Terrorism and Blood Libel Reaches UCLA

I have never infiltrated a terrorist sleeper cell, but it seems that the enablers of terrorism congregate at UCLA, specifically their “Middle East Studies” Department.

I recently attended a symposium on “Gaza and Human Rights.” It is perhaps more than a coincidence that by combining the words “sympathize” and “terrorism” one gets the word “symposium.”

UCLA now stands for the University of Crooked Lying Arabists.

For those that want the condensed version, check out the fine organizations behind Frontpage Magazine and Campus Watch. My article was published there.



For those that desire the complete unabridged version, you are in the right place.

This was no human rights symposium. It was a conference on how best to spread anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, anti-Americanism, and blood libel.

The audience did have some Arab attendees, but a healthy plurality of the crowd consisted of 50 year old bald white guys and their various leftist causes that have no common links with Gaza issues outside of extremism and wrongheadedness.

The Che Guevara supporters were there, as were the Communists. Many of the students clapped when they saw others clapping, but spent the bulk of their time text messaging each other and checking their Facebook profiles. This might be the only benefit to their lack of attention span. The indoctrination process may not have succeeded, since lengthy diatribes do not fit into a 140 character Twitter world.

The spreaders of bile on this hate filled occasion was put together by Susan Slyomovics, the Director for Near Eastern Studies at UCLA. She was listed as the “moderator,” an ironic term given that there appears to be nothing moderate about her. She began this session with typical left wing academic condescension.

“I have done extensive research on Israel and Palestine. After all, this is not Fox TV. This is UCLA.”

Perhaps she meant Fox News, unless of course she was comparing her research abilities to Homer Simpson. She is one elitist that needs a research assistant to help her with her insults.

Yet snide insults are expected. Blood libel, even for this group, was over the top.

Gabriel Piterberg spoke next. He is a professor in the History Department of UCLA. On this day his job was to invent history out of thin air. He spoke of an “Israeli onslaught on the Palestinians of Gaza.” He accused IDF soldiers of committing war crimes.

He referred to the current conflict in Gaza as one between two peoples with an unequal moral claim. In his eyes the Palestinians are the “Native Indigenous Population.” The Israelis are “Settlers from Europe.” These labels are as vicious as they are preposterous. The Palestinians are as indigenous to Gaza as the French are to Japan. Yet Mr. Piterberg spoke of the “forced removal of the indigenous people in favor of the settler nation-state.”

He also offered an incomprehensible parallel between the Arab-Israeli conflict and Karl Marx observing situations in China and India.

He then spread the first poisonous blood libel of the symposium when he accused Israel of using white phosphorous to smoke out and kill Palestinian children. This completely debunked lie was repeated throughout the symposium.

He concluded by comparing the struggle of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to the Algerian struggle against France.

Lisa Hajjar spoke next. She is the Chair of the Law and Society Program at UC Santa Barbara. She was by far the most dangerous member of the panel due to the fact that she argues in a crystal clear voice.

She claimed that Israel was violating the Fouth Geneva Convention, which is false. The Palestinians are not a nation, and the Geneva Convention does not apply to them, in the same way it does not apply to Al Queda.

Throughout the event, Israel was referred to as an “occupier.” The Gaza Strip and West Bank were referred to as “occupied territories,” rather than the actual term of “disputed territories.”

Ms. Hajjar did concede, to the consternation of the leftists in the room, that “War is permissible. Not all war is illegal.” She also surprised the crowd by stating that collateral damage by itself is not necessarily a violation of war. She then thundered that “Civilians have a right to immunity. Intentionality is the key.”

This followed the second blood libel of the evening, the fraudulent claim that Israel deliberately targets Palestinian civilians. She repeated the white phosphorous charge. She claimed that Israel should “only target what is necessary.” She went further by stating that “Mayor Bloomberg needs a lesson in war.”

She claimed that “denying food and water is inhumane. It is a war crime.” Perhaps she was stating that Hamas, and the late murderer Yassir Arafat, are war criminals. After all, they starved their own people and diverted funds meant for food, and used them to purchase munitions. Upon further review, the only war criminals mentioned in her remarks were the people of Israel.

She brought up the phony issue of “proportionality,” before concluding with the bizarre and irrelevant statement that “Dick Cheney is the enemy of all mankind.”

Richard Falk spoke next. He is a Professor of Global and International Studies at UC Santa Barbara. He began by declaring that the situation was an “”unequal war,” as if Hamas should be rewarded for losing with the war equivalent of an affirmative action program.

He made the false claim that Hamas tried to initiate a ceasefire in July 2008 that would have avoided cross border violence. He actually claimed that this mythical Hamas ceasefire, “was a diplomatic initiative that would have ended the conflict.”

He then completely whitewashed the fact that Hamas is firing rockets into Israel on a daily basis. He claimed that Hamas firing rockets was “wrong, imprudent, and immoral, but the rockets did little damage, and were not a significant threat.”

Translation from the original Terroristus Enablus vernacular leads one to conclude that perhaps Mr. Falk feels that the Palestinians should be rewarded for being the Inspector Clouseau of murderers. In the real world, being an incompetent murderer is not better than being a successful one. First he claims Hamas enacted a ceasefire, and then he claims that because attempts to violate the fictional ceasfire at every turn failed to murder Jews, that Jews had no right to retaliate.

He then spoke of “Israeli aggression against a defenseless society,” forgetting that only moments earlier he justified their right to defend themselves using rockets.Forget a homeland. These people need a thesaurus. Perhaps they could take a linguistics class with Noam Chomsky, who shockingly enough did not attend this oppression session.

Mr. Falk then claimed that the Palestinians were winning the public relations war. Apparently the 100 people in the room were his sample size. He then wrapped up his lunacy litany by stating that “The United States and Israel are the most addicted to a reliance on moral superiority. They practice a genocidal geopolitics.”

The last speaker was Saree Makdisi, a Professor in the English Department at UCLA. Apparently he lacks friends in the Mathematics or Social Studies Departments, because his statistics were wrong, his geography was inaccurate, and his logic was deficient.

He claimed that the Irish Republican Army murdered more Britains than Palestinian rockets, again using a lack of technological craft as an excuse. He also claimed that “dropping ordinances is not ok.” What he neglects to mention is those ordinances that the IDF drops, in the form of leaflets, are evacuation warnings that save Palestinian lives.

He then stated that Gaza is a prison with 750,000 children. His claim that “the goal of Israel is to deliberately starve children,” added more blood libel to the event. He then claimed that “refugees have a moral and legal right to go back home.” This is contradicted by the fact that there is not one single Palestinian refugee in existence with regards to Israel. They came from Egypt and Jordan.

The speakers then took questions, showing more evidence that many of the attendees had little interest in the actual issue of Gaza. A “Democracy Now” spokesperson made a speech. Another person stated that “we need more Dennis Kuniches.”

One person from the “Leninists Workers Revolutionary United Party” made the preposterous claim that “Iran needs nuclear weapons to protect itself against the United States and Israel.”

Another individual cited Kitty Dukakis, the Jewish wife of failed Massachusetts 1988 Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis. That was the second most perplexing moment, behind the elderly North Korean peace activist that was hurt by actions taken by Japan and North Korea.

One individual claimed that “Israel has violated the norms of civilized behavior, and that Palestinian resistance is the non-violent alternative. I am not sure what is non-violent about the “resistance,” but time was running short.

Yet there was still enough time for two of the panelists to spread more hatred.

Saree Makdisi thundered that, “If you want to stop the rockets into Israel, Israel must end the occupation.”

It took forever, but finally this was the expected admission of celebrating violence that the panel tried to suppress.

I then asked a question in a calm manner.

“You express anger at the killing of Palestinian children. How come you have not addressed the fact that Palestinians are killing their own children? What are your thoughts on Hamas deliberately using their own children as human shields? Do you object to the massacre of 1,000,000 of your people by Jordan? What about after the 2005 Gaza pullout where Hamas and Fatah killed each other and their children with no Jews in sight? Lastly, what about the fact that Yassir Arafat stole money from your children that was meant to feed them, and instead spent some of it on munitions that got your own kids killed, and diverted the rest of it to Suha Arafat in France?”

The moderator, who let everybody else have free reign provided that they agreed with the panel, demanded that I “condense” my question. I did.

“At what point are any of you going to ask the Palestinians to take personal responsibility for their own corruption and failures, and admit that they are virtually entirely responsible for their own miserable lot in life by choosing suicide bombings and terror over protecting their own children?”

Lisa Hajjar fielded the question. She began by stating that this was not about the entire history of the conflict, and it makes no sense to argue about who started things. That is usually what those who start conflicts say. She also stated that the issue was Gaza and the occupation, and that everything else was outside the scope. She claimed that it was expected for oppressed people to want to fight against their oppressors. I then interrupted her.

“What about suicide bombings?”

Ms. Hajjar then lost her cool, forgetting that the event was being videotaped. She snapped.

“If you think that I am in favor of suicide bombings, then that Zionist hat on your head is screwed on way too tight!”

I did not let her off the hook at this point. I replied forcefully that I was not a Zionist (although I deeply respect Zionism), and my hat was actually a Fedora. It was not a Chasidic hat. An “educated” woman such as herself should have known the difference. I then even more forcefully told her that “Your comment was out of line. It was bigoted and racist.”

While I doubt she regretted her attitude, she did realize that such comments hurt her cause from a public relations standpoint. This is the same tacit language that is used when describing suicide bombings as “not helpful.” She backed down, and apologized twice, although making it clear that everything else she said was justified.

The final moment of incredulity came when Saree Makdisi was asked to condemn Iran for funding Hamas with weapons.

Mr. Makdisi replied that, “Hamas is a political group. I have no idea where they get their weapons.”

This symposium should be a clear message to the world that Hamas and the “Palestinians” are one and the same. This panel of “academics” made no effort to distinguish them. The panel made no attempt to disavow murderous tactics. At no time did they mention that Israel has a right to exist, that Palestinians bare any of the blame for the current conflict, or that Palestinians are trying to murder Israeli children.

America may not be willing or able to directly help Israel secure their homeland against an enemy who is defended by professors for being unsuccessful in their genocidal ambitions. The heavy lifting is left to the Israeli Defense Forces.

Yet the least America can do is secure the perimeters of UCLA and root out the threats to our way of life emanating from that campus. After all, those who finance, harbor, or enable terrorists, are terrorists.

This symposium was a terrorist training camp. Luckily enough of the young minds were too busy being indoctrinated by Blackberry video games. Then again, those games involve blowing stuff up.


24 Responses to “Terrorism and Blood Libel Reaches UCLA”

  1. AirMotor says:

    These people are traitors! They hate and defame America! Why don’t they leave? Why don’t we make them leave? What is considered hate speach by them? Maybe only speach that disagrees with them! They are the hatefull sickos! There are a lot of us who are getting real sick of this crap from these supposed academics!!!

  2. gaylea says:

    I don’t know how you managed to sit through that utter crap, Eric! I don’t think I could have. Neither can I understand how these people got to be so utterly ignorant or why they hate Jews as much as they do. I know that most of them would say they don’t, but I think we both know better. Anti-sentimism has always been with us, but teaching these lies to our college kids is pure and utter evil. Hopefully most of them weren’t paying attention, as you said. I guess we should be thankful for Facebook.

  3. raoul116 says:

    I think they hate them for their freedom.

  4. Toma says:


    Our “institutes of higher learning” are actually “institutes of indoctrination” and have been for decades. Few universities in this nation in fact in the world try to teach students to think. They teach what they want students to think. You where, I am sure, exposed to indoctrination and one sided thought processess when in college. I know I was as far back as the 60s and 70s. It is no wonder that our society and culture has became so liberally slanted. Our universities drum this stuff into the minds and lives of the students. I don’t see any way to stop it. I believe it is to late. The only thing we can do is continue to expose the bias as you have done here.


  5. Laree says:

    Imus in the Morning guest Alan Colmes discusses Tom Daschle and the other Obama nominees.


  6. selias7 says:

    Everytime I get a call from UCLA Alumni Association to hit me up for money, I say no and give them a mouthful of reasons. Your experience there is yet another example of UCLA’s anti-Israel stance. I’d flip out if I was a History or Poli Sci major there now and think I would be fighting with professors and students alike. Glad you stood up to her and spoke up! It was important. Thanks.

  7. Toma says:

    I meant “institutions of higher learning.” Sorry you guys!!


  8. I think people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the entirety of the situation and modern history of Israel and Palestine. It really can be condensed as follows:

    The Palestinians (the modern name for local Semitic peoples – Christian, Jewish and Muslim, and prior to that, all sorts of religions) have been living in that region since at least the neolithic period, various empires colonized the area, but the local peoples pretty much remained the same, absorbing and assimilating settlers come they from conquest or not, most of the Jews left after the last Roman and Babylonian conquests, the Jews scattered around the world, especially Europe, after WWII they returned, they pushed out the British colonialists and local non-Jewish peoples from modern day Israel, the local Arab states refused to accept most of the displaced Palestinians for fear of political upheaval and to use them as a political distraction to retain their own power by keeping the Palestinians in displaced status and focusing a unifying enemy strategy on Israel, Israel could not accept the Palestinians return for fear of political upheaval leading to Israel becoming a majority non-Jewish state, Israel developed an occupation/colonization strategy to slowly squeeze the Palestinians into the neighboring Arab states to little avail, the Palestinians continue to get poorer and angrier and younger and therefore more dangerous and reactionary every day, the situation continues to worsen with no end in sight.

    As simple as this synopsis is to conceive the answer to all this is as complex and unforeseen. No one seems to have a palatable answer for anyone but as the situation continues it becomes more and more intractable. Ariel Sharon, before he fell into a coma, began to realize that perhaps the only way to solve this was for Israel to unilaterally create a geopolitical vacuum in the occupied territories (they are not “disputed” as Israel has no claim on them or want for them) that would force the Palestinians to form a state, and then hopefully that state would become stable, viable and relatively peaceable. To do this, he began pulling Jewish extraterritorial settlers out of the West Bank and Gaza and building a wall to separate the two states. The problem with the plan was that the wall was built in such a way as to almost ensure an inviable Palestinian state. Palestine will require a physical space that allows for realistic transportation and utility logisitics as well as living space. Also, Gaza must be connected to the West Bank, even if just by secure highway or rail, so that the Palestinians can build trade routes to the sea. But the local Arab states, wanting to keep the status quo for the sake of using the Palestinians against the Israelis to maintain the Israelis as a unifying enemy for the consumption of the Arab Street, are going to continue to arm and destabilize the Palestinians, keeping that state from ever forming. The only entities that can stop that are world powers like the US, Russia and China. We need to work with these other powers to push the Arab states into at least taking a more neutral stance in the matter so the Palestinians can be forced to form a viable state rather than just continuing a pyrrhic fight against the Israelis.

    These are the kinds of discussions people should be having about all this, not throwing verbal bombs at each other and screaming nonsense like “the Israelis are commiting genocide” or “there’s no such a thing as a Palestinian.” As long as the converstaion remains as base and insipid as that, it will get nowhere. Our good host only poured fuel on a fire of stupidity with his remarks at the symposium. This isn’t about subjective notions of good and evil, right and wrong, who started what, who has this claim or that claim, who’s better or worse. We need to elevate the debate like realistic adults, not continue to debase it like it comic-bookish adolescents.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    ” think people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the entirety of the situation and modern history of Israel and Palestine. It really can be condensed as follows:”

    Not at all. I have no difficulty in wrapping my head around anything other than the fact that the Palestinians, Hamas, Iran and Syria all need their a$$es kicked up between their ears.

    Spare us your bloated egotistical renditions.

    Eric poured fuel on a fire ?

    You sound no better than the morons he had to deal with.

    “This isn’t about subjective notions of good and evil”

    Of course it is !!!!
    Ypu run off a dumb a$$ line like that and you accuse people of being comic bookish ?

    There are no subjections when it comes to good and evil.
    In modern societies the question doesnt really exist but in the minds of those like you who try to justify the obvious horror being imposed on the Jews.

    Yea, spare me, I know your backasswards logic that claims that good and evil are subjective
    One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, right ?

  10. nenamldu says:

    Deja vu all over again, 41-plus years later. Last time, in the wake of the June 1967 War, I sat in on just such a confab in Royce Hall at UCLA. Then as now, the most loathesome and fatuous commentators were Jews who were pimping for the Arab side, including one or two conspiratorialist professors and several students, including one from the drama department who later starred in A TV series. Arabist Malcolm Kerr, then a professor in the Political Science at UCLA, was also there, but neither to spew hatred of Israel nor express any regard for it, either, and for this and his other words of moderation over the years he was gunned down in 1984 by an Islamic Jihad terrorist when he stepped out of the elevator outside his office as president of the American University of Beirut (AUB).

  11. “One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, right?”

    You like Ollie North, right Micky? Well, a lot of people, including myself, would call him a terrorist, but you would asy he’s a freedom fighter, right?

    Given your personality, Micky, if you were a Palestinian, I’m sure you’d be as militant as any others.


  12. Dav Lev says:

    Great blog Eric.
    I find it most interesting that a local Southern California pro-Arab group, which at one time was participating with naive Jewish groups on campus, and outsiders, is finding it difficult to remain aloof from FBI scrutiny. This is a good by-product of the trial and conviction of several leaders of a Texas based charity, which was contributing to one of the major Arab terrorist groups (as catagorized by the US). So much for Jewish efforts to achieve a realistic peace in the M.E.

    Oh we Jews haven’t learned much of anything. Hitler could sell some of us the Brooklyn Bridge, or should I say Williamsburg Bridge? We walked like sheep into massive gas chambers in Auschwitz (holding 2,000 men, women and children). Until the very end, they were told they were going to take showers, to clean themselves up. THIS WENT ON FOR YEARS and included 500,000 Hungarian Jews at the end of the War.

    Look, UCLA has for years been a bastion of anti US, anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish types, even though a high percentage of it’s students are Jewish.
    (shades of NY and Columbia U). There is a Hillel from what I understand on campus, many Jewish frats and sororities and Jewish and Israeli interest groups.

    I am one for allowing the anti-Semtic and anti-Israeli professors and their students and joiners, an open forum..so long as it doesn’t break any campus or city or state (Calif) laws. If so, as a law and order guy, I am for prosecution to the fullest extent. If they are disobeying campus laws, kick them off campus..fine them, whatever.

    I hope that Eric took notes..took pictures..got names of participants, and
    reported it to our local sheriffs or LAPD departments and let’s not forget the IRS (are they tax exempt?) and Justice Departments.

    But I can tell you this much, they are fortunate I wasn’t there. I despise
    these liars, and will protect myself if need be. I admit to becoming emotional when it comes to protecting my religious brethren, my family, my friends and myself.

    It’s one thing to accurately relate the history of the violent region and another to
    prevaricate constantly. To those who don’t understand, lie.

  13. “I hope that Eric took notes..took pictures..got names of participants, and
    reported it to our local sheriffs or LAPD departments and let’s not forget the IRS (are they tax exempt?) and Justice Departments.”

    LOL! And this guy talks about Nazis? Joseph MacCarthy would’ve loved you. The Ceausescus too. Gotta love the Police State conservatives. The only thing that should be legal to these guys is White Collar crime.


  14. Micky 2 says:

    I’m sorry Jersey, but that was about as weak an pathetic a comparison as it gets.
    Is that all you’ve got ? One instance that is debatable at best ?
    One supposed aiding and abetting of terrorist in our whole countrys history compared to all there attacks in history on us and Israel
    Our troops are terrorist if thats the backasswards logic you want to use.
    I have no records of Ollie flying planes into buildings, dressing his kids up in suicide vests and telling them to go blow themselves up, using civilians for cover and running around indiscrinitaely killing innocent people.
    If you’re going to compare a controversial instance like Oliver north who was plainly labled a US agent in uniform to what the Palestinians, Hamas, Al Queda, and especially Hezbolla then not only do you need your freaking head examined, you have an incredibly weak case.

    “LOL! And this guy talks about Nazis? Joseph MacCarthy would’ve loved you. The Ceausescus too. Gotta love the Police State conservatives.”

    These guys no no doubt have some anti American sentiments Jersey.
    Dont forget, the demons they support would kill you in a heartbeat just as quickly as they would kill any other Jew or American.
    but nah, that doesnt matter, let them be free to support their “subjective” views of terror, good and evil, right and wrong.
    You seem to forget that I reserve the right to be militant as long as its in ther name of my country and the freedom it affords me and millions of others, and not for the cause of a bunch of murdering totalitarian dictative punks that you and your idiot party thinks deserve the same rights as you and I, and that want to bring us back to the stone age.

    I dont believe anyone can be that stupid. I think you just say half the crap you say for shock effect.
    Then again, that in itself is pretty dumb also.

    I suggest you and your moonbat buddys start learning the difference between free speech and potential inciting of threats from whithin our country.
    Police state my arse, these guys need to be put under a magnifying glass 24/7 before they get on a plane.
    You guys and your bleeding heart BS for everything under the sun is gonna get people killed

  15. redrover says:

    I strongly suspect that you may rest assured that “symposia” such as these are monitored by some attendees to “document and catalog” both the “Kool-aid drinkers” and the actual “indoctrinators”.

  16. Look, Micky, I’m with our good host here in that I think a lot of these hearts bleeding for the Palestinians are living in just as much a comic book universe as anyone. And I have told our good host many times that I believe that making an American partisan wedge issue out of the Israel/Palestine conflict is huge muistake for all involved – and that also goes these folks at this “symposium.” But don’t mistake a bunch of bleeding hearts in academia with mainstream American politics – or Israeli politics. These folks are just as much on the fringe as the hardcore settlers in the West Bank. The biggest problem I see is the fringe element among the Palestinians, because they actually are the mainstream of Palestinian politics (as the last election well showed). So really, I’m under no illusions here.

    And I want to give huge kudos to Eric for his comments about himself in regards to Zionism. Ya’ just don’t see honesty like that days. He’s pro-old-style-Zionist-Likud, but he’s honest enough to admit that he’s quite happy, proud, and content to be an American first and foremost. I think he’s probably very realistic about all this deep down inside, whether he admits it or not (heck, he lets me post here!).

    “Our troops are terrorist if thats the backasswards logic you want to use.”

    What goes up, goes down. What goes back, goes forth. What goes left, goes right. Everything is relative, Micky. Physics (and psychology) 101.

    “I have no records of Ollie flying planes into buildings, dressing his kids up in suicide vests and telling them to go blow themselves up, using civilians for cover and running around indiscrinitaely killing innocent people.”

    He just funded and trained murderers of innocent people.

    “These guys no no doubt have some anti American sentiments Jersey.”

    It’s a free country, Micky. Let’s keep it that way. I can live with the risk, and I’d rather not live without it.


  17. “The biggest problem I see is the fringe element among the Palestinians, because they actually are the mainstream of Palestinian politics (as the last election well showed).”


    Just needed to get that off my chest.


  18. Alice says:

    Eric….We thoroughly enjoyed your article on FrontPage Magazine. About the only ray of hope was the fact that the students at the symposium were not paying too much attention to the irrational statements spewed by the academics in charge of their education. We’ve reposted excerpts of your article on Two Sisters from the Right (http://www.2sistersfromtheright.com) and wanted to thank you for your thoroughness in presenting information; for the risks we know you take; and for your inventiveness in maintaining one of the liveliest blogs on the net.

    Two Sisters from the Right

  19. Dav Lev says:

    I reread my own comment, the original by the blogger and then some of the other comments. I will repeat the most salient of my original post, I am for these symposiums, or whatever anyone wants to call them. I want to hear what my enemies are saying. I prefer openess, to what we all know is going on in mosques, private homes, quiet conversations in public and private. It’s better for US, Israel, and the free democratic non-Islamo-fascist nations to allow these dim wits and vicious anti-Semitic and anti-US elements to have they say. Obviously I’d much prefer some honesty from them, at least to tell the truth behind what is going on and give both sides of this dispute, whether overall or Gaza.

    But let’s all be realistic..the greatest bunch of liars are at the UN, where Israel is vilified almost daily for this and every other conceivable reason.

    Our responsibility, to ourselves, the people in the Middle East, and the larger world, is to educate the masses. just as we did to the occupied people’s of Eastern Europe under the old Soviet occupation. We failed the Germans, Austrians and their supporters prior to WW2 by allowing fascism to get out of hand. 70m decent people were murdered before that debacle ended, entire countries raped. Holocaust movies somehow don’t do justice to those killed.

    Again, if laws were violated, either campus (UCLA), the University of California, Los Angeles or State of California, I would recommend
    we notify the proper law enforcement agencies. I would also suggest in the future (if not already done) pictures of all who participated, be sent to
    the Department of Justice, FBI, IRS, etc. Let them open files on these people, keep them under scutiny.

    But to repeat, their rantings and ravings and lies should be WARINGS to all of us. They are just fueling the crisis with their blind hatred..and one day, when the West is forced to act, and I mean act against (for example) Iran.. they will rue the day they didn’t act responsibly to end this 100 year old conflict, while they had the opportunity. And who will suffer most,
    the people of Gaza. BTW, latest news reveals that Hamas is stealing the foodstuffs, medicine and other provisions which are being supplied by
    Israel and the UN.

    I hope those who attended the symposium get it.

  20. Micky 2 says:

    “What goes up, goes down. What goes back, goes forth. What goes left, goes right. Everything is relative, Micky. Physics (and psychology) 101.”

    That was lame.
    Thats right back to saying one mans terrorist is anothers freedom fighter.

    The thing you A holes forget is that its not freedom they’re fighting for.
    So I suggest you return to 3rd grade english before you even approach psychology or physics.

    “He just funded and trained murderers of innocent people.”

    Maybe, but he did not subscribe to their actions or support it.
    Even if you view it as a mistake in judgement that was a one time thing in the mans life.
    He has not contributed to the proliferation of radical movements and…
    Oh, what the hell am I saying ? Thers no comparison, I’m just buying into an incredibly stoooooooooooooooooooooopid argument.
    Ollie north against the thousnad s and thousands of radical islamists that have killed us and want to kill more of us are being compared to Oliver North.
    *&^%ing rediculous !



  21. hauk says:

    And Eric- aren’t you glad you went to USC with me?
    Fight On!

  22. garyfouse says:


    Last Saturday, I attended the UC-Irvine version of the event with some of the same speakers. This had Norman Finklestein. When it comes to arrogance and condescension, this guy is right out of Central casting.

    It was an all-day bashing of Israel and America, and I guess I was the only one there who spoke up for Israel. Talk about being the skunk at the garden party.

    Campus watch and frontpage will be publishing my report sometime next week. A much longer report will be on my blog as well (fousesquawk).

    Keep up the good work.

    Gary Fouse

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