Jay Leno “Grills” Barack Obama

Barack Obama claims that the world is crashing and we are in a depression. So he will go on Jay Leno to spread his platitudes. I guess Larry King was asleep.

If President Bush had done this while President during tough times, he would have been lambasted. I know this because he was lambasted for being a conservative and existing, breathing air all the time.

Jay Leno did point out the his own social studies teacher would be impressed with how he is doing today.

Also, Kevin does not wear a suit for just anybody.

The joke about how his life is like American Idol, except “now everybody is Simon Cowell” was funny.

The story about the Secret Servce was fine.

I have never claimed that President Obama was dislikable. I personally like him. I just disagree with his policies. I think he is in over his head, but am willing to wait and see.

They then got down to AIG. AIG is a great topic for President Obama because criticizing them is like criticizing people who kick puppies. They are an easy target.

He actually claimed it was the right thing to bail out AIG, without mentioning that President Bush and Hank Paulson made that decision (I disagreed with the decision). He is very good about deflecting blame on his predecessor but refusing to give the man an ounce of credit.

He made a joke at Hollywood’s expense, which is fine because they worship him.

He even claimed tat AIG made the right legal judgment, but the wrong “moral and ethical judgment.”

Huh? Companies have to follow the law. This is because liberals and trial lawyers sue everybody. I ell my own coworkers that when what is moral and what is legal are in direct conflict, always go by what is legal. Otherwise, resign. Muhammad Ali refused to serve in the military, but he was willing to go to jail for his beliefs. He made his moral stand. Companies cannot have all their personnel go to jail. They need to stay in business. This means following the law.

What’s worse, the same people crucifying AIG for bonuses are the ones that bailed them out in the first place. Do Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner not know how to structure a basic business agreement? Do they not have bankruptcy lawyers on the payroll? Jay Leno actually correctly pointed out that you can’t just tax people 0% ex-post facto “because you don’t like them.”

Barack Obama then went back into platitudes about horses, back in the barn, the 1990s, building foundations, etc. He truly says nothing.

Yet Jay Leno asked, “Shouldn’t somebody go to jail?”

Jay, only if they break the law. A flawed system is not justification.

Barack Obama even criticized credit card companies for fees that customers do not understand. How about customers just read the d@mn agreement?

He tried to compare it to the financial equivalent of a financial toaster exploding, but product liability has nothing to do with this.

He then offered his drivel about how he wants banks to succeed “because they are important to the financial system.”

Apparently he also believes that rackets are important to playing tennis.

He also claimed that the growth of the financial companies “was not real.” Why, because it went down? It went up in the 1990s. I thought everything about that decade was paradise.

“We don’t fully appreciate the plate that was handed him (Timothy Geithner).” Imagine President Bush saying that about Hank Paulson.

What is it about Republicans, that, like them or not, they shut up and do their jobs. Democrats need to announce how fabulous they are.

Barack Obama made me keel over when he said, “Everybody is looking for somebody to blame.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle African-American. This guy is the blamer in Chief. Nothing is ever his fault. His predecessor is responsible for Armageddon if it happens, and if it doesn’t, it is because Mr. Obama saved us all.

His plan to separate good banks from bad banks was as substantive as his promise to go through the budget line by line and eliminate programs that do not work. So far, I am not sure he got rid of any programs, but perhaps he will find some run by Republicans and eliminate them.

Barack Obama is not a bad guy. He is just extremely self confident to the point of cockiness, without the result to back it up. Yes, he absolutely deserves time. However, he only risks his own legacy by talking himself up so high.

It is way too soon to say he has failed to deliver. However, if this were 1984, Clara Peller would be asking people “Where’s the beef?”

His rhetoric soars, but there is no there there. Yes, some people despise his predecessor so much that they will like Barack Obama just because he has a nice smile and good hair. Also, he has a “D” next to his name.

Yet it seems remarkably inconsistent that on the one hand we are in the midst of the next Great Depression (which is an outright lie), yet on the other hand he is laughing and joking with a late night comedian.

“Everybody should have complete confidence in the banks.”

What we lack is confidence in the Treasury Secretary.

Jay Leno asked, “How cool is it to fly on Air Force One?”

The only reason this question bothers me is because Republicans do not get these types of questions. I do not blame Barack Obama for this. The system is rigged in his favor, but he has every right to utilize that. It is the media that needs to one day show an ounce of balance.

Barack Obama is a great interviewee. However, most of his interviewers are terrible. Jay Leno was adequate, but he is a comedian. The problem is that the hard news anchors ask the ame questions.

I was genuinely amused when he said that as President, “he no longer gets hard fouls” when playing basketball.

Jay Leno was very funny when he asked the President if he picked the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the NCAA tournament because “North Carolina is a swing state.” I also picked North Carolina, showing that it takes no skill to pick the favorite.

The President was genuinely funny when he said that getting a dog for his daughters “was just a campaign promise.” His follow up of “if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog,” while not original, was funny.

Yet why, with limited airtime, is that even being asked?

Because Jay Leon is not the late Tim Russert, and the Late Show is not Meet the Press.

That is the problem. We shall see if he ever takes a tough question in his entire Presidency. More importantly, we shall see if he actually answers it.

The reason why Barack Obama is so dangerous is specifically because he is so incredibly likable.

This interview did nothing to change either of those attributes.


7 Responses to “Jay Leno “Grills” Barack Obama”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    What then is the difference between Al Schmidt and Jay Leno?

    To more important issues than Obama’s likeable personality (image is
    everything AND MONEY in politics), I read that Obama is reaching out
    to Iran, but the condition is that Iran stop it’s inflammatgory rhetoric.
    What happened to their arming Hamas, Hezbollah and financing
    Syria’s nuke plants or their own nuke capabilities?

    This is one to watch folks, fellow Conservatives ( I admit to being
    a registered Democrat but have voted for the Republican candidates
    on the national ticket.). Similar to Condi Rice, I believe we really do
    have enemies out there who want US dead., to bring Sharia law into
    our lives, and abandon our friends ( a demand of Iran) in the world.

    Of course they are not opposed to influencing OPEC to reduce oil
    consumption when prices go down. The dollar is still worth something
    even in Muslim Iran.

    Speaking of Iran, anyone read about the NY Times journalist (himself
    a member of the Hebrew faith), who wrote from Iran now great the
    Jews (25,000) are faring there. Reports tell that he spoke to
    6 Jews..while all the time in the presence of Iranian secret service people
    posing as translators. (Why didn’t the NYTimes send someone who speaks
    Farsi and allow a non-Jew reporter to report?).

    Leave it to the Muslims, they sure are great at PR. They accept a Jew to report on their love for their own Jews (our Jews, as I’ve heard in the USA). And who believes for one moment these six Iranian Jews would
    do anything to jeopardize the lives of themselves or their families?

    The reporter says that the worst thing Israel or the USA could do is
    attack Iran.

    No, I say the worst thing the US/Israel could do is NOT to attack Iran, especially after it explodes an atomic bomb over Tel Aviv. But then again,
    if that occurs, think of all the Holocaust movies Mr. Spielberg can make, or Kate Winslet acting as an SS Guard in Auschwitz who saved people from
    their fate for awhile thanks to her illiteracy.

    You know, in Auschwitz, from my reading, they had a prison within a prison. For people who rebelled, they put them in a three by three room, unable to sit…soooo, they had to stand..sometimes with 3 others.
    Of course anyone who lived through the night went back to work the 18 hours shift…shoveling the ashes of those less fortunate around the grounds. Then back to the cell.

    Leno should have asked Obama one salient question ( I saw the interview) and decided to watch this farce, vs Letterman. “Mr. President, if Iran
    is close to making an atomic bomb (s) will you give Israel the good ahead to bomb their three plants, or will we take the iniative?”. “Mr. President, will you give Israel the codes to allow them to attack Iran through Iraq, rather then flying over Turkey or around Saudi Arabia on suicide missions”. “Mr. President, assuming the worst, will you use our thousands of cruise missiles…preceded by bunker busters…to take out those
    3 sites and thus send Ahmad a strong message that we intend to enforce
    the 3 UNSC resolutions?”

    Knowing Obama, his answer would have been…..ask Hillary.

    But If I read Charlie Rose correctly, he will push to “engage”, “talk”,
    “try diplomacy” as suggested by the late Israel’s P.M. Rabin. “You
    talk to your enemies, not to your friends” to quote Rabin (who is
    now dead).

  2. ““You talk to your enemies, not to your friends” to quote Rabin (who is
    now dead).”

    Yes, he’s now dead. Murdured by a radical rightwing Zionist in protest of the Oslo Accords. Not sure where you were going with that one…

    And this “blame” stuff… Obama is absolutely correct and in the right to remind everyone who and what caused this disaster – and sure as heck wasn’t him. This country was in far better shape 8 years ago than it is today. The Bush administration and the late GOP one-party state left this nation in shambles. The conservatives just can’t man up and admit it. And when there is a moral v legal problem, you try to find a way to achieve both, point out the discrepency, fix the law. You don’t do the wrong thing and then say, “But it was legal!” That’s just flat-out scummy. What happened at AIG is a shame. It is the Dems fault for allowing that provision in the last bailout. They should have predicated the receipt of the bailout with a provision that all bonuses would then be null and void. One contract can override another. I’m sure they – both AIG and the gov’t – could have worked this out, but they didn’t. And what made it particularly appalling was that the recipents of the bonuses were the very derivative traders so integrally responsible for the collapse of AIG. Now congress passed a revenge tax bill that will probably be nullified by the SCOTUS – all just a useless show. It goes to show that the Dems aren’t that much better than the GOPers. But to hear the moral outrage from the Right is just sickening. It is the height of hypocrisy. If the Right had any class whatsoever, they’d keep their collective mouth shut about all this.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “You talk to your enemies, not to your friends” to quote Rabin (who is
    now dead).”

    Yea, because of Carters failed leftist a$$ kissing policies.

    “This country was in far better shape 8 years ago than it is today.”

    And the 6 years after that untill this pathetic congress got its hands on things.

    ” But to hear the moral outrage from the Right is just sickening.”

    Dodd and Geithner are still the idiots driving that POS

  4. Micky 2 says:

    “If the Right had any class whatsoever, they’d keep their collective mouth shut about all this.”

    Yea, you’d like that wouldnt you ?
    Sorry, no dice, were coming after you guys and you’re already slipping not 60 days into this parade of retards.

  5. Dav Lev says:

    I generally don’t post twice..(lightning seldom if ever strikes twice at the
    same spot, but it’s possible), but after listening to the news had to post.

    According to the latest budget forecasts, we (US) will incur a deficit averaging 1 trillion dollar a year for the next 10 years. This year, we will see a 1.6 trillion dollar shortfall.

    The liberals say, the amount is ONLY 4% of GDP (gross domestic product) per year., do the figures. Doesn’t that sound swell, only…

    Of course this assumes a lot. First, no more wars to pre-occupy us and all, that, entails (where have I heard this before?). Second, oil will remain about 50.00 barrel on the open market. Third, the Chinese will not call in
    their loans. Fourth, Iran will not use their threatened 40,000 suicide bombers to bomb targets of the “infidels” everywhere around the world, close the Persian Gulf and see their own oil fields decimated by a retaliatory strike. Fifth, unemployment will not double to 1929 proportions.
    Six, those “rich, well off Americans” whose taxes will go up and up, will continue to risk their resources in higher taxed investments. Etc., etc.

    While the country is furious over the 1 million dollar bonuses to AIG employees (what about the 2.4 billion paid to Merrill-Lynch?), Obama is considering
    another 750 billion to bail-out (rescue) more and more US businesses).

    Isn’t it fascinating, that at a time when over 150,000 US postal employees will lose their jobs (the agency lost 2 billion dollars last year), and few Americans are buying Fords ( in spite of the Fusion and Focus), this same post office
    is reducing the days they deliver mail.

    Hey guys, maybe you should stop delivery of all those advertisement

    Some pundits predict oil will settle at about 100.00 barrel eventually, or twice the current spot price. Hmmmm, but then again, we can all
    trade our cars in for plug in vehicles which will get 150 miles to the gallon, but cost 150,000 per car.

    The stock market dropped today..to about 7200.00 on the NYSE. From
    my recall, that’s 7,000 below what it was at it’s high, not that long ago.
    So, since Nov 4, the day that will live in infamy, the market has lost
    over 1 trillion dollar in value.

    According to reports, the wealth of the average American has dropped 20% since the start of the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

    But, from my math, the wealth of those who SOLD prior to the bubble
    bursting, in fact, when up.

    My stock dropped much more than that..but I own Ford and Disney as
    well as Motorola. I mean who would think that FORD, DISNEY AND MOTOROLA would have been so affected in one year?

    Maybe when I noticed Disney was selling souvenirs made in China, and most cars parked at the local supermarket were NOT made in America, that should have alerted me. But like everyone else..I was not focused

    Did anyone see Obama at that California school, talking to a group
    of students who made a documentary (at their very upscale facility).
    They cried to him about their parents losing their jobs, or the fact that
    their parents had split up, or the landlord was considerate in working out
    rent back payments or they would forego college in a few years to aid them?

    I mean, give me a break. When in middle school, some students did drop out at 14, to help on the farm. But that was long ago. Children do not help parents, parents help students. Having 10 children does not help.

    I wonder how different we are from Afghanistan sometimes. A report
    on the News Hour, made recently in that Muslim country which depends on
    opium sales to finance it and the Taliban, revealed that over one half of
    all girls drop out of school before age 16, to do, you guessed it, get married and have more children that will marry, get pregnant before 16.

    Children precluding college over concerns about their parents future?
    Maybe they never heard of medical, medicaid, food stamps, unemployment insurance, charity, section 8, projects, taking the bus to work or school, not buying the latest DVDs or hip hop CDs?

    Somehow I just don’t buy it. Maybe I’m old fashioned?

    BTW you people, there are loans available for qualified students..which average
    over $20,000 according to the latest stats. About 20% are never paid back, quaranteed by guess who?

    Hey, here the latest news about Obama’s iniative to reach out to our enemies, formerly known as the Axis of Evil? Now our great leader, with his
    personable smile, low keyed humor, wit, openly, and with some prior warning has sent a personal
    message to Ahmad and the mullahs in Iran. He says, if they stop the
    threats and activism to destroy the world, we will engage with them.

    Stop the threats, that’s what they live for! They need enriched uranium
    like Afghanistan girls need Bat Mitsvahs and boys Bar Mitsvahs.

    Iran answered immediately that if we apologize for 30 years of
    our bad policy towards them, abandon our interests especially in the M.E.,
    refrain from dictating to them, drop the 3 sanctions, allow
    Israel to be nuked (without openly saying it), they will consider talking, engaging and just being amenable to Hillary.

    Yeah right, and we will import more of their rugs.

    Hezbollah and Hamas were more up front. They told Obama to go to hell,
    that Israel will be destroyed. No peace, no negotiation no compromise
    with the Jewish Zionist state.

    Shades of Adolph…he must be smiling in his grave.

    Or as a friend of mine said months ago to me…he will not vote for
    Obamamamammaam…oy vey. For those that don’t know, it means
    my oh my.

  6. Micky 2 says:

    Yup, its gonna be a long 4 years

  7. Dav Lev says:

    I stand corrected, the latest news report shows a 1.8 trilion dollar deficit this year…and about 10 trillion over next 10 years (Federal). Sorry
    about my error. Didn’t Obama/Biden claim we would be lowering the
    deficit. That’s like lowering blood pressure from 180/110 to 150/100.
    Gee thanks say my kidneys.

    If you divide our population (300m) by 10 trillion, how much does that come out to per a family of four, or each person? Do the math.

    Hows about Obama just giving each person the money, and let the individual
    spend it how he (she) pleases..to buy (US) cars, homes, borrow for college,
    put on a new roof, get a flat screen TV (HD), go to a rock concert,
    buy a good health insurance policy, etc? It’s called less government
    and more individual iniative (with some govt assistance).

    Speaking of Obbbbbbama, get this. He sent a video to the mad mullahs
    in Iran, appealing to their loving kind hearts to stop threatening a fellow
    UN member, cease exporting violence and begin to accept Jews and
    Christians as human beings. He also suggested they not make nuclear

    What did the naive, gullible, kind of dense Obama get back..go to hell,
    from all levels of the Iranian gov’t, including their top mullah.

    He wants an apology from Obama for 60 years of US aggravation and
    incitement against Iran. Of course that includes our support of the shah
    and our effort to release those hostages held over 1 year. (Thanks Jimmy Peanut Brain Carter for everything, boy did you screw it up).

    So now, where are we Obama? You’ve shot your load..but no one has
    become pregnant..just blanks I guess. The baby, (peace) you hoped for
    is still not even conceived. Maybe a one on one basketball game with
    Ahmad for all the marbles..hey, that’s an idea and considering your height advantage, go for it.

    Folks, see the latest from Aghanistan…their women ( even now in
    the capital city) are going back to the burka ). Over 600 girls schools have been closed due to threats. Leave it to the radical Muslims, they know how
    to treat their women. Maybe we could learn here in the states..and avoid
    all these divorces and Ruth Madoff appeals. Keep em barefoot and pregnant as the joke goes. Do you know that one-half of all girls in that country are married before age 16. In some schools here, the percentage
    is the same. I wonder why? (Drop-out rates from high school in areas
    of the country are at 50%)

    Yet, we are sending thousands more troops to die there. Why, for what
    purpose, to stop the sales of opium and put restrictions on the sale of
    condums? The Taliban are part of their society..and are supported by
    60m Pashtuns. No dirth of soldiers there to fight US and NATO (in their
    safe enclaves). How many times can we use B1s to bomb the same caves?

    Don’t we all know that the 19 suicide Muslims who took out the WTC were
    all from Saudi Arabia..NOT Pakistan or Afghanistan. Why are we still
    trading with Arabia..I know, it’s oil, and more oil. We need it, they have it.
    Okay, they have all the marbles right now.

    Bin Ladin wants the entire Musim world to stop talking to US and continue
    fighting for his goals. Goals, exactly what are they Bin?

    To: Obama, let’s talk, engage and have diplomacy with Bin. As Rabin,
    the late Israeli P.M. said, “you talk to your enemies”. Well, let’s talk.
    I mean even Charlie Rose, PBS, thinks we should talk more..and threaten

    Reminds me of the movie, Fail Safe. Maybe we could send a B1 bomber
    with 2 20megaton bombs to Tehran…then call them back, proposing
    we drop a bomb on Tehran and they drop a bomb on the Baghad by the Bay (no need to go into details). Give Tehran the bomb, and they will do
    it anyway.

    But I have to admit Obama and his economic advisers (and security advisers) are on the ball. Sort of like UCLA vs Villanova. I remember when
    UCLA won the NCAA titles and John Wooden was a young man. My how things have really CHANGED.

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