An Arab Terrorist Professor Surrenders

A small victory in the War on Terror has just taken place.

A vicious university professor and terrorist supporter has been brought down.

I want to make it clear that not all Arabs are terrorists. In fact, not all Palestinians are terrorists.

Ok, now that the politically correct drivel is out of the way, let’s get back to the facts.

Most terrorist acts are committed by young Arab Muslim men. Timothy McVeigh was a statistical aberration.

The Bush Doctrine declared that those that support, harbor, or finance terrorists are terrorists themselves.

Lisa Hajjar may not have ever helped somebody put on a suicide belt, but she absolutely has fostered a climate in academia that offers the most mild and tacit criticism of Palestinian terrorism.

Several days ago I attended a symposium on “Gaza and Human Rights” at UCLA. UCLA’s Middle East Studies Department got together to help spread anti-Semitism and blood libel.

Lisa Hajjar was one of the “academics.”

As I stated when I first came back from that event (after giving myself a good scrubbing), Lisa Hajjar is no dummy. She is smart and articulate, which makes her all the more dangerous.

When I tried to get her to disavow suicide bombings, she snapped at me in front of the entire room, “If you think I favor suicide bombings then that Zionist hat of yours is screwed on way too tight.”

Yes, this is a woman educating our children. By the grace of Yahweh, she has finally been shut down.

Who knew something positive would come out of the financial crisis?

I would prefer she would have been shut down for moral reasons, rather than the traditional reason of a budget crunch, but anything that shuts her up improves society.

I wonder if she had the chance to visit Judea Pearl, the father of slain Daniel Pearl, while she was spreading her bile at UCLA.

She plays the ethnic card almost as well as she plays the moral equivalence card. She takes criticism of her and turns the tables by claiming that her critics are just Zionist, imperialist (insult typical anti-Semitic epithets here.)

“It is unfortunate that students will not have the opportunity to pursue a wonderful curriculum of socio-legal studies, that range from domestic issues and legal and political theories to the study of conflicts and rights-oriented social movements around the world,” Hajjar said.

Don’t worry Ms. Hajjar. There are plenty of places where students can go to become ill informed, know nothing zealots. After all, not every university has had their Middle East Studies Department shut down.

The War on Terror will not be easy. We kill one university program, and another one sprouts up.

I should take personal credit for this situation. That way Ms. Hajjar and I can both benefit. She can rail about the Zionist conspiracy, and I can build my street cred and impress republican Jewish brunettes. After all, they do love heroes, and a soldier taking down evil is quite studly, even impressing the toughest of Jewish mothers.

I would respect Ms. Hajjar more if she would just admit that she did not believe the garbage emanating from her mouth. I mean if she is just taking advantage of dopey college students to further her own career, she would be your typical soulless academic parasite.

Yet I suspect she actually does believe what she says.

I am not a psychologist. All I know is that she is a verbal homicide bomber.

Some will argue that with terrorists and cockroaches, killing one just breeds more.

I disagree. Once her program is completely dismantled, her students will be forced to actually learn something useful and use real majors to become productive members of society.

Her training camp has been busted. The next generation of academic thugs will not learn from her.

Lisa Hajjar has spent her life bashing Israel. My objection has not been that she does this, but that she teaches others to do this, and get paid for it.

As of now, like the War on Terror itself, her plans have been slowed.

I have smoked 3 cigars in my life, the last one 7 years ago. I had planned to have the 4th one by age 40.

I might consider a stogie today.

Then again, there is no time to rest on laurels. One terrorist sleeper cell has been given the Gaza treatment, with equal justification. Many more still remain.

Like all cockroaches and terrorists, academics talk a good game. Yet when enough pressure is applied, they surrender quicker than they can yell, “Jihad, Infide, Zionist Donkey Aggressor!”

She may be ugly on the inside, but her outside is not horrendous. Perhaps she can get a backup career doing Palestinian Porn. “Debbie Does the Gaza Strip” is always an option.

Then again, perhaps I should not anger her. As a lawyer, she might sue. Worse, she might get angry and explode.

If she does so literally, I just hope no Jews are in the vicinity.

Either way, the only thing that blew up was her wretched academic department. That is good enough.

Excellent riddance.


19 Responses to “An Arab Terrorist Professor Surrenders”

  1. Toma says:


    Lisa isn’t gone. Her absence is only temporary. If the dismissal is the result of budget cuts, she’ll either be back or just relocate. The amorality of academia is deeply engrained. Lisa will find a new home.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “Perhaps she can get a backup career doing Palestinian Porn. “Debbie Does the Gaza Strip” is always an option.”

    I dont know how to put into words the sound we make when someone scores a righteous snap kick to the groin of their opponent, but its there.

    If theres any relief it seems to be that Lisas brand of Law and sociological studies were not a priority against other choices.
    It would be interesting to see what other courses UCLA is dropping.

  3. Brat says:

    As a long time academic mind, I have great respect for intellectual discussion/discourse. I also believe that we SHOULD study the middle east closely, just as an understanding of other cultures should inform our personal and political behaviour. However, when hatred and bigotry thinly disguised, is wrapped in that, AND taught to malleable minds, , then I say get rid of all of them.

    As a previous commenter said, though, she will not be silenced for long. There is a marketplace for such vitreole it seems.:(

  4. Are you European, Brat?

    Anyway, I just don’t see all this “hatred” and “bigotry” and “amorality” you guys see. You just disagree and are hardliners so you see opposing views as contemptuous.

    A lot of people are unhappy with the way Israel has handled the Palestinian situation. And really, when it comes down to it, it is Israel’s problem to solve. I know the local Arab states aren’t much help, and I know they should be helpful, but they don’t have to be helpful and they have every impetus to not be helpful. Israel, on the other hand, does have every reason to be helpful and just hasn’t lived up to the task. They have to be realistic about the Two State Solution. They have to make room for a viable Palestinian state. They have to and their reluctance to do so has begun to wear thin the patience of Israel’s friends and allies, and has played right into the hands of their enemies. This can’t go on forever and as long as the hardliners on both sides – right of returners, permanent occupiers and settlers, etc – refuse to move from their positions, this conflict will never end. The hardliners should simply be ignored while the moderates and realists work together, get the concessions from both sides, and finalize the realistic boundaries of Two States for once and for all.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    “I just don’t see all this “hatred” and “bigotry” and “amorality” you guys see. ”

    Then you need to see a doctor.

    “A lot of people are unhappy with the way Israel has handled the Palestinian situation.”

    Who cares ?
    9 out of 10 of those voices are either completely ignorant, moonbats, or Arabs.

    “when it comes down to it, it is Israel’s problem to solve.”

    Really ?
    Then why does the whole freaking world keep telling em how they should and shouldn’t go about it ?

    “Israel, on the other hand, does have every reason to be helpful and just hasn’t lived up to the task. They have to be realistic about the Two State Solution. ”

    Maybe, but they are under no obligation to do so.
    They are realistic about the two state solution in knowing that it would be suicide to allow it.

    “They have to make room for a viable Palestinian state. ”

    First you have to have a viable state to make room for.
    This will never happen for two reasons.
    They are too close to Israel and cannot resist the temptation to launch bombs when they feel like it.
    Second, they feel its upon Israel to support and move them forward.

    Do you see the disconnect there ?

    Its like the SCHIPS bill.
    It depends on the taxation of cigarettes, and yet the same moonbats that support the bill also wish to eliminate the one source of revenue that supports it.
    Palestinians have no product, no resource.
    Spread them out around the middle east and give em jobs.
    And what’s even more frightening is a viable Palestinian state right next to Israel that has plenty of revenues to obtain weaponry with.
    Having the Palestinians right next to Israel with a lot of money is about the dumbest freaking idea I’ve ever heard.
    Damn liberals just wont accept the facts that have been laid out in history, will you ?
    So please, kick the conversation up to another level of intellect, think of a different plan for once and forget about these kumbaya existences and boundaries you guys keep dreaming of.
    You’re just going to get a lot more people killed.

    Who cares ? Its the intention that counts right ?

  6. Micky, let me put it this way – what else can be done? The status quo isn’t acomplishing anything. Ratcheting up the violence isn’t accomplishing anything. You guys don’t suggest anything of any use whatsoever, just adolescent rhetorical tripe like “turn Syria into a golf course” or “nuke ’em.” I’ve never once heard any idea come from the hard right on this issue. Never. Not once. All you guys do is react. You refuse to act. Typical conservatism – God forbid anyone changes anything or tries a new idea. They shoot down anything that hasn’t already been tried and failed. You guys are just making everything worse.


  7. Dav Lev says:

    On the Al Qaeda website, was a threat to bomb the Chabad headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, most especially on the Sabbath when there are
    dozens, if not hundreds of Orthodox Jews, men, women and their (lots) of children. Additionally, other Chabad locations throughout the world have been targeted. The website went on to say that religious Jews support Israel, and therefore must be against Islam and Allah thus their deaths
    are holy.

    Knowing a few Chabad members, I immediately telephoned them to warn of the threat. Of course, being typically “Jewish” they frowned on the liklihood of this ever happening and dismissed it as rubbish. (No matter Mumbai’s Chabad was the
    primary target of the Pakistani murderers-they also wanted to send a message to the Jews (“Zionists”).

    I happen to know that they do NOT have any, even a simple 22 semi-automatic to defend themselves.

    Chabad locally told me after Mumbai that they have Chabad houses
    and synagogues everywhere there are Jews..even India, with it’s declining Jewish popuation ( 10,000 out of 1 billion). Their explanation was that
    the Israeli consulate is strictly secular..with no provision for Jewish studies, or Jewish observances. ( Maybe Chabad should stay right here in the USA, where 200,000 Jews have converted to other faiths..looking desparately for something to hold onto, and not finding it in Judaism). To these people I suggest reading the parsha of the week, with explanations by prominent rabbis. I do. They are enlighting and inspiring.

    Well, according to this blog, indirectly a wannabe terrorist and Muslim
    fanatic has been silenced, at least at UCLA. However, she will reappear
    sooner than later, somewhere else to spew her poison and lies to young gullible “Infidels” and more than a few leftist Jews (hear that Nancy Pelosi).

    In the meantime, Iran has sent up a 2 stage rocket..and placed a satellite
    in orbit. With some modification, these rockets (patterned after No. Korea’s missiles will be able to hit the US and Europe.

    But then again, who cares about Iran. No. Korea will soon launch a multi-stage rocket able to hit the Western USA. That includes my home town folks. Or as John Bolten will say, “I told you so”.

    Okay, let’s give diplomacy a try before we pre-empt and save out skins from these barbarians..from UCLA to Tehran by way of No. korea.

    Or as the Peace Now crowd continally rants and raves, “Let’s give
    peace a chance”.

  8. Micky 2 says:

    “The status quo isn’t acomplishing anything.”

    Then why do you guys insist on adding to it with more of the same repeated mistakes from the past ?

    “Ratcheting up the violence isn’t accomplishing anything. You guys don’t suggest anything of any use whatsoever, just adolescent rhetorical tripe like “turn Syria into a golf course” or “nuke ‘em.”

    That’s bull and you know it.
    I myself and Eric have said many times to just let Israel finish the job.
    And has it occurred to you , as much as you don’t want to admit it , that a real good spanking that knocks the crap out of em so bad they never get up again is exactly what’s in order ?
    We already know from dealing with other radical Islamic elements that trying the carrots and sticks thing just doesn’t work. And the only reason a complete carpet bombing doesn’t work with that element is because all other radical threats outside of Gaza and the West bank are spread out in urban settings or scattered in mountains of Pakistan ?
    Well, conveniently enough Hamas is generally located/concentrated in one area. If the threat that Israel were to do what needed to be done actually existed the Palestinians that do have their heads screwed on straight might just tell em to get the hell outta dodge.
    if that doesn’t happen and Israel acts like I think it should then a lot of innocent Palestinians will die


    How much longer are more and more innocents on both sides going to have to die as a result of dragging this out over and over again doing the same freaking thing ?
    Less people will die if we just cut to the chase already.

    Look at how many have died in the past 60 + years, including the holocaust and subtract that from the total we would have today if Israel just did what needs to be done ?
    Once again, I’ll refer you to Nagasaki and Hiroshima as perfect examples of how these methods work.

    “All you guys do is react. You refuse to act. Typical conservatism”

    That’s the biggest stinking line of crap I’ve ever heard.
    Are that stupid that you actually think anyone would believe that ?
    Especially after all the accusations from the left that say we over react ?
    I would take that back if you wanted to save some face from looking absolutely insane.

    I’ll add to Dav Levs final sentence with another one of Lennons brilliant philosophies that the left lives by, “Let it be”
    Its you guys who sit on your a$$es and say it will take its course.
    You just said it yourself a few posts back.

    “it’s just this particular time in the history of that part of the world hasn’t been so kind to them. Eventually they will pull out of this, and my best guess is that will begin the day the oil starts running out. That I would bet on.”

    So, we can just “let it be” right ?
    They’ll come out of it so everything were doing is for naught ?

    “God forbid anyone changes anything or tries a new idea. ”

    What don’t you understand that you can only eliminate all methods til you have come full circle and are repeating yourself ?
    Their really ardent too many options left that haven’t been tried Jersey !!!

    And all you guys want to do is keep re visiting failed policies that history has proved time and time again WONT WORK !!!

    With that in mind, and it being nothing but the truth I suggest you stop calling people naive, childish, ignorant, stupid or comic bookish because there’s no doubt that those qualities are prevalent with the side that just will not accept the facts.

    Worse does not apply to the right because its the lefts policies that have failed and got Israel where its at now.
    Had Olmert followed thru I doubt this last round of missiles would of been launched.
    But no, once again Israel caved to the peace mongering idiots and guess what ?
    THE SAME DAMN THING HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless , I think you guys actually enjoy this freaking ride !
    Without it you would have no opportunity to run around wearing your bleeding hearts on your sleeves. You do the same things with minorities here at home.
    Perpetuate the problem so you can come out and appear as if you have relevance when you cry about it.

    “Gee, if we actually dealt with the problem, we wouldn’t have anything to b*tch about anymore. Oh, we cant have that !”

  9. Does anybody else think its insane to believe that Iran or North Korea would commit national suicide by firing a nuclear missile at the US?


    Micky, the only successful peace Israel ever acheived was when it abandoned the Sinai and made peace with Egypt. Israel is holding the cards. It’s time to play them. Give the ’67 land back to the Palestinians, secure the borders, let the UN or NATO in there to ensure the peace, and end this stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid war. It’s been more than 60 years of this nonsense. It’s getting worse and worse with every year. Three generations of Palestinians now know only of endless war. There culture is in ruins. Only Israel can act. I still hear NO serious alternative from you righties. Nothing. Just adolescent, unrealistic, hypocritical, useless, status quo, pyrrhic chest thumping.


  10. Micky 2 says:

    “I still hear NO serious alternative from you righties.”

    You can play this game all you want, but ht efact is that I just laid out an alternative to you in detail.
    You just wont accept it and so you go about your immature way pretending that no one ever said anything.

    “Does anybody else think its insane to believe that Iran or North Korea would commit national suicide by firing a nuclear missile at the US?”

    That reminds me, while Israel is at it they had better take out Iran also.
    First only because they need to do so before they come up with their own nukes.
    Second because they fund all kinds of terror activities, mainly of course Hamas.

    “secure the borders, let the UN or NATO in there to ensure the peace,”

    There you go again, cant get around that big block in your brain that wont let you remember that what you suggest has been tried and failed.
    The UN is useless sack of sh*t and borders wont stop the missles so that would render NATO useless also.

    “Three generations of Palestinians now know only of endless war.”

    God forbid you actually toss in a little sympathy for Israeli whos lives havent exactly been a bowl of cherries either.

    “Just adolescent, unrealistic, hypocritical, useless, status quo, pyrrhic chest thumping.”

    Once again, you make the same claims that any intelligent human could see that I just shot down on the last post with realistic scenarios, facts and examples of how they’ve worked in the past.

    Your approach will fail, it always has.
    But, its like that with everything liberals do.
    You’re all so stuck on yourselves and self centered that you think you’ll be the ones since the beginning of man that can make tthings work that never have worked.
    We may believe in an intangible diety and have faith in it.
    You on the other hand wont even have faith in something as real and tangible as the facts of history that show such approachs have failed.
    You keep sticking your hands in the fire regardless of past lessons learned.
    Or should I say NOT LEARNED…
    You do know the description of insanity , dont you ?

    Yup, you guys are right there man.

  11. Micky, you guys want to commit genocide. That’s your great idea. It AIN’T gonna happen. Israel knows it, we know it, and here in the real world, as opposed to conservative comic book land, everyone knows tat “taking out” Iran, committing gencide in Syria or the occupied terrirtories are simply not viable options no matter how much you bloodthirsty cons wish they were.


  12. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, you guys want to commit genocide. ”

    Another over loaded line of crap thats only purpose is to demonize a people who want to defend themselves.
    Thats what the left does when common sense and what really works is presented.
    They come out with over the top senseless untrue statements like that one.
    Whats next ? Hitler ? Nazis ?

    Genocide by the way is exactly what the Palestinians and Hamas wish upon the Jews.
    But of course you ignoramouses wont face up to that and instead defend what are the true genocidal maniacs.
    Whats even worse is that these people have said that this is exactly what they want to do, threatened it and attempted it.
    So when the retaliation is equivalent to the threat you run from reality and claim brutallity against the victims.

    “That’s your great idea. It AIN’T gonna happen.”

    Well, at least now you have no choice but to shut up and stop saying we, or I , dont have an idea.
    And I’ll tell you something. The odds of it happening are a lot greater than you think when you do the math as everything you so stupidly keep recomending has been tried over and over again and failed.

    Whats your solution ? Besides the same old failed policies ???
    You’re the one who hasnt brought anything to the table that hasnt been tried and failed and yet for some ridiculous reason you keep screaming at everyone for a solution and look right thru them if its not what you want to hear.

    ” Israel knows it, we know it, and here in the real world,”

    Which real world ? That little space between your ears that keeps thinking that these two can co exist next to each other when they never have been able to, no matter what stupid plans you try ? ?

    “as opposed to conservative comic book land, everyone knows tat “taking out” Iran, committing gencide in Syria or the occupied terrirtories are simply not viable options no matter how much you bloodthirsty cons wish they were.”

    I think I’ve proven to satisfaction that you are the comic book king here buddy.
    You’ve only made it all to evident that not only are you some comic book junkie, you dont even have the common sense to turn the page and move on to what needs to be done.
    And your simply too scared to read the ending.
    Hopefully Iran gets stupid enough for us or Israel to blow their a$$es away which would make Israels job that much easier seeing as how the source of funding for Hamas would dry up.

    Once again, dont forget, its not us who are the bloodthirsty ones here.
    We also have tried the peace treaties, processes and cease fires along with land gives and aid but as adults realized at a certain point they arent working and are supporting the next real solution.
    Thats what adults do, they make the hard decisions that no one likes and follow thru on them.
    Thats why it cracks me up when you say that the right “refuses to act”.
    We are the ones that finally had to act on Iraq and Afghanistan while you dingbats triied to justify evil.

    On another note, and what really makes me physically ill is that you SOBs choose to support a terrorist regime that wants to kill all of America and give total disegard to the one country in the middle east that treasures the same values as America does.
    Israel is our ally in the war on terror and supports us for the same reasons and values we support them.
    Yet you want to appease and apologize for the one thing that threatens it all.

    Well buddy, looks like Ive dwindled you down to being nothing again, nothing but a bunch of false over stated accusations, more prophetic predictions and opinions that you seem to think pass for fact.
    Suffices to say that I think I’ve made it clear who our ally and enemies are also.

  13. Micky 2 says:

    I was so repulsed last night I completely forgot to include what makes my case in being that its not just myself and a few so called “bloodthirsty cons” that see things my way.
    In a little more than a week Israel will be holding its elections and its looking an awful lot like Netanyahu is going to win.
    Seems he feels much the way myself and many others feel also.

    “Netanyahu said last week at the World Economic Forum:
    “neutralizing Iran’s leaders would reduce the danger posed to Israel and others by Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah militants in south Lebanon. “We have had two wars with two Iranian proxies in two years and Persia has now two bases on the eastern Mediterranean,” said Netanyahu. He went on to say: “”I think we are going to have to deal with neutralizing the power of the mother regime.” The “mother regime,” of course, is the country of Iran, itself. ”

    “We have never had, since the dawn of the nuclear age, nuclear weapons in the hands of such a fanatical regime,”. He said Iran’s possession of the nuclear bomb is the world’s greatest challenge at the start of this new century ”

    Its pretty safe to say that with Netanyahu running the show in Israel he’ll do pretty much what he wants, and knowing Netanyahu he more than likely doesn’t trust Obama. I doubt he’ll be looking for guidance or input from Obama when recently Ahmajinedad compared Obama to Carter.
    Probably the only true thing he’s ever said.
    If you go to the link and read more of what Netanyahu had to say you’ll see that he is offering cooperation with “moderate” Palestinians, so I doubt if anything does happen we’ll be looking at some sort of “genocidal” brutality as you claim we all want.
    On the other hand, and as we speak the White house is drafting letters of apology to Iran for our supposed mistreatment of them in the past.

    “The report says the letter seeks to assure the Iranian leaders that the US does not want to change the regime in Iran, the US merely seeks to change the behavior of the Persian state.”

    Good luck with that.

    Ahmadinejad: “Those who say they want to make change, this is the change they should make: They should apologize to the Iranian nation and try to make up for their dark background and the crimes they have committed against the Iranian nation,”

    Hmm… What about all the stunts they’ve pulled against us ?
    I mean, wasn’t this schmuck one of the hostage takers when they raided our embassies and bases ?

    Although the statements netanyahu made seemed to focus mostly on the nuke threat from Iran and that it be neutralized in itself, if you read into it a little deeper you can see that he also mentions “the power of the mother regime”.
    Well, that power is not only limited to it having a nuke in the future. That power that is existent right now as the funding that Hamas and Hezbolla receive from Iran.
    So you see, I’m no genius Jersey. Many people realize that Iran is the real honcho in all this and must be dealt with. If you don’t, everything else is just political posturing.
    A strike on its facilities will probably be the warning shot. And if that doesn’t do the trick I’m sure that with Netanyahu running the show there will be more to come.

  14. Huh. I was pretty sure I posted something else here. It must have been too rabiod for our good host, but I don’t recall it being so.

    The reason I say that you “want to commit genocide” is that it is the inevitable conclusion to this particular strategy of meeting violence with violence. For every one of these enemies you kill, you make many more enemies, because every one of these enemies has friends, family, community, country. These people are not motivated by some political ideology, or really any ideology, but by want of a national homeland, and that’s why their position is so violently intractable.

    When the Japanese and Germans surrendered at the end of WWII, it was with the understanding that they would remain in their native countries and preserve the native lands, religions, language, holy places, traditions, security, institutions, and culture of the people. The only thing the Germans lost was the Nazis and their war machine, and by then most of the people were glad to see them go. The only thing the Japanese lost was the war machine – they didn’t even lose their emperor (though the public shame brought an end to the dynasty’s power).

    The Palestinians have very little to lose and everything to gain. They have lost most of their native land. They have been relegated to an inviably oddly shaped stretch of two small patches of disconnected land. They have almost no natural resources, very few ports and other points of trade. Very little infrastructure and very few realistic options for building one because of the odd shape of their territory and terrain. They have no friends to help them, but rather just neighbo states who all for their own reasons seem to find it in their own interest to keep the Palestinians in their perilous predicament. Almost half of the Palestinian people are now nationally displaced, scattered around the globe. All told there are roughly 11 million of these people expected to be satisifed with a homeland the size of Vermont.

    The Palestinians have known war and only war for so long it has become a part of their national culture and identity. It’s who they are. When you look at people’s around the world who have known such conditions for extended periods, you see that it’s very difficult for them to mature politically. When the Palestinians voted, they proved that point, electing the militant Hamas party to power. Now, given that reality, it would have been smart to realize that this was inevitable and so the best way to deal with that would have been to deal with Hamas in an attempt to mainstream them, ala Sinn Fein. But instead, the Palestinians were aksed to vote, they did, and they were rewarded for their inevitable exercise of their right by Israel and America essentially cutting them off. I understood why they were so politically immature, but I’ll never understand why we were.

    My point is simple – what you guys want will never work unless you kill them all, and that would be a huge mistake. The entire world would never forgive us or trust us again, and you couldn’t blame them. The Palestinians are no more an existential threat to Israel than Al Qaeda is to us. There’s no excuse for committing genocide in the Middle East. And most certainly, the want of some Muslims to commit genocide does not allow for a moral equivilance on our part. Otherwise, you are nothing more than a terrorist yourself.


  15. Web Reconnaissance for 02/06/2009…

    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often….

  16. Micky 2 says:

    “For every one of these enemies you kill, you make many more enemies, because every one of these enemies has friends, family, community, country. These people are not motivated by some political ideology, or really any ideology, but by want of a national homeland, and that’s why their position is so violently intractable.”

    Another fabricated crock that involved glutal exploration.
    The ideolgy of Nazis was crushed to were the only thing left now are few redneck stragglers.
    They are motivated by hatred and the wishs for genocide against the entire Jewish community. Homeland or not, they will still pursue killing Jews.
    They say so everyday in print across the entire middle east and even in this country.

    WISE UP !!!

    ” All told there are roughly 11 million of these people expected to be satisifed with a homeland the size of Vermont.”

    Aside from all the crap previous in that paragraph, their homeland (s) have been divided. They should be dispersed amongst Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

    “The Palestinians are no more an existential threat to Israel than Al Qaeda is to us”

    Sheer unadulterated stupidity as booth of them have killed thousands and have promised more of the same.
    Ignorantly, ideolistically, ridiculously, childishly… stupid.

    You idiots actually want a prosperus and economically viable terrorist state existing right next door to the people thay want off the map.

    If that is not the dumbest damn thing I’ve heard in a long long time, I dont know what is.

    You cannot refute the facts, present and historical that I put on the table, and you have no plan that hasnt been tried and failed.
    Your relevance in coming to anything productive is non existent.

    The rest of your crap is just more moonbattery trying to look like some kind of moral equivalency to justify a peoples wish to wipe out an entire people.

  17. Micky, I show you absolute truthful reality, and you just deny it. If I told you the sky was blue, you’d say “prove it!” This is why the world is just a lousy place – some people refuse to see reality smack dab in front of their faces.


  18. Micky 2 says:

    what have you shown me ?
    yes, unlike you I dont just take anyones word for it, I want proof when you call someone a liar, or a murderer, or a complete and utter failure.
    I have enough class to never lean something like that against anyone unless I can back it up.

    You have no quotes, articles or relative facts and you cant argue with history.
    All you have is the same repeated mistakes that you want to try all over again.
    Go back to the last debate we had on this in Dec. I listed and itemized all the failures you are suggesting we do again.
    You’re down to arguing insignificant crap that does nothing to prove your point which basically means that my position has legs and your sliding outta here on yer belly buddy.

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