Infomercial Saturday

Today is infomercial Saturday.

No, I have not turned into Vince, and I will not be selling you Shamwow or Slapchop. I am actually disturbed that I even know what that means.

Today is a a day to link to others, all with products or services. I do this because I met these people, and like them. I sure as heck am not getting a fee for this.

Anyway, let’s start out with something dignified. Ward Connerly has a book out entitled, “Lessons from my Uncle James.” It is an easy read, and an enjoyable one at that. As usual with Ward Connerly, it is meaningful. I recommend his book.

Evan Sayet is back doing conservative comedy at the Laugh Facotry in Hollywood. Apparently the new President has not outlawed criticism of him just yet. The show is on Tuesday, February 17th.

Kate over at “Small Dead Animals” is an awesome blogger and a very nice person. Visit her often.

As always, Spree at Wake Up America has been a source of kindness towards me. Also, she is a republican Jewish brunette.

I had the pleasure of attending a business mixer put on by the Los Angeles Jewish Chamber of Commerce. It was refreshing being around so many Jews that not only understand business, but actually like business.

The person who led me to the mixer is Jeff Gurman. He is in private wealth management.

Evelyn Jerome Alexander is a principal at SJA Strategies. They are a political consulting firm that helps elect democrats. For those wondering if I am off my rocker, I am giving them a mention because Evelyn’s brother is Randy Steinberg, who I had the pleasure of debating. Although I do not see myself supporting their clients, if you are a democrat wanting to get elected, they will work hard for you. Randy is a great guy, and I wish him success in life, and look forward to our next debate.

Like Jeff Gurman, Also in the world of finance are:

Ilan H

Michael Katz at Citi Smith Barney

Marc Lipson at Merrill Lynch

Scott Goodman at Entertainment Wealth Management

Andy K does web techie stuff.

Jacques P is a Travel Consultant.

Yaroslav K films weddings.

Kambiz M is a real estate guy.

Bernadette I provides nursing services inclusing home care.

Alain B is an attorney.

Brian H is the man behind Threaded Heritage.

David J is a marketing guy.

Aviv M is another techie. Her company is ANETONLINE.

Alon Pesso is an auto and home insurance guy at Elite One Insurance.

Aaron O is a chiropractor.

For catering, EJ P will handle things.

Vanesa D sells fine art.

For eyeglasses and eye wear, Joel M will help you.

We all have to go at some point. In conjunction with Temple Israel of Hollywood, there is Paul G working at Hillside Memorial.

Lastly, yours truly will have his book come out in March. Details to follow.

In the meantime, donate to my special Tygrrrr Express fund. The donate button is on my home page. It is the Tygrrrr Express fund solely for the benefit of the Tygrrrr Express.

This concludes Infomercial Saturday.


One Response to “Infomercial Saturday”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    I refer anyone interested in knowing more about my religious faith ( I am an American born very proud Conservative Jew, who did not have to convert) to “What is a Jew” by Rabbi Morris Kertzner. Both of my parents were Jewish. I am also an ardent Zionist (sorry my Islamo-fascist enemies).

    Most of my friends who attended Talmud Torah (Hebrew School), dropped out after their 13th birthday. The girls also.

    I continued on for 2 more years. Looking back, I recall the teacher as
    an old man (he was actually about 50 and spoke 10 languages), who
    couldn’t seem to stop dripping at the mouth. That struck me at the time as
    shall we say, uncouth. (Similarly I attended a boy
    scout camp, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The senior counselors were
    anything but uncouth, so gentile, so perfect, so neat, and so correct
    Then I saw a Catholic priest uriniating next to me one day, and I lost
    all faith. You see, I thought clergy didn’t do that at least in public.
    (No derision implied or intended).

    Anyway, looking back, now I wish I had remained for another two years
    in that school., learned Hebrew and Yiiddish fluently. I didn’t anticipate
    so many Israeli-Arab wars in the future and the importance of knowing how to translate Hebrew (not just how to read from a prayer book, which I still can do).

    I don’t know whether I’m violating any Shabbat (Hebrew version of Sabbath) laws by commenting today? Maybe I should go to MY bible, “What is a Jew” by Rabbi Morris Kertzner, former Chaplain at Anzio (the famous battle during WW2). He has written numerous book, mainly for uneducated Jews and the mostly non-Jewish world, who are curious.
    At the time of this publication in 1953 there were 13 million Jews in the world.
    Today there are about 13.2 million.

    He relates the story of a Japanese officer visiting the US after the war, who asked him his religion. He answered, I am a Jew, not a Christian.
    Have you ever heard of Abraham, Isaac and Joshua asked the officer. He anwered, I am an Israelite
    like them. The officer then said, oh are they still alive?

    The book goes on to tell what Judaism is all about, in nine easily understood chapters. I keep it on my bookshelf, in my living room, along
    with another Rabbi, Meir Kahane’s “Wake up world, wake up Jew”.
    Now this is a very different type of book and rabbi.

    Good Shabbat everyone.

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