More Irrational Hate Mail from Arab Terrorist Lunatics

I recently attended a symposium at UCLA entitled “Gaza and Human Rights.”

As I said, I felt like I had infiltrated a terrorist sleeper cell. There was nothing human about the speakers or most of the crowd. For those wondering what savage barbarians look like, I am sure somebody took pictures.

Since then, one of the anti-Semitic speakers, Lisa Hajjar, has had her terrorist mask ripped off. Her department has been shut down. Yet like cockroaches, anti-Semite Arab terrorist enablers are many. After publishing my column detailing the verbal genocidal atrocities committed by Arab terrorists posing as “academics,” I received hate mail that only a Palestinian homicide bomber (or a UCLA professor) could love.

Some of the bile is below. I redacted the foul language. As with most “intellectuals,” they cannot argue on substance. Instead they criticize spelling, grammar, and anything else that allows them to retain their rare combination of smugness and ignorance. Remember, those are the qualifications for being a leftist professor, although supporting terrorism helps.

One email came from a guy named Jascha, who insisted he was male. Rather than address the substance of my column, he offered the following:

“Pity that (me, eric) does not know the difference between ‘incredulous’ and word he sort of had in mind, viz., ‘incredible.’
Jascha Kessler
Professor of English and Modern Literature, UCLA”

Now I could have let that remark go, but letting it go is what supporters of Hamas say Israel should do. So I did what any decent person would do with garbage…I removed it.

“Ms. Kessler,

I wrote a column explaining that a Symposium on Gaza and Human Rights was the academic equivalent of a terrorist sleeper cell.

Your rebuttal was to criticize my not knowing the difference between incredulous and incredible.

Only an elitist gasbag, a terrorist enabler, or a college professor would offer that as a rebuttal.

I plan on making many more unintentional linguistic errors in the future. Your silence on the issue of Palestinian Terrorism support at UCLA would seem to be a bigger error.

Feel free to correct the record, and if possible, do so with significantly less arrogance.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

The response I got was perhaps not a Fatwa, but at the very least a leftist Palestinian screed. It was incoherent, but I am sure somewhere on the web it can be translated form the original Jihad.
“Rebuttal it was not!  Schm*ck, you!  I was helping your credibility, not your credulity or incredibility.
Drop dead yesterday.  Gasbag, indeed.  Professor to you and your illiterate cohort.  Stay off the web for the public if you cannot distinguish between important words.  And are you a misbegotten sexist?  I am no Ms., and my name is male, all the way back to the patriarch Jacob.
Toothless, cursing gnashing blogger.  What you had to say was okay, but if you cannot spell in English, welll then, as the Brits say, F*ckall!
As for my silence, I am anything but, brainless person.  Here is a letter published in the FT before the UCLA event took place, which I have taken steps to oppose.”

I deleted the link, because it was commentary on Kublai Khan. I honestly never thought I would mention Kublai Khan on my blog, but if this professor thinks that the Arab-Israeli conflict relates, so be it. I responded for no other reason than I knew the response to me would be classic.


You may claim to be a poet and a linguist, but like most Islamists, you resort to verbal violence and rage. Do you speak to your students with such foul language? I recommend you do some deep breathing exercises or some meditation from Deepak Chopra.

If you are the best UCLA can do, than enrollment at USC should increase rapidly.

I notice you won an award by George Soros. Perhaps you can win a Nobel Prize like Yassir Arafat to complete your inconsequential career. After all, those who can’t do, teach.

I checked the terrorist watch list, and did not see your name. So before you criticize the spelling and grammar of others, if it was not for a misspelling due to your oddly spelled asexual first name, you would have already been captured.

I shall plant a tree in Israel in honor of your support of the Jewish state.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

Sasha did not disappoint, although his/her responses would only reinforce the point of lunacy. At this point censorship would benefit us all. Besides, there was more hate mail.

Philip Andrew Jones was one of those fellows that started out trying to sound borderline cerebral before eventually descending into the Palestinian city of Bonkersville.I have taken excerpts of his comments without taking them out of context. This was to reduce length.

“Dear Sirs/Madams,

Although I realize that you do not answer emails,  however, I do hope that you would read the following:-  I find it quite strange that the writers and promoters of ‘Campus Watch’,  would charge UCLA with ‘Jew – Hate’.  I clicked onto quote, ‘…how best to spread…’ End quote.  Excuse me for any ignorance, but I did not sight any ‘hate’ in the news article on anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism or anti-Americanism.

As a very concerned person for the welfare of all human beings created equal under the LORD Thy God, I witnessed via main stream media and other news resources from around the world, the shocking scenes of high tech Israeli weapons raining death on civilian men, women and children trapped in the Gaza Ghetto.  Although 1300 human beings have been reported dead, further intelligence received is reporting that over 4 thousand have been genocide murdered.

I also have read concerning the ‘violent’ Hamas attacks on Israel – REALLY – but I suppose we could compare perhaps this Israeli atrocity to perhaps the British RAF bombing in Belfast, because of a terrorist attack in Manchester.  That Israel can murder on this incredible huge scale, with the blind eye of Britain and America being totally despicable”

Ok, so he is not completely nuts yet. He needed another sentence to let the madness flow.

“It quite interesting that Tony Blair has of course revealed himself to be the usual puppet of the new world order banking elite, which is keen to stoke up the Israeli action to help divert attention from the global banking collapse.”

There we go. The Zionist conspiracy to take over the world…those d@ng moneylenders. Tony Blair is in on it. He forgot to mention Kublai Khan. Luckily, he continued.

“While many are reticent about commenting, or being drawn into the debate about the ‘Israeli / Palestinian issue’, the brazen, wanton, criminal atrocities that have and will continue to be committed in this sick business by the superpower of the region are simply too heinous to be ignored.  It is not enough for Israel to hide behind their historic suffering, when their actions are so vicious and unacceptable today, Jewish politicians and their lobbyists in the West, must be made fully accountable.  No doubt, the smirking Mr. Blair has failed to stand and be counted due to US and home grown lobbying pressure.  Just where did New Labour funds come from?  No doubt also, that the United Nations has also failed to take action due to the powerful US/Israeli lobby.”

Yes, all those powerful Jews. I wonder why I never got a share of this money and power. Oh well, according to these bigots, my time will come at their expense. I can live with that.

As for that gutless, useless, worthless organization known as the United Nations, I am not sure whether I should be happy or sad that their humanitarian relief workers were robbed at gunpoint by members of Hamas.

As punishment, they are suspending aid to Hamas. Now that is talking tough. They are refusing to provide supplies and aid that were already stolen. Perhaps Hamas also stole supplies of Viagra, which could explain the impotence of the U.N.

As for the intellectual impotence of the blusterer, he continued misfiring on half cylinder.

“On a deeper level, what is it about the Israeli national political character, the ‘siege mentality’, that violence and murder against civilian populations can be pursued with such inhumane and calculated precision?  How can a culture that who say they believe in God be so immune to the cries of the dead, maimed and dying – in the prison camp they have created, of what remains of the country they annexed from the Palestinians so long ago?

Could it be that one possible answer is to be found in the laws of the ‘man – written’ so called secret Babylonian Talmud, which documents the most racist, anti-semitic, most anti-human writings ever written by the carnal mind of man.”

Forget Kublai Khan. It is all about the Babylonian Talmud. As for killing with “precision,” Israel should not be punished for not only defending itself, but doing so successfully. Conversely, Palestinians should not be rewarded just because they are the Inspector Clouseau of murderers. In fact, being stupid and incompetent killers should be killed with extra precision.

A third piece of hate mail was less serious. I have no evidence that the person is a bigot in any way. Also, since I contacted them first, and they responded to me privately, I will allow their name to be redacted.

However, my contact was polite. Leftists need to understand that incivility will be met with severity. I don’t coddle verbal homicide bombers. The woman (I think it was a woman) was from Iran, and not sympathetic towards my support of Israel. She also did not think much of conservatives.

“Reading your incredibly stupid comments and completely ignorant analysis of world events literally makes me nauseous. I choose not to communicate with stupid people, and your emails qualify as this type of communication.”

These people are the gift that keeps on giving, hence my using them for entertainment purposes in the same way that circuses hire clowns and elephants.

“You claim you don’t want to communicate with me, but yet you emailed me, which means you communicated with me. This makes you a liar.

You are also Persian, which means you are a guest in my nation. You should kiss the feet of George W. Bush every night. I bet you were not that brave in your insults under Ayatollah Khomeini.

You need a hug.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

P.S. I publish my hate mail so my readers can see what passes for ‘intellect.'”

Yet a fellow named Tanweer Mahmoodullah livened things up. Mr. Wierd Dullard had his own screed.

“Hundreds of doctors and specialists have confirmed that Israel used White phosphorous and dime bombs on civilians. photographs, live and from Gaza do not lie! Israel has lied from day one. All its people, military and civilians should be tried for theft , murder, genocide, apartheid and crimes against humanity. hands up for Lisa hajjar and people like her who are brave and have a conscience. Israelis , get ready to be tried and persecuted!Your end has come!”

Wow, my time has come. Perhaps the fellow can sing “Time has come today,” before detonating himself.

As for “hands up,” perhaps he thinks this is a sporting event, and he was doing “the wave.” Given that these rantings occurred the same week as the NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii, that could be an explanation.

Yet a better rationale would be that there is not rationale for those that are irrational.

These are Arab Palestinian terrorist enablers. This is how they behave. this is what they are. notice I said “what” instead of “who.”

Once again, these savages do not need a homeland. All of them, including the “English Professor,” need a thesaurus, and some soap to wash out their mouths. As for soap, make mine a double shot of lava. I always need a good scrubbing to cleanse myself from the stench my “critics” need behind.


18 Responses to “More Irrational Hate Mail from Arab Terrorist Lunatics”

  1. Laree says:

    J.B.White, Rattler Gator,

    Obama “A return to not a change from” this does tie into how we interact with The Radical Muslim community.

  2. I think this points up a troubling change in the way people think about Israel. Many people are tiring of the status quo over there. The American Left, once the most stout supporters of Israel, are getting sick and tried of the endless, pointless violence. Meanwhile, the Christian Right (thanks in part to people like the IUC you linked above), a historically anti-semitic demographic, has been invited to fill a vacuum of blind sycophancy. This is a huge mistake. The Christian right is naturally inept and their motivations highly dubious. They are not friends of the Jews, just idiots who think a united Judea and Sammara will somehow usher in the return of Christ, a mythical composite character, who will then bring the apocalypse and all the Jews who then do not convert will be “left behind” or go to hell. With friends like that… Meanwhile, the Left still supports Israel, and is inheritantly friendly towards the Jewish people, but are seriously tiring of Israeli policy toward the occupied territories and very suspicious of the strange allaince that is “Christian Zionism.” This tendency, on all sides, to make the Israeli/Palestinian issue into an American partisan wedge issue is dangerously self-destructive. While this hasn’t yet seeped into Washington DC, and as yet remains a grassroots movement, if it does become a mainstay of national politics, Israel will be at risk of losing it’s most powerful and influential friend – the US.

    There must be more mature dialogue between all those who support Israel, inclusive of dissent and critique of Jewish state policy in good faith. To honestly and intellectually criticize Israel for this or that is not to be anti-semitic or anti-Israel, if anything it is just the opposite. When you truly care about someone, you tell them how you feel. When you don’t care, you don’t say a word. And when you outright hate a people, you might just give them very bad advice, and that’s what I fear the Christian Right is giving Israel.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “When you don’t care, you don’t say a word. And when you outright hate a people, you might just give them very bad advice, and that’s what I fear the Christian Right is giving Israel.”

    Yea, your answer to that is to tell em to do the same thing thats been getting them killed over and over again.
    Your only interest is to see if you can somehow achieve painting a nice face on evil, that way it wont be a problem anymore.
    And then under that false vision you’ll have your world peace and imagine its all good.

    Netanyahu, who more than likely will win because Israel doesnt see it your way, basically told Obama today to not get in his way because this time the job will get done, and it will get done right regardless of what Obama thinks.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    “The Christian right is naturally inept and their motivations highly dubious. They are not friends of the Jews, just idiots who think a united Judea and Sammara will somehow usher in the return of Christ, ”

    Yea well, right back atcha, idiot. I dont think Jews appreciate being called idiots either by anyone from a party he claims are so supportative of them.

    The fact of the matter is that even Christians can pput aside their faith for a minute(no matter how you intepret it) and also look at our relationship with Israel as one where we share the same values such as freedom from tryanny and autocratic rule, democracy and crushing terrorism.
    Trust me, the right in this country that supports Israel in made up of more than just the two faced christins you say are lurking.
    We are allys with Israel in the sense that we both offer support to each other in many of the same visions.
    You say that Israel is tiring of the status quo ?
    Yup, and it shows in the polls leading up to this election.

    They’re tired of stupid repetative liberal failures and showing a movement away from it as we speak.

    Oh, and while were at it.
    I asked you this;
    “What solutions do you have for the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians that you havent suggested that hasnt been tried yet and failed???”

    And yet all you did again was to repeat the same failed policies.

    “1: Placing an international peacekeeping force in the Occupied Territories.”

    This has been done before, as a matter of fact the last time this was tried UN peace keepers were attack ednumerous times by IEDs and gunmen.
    I believe two UN troops were shot dead in their vehicle.

    “2: Completely dismantling the Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories.”

    The last time this was done in Gaza it was done by the Israeli government evicting Jews and bulldozing the houses.
    It was a gesture that had it paid off more settlements would be removed, but instead the Palestinians and Hamas showed thier gratitude by breaking anothe cease fiore.

    “3: The US demanding the aforementioned measures against cutting off assistance and trade.”

    Trade routes are continuously used to smuggle terrorists and weapons and blac market goods.
    Assistance has been abused and hijacked by the Palestinians for ulterior purposes.

    4: The US demanding the end of terrorist support from the Arabian monarchies against cutting off assistance and trade.

    And you guys actually think after all these decades they will listen to you ????
    Do you know how many times this has already been addressed ?
    What do you propose we do if they dont ?
    Another oil embargo/boycott ?
    That worked out real well now didnt it ?
    In todays environment I would stay away from that idea.
    But then Carter was so damn smart lets try the same failed policy again.

    And on and on and on and on…”

    And on and on ?

    Do you not see the incredible and obvious bigoted flaws in your old tired worn out failed ideas ?
    I’ll tell ,you what they are.
    Why dont you suggest that the Palestinians keep their word and stop bombing Israel ?
    Why dont you suggest that Hams and the Palestinians not dig any more tunnels ?
    Why dont you tell the surrounding Arab nations to pony up some space ?
    because if they dont, when Netanyahu blows the crap out of Gaza they’re going to have one hell of a refugee problem on their hands.
    So they might as well start getting ready now ?
    Why isnt your party, or whatever you belong to, out in the streets protesting the Palestinians who blow up their own kids ?

    Amazing typical liberal snot a$$ BS.
    You go ahead and put the demands on everyone except the bad guys.

  5. Micky, sometimes I really can’t tell if you’re just not following me or are intentionally misrepresenting my words. I wasn’t referring to Jewish idiots – I was referring to Christian conservatives, whom I believe are universally idiotic. I haven’t suggested that Israel do what’s it always been doing – I’ve suggested it try something new. And I see no bigotry on my part aside from my bias against conservative Christian ideology and my general distrust of their motivations. I mean, c’mon – could an entire relgious sect just suddenly up and reverse their opinion of Jews just like that? I find that impossible to believe. No long before he died, Falwell was quoted as saying that the antichrist was probably already amongst us and that this antichrist was most certainly a Jew.

    I’m not at all unrealistic about the situation all the ways around, Micky. I think you guys are. You just stand by the same failed ideologies, the same failed relationships, the same failures over and over again and just can’t man up and ever admit you are wrong. The whole country is in shambles and still you guys can’t just be men enough to admit the failure. Israel has been fighting the same damned fight for 60 years and still you guys refuse to see the failure of it’s strategy. It’s amazing. If you were a football team, you’d be the Lions.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “I was referring to Christian conservatives, whom I believe are universally idiotic.”

    So, lets ee, conservative Americans who believe in Christ and god are idiots.
    But, Jews who believe in God are not >
    Arent they both believing in a ” a mythical composite character”

    Yea see, I would like you to draw out the difference to me and please explain why Jews are not idiots for adhering to the old testament ?
    But Christians are for believing both testaments.
    As a matter of fact, I’m pretty damn sure you called anyone who is religious, an idiot.

    “I’ve suggested it try something new. ”

    The only problem is that whats new is that they actually complete the job and defeat its enemy, and you cant accept that as a realistic alternative to all the same ole same ole you and whoever you belong to keep wanting to repeat.

    Yea well, I wouldnt look to Falwell to represent the majority of Christians who support Israel anymore than I would expect Farrakahn to represent most Muslims.

    “You just stand by the same failed ideologies, ”

    Yea right, thats why Israel is leaning away from failed liberal policies.
    All polls show a shift from liberal labor party policies to the Likud party becuse thewy are tired of the “status quo” as you put it.
    That status quo has been supplied by none other than liberals.
    How the hell can you say that its a failed policy when its never been tried ?
    When you say that, you’re lying.
    Because you know that the one policy we would like to apply has never been tried.
    It is the policy that has led you to call us genocidal maniacs.
    So, dont say we are resposible for trying failed policies when you call us names over the policy to say will make us maniacs that weve never tried.

    If you were a football team you’d be be playing flag against the Steelers and wondering why you keep getting sacked and sent to hospital.

    You just dont understand that you have to fight bad people on a level that will defeat them.
    You guys are a bunch of unrealistic weany wooseys

  7. Dav Lev says:

    Okay, okay, I’ve had it. As an ardend Zionist, and someone ready to defend my fellow religous brethren, whether in France, Belgium, England, Israel or the United States..I have finally decided to go out and buy another 500 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun shells. I’ve been putting it off, but
    based on the inflammatory signs appearing at pro-Palis and anti-Israeli rallies these past 2 months, and the hate email being sent to this site, I decided to be more prepared (for the worst).

    I still cannot however convince a few friends and acquaintences (Jewish) to buy weapons to defend themelves (the gentiles all own weapons).

    Amazing isn’t it, 63 years after Auschwitz, the atomic bombing of Japan
    and the end of WW2 with all it’s revelations., so many Jews hate the NRA,
    Nancy Palin types, and the new Senator from NYState who owns guns.
    Then again, why not just go to see the latest WW2 (Holocaust) movies
    for inspiration: The Sleeper, Defiance, etc. BTW, during WW2, there were
    30,000 Polish Jews in the resistance…out of 3.5 million Jews (3 m perished). The Warsaw Ghetto which held 500,000 Jews, had about 50 weapons available, to fight the NAZI SS division, sent to quell the
    protest. (They succeeded).

    During the last campaign, a minority person admonished the Jews in
    Florida who dared to talk about voting for McCain. She said to them, anyone who, (Sarah Palin) shoots moose, can shoot Jews.

    Oh for G-ds sake.

    Sooooooo, guess what, the Jews in Florida voted 85% for Obama, their
    messiah (first coming only). The same guy who now wants to talk, and engage
    and create a new climate of diplomacy.

    In the meantime, Iran’s Ahmad again spewed his anti-Israeli venom about “That filthy regime” while speaking before studends and academics
    at a ceremony celebrating Iran’s first satellite and decrying anyone’s attempt to thwart it’s “Peaceful” production of uranium. Peaceful? Sure!

    Oh me oh my!

    As far as those that think Israel should be eliminated, (along with it’s Jews), guess what, it ain’t going to happen, you morons. In fact, I have predicted that within 1 year, if Iran doesn’t adhere to three UNSC resolutions to stop it’s enrichment program ( to date it hasn’t), Israel and or the USA will end it for with a few dozen high fusion nuclear
    bombs. The US has 20,000, Israel about 200-400. Those bombs are not bunker busters..they can be carried by Israeli and US missiles, from far away. 2-20 kiloton bombs, (according to the movie Fail Safe), can
    destroy NYCity, all of New York City, including the boroughs.

    Dropped on Tehran, good by Tehran. Dropped on those 30 nuke sites
    in Iran..good by sites.

    I wonder then what the haters will have to say?

  8. “So, lets see, conservative Americans who believe in Christ and god are idiots.”

    Yes. ;)

    Look, I can’t see how one could even be a conservative and still claim to be a follower of Christ. America’s Conservatives, especially of the Wall Street, Police State, and Hawk varieties, are really just today’s version of the Pharisees of that period in Judea. I just can’t understand how one can be a “Conservative Christian” in the modern American sense of the terms.

    “Yea see, I would like you to draw out the difference to me and please explain why Jews are not idiots for adhering to the old testament?”

    Jews are a very different story. Firstly, Jews adhere to much more than just the First Testament. Second, almost all Jews are scripturalistic and not literatists. Third, you don’t even have to believe in God to be Jewish – doubt is a fundamental precept of Jewish intellectualism. That’s why, over the millenia, Jews have been such tremendous contributors to the sciences of all sorts. Jews ask why. Christians just sit there and assume they already know.

    “But Christians are for believing both testaments.”

    No. Most Christians believe all sorts of stupid nonsense. Even the testaments they claim to read are wildly distorted multiple-translations that bare little semblance to the original material. And you should look up some of the polls out there of American Christian beliefs and opinions! These people believe in all sorts of superstitions, magic, ghosts, pseudoscience, astrology, you name it. I stand by my prior comment.

    “Yea right, thats why Israel is leaning away from failed liberal policies.
    All polls show a shift from liberal labor party policies to the Likud party becuse thewy are tired of the “status quo” as you put it.”

    Well, we’ll find out tomorrow. Netanyahu and Co were way ahead in earlier polls. Now it’s neck and neck. Yes, New Labour isn’t fairing well these days, but Livni and the Kadimas with the Two State strategy are fairing just fine. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Likud is out of the coalition after tomorrow.

    “How the hell can you say that its a failed policy when its never been tried?”

    What’s never been tried?

    Dan Lev,

    “Okay, okay, I’ve had it. As an ardend Zionist, and someone ready to defend my fellow religous brethren, whether in France, Belgium, England, Israel or the United States..I have finally decided to go out and buy another 500 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun shells. I’ve been putting it off, but
    based on the inflammatory signs appearing at pro-Palis and anti-Israeli rallies these past 2 months, and the hate email being sent to this site, I decided to be more prepared (for the worst).”

    Paranoid much? Do you really expect a war with liberal hippy dippys rampaging through the streets killing Jews? I you do, let me know. I have a bridge for sale that you will just adore!


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “Jews are a very different story.”

    Lookj buddy.
    The fact of the matter, as I addressed is that both Jews and Christians belive in that “mythical composite character” you say that makes Christrians idiots, so it only makes sense that Jews are idiots for believing in a “mythical composite character”
    Right Jersey ?

    You’re so busted.
    I just thought I’d like to see what kind of bullcrap spin you would come up with to get out of that one.

    “Firstly, Jews adhere to much more than just the First Testament”

    It was a basic generalization, I realize all the different factions and know that there are very few Jews that dont believe in God.
    Once again you show your idiocy by thinking people are dumber than you.

    “No. Most Christians believe all sorts of stupid nonsense.”

    Once again, ot was a generalization.
    Again, you show your idiocy by not giving credit to the fact that many of us, not just you, are aware of the many facets of Christianity.

    “I just can’t understand how one can be a “Conservative Christian” in the modern American sense of the terms.”

    Yea well, why anyone expect you understand anything and idiot believes in, like that terrorists are actually the bad guys.

    “Christians just sit there and assume they already know.”

    Like you ?
    Always insisting your opinions are fact ?

    “Well, we’ll find out tomorrow.”

    Thats not the point.
    All indications show that Israelis are growing tired of liberal crap repeated failures.

    “What’s never been tried?”

    See, thats what sucks about you, really.
    You lose your argument, and you know damn well what the opponents argument is, and then all of sudden you play this frickin little girl game where you dont know what I’m talking about.
    Its the one thing that has caused you to call us “genocidal maniacs”
    Thats what hasnt been tried.
    That in quotations is it right there buddy ! Wise up, grow up.

    And really, stop trying to off those bridges that you were so dumb to buy in the first place.
    Its a stupid joke.
    Seeing as how your bright enough to actually believe that terrorism is not an existential threat you have no right to look down on anyones judgement.

    Anyone who thinks someone is an idiot for believing their is a creator is the true idiot in the sense that if they are wrong, they are in a lot more trouble than if the believer is wrong.

    Once again, if your belief in nothing is correct, I have nothing to worry about.
    If I am correct, you’re screwed.

    Now whos the idiot ?

    I can believe in a creator ans still believe its alright for me to prosper and kill those who wish and try to kill me.
    There is nothing in Gods book that says we cant be these things and still be children of God.
    We are not expected to sacrifice our lives in the face of evil.
    We are expected to preserve our lives.

    What really doesnt make sense is how anyone can believe its O.K. to cut out and kill a baby with a heartbeat and claim to be a Christian.

    Murderers and terrorists are not innocent life. Yet you defend them, and kill babies.

  10. dallanta says:

    I found your site here by accident and I loved your mail from our terrorist sympathizers. Honestly, I do not know anyone in Israel, but I do know who my sympathies and support goes to. I guess I am really saying, the enemies of my enemies are my friends. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. But then, liberal idiot professors are far from rocket science aren’t they?

  11. Laree says:

    Kinky Freidman thinks the bail out of the banks is creating a rising tide of angry populism. Unintended Consequences?

    Is there a backlash in the making? You Betcha!

  12. From a Friend of Israel.

    Micky 2 mentioned Netanyahu and I just heard a radio broadcast that Bibi looks sure to get in. He won’t take that Gaza nonsense. But the radio also said that the Chosen One is going to call Iran direct to repair the sour feelings and make an effort to commence friendly relations with the Iran Leaders. Wow, sounds like Carterism to me. What do you make of all that? I don’t know how much you can trust those Ayatollah guys.

  13. Micky, you must not know a lot of Jewish people. First, Jews don’t follow Jesus, the mythical composite character I mentioned above. Second, lots of Jews don’t believe or are very skeptical of the existence of God.

    “Anyone who thinks someone is an idiot for believing their is a creator is the true idiot in the sense that if they are wrong, they are in a lot more trouble than if the believer is wrong.”

    Gee, that’s the same thing we tell you guys about Global Climate Change. The only difference is that millions of scientists agree on GCC while there is no scientific evidence whatsoever of the existence of God.

    “What really doesnt make sense is how anyone can believe its O.K. to cut out and kill a baby with a heartbeat and claim to be a Christian.”

    I don;t know anyone who wants to kill babies. As for the abortion of embryos, there’s nothing in the Bible to ban that. That’s why most Jews are pro-choice.


  14. garyfouse says:

    Helen Thomas doesn’t know the Hamas charter

    This will blow your mind. Below is my post on fousesquawk

    gary fouse

    Anybody who has ever watched a White House news briefing on TV over the past couple of decades knows what a complete fool Helen Thomas is. Of course, she is the longest-serving reporter in the White House Press Corps, so she wears the title of “Dean”. Yet, she is flat-out ignorant and completely biased. Thomas is also a fierce critic of Israel and the Iraq war.

    Usually, Thomas uses the opportunity to ask questions of presidents and spokespersons to make a fool of herself-especially if they are conservative Republican presidents.

    For example, in a press conference on November 30, 2007, Thomas questioned White House Press Secretary Dana Perino as to why Americans should depend on General David Petraeus in determining when to re-deploy U.S troops from Iraq. Perino began to give a reply when Thomas cut her off with, “You mean how many more people we kill?” Perino replied, “Helen, I find it really unfortunate that you use your front row position, bestowed upon you by your colleagues, to make such statements. This is a—- it is an honor and a privilege to be in the briefing room, and to suggest that we, the United States, are killing innocent people is just absurd and very offensive.”

    Of course, during the Bush presidency, this was standard fare from Thomas. There are too many similar exchanges to list here.

    The below e-mail exchange, however, has been provided to me by Professor Gary Epstein, Prof Ermeritus at Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo. It concerns an exchange he had in the past several days with Thomas regarding the Hamas Charter. It has been furnished to me by Epstein along with permission to use it here (I have deleted the email addresses):

    Epstein (1-23-09)

    “Dear Ms. Thomas,

    Just curious. Have you ever read the Hamas Charter?”

    Thomas: (2-2-09) “No, but I follow the aggression in the Middle East daily against the helpless.”

    Epstein: (2-3-09)”Dear Ms Thomas,

    I was both surprised and dismayed to learn that you have never read the Hamas charter. As a journalist, should you not strive to have an open mind? In order to write about issues of war and peace should you not make every effort to be aware of the self-proclaimed views and objectives of all parties involved? I googled “Hamas Charter” and found many sources. Among them is;

    Please take the time to read it; it is only five pages long. Remember, you must set a good example for future journalists to follow.”

    Thomas: (2-4-09) “I know what the Israeli goals are embossed on the Knesset-from the Euphrates to the Nile-and they won’t stop there in their takeover”.

    So Helen Thomas, dean of the White House Press Corps, author and journalist, a woman who condemns Israel, has no idea what is in the Hamas charter (to establish one state under Islamic rule-no treaties-no negotiations). How can this ignorant woman pretend to speak on Middle East issues when she has no clue as to the intent of Hamas vis-a vis the Israelis? The charter is explicit. Treaties and negotiation are a waste of time. It is all about Jihad and the obliteration of the Jewish state.

    I wonder what else this outspoken woman doesn’t know. Does she know about all the suicide bombers that have massacred innocent Israeli civilians on buses, in pizza parlors and in other public places? Does she know about the rockets that Hamas has been lobbing into southern Israel? Does she know that the crackpot leader of Iran has publicly called for Israel to be wiped off the map?

    Probably not.

    This, ladies and gentleman, is our mainstream news media in action.

  15. Dav Lev says:

    So, Israel has voted, and as predicted on this website, the RIGHT has won
    by big margins. but still Israel is confused. Let me explain. Kadima has more votes (but insignificant). However, Likud is not far behind. The right in Israel has won the day. Labor is almost history.

    So now, Peres, the Israeli President has to somehow convince the parties as to who can form a coalition (P.M) and, in essence, govern during
    this time of crisis.

    With Israel’s enemies swirling around the country, like those sharks
    during WW2 which attacked hundreds of hapless sailers in the
    Pacific, Israel has achieved NOTHING by these elections.

    Israel, as I have posted previously, needs a constitution defining
    it’s executive, legislative and judicial branches. It needs a strong (er)
    Prime Minister, with real powers. It needs a parliament with 2-4 parties.
    No party should determine who the Prime Minister is. THE PEOPLE SHOULD.

    Israel is the size of New Jersey, but has problems greater than the
    entire United States, some of it it’s own making.

    Israel needs to go back to it’s needs to elect people like:
    Shamir, Begin, Sharon (in his youth), Dayan, Meir. It must have a P.M.
    now that, as Eric said, will complement it’s RIGHT., not handcuff it.

    Israel is NOT the USA, even though it has over 150 high fusion atomic
    bombs (per Jimmy Peanut Brain Carter). It can destroy the entire Arab world within 20 minutes, using it’s hundreds of Jericho and Popeye Missiles, Phantom 2,000 Is, 400 F15s and F16s (soon to get F-35 Eagles).
    Israel doesn’t even have to utilize one of it’s thousands of Merkava
    and Abrams Tanks to achieve victory (not a cease fire, but surrender).

    But similar to the US, it’s leadership is weak, leftist, defeatist, wishful
    thinking nitwits in states of denial.

    However, it doesn’t have the luxury of printing 5 trillion in 100 dollar bills, to give away, over the backs of my children, their children and their children or a draft pool of over 20m .

  16. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, you must not know a lot of Jewish people. First, Jews don’t follow Jesus”
    Look sonny, you cazn play that crap in a high school debate team but God is also a mythic creature.
    Jesus actually had human form at one time.

    Grow up.

    And since that asinine comment has been put to rest the rest of your post was irrelevant.

    “I don;t know anyone who wants to kill babies.”

    They’re called “pro choicers”

    Read a newspaper , or something.

    As far as the global warming hoax goes, the last few years alone is proof its a joke.
    We knowingly choose to believe in God as spiritual entitywhich is not a tangeble quality as opposed to thinking actual physical things are or will take place
    You morons apply 3 dimensional tangebility to something that has not ever or will happen.
    Nice try.

    You lose.

  17. Micky 2 says:

    My father, grandmother and grandfather were Jewish Jersey.
    I grew up going to bar Mitzvahs and passovers every year.
    I knew more about Judaism before you were born than you know now and ate more gefilte fish and Borscht than I’d care to remember.
    Also had many debates with my father at the same time my momm was indocrinating me into christian organized religion.
    You should always remember that I had to study religion heavely in order to get away from it and become an independent christian, and do not adhere the mob lemming mentallity and hypocrisy of organized religion.

    But no one is an idiot because they believe that their could be or is intelligence behind our creation.
    As a matter of fact I feel that anyone who thinks its all an accident is a victim of the laziest mind possible.

  18. Dav Lev says:

    Just in. A group of peaceful pro-Israeli protestors in Sweden, were attacked, right under the noses of the police, by a group of Islamists.
    They threw pipe bombs and rockets at the law abiding people who were observing strict rules of protest.

    Well it’s started.

    In the meantime, the “Peace loving” government of Iran has denied access to a US athletic team entry.

    Our State Department is wondering out loud about Iran’s wanting
    to “Meet”, “Greet” and have honest diplomacy.

    My opinion: If Iran won’t accept a US women’s team (sort of like
    the ping pong diplomacy with China years ago), and it won’t accept
    any male circumcized (with a Jewish surname), how can we expect it
    to comply with those three UNSC resolutions banning enrichment of

    To President Obama: please, wake up, before we all are under a
    mushroom cloud.

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