

  10. Micky 2 says:

    “And I’m not happy about it one bit at all.”

    Belongs right after Japan.

  11. “Why would you need any verification from Eric?
    Is it not common knowledge that their missles suck?”

    Eric said it was a lie. He conferred a belief that the Palestinian rockets are getting more powerful. I haven’t seen, heard or read any evidence of that. I do worry a little, though. Some rogue state could very well smuggle a potent warhead into the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians could fire it at Israel hitting some important target, and bango, Israel goes all out into Gaza and the Arab and Muslim world would have yet another excuse to lambast Israel for yet another 60 years.

    And that gets to another thing you pointed out; yes, I’ve read that too, that a lot of the Arab and Muslim states are getting really sick and tired of the Palestinians and the hot air coming out of Iran. Heck, I’ve known Arabs and Muslims who’ve told me just that. They’re just sick of the whole thing and wish the Israelis and the Palestinians could just sit down like adults and work this all out. But as long as Israel is intent on settling in the West Bank, and as long as they and the neighboring Arab states are intent on keeping the Palestinians in statehood-limbo status quo, this thing is going to go on forever, or until a really nasty war breaks out. And the longer this goes, the more unsafe Israel becomes. It is in Israeli’s interest, more than anyone else, to pull out of the West Bank, connect Gaza to there, end the blockades, and force a vacuum to create a viable Palestinian state.


  12. Oh, and as for entities that want to take over the world – of all the people’s and nations that have ever tried, I’ve never seen any as unlikely to accomplish it as the Muslim world. It is naive paranoia to fear that they actually could, ever.

    Everybody wants to rule the world. Most people can’t. The Muslim world? Not even worth worrying about.


  13. Micky 2 says:

    “But as long as Israel is intent on settling in the West Bank”

    From what I’ve heard they could care less about Gaza already.
    They just want to teach hamas a lesson.
    Until the hatred is bred out of Palestinians any previous effort will be worthless.
    Take for example how long it took Americans to even begin giving the black man a break, and still today you have people who cant get past the past or the color of someones skin.
    Some have sugested that as long as the Palestinians have some economic viabilty all this will go away.
    Riches and stability for Palestinians will not remove the generations of inbred hatred they have for Jews.
    Just look at all the people today who are well off, stable, and still full of hate only because its a learned behavior handed down from generation to generation.
    You cannot “force” anyone to do anything. This inevitabley leaves resentment lingering as those do not feel part of, in control or responsible for their own destiny.

    The problem is that these people who think they can rule the world actually try to do just that.
    None have ever even come close but in the process have created the worst catastrophies weve ever seen..
    Thats the problem.
    Muslims are a huge majority in this world, so i’d give it a little attention.
    Especially if a radical movement actually shows that it can succeed on a smaller scale. Then you hase a bandwagon effect which has been shown in many instances such as when US troops push radicals out of a community all of a sudden the locals loyalty turns on a dime.

    The Arabs know exactly what they’re doing

  14. parrothead says:

    What always gets left out of this whole discussion is that a) the land given to the Palestinians for a state was TAKEN by the neighboring Arab countries who kept them in refugee camps and lied to them about the cause and that Israel has given more money in humanitarian aid to the Palestinians than ALL of the Arab countries combined, and have been doing so sine 1948.

    Also, Gaza was a part of EGYPT in 1967, not an independent nation. Israel’s mistake was not returning it to Egypt with the rest of the Sinai. Connecting it to the West Bank would be suicidal as it would split the tiny country in two and make it much more difficult to defend, against a foe who has repeatedly broken their word after peace negotiations.

    Israel would give up part or even most of the west bank I think but not East Jerusalem which archaeological evidence proves clearly belongs to her, with a much more ancient claim than the Palestinians had. Contrary to popular mythology the Jews have been in Jerusalem all along .

    “don’t think Bush has been very supportive of Israel at all. Rather, he’s simply been benign, or perhaps ambivilant. Savage pointed out the other night, Obama and the Democrats are strongly pro-Israel – historically always have been, while Bush and the Republicans are far more pro-Saudi Arabia.”

    That is just plain inaccurate. Bush has been pro-Israel unlike his father who was as you suggest pro Saudi Arabia. The last Pro Israel president before George W. Bush was Richard Nixon. Guys like Kemp and GIngrich have been consistently pro-Israel . It was a REPULICAN congress that voted to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. There are pro Israel Democrats but they are getting fewer and fewer and no longer seem to be in power. Scoop Jackson most certainly was as was Truman. Lieberman is but he is being forced out of the party. For me the verdict is out on Obama and time will tell. His choice of Secretary of State is not encouraging but she did flip a little as the Senator form New York. Her husband certainly isn’t.

    To me it isn’t a partisan issue as there are those on both sides of the aisle who support Israel and those who don’t.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    If Obama has anything to say he’ll probably remind us that he went there earlier and stuck a wad of paper in the Wailing Wall with a wish for peace written on it and then leave it that as some kind of affirmation.

    As vague as all his other crap has been he’ll leave that at that and let us all rumor to death what his position is.

    Actually, if he was totally supportive of Bushs approach to all this I would think he’d say so by now.
    Saying nothing so far gives me the impression he has other ideas.
    I mean really, its not that much skin off his back to come and say that he’s with the administration on this unless he’s not.

    Does anyone think Hillary will say something before Obama ?
    I mean after all, being the Sec of state now could be a problem in this matter for one of many conflicting reasons. During her 99 visit to the middle east she hung out with Suha, Arafat’s wife. With Hillary standing next to her she said “Our people have been submitted to the daily and intensive use of poisonous gas by the Israeli forces, which has led to an increase in cancer cases among women and children.” Then after that rambled off something about Israel poisoning the water also.
    That was when Hillary kissed her on the cheek.
    Soooo, what comes outta her yap should also be fairly interesting.

    I thinks its most definitly a partisan issue since it seems that the void in the help the Israelis need is being created by the left.
    Its not the right thats out in the streets sympathizing with the Palestinians and apolgizing for America.
    Its not the right thats screaming bloody murder on behalf of Palestinians and b*tching about “disproportions” or blaming Israel for defending itself.
    I’m with almost always wsith you bro but I cant swallow that its not a partisan issue.

  16. parrothead says:

    I don’t think we are that far apart Micky. I would have to agree that for the most part Republicans are better on this issue than Democrats. There is however a lot ot criticize on both sides of the aisle. While George W. Bush is a great friend to Israel his father was not. There are also far to many in the Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak wing of the party to give the republican party a pass. On the other hand I can name far more Republicans who are supporters of Israel off the top of my head than Democrats. There are Democrats that are supporters of Israel as well. Although if I had to pick a party on this issue it would be the Republicans I won’t give them a blanket approval as I find this really varies form individual to individual.

    Yet it never ceases to amaze me that Jews overwhelmingly continue to vote for Democrats. The classic example was Bill Clinton who continues to get overwhelming Jewish support even after being the only US president to not veto a UN resolution condemning Israel for defending itself, refusing to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel after Congress voted to, interfering with an Israeli election to assure the worst Prime Minister Israel has ever had, and pressuring Israel into agreeing to a unsafe concessions to get a peace deal that Arafat walked out on as not enough.

    As far as Obama is concerned, until he actually does something one way or the other I will withhold judgment. I don’t think his silence on this issue is indicative of his not wanting to be on record on anything until he has to be. He wants whatever tough comments or decisions have to be made to be solely Bush’s responsibility until he takes office (and probably a little after). Even if he would have made EXACTLY the same comments/decisions. He is the consummate politician and a shrewd one at that.

  17. Eagle 6 says:

    About the only channel I get here is CNNi, and they had an interview with some Palestinian blogger… She expressed baby tear sadness that so many Palestinians are being mass murdered by the evil Israelis… the commentator actually asked her, “What about Hamas firing missiles at the Israelis? Don’t you think they have a right to defend themselves?” She responded that the Palestinians have no where to go – they are locked in by the sea on one side, and can’t flee to another side, so other than a select few UN camps, they are left to be massacred. To his credit, the commentator mentioned what Gaylea mentioned – the leaflets telling everyone to get out of Dodge…and he reiterated his question about whether Israel had the right to defend herself. She continued to babble about the unfairness of it all…

    PEO Obama doesn’t need to say anything right now. His silence allows the many replays of his pre-election, “Israel has every right to use violence to protect herself” to speak volumes. It also gives him a pass to do whatever he feels is politically best once he takes office. Our designated SEN Clinton is a fireball, and although I’m not keen on many of her domestic policies, she’ll be fine where she is…
    I may be all wrong about this one, but I think the Hamas have shown the dangers of democracy vice republic… we are leaning further and further toward the emotional tides of saving the whales, the planet, and toeless pygmy mites, but we’re still reading stupid articles from the NYT and LA Times, so I guess we’re still free…

  18. Micky 2 says:

    Eagle, Ill bet that was Larry King because I saw him ask the same thing of some other Palestinian supporter.
    But you know Larry, he sucks, its not like he went out his way to drive that point home.

    Yea Parrot, the whole “liberal Jew” thing to me is a little confusing.

  19. Eagle 6 says:

    Micky, If I remember, Larry King did ask a similar question of someone, but this was a lady living within the freedoms of the USofA wearing a do-rag on her head and blogging out of North Carolina…but it was an Englishman, I believe… CNNi follows the same theme as CNN with their political agenda, but this guy surprised me.

    And Parrot – you are absolutely right that PEO is the consummate politician. I wish him well. Article 88.

  20. ozarkguru says:

    I feel for the Palestinian people not because they are in the midst of another war, but because they were so abused by the other Arab Nations as far back as when the 1947 UN Partition Plan which was accepted in part by Jewish leaders but rejected by Arab leaders. Instead the Arab leaders of other countries sought to destroy the Jewish people and in doing so also persecuted and drug the Palestinian people into the war.

    It was hate by the Arab leaders of the countries surrounding Israel that has established the pattern that still exist today. While Israel has time and again tried to make peace with its neighboring countries and the Palestinians, the hatred fueled by people in one or more of the surrounding countries has been damaging to both the Palestinian and the Jews and others who peacefully have tried to live in Israel.

    How can a people so poor have money to acquire rockets? They can’t? The rockets and weapons are obviously being provided by others who hate the Jewish people and in fact do not care if Palestinian are also destroyed in the process. Continue to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for all the innocent caught in the middle of the war. Pray that the evils and deceptions of the enemies of Israel will be made embarrassingly clear to the whole world.

  21. Eagle 6 says:

    I’ll join in that prayer, Ozark

  22. Dav Lev says:

    Today (Friday 013009), there was another huge rally in the Gaza Strip, orchestrated by the Hamas thugs. Turkey was also represented with several flags displayed in the crowd (The Turkish President stormed out of a meeting shared by Israel’s President Shimon Peres when Peres had the chutspah to link Israel’s attack against Hamas to the 10,000 rockets fired into Israel since Israel withdrew from what later became “Hamastan”.

    The Turkish leader shouted that Israel is killing people. My oh my oh my, killing people, as if during these past 6 years in Iraq we (the USA) haven’t!

    My spies in Iraq tell me that over 100,000 people have been killed since March 2003., including Iraqi Sunnis, Iraqi Shias, Iraqi Kurds, Iraqi Turkamen, Al Qaeda (Iraqis), Iranian infiltrators (former Iraqis), doctors, barbers, politicians, women who dare to not wear the burkas, etc., etc.

    I admit to reading the Los Angeles “Palestinian” Times..even though it has increased it’s daily price on the newstand by 45% (there is no recession
    worries at the Times apparently). (But to be fair, the paper, owned in Chicago, has reduced it’s staff, and the number of pages, while increasing it’s percentage of advertising…yet it’s still one boycott away from oblivion. )

    Let me get this straight! Israel withdrew from the Strip, even though for decades Al Fatah and Fatah, and Islamic Jihad, the PLO, the DFLP and the PFLP, not to forget Al Aksa Mosque Brigades ( the military wing of Fatah) have recurringly attacked the maiinly secular Jewish state, with suicide bombers, pipe bombs, roadside bombs, Kassams, Katyushas, Grads and now
    Fahrs (30 feet long Iranian supplied 50 mile reach rockets). For 2 years, these Arab barbarians who hate we Jews in their miserable souls, have even tried to burrow into Israel..that is how much they hate us and US.
    Guess why?

    I recall when in 67, the UN peace keepers were forced to leave the Strip, by orders of
    Nasser, Al Fatah guerrillas joined the regular Egyptian army in their quest to “throw the JEWS Into the Sea”. But that is another story.

    Anyway, Israel recently destroyed those 22 settlements, and (thanks to Jewish charity) donated it’s manufacturing plants to the Palistinians, as a good faith gesture.

    Guess what Hamas did with those settlements and manufacturing plants.
    After urinating, etc., on the synagogues, etc., they used the settlements
    as training camps for militants (I call them terrorists). And guess what their goals were, not build baby build, but burn baby burn.

    I sometimes wonder what we (in California) would do if 10,000 cheap, homemade or more sophisticated rockets were fired from Baha, California into San Diego County or Long Beach, or maybe even Southern Los Angeles County? Would be blame the marines for any counter attacks and collateral damage?

    Would be use the pictures of dead and injured Mexican babies to show how awful the barbarian Americans are? Would the LA Times have article after article after article describing the military actions next to bombed
    Mexican churches, hospitals, schools? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    But then again, the world wants we Jews to emulate our brethren during WW2, and just sit there and take it..allow our children to be thrown into gas chambers or fire pits., to be experimented on, twins included. Gee they ask, why aren’t we complying, living (down) to our reputation., timid, hapless, feckless and outright scared?

    Maybe Meir Kahane was right when he wrote, “Listen World, Listen Jew”.

    Am I a proud US Jewish bet and then some.

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