More hate mail from leftists gone wild

The Tygrrrr Express is leaving Los Angeles for a few days, bound for New York today. A couple of days later will be a Thursday trip to Atlanta. That 24 hour pit-stop will be followed by several days in South Florida. My relationship with the Sacramento Queen prevents me from going completely crazy in South Beach, but I have more than fulfilled my quota of Spring Break fun over the years.

In addition to partying in Miami, the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership has their quarterly meeting in Fort Lauderdale. Some political heavyweights will be there.

Of course, South Florida also means mom and dad. It is nice to be around people that care about me. Until then, it is time to open up the hate mail bag and expose some more liberals gone wild.

It is possible for somebody to be a political liberal, or even a political leftist, without being hateful.

I know this seems hard to believe. After all, like Palestinians, liberals seem to be born angry, live that way, and die that way.

I received some more hate mail from a pair of leftists.

I contact many people. I send out mass emails. This is legal.

Some people have road rage. Other people have air rage. Yet others have telemarketer rage. With some people, it is email rage.

I do not expect the world to agree with me. They have a right to be wrong. I just expect civility and politeness.

If somebody does not want to be contacted by me, I immediately remove them from the list.

Yet this nonsensical notion that I have “no right” to contact them is false. I have every right to contact people. Yet once they express to me that the contact is undesired, then the onus is on me to honor their request. On the rare occasions I failed to remove someone, it was an accident, and I profusely apologized.

I do have people ask me to remove them. Yet more often than not, people thank me for contacting them, and tell me that they like what I have to say. Some people forward my email to their friends. In some cases, their friends contact me and tell me that they heard about me through a friend, and want to hear more.

That is what marketing is all about. Everybody sells.

Now onto a pair of people that decided to unload as only a hateful person could.

Mr. Sean O’Neill needed expletives to get his point across. I altered his expletive ever so slightly since I abhor foul language.

“Who the f*ck are you and why are you sending me emails?  Take me off your mailing list.”

I responded in kind.

“Your request to take me off of your list is reasonable. Your hostility, incivility, and cursing are not reasonable.

I don’t care how many emails you get. No excuses. Your attitude screws up the entire world.

I had a right to contact you, you had a right to ask me not to do so again.

I will absolutely remove you, but be a better person in the future.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

Naturally, he consulted his God of liberalism, and denied himself the chance for growth.
“You ‘had a right’ to contact me?  How?  I definitely didn’t sign up for any of your SPAM.  ‘Be a better person’?? Am I supposed to fellate every clown on the internet who thinks his thoughts are worth spamming to hundreds of people? Perhaps you should step off your pedestal and go F*CK yourself.  Meanwhile, I will happily continue screwing up the entire world with my bad attitude.
S, aka anti-semitic commie socialist pinko leftist fag-loving feminazi f*ck”

I do not recall ever asking Sean O’Neill to fellate me. I can refer him to Barney Frank. For those who think I took a cheap shot, shut up. Barney Frank is gay. Gay guys fellate other gay guys. I am not condemning this, just pointing out that I do not fellate guys. Also, only a leftist would wear his anti-Semitism like a badge of honor. I never brought that issue up. He did.

Sean O’Neill was significantly worse than Robin27095, but she was nasty as well.

She asked to be taken off the list. I did. I used to let people know I removed them, but decided along the line that sending another email was overkill. So I just remove them, and they see that they do not hear from me again.

If somebody wants me to email them, I add them to my inbox so that the spamblocker does not inconvenience them. Yet if they want to be removed, I do not add them, because it makes no sense to add somebody I will not be corresponding with again. Those capable of logical reasoning understand this.

Instead, Robin felt the need to contact me a second time.

“You twit.   You send out unsolicited email but you don’t take replies.

Take me off your distribution list NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did you get my email??”

Angry leftists love capital letters and multiple explanation points.

I offered her my explanation.

“1) I DID get your first email.
2) I DID remove you from the list after I got your first email.
3) People who want to stay on the list get added to my inbox list of contacts.
4) People who want off the list do not get added to my inbox list of contacts because that would be pointless since we will not be corresponding again.
5) You overreacted and resorted to insults, which tells me you are most likely a liberal.

Liberals look for any excuse or perceived slight to lash out at conservatives.

I don’t expect you to apologize for your behavior. Again, you are a liberal, which means that civility towards conservatives is not necessary.

Don’t bother learning from this experience. Keep misjudging people. Otherwise you might accidentally improve the world.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

Naturally she failed to learn from her rudeness.

“You are an @ss.  You don’t even know what ‘no reply’ emails you are sending out.  And I NEVER asked to be on YOUR distribution list.”

I redacted the bad word, but let me assure the world that I know exactly what “no reply” is. It is a song by Phil Collins.

Had this woman simply asked me to be removed and let it go, all she had to do was say the word. No, not “Sussudio,” the other word or set of words.

I did remove her, and she felt the need to lash out anyway.

Had she asked me to fellate her, I would have explained that I was in a relationship, but that had she asked me last month I would have requested pictures first.

Another fellow named MaxNam did not curse, but he resorted to the typical tried and true smugness. Either conservatives are evil, dumb, or both.

“My question to you is; Where did you get my e-mail address?  I read what you wrote. Nothing about what you said seems rational to me.  Don’t you realize that most of the citizens of the U.S. favor the positions taken by our new President and are thoroughly disgusted by what the conservative  Bush administration did to our beloved country? You must be one who simply does not comprehend how pathetic your appeal appears to someone like me.”

So because I view the world differently from this fellow, I am irrational. I cannot comprehend what he can. Oh, and my appeal is pathetic.
These people wake up in the morning, and they simply cannot get through the day without hate.

I told a friend of mine that for eight years, the entire existence of the Democratic Party was based on the hatred of one man, George W. Bush. My friend insisted that once President Bush left, the Democrats would calm down.

Nonsense. Whether Newt Gingrich or George W. Bush, Democrats cannot be for anything. They can only be against. They control all the levers of power, and they desperately need a conservative to despise. Rush Limbaugh filled the bill, but given that he has no policy role, Eric Cantor is becoming a new bogeyman. Unless Eric Cantor wants to be seen as evil personified, he had better become ineffective in a hurry.

Hatred is all they have. It is easier to hate than focus on something resembling an actual policy.

These are liberals. This is how they behave.


6 Responses to “More hate mail from leftists gone wild”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    And if theres nothing to hate, they’ll makes something up.
    Even if its themselves.

  2. GrammaSheila says:

    “Leftist liberals gone wild…” EEEWWW!!! Eric, what a gross mental picture;-)

  3. Heck, that’s nothin’! I had conservative blogger, “Confederate Yankee,” try to get me in trouble at work, accusing me of threatening him or abusing him or something. One of Hannity’s “Galt”s or “Martel”s or “Darth”s or whatever tried to do the same. Luckily, the IT guys liked me and stopped these vengeful little psychos from doing me any harm. One con treatened me with bodily harm, until I disabused his notion by reminding him that A) I could be a psycho myself for all he knows, and B) law enforcement doesn’t look kindly at terroristic threats. I’ve been banned from so many conservative and libertarian sites, it’s amazing I bothered to keep posting out there. Until I found this site, I’ve never found a conservative site that actually encouraged healthy debate. It’s not that I abused anyone, or cussed, or lied – but because they didn’t like what I was saying. Hannity banned me for the last time when, in the height of his French-bashing days, I reminded the board that one of his biggest advertisers was a French company. I guess Euros are just as good as Dollars to Hannity, and all advertising is good advertising to the French! When Reason banned me, for God whatever knows what, that was a disappointment. Though I did say that I believe libertarianism is the political philosophy of spoiled white teenage boys from the suburbs. If I recall, they banned me sometime after that, though I think it might have been because of that. You have to ask Gillespie. He remembers me. I’ve had plenty of cons cuss me and threaten me and ban me, etc. It’s not a liberal thing or a conservative thing. It’s a human thing. If you think otherwise, you have a pretty naive understanding of human nature.


  4. Toma says:

    Human nature tends to lean toward confrontation. A lot of people are easily offended and react in anger. A lot of people use this to gain an advantage and it usually works. It takes some training and concentration to control one’s anger. Most people don’t have this training and anger tends to deter concentration. Lashing out at the offender is a natural human response and can be expected in most confrontational situations.

    Manners and respect are taught in childhood. This is part of the afore mentioned training. Perhaps this is the root problem.

    Some of the sites I have visited contain verbal attacks with meaningless vulgarity leading me to believe that some people have had zero training. No manners and no respect for anyone including themselves. It is sad.

    This is the only site that I visit almost daily. The discussions are lively and meanful. The debate can be heated as it should be. But never illmannered or disrespectful. I learn something every day.

    Thank you Eric for allowing me to be here. Thank you posters for engaging me.

    JMJ the hopless liberal. How is the pup?

    Mick aka Jack Bauer. I caught that Mick, I think it is a compliment.
    I’m a 24 fan.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Liberals seek psychological treatment more often that conservatives.

    “Our research suggests that inequality takes a greater psychological toll on liberals than on conservatives,” the researchers write in the June issue of the journal Psychological Science, “apparently because liberals lack ideological rationalizations that would help them frame inequality in a positive (or at least neutral) light.”
    The results support and further explain a Pew Research Center survey from 2006, in which 47 percent of conservative Republicans in the U.S. described themselves as “very happy,” while only 28 percent of liberal Democrats indicated such cheer.”

    Its definitley the left thats unhinged.
    And by the way jersey, how is it that so many liberals and conservatives enage in on line debates everyday like myself without them getting banned ? (look inside grasshopper)
    All the blogs I debate on will pretty much allow anything as long as its not hate or threatening, and you know how potty my mouth can be, right ?

    Want the links ?

  6. Micky 2 says:

    Yea Toma, I blush a little everytime someone calls me that.

    I can be very cordial and well mannered when the opponent is deserving and of that caliber and turn on a dime and make the raunchiest idiot sound like church lady if raunch is all he understands while still making my point.

    The pup has become a victim of an imperialistic republican detainment facility where she only gets three meals a day and is subjected to enhanced hourly belly scratching techniques thereby causing PETA to launch an investigation into preferential treatment of non white b*tches

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