Mr. Obama, just do your job already

Dear President Obama,

I did not vote for you sir, but I respect the office of the Presidency.

I wish you did the same.

I wrote you a very gracious note after you won the election. I took a hands off approach. I took a wait and see attitude.

Well I don’t like what I see. You have proven to be exactly as you campaigned sir. You are virtually all talk, and what little action you have taken has been disastrous.

I made a vow to stop campaigning against you the day of the election. You need to do the same with regards to everybody who disagrees with you. Like your Democratic predecessor, you are in all campaign mode all the time.

It seems that Republican presidents roll up their sleeves and get to work. Some people agree with the work and some people disagree, but at least the work exists and gets done.

Your presidency is fast becoming nonsense.

Ok, it was sweet when you told your daughters that they earned a new puppy. Yet the inaugural balls are over. Now you have to actually do things. Creating imaginable enemies is not governing.

Do you think George W. Bush spent time fighting with Michael Moore? Do you think he took on Janine Garofolo? Heck, Dick Cheney could have proved his pro-torture credentials by pinning her down and shaving her underarms on live tv, but he was busy with people who actually mattered.

George W. Bush did not even waste time on his excuse for a predecessor.

Yet you seem to be learning from the Clintonistas of Carville and Begala. They are teaching you that when you cannot accomplish anything positive, create straw bogeymen and blame them.

George W. Bush was too busy dealing with Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, and other real people. He did not have time for such drivel. Apparently you do.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity did not crash the stock marke to its lowest levels since 1997. That was you sir. Spare me what you inherited. You have crashed this market with your constant bashing of Wall Street. Promising to repeal deductions on mortgages and charitable giving was monstrously stupid. Threatening to raise capital gains raise in horrendous policy.

Attacking radio hosts is a sign of desperation. It is a sign that you are in way over your head.

I get it sir. You are good at politics. You don’t have to convince me. You won the election. Now it is about policy.

I have said many times that liberals are children and conservatives are adults. Children blame people and look backward. Adults focus on the future.

You said you wanted to unify America. Like any typical liberal, what you meant is you wanted conservatives to shut up and agree with you, or face being demonized.

You saw first hand what a spoiled little brat Bill Clinton can be when he does not get his way.

I believe you are better than that sir. I believe you are a better man than the way you and your supporters have been acting.

Now are you going to keep bashing every single institution that dares dissent from your vision? Or do you plan to actually accomplish something? Do you want to be like Bill Clinton, the peripheral president? Do you want to be like an aging rocker insisting that the glory days really were that good, while everybody else moves on? Do you want to be a presidential asterisk?

If not, then just get to work. Stop clowning around. When you were campaigning, you got away with criticizing Republicans while desperately disguising your own vision. I was not sure if it was because you completely lacked a vision at all, or if you were hiding because you were afraid Americans would reject you if they knew your actual beliefs.

That does not matter now. The election is over. You won. Now you have to quit the campaigning and show some interest in the nuts and bolts of government. Or you can outsource your entire presidency to the Pelosiraptor. In the same way Bill Clinton, spineless weakling that he was, let Dick Gephardt and David Bonior drag them all down, Nancy Pelosi will drive you over a cliff faster than you can say “Thelma and Louise.” I will let you decide which one of you is which.

George W. Bush and DIck Cheney are gone. Yet your administration has nothing better to do than encourage investigations into why a President fired his own employees. By not reining in the craziest members of Congress, you are encouraging them. George W. Bush did not spend one minute on investigations of Bill Clinton.

Now either grow a pair, stand up to the Pelosiraptor, John COnyers, Henry Waxman, and every other reason people think that liberals are a bunch of out of step crybaby losers, or continue to cast yopur lot with these human failures that have never contributed anything to society. Investigations is all they have.

Blame is not an agenda sir. You were absolutely not hired to harass your critics. In fact, you were hired because of your nice smile, good hair, and good teeth. You seemed likable and friendly. You were “post-partisan.”

Enough blaming Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. You have ABC, NBC, PBS, NPR, and the Jayson Blair Times. 98% of the media worships you. Quit crying over the 2% that don’t.

Do you really wanbt to defeat Hannity and Limbaugh? Then prove them wrong. Pass your program, and let’s see if it works.

To quote Joe Perry of Aerosmith, “Let the music do the talking.”

The election is over. Problems need fixing. They were not all inherited problems. Some of them occurred on your watch, such as the 2009 stock market collapse. This collapse was a direct result of your words and inaction.

Quit complaining. Get to work already. Millions of people are out of work. They need jobs.

Start helping them. Start doing your job.


15 Responses to “Mr. Obama, just do your job already”

  1. LOL! Yeah right! Blame Obama for the mess we have today! People are really going to buy THAT! LOL!

    Obama, for his own personal part, has been a very busy president, accomplishing more is his first few weeks than most presidents in their first six months. His approval rating is very high, and that’s really saying something, given the mess we’ve been left by the failure and corruption of the late GOP state. That said, for a rare change, this Democratic administration and congress has shown a political accumen we haven’t seen in generations, keeping the GOP on constant defense, disbalanced and rudderless. David Frum put it perfectly in this recent piece…

    If the GOP is going to be nothing but contrarian, offering no alternative, then all Obama has to do is keep their lack of ideas in the spotlight. Limbaugh is the perfect patsy for this strategy. He’s an egomaniac who will gladly assume the GOP crown even if that means destroying their political power. Instead of complaining about Obama, who is doing exacty what he promised and what was expected of him, you should be looking at your own party. As Frum put it:

    Of course, we can keep repeating our old lines all the same, just the way Tip O’Neill kept exhorting the American middle class to show more gratitude to the New Deal. But politicians who talk that way soon sound old, tired, and cranky. I wish somebody at the … GOP presidential debate at the Reagan Library had said: “Ronald Reagan was a great leader and a great president because he addressed the problems of his time. But we have very different problems—and we need very different answers. Here are mine.”

    Come up with something new for a change, will ya’?


  2. Dav Lev says:

    David Brooks, columnist NYTimes, is my kind of Conservative..moderate.
    I am hardly an America Firster Type (if left up to them, I would not be writing today, nor a German American Bunder-worse. I’ve met a few of them in my days….and tell them my mother was Irish).

    I believe in a very, very strong send the RIGHT message to
    the Axis of Evil countries..which, I’m sure, during the Obama administration will be increased, two maybe three fold.

    In a large circulation paper today, I read in an op-ed that Presidents (and policy) should not relate personally to whomever leaders are our adversaries, it’s policy that matters..ex. Jong
    in No. Korea, Saddam (when he was still alive and running Iraq), Putin (still running Russia but don’t tell Hillary), Assad of Syria (the opthamologist with tunnel vision), Ahmad ( he really just talke a lot about
    “wiping Israel off the map”, therefore don’t take him seriously…it’s Iran’s policies that really matter, Chavez (the guy who socialized Venezuela
    after nationalizing all the worthwhile (and lucrative) industries while
    allowing his re-election forever (no intimidation there guys at the polls, you betcha).

    Okay, okay, so hows about a little history. I have listened to Herr Hitler’s recorded speeches for decades, warning the world that if Poland didn’t allow for
    a seaport for Germany’s shipping, he would construe that as justifying
    raping the country..or if the US attacked, Jewish necks would be broken.
    Well Germany declared war on US…and Jewish babies had their necks
    broken all right, while being smashed against walls (don’t believe me,
    ask people who witnessed it). Oh, the Reich was stabbed in the back by those Russians and Jews (yeah, 500,000 Jews who were more German than the Germans).

    The criticism of Bush..well he prodded US into a war with Saddam Hussein
    instead of fighting Al Qaeda. This is too much even for me. Saddam Hussein not worthy of being deposed..okay, maybe one of his sons would have been better to deal with. Think of it this way, folks, Iraq now 6 years later possess a few nukes..maybe 10..gets Scuds or Shihabs from Iran..and points them at our fleets in the Gulf, or Kuwait, or Turkey,
    or Egypt or Arabia. Oh me oh my..what chutspah.

    Look, Eric, Obama is Obama…a left center Democrat..who is taking
    advantage of his nice graying hair, gift of the English language and even
    greater gift of nuance (which we who didn’t vote for him saw through from
    the beginning.

    I am a registered Democrat but vote Republican in the national elections.

    You see, I don’t want another 911, next time in my home city. I don’t care
    much about the 250 remaining prisoners at GITMO, where they live (or
    are hung hopefully). BTW, no area of the country wants them in their neighborhoods, more scared of them than child molesters, who stay at local motels.

    I am not terribly concerned about the Bank of A, or Wells Fargo, or any other institution which loaned money to people to purchase homes
    in the burgs…away from the traffic, crime and drugs..even though
    they damn well knew that 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 additional children would
    crimp their ability to pay. But that is for another post.

    The stock market..down 2 trillion dollars since January 1. That really
    does say it all about how confident we Americans are in our celebrity
    leader..with his minions (all of them millionaires).

    I mean give me a break. I am reminded of an elderly lady who
    for 5 straight years loaned against her risiing home equity, that is until
    the bubble broke and her property went down in value. Now she
    is whining and crying to the liberal TV networks about her plight.
    What did she do with the money I ask? Why wasn’t she asked that?
    Talk about equity..there is still that tax exemption on 500,000 capital
    gain on the sale of property. Get it, no taxes on 500,000… I know
    people who are very liberal..have experienced huge gains on their
    condos, or homes..over the years..But never talk about that exemption.
    I guess it’s whose ox is being gored…

    Speaking of drugs…there was a major confiscation of cocaine in
    South America. Typically cocaine sells for 22m (that’s million) a ton.
    Lst year, 110 tons of cocaine was stopped from flowing into US from
    this country. Afghanistan’s Taliban financing comes from opium sales
    to Europe.

    Hey guys, hows about legalizing some drugs..(you know, buy it
    at a gov’t approved drug store for 1/1000 the kilo cost.)

    But then again, what will that do to the law enforcement profession,
    maybe free up some US attorney’s to go after the tax cheats (300b a year).

    Anyone read about the latest Obama in essence legalize the
    medical use of MJ? Too bad, too late. I know of a store which had rented to folks who were selling the stuff, until they were closed down (raided) by
    is it the ATF or DEA?

    On Saturday Night LIfe (SNL) last weekend, I was a very funny skit,
    with the “Rock” portraying a really mad Obama. You know, he was terrific in the part.

    Maybe he should have been President..both are actors, but at least he has muscles and guts..and was a convincing wrestler. Obama was what,
    an organizer? Big deal.

    More later.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    “LOL! Yeah right! Blame Obama for the mess we have today! People are really going to buy THAT! LOL!”

    Whats not to but ?
    Is it Bushs fault that everytime Obama opens his yap the market sinks even further ?
    I read the article, it plainly says that Obama is resposible for the market collapse of 2009, and I dont see anything that casts blame on Obama for anything that happened in the past.
    We most certainly cant blame Obama for all of anything that contributed to the democrats who caused this mess except for maybe his minor role in accepting money from F&F and his support for the CRA.

    “Obama, for his own personal part, has been a very busy president, accomplishing more is his first few weeks than most presidents in their first six months. His approval rating is very high”

    Yes, a hamster on a wheel can be very busy also accomplshing nothing but a good workout.
    Please supply me with some verification that Obama has done more so far than ant president in 6 months.
    George Bush had higher ratings at this point in his term than Obama did, thats also saying something.
    Gallup began tracked Barack Obama’s approval rating on Jan. 21, fewer than 60% of Americans approve of the job he is doing as president. In Feb. 21-23 polling, 59% of Americans give Obama a positive review, while 25% say they disapprove, and 16% have no opinion. His numbers have dropped 10% in the last twweeks
    Almost exactly eight years ago Bush’s numbers were 62 percent approving his performance, 21 percent disapproving, and 17 percent having no opinion.

    “If the GOP is going to be nothing but contrarian, offering no alternative, ”

    This is a lie since you asked for these specifics a week ago and I gave them to you. But the misrepresentation on your part that the GOP has offered up no alternatives still continues.
    You’re lying by omission ontop of the fact that anyone with two ears and TV knows damn well weve offerd up a ton of alternatives.

    “Come up with something new for a change, will ya’?”

    Whats new about Obamas plans ?
    Also, who says it has to be something novel and unheard of before ?
    Republicans abandoned many of their principals which is partially the reason we see this mess and why we lost the election.
    The main thing we are concentrating on is reminding the people of what has proven to work in the past instead of taking a shot in the dark with other peoples money and what amounts to old regurgitated ideas that simply go by another name.
    Theres only so many methods that can be applied in recovering our economy. Actually sticking to them and following thru honestly is what the key is.
    Go play a game of craps with your own damn 5 trillion dollars.

  4. You know, guys, what Wall Street thinks of Obama has little in common with what the rest of the country thinks of Obama. Wall Street is hardly a microcosm of the greater polity. That rant by CNBC’s Rick Santelli and it’s reception by the traders over at the Chicago Merc does not reflect the opinion of most Americans, just as those traders are not typical examples of Americana. They’re a bunch of spoiled little white male shmucks.

    And to assume that Wall Street is reacting to Obama or the Dems on this or that day shows either that your are all liars or that you have no idea how Wall Street works. The market has been all over the place well over and beyond the past year. To put this in a way even you guys can grasp – in 2008 the Dow Joned fluctuated by 5% in a single trading day 17 times, the exact same number if times it had done that over the prior 52 years. So, either you believe that Wall Street considered Bush the most fiscally erratic president in history, or you are just sleazily attaching blame to Obama for things that are not his fault.

    That is just pathetic.

    Again, come up with some new ideas already. will ya’?

    And Micky, again, Obama is doing what he said he was going to do, and you guys have offered nothing but the same stuff you’ve always offered. I got news for you cons – it’s not 1980: get a new idea for once in the past 30 years, will ya’?


  5. Micky 2 says:

    “You know, guys, what Wall Street thinks of Obama has little in common with what the rest of the country thinks of Obama”

    Thats besides the point.
    So hes winning a popularity contest ? Hah ! hes even failing at that.

    “And to assume that Wall Street is reacting to Obama or the Dems on this or that day shows either that your are all liars or that you have no idea how Wall Street works.”


    Eric is a professional in the field, so he must be a liar.
    Tell me then , what are they reacting to that causes them to clam up since Obama was elected ?
    Why, if all these initiatives are so great hasnt the market rebounded yet ?

    “And Micky, again, Obama is doing what he said he was going to do”

    As I said, or asked, you really cant tell me whats new about his ideas, can you ?
    He also done a ton of crap he said he “wasnt” going to do.

    “it’s not 1980: get a new idea for once in the past 30 years, will ya’?”

    Actually, weve tried, even though the responsability is not really on us, were talking about Obama and its you guys in charge so its up to you to come up with something that works, who said it had to be new ?

    You dont answer my questions and you’ve yet to refute anything I claimed.
    That usually means that your at a loss for truth and fact.

  6. Micky, if I had a dime for every time an “expert” on Wall Street was wrong, I’d be richer than any of them.

    Like I said, in 2008 the Dow went up or down by 5% 17 times, the same number of times it did that over the prior 52 years. I never heard you guys blame that on Bush. Experts, shmexperts. I smell hypocrisy.

    You guys have ZERO new ideas. Like David Frum said in that piece, you guys are stuck in 1980, offering the same old, tired, cranky reactions to everything as if time stopped 29 years ago. America and the world are facing a very differnt set of problems from those faced a generation-and-a-half ago. You guys had better strat coming up with some new ideas to face those new problems or you’ll be left in the dustbin of history.

    Obama, on the other hand, is trying a little of everything – new ideas and old. He doesn’t know what will work and what won’t, and he’s honest about that, but given the scope and unprecedented nature of the national and global economic crisis, his options are not all that clear. But, like Limbaugh said, you guys want Obama to fail, regardless of whether his ideas work or not. Why? Because if his ideas work, then your philosophy is once again proven wrongheaded. It doesn’t matter what Wall Dtreet thinks – what matters is how the regular American family fares, and nowadays that has less and less to do with the fortunes of the few who got wealthy on Wall Street during the sleazy laizzez faire years of the conservative American rule over the past 30+ years.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    “You guys have ZERO new ideas.”

    Go ahead, keep making yourself look like a jerk by repeating that line after I’ve told you how many frickin times now that its not something new thats needed.
    And now, for the third time, you still cant answer my questions. And dont ask me what they were, they’re right there buddy.
    You cant tell me what Obama is doing thats different except for the volume of the numbers.
    I dont see what your dimes, wrong or right on wall street has to do with anything as far as the fact goes that wall street is definitley reacting to these screwed up deals the messiah keeps popping out his butt.

    “Obama, on the other hand, is trying a little of everything – new ideas and old. He doesn’t know what will work and what won’t, and he’s honest about that,”

    Thats funny, I just posted on this exact flaw about 10 minutes ago on anothet blog.
    “Any fool, and I mean any fool can start spending more money than literally anyone has based on a bunch of initiatives that have no clear picture as to what the outcome will be.
    Would anyone on Wall street hire this guy to perform any speculation on future markets ?
    Would any investor trust him to broker an investment ?
    So far the numbers on Wall street say NO F****N WAY !
    Its not a precise shot at solving the problem at all, not a surgical strike.
    Its just a huge shotgun full of our money being shot of into a dark sky figuring if there’s enough buck shot you’ll end up hitting something.
    No one on Wall street wants to make a move until they have some idea of what all this is going to look like once it settles down. As cheap as everything is no one wants to buy anything as Obamas plans have astronomical risks attached to any success.

    If just one of his initiatives works, when the economy picks up he’ll brag across America that it was that one initiative that did it. Even though all the other initiatives will of failed he’ll only need one of them to work so he can use it as his claim to what pulled us out of this.
    Ya know, like if the condom program is successful and the economy picks up after that while every other initiative failed costing us 5 trillion dollars he’ll say it was because there’s less teenage pregnancy and because of that decrease in pregnancies we saved a bundle in fed funded abortions”

    But, like Limbaugh said, you guys want Obama to fail, regardless of whether his ideas work or not. Why? Because if his ideas work, then your philosophy is once again proven wrongheaded.”

    Not all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a lying crock of crap !
    Limbaugh said specifically he did not want SOCIALISM to succeed.
    Plus, our suggestions to the stimulus were rejetced DUDE !! So how will you ever know if they failed ????????

    ” It doesn’t matter what Wall Dtreet thinks – what matters is how the regular American family fares, and nowadays that has less and less to do with the fortunes of the few who got wealthy on Wall Street during the sleazy laizzez faire years of the conservative American rule over the past 30+ years. ”

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid,

    Wall street is where the decisions are made that determine what business do what where when and how well and if the companies that employe millions are worth flaoting etc, etc ,
    You say its the people and the way they fare that matters ? Then why doesnt Obama just cut us all a check for the approx 33,000.00 its going to cost us all to repay this ?
    HUH ? Answer me that one ?
    He cant do that, ta know why ” Because that would actually be an old conservative idea put into action that would work as it has worked before.
    Give the people their money right ???
    But no, you just want your little boy to go crazy in Vegas with our money and see if he hopefully gets lucky.
    Thats your plan, thats basically what you said above.

  8. Toma says:

    I tried to watch part of Obama’s first press conference on T.V. I found myself feeling strangely sorry for the guy. Then disappointment crept in, suddenly fear spread over me like a cold blanket. The kid doesn’t have a clue. He did not answer any of the slow pitch softball questions. He did not know what to say and what he said he said very badly. The kid has no motor. Everything he tried to say was obviously badly rehearsed and when he tried to improvise with his own words he could only stammer cliches. We don’t have a leader, he isn’t even a follower. What we have here is a mistake. This kid is in waaaay over his head. I hope the people who elected him are happy. He will destroy himself and those around him and he will try to destroy the nation. His so called speeches since have been just as disappointing, nothing more than political rhetoric filled with fear tactics and negativity. He seems consumed with fighting imaginary foes and pointing a finger of blame at those around him and those that came before him.

    On three different occasions in the past 2 years I have called my investment broker and told him to dump my mutual funds. I let him talk me out of it all three times. Shame on me!! My reasoning was that I was sure the Dems would gain control of the White House and perhaps even Congress. I told him that I do not trust the Dems to be able to govern and the market would, if not crash, respond negatively and most investors would lose a lot of money. Well, it happened. I have lost 50% of my assets and will surely lose more if not all.

    Given, there are other factors that figure into the market drop. One being bad loans by money grabbers who sold the loans at a profit to nearsighted financers, and then bailed out because they saw what I saw in a Democratic controlled Federal Government run by the three stooges Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Higher taxes, higher deficits, more and more spending by a slothful fat cat Congress weilding more power than the constitution allows or the taxpayer can afford. Our Federal Government has grown so big, fat and cumbersome that we the people will never be able to feed it. We are sapped dry. I have always believed the the American people could handle anything that came along. Be it terrorists attacks, wars, run away emigration, incompetent leadership, any enemy could be defeated. We, the good people of America, would prevail. I’m not so sure any more!

    Given, the Democrats are not solely responsible for the mess we are in, but they’ve damn sure made a hugh contribution. For years the people have been asking Congress to do something about illegal emigration. The Dems have stopped any attempt other than amnesty. Now our bigger cities are filthy with outlaw gangs controlled by illegals. People are leaving urban areas in fear for their lives. The scum of the earth is taking over our cities and there is not one thing we can do about it. Our Congress, both sides, has been derelict, and has failed to protect our borders. The Dems see easy votes among these clueless thugs. The Repubs apparently can’t see anything. I think the Repubs hope it will just go away. It will go away, America as we know it will go away.

    The all-seeing Chuck Schumer believes that “Americans just don’t care.” Actually he may be right in the sense that there are segments of population within the borders of this country that don’t care. One such segment is the millions on welfare. Their world consists of maintaining their state of eligibility and defrauding the system as much as possible to gain the maximum benefit. This segment has been referred to as the “welfare society.” The members of this segment of population are not interested in “Change.” In fact they don’t have any idea what “Change” means or who initiated the phrase. They don’t have any idea who Nancy Pelosi is or that the Democrats control both houses of Congress. In fact they don’t know there are two houses of Congress. Most of these people never graduated from high school. Many are parents at age 16. But then their parents were parents at age 16. The only world they know is drawing a welfare check and maintaining eligibility. They have no skills and don’t plan to learn any. Congress loves them because they don.t have to be lied to or coerced, they are easy votes and are more than willing to take pay and vote as instructed. You are right Chuck, these “Americans” don’t care.

    Another segment of population is the Federal Employee. Millions of government workers making good salaries and looking forward to a full salary retirement with fully paid medical and life insurance and legislated benefits that put them on easy street for the rest of their lives. This segment will support any thing that increases or at least maintains their benefits. They suck from the public trough and as long as the sucking continues they are happy. You are right Chuck, these “Americans” don’t care.

    Another segment of population is the intellectually lazy, the not invlolved, unplugged, uninformed (and they like it that way) millions watching american idol. the Simpsons and idolizing Hollywood paper tigers. These people care about which celebrity is pregnant and by whom. They vote for hairstyles, eye color or cleavage on an album cover. The national political arena has no place in their fantasy world. You are right Chuck, these “Americans” don’t care. But some of them vote. They don’t know what they are voting for, but they vote. They usually for the prettiest or most fashionable candidate.

    There may be other segments of population containing millions of “Americans” that don’t care for one reason or another. But there are many “Americans” who do care and they are, for the most part, conspicuously silent. They might blog, write letters, email their Congressman, or complain in the company of friends at a local coffee shop or write a letter to the editor of a local paper. And they do listen, watch, read and form opinions and make decisions. The also vote. These people can’t be fooled, or manipulated. They have fundamental morals and ethics that influence their actions and steers their decision making process. They recognize a lie and can see through insincerity. They are also dangerously dedicated to their family, God, job, community, military forces and…that’s about it.

    What they are not dedicated to is eminently more important. They are self-reliant and reluctant to ask for help. They know their job and understand their responsibility and don’t like being told what to do. They despise government interference and see it as a deterrent to the natural process. They are educated, trained and/or self-taught with an uncanny ability to adapt to situations as they may arise. They despise assumed authority and will not tolerate a usurper. The most important politic to these guys is the School Board, City Council, Mayor and County Commissioner. They believe State and Federal politicians are corrupt or if they are new will soon be corrupt. They vote and hope their choice will be honorable and make good decisions and take care of the people’s business. But in their heart they know better. And they despise their choice for the betrayal. That is the way they view many national and state government leaders, as betrayers. They are not in any sense dedicated to these people who apparently believe they are in charge. National and State leaders abuse their positions and abuse the voters who, in good faith, put them in office. These usurpers abuse at their own peril. Yet these “Americans” who do care are conspicuously silent. What is hidden within the silence?

    These “Americans”, who care, tolerate local law inforcement and even support it to a degree. But they are well armed and capable of protection themselves and their homes. Criminal and mischief-makers know this and tend to go elsewhere.

    For example, a friend of mine who lives on the West Coast and happens to be a biker and somewhat a hardcase, tells a story about putting around the country. He stated that in certain areas of the country it is wise to keep a low profile and behave oneself. The way he said it, “We’ll be puttin’ down the highway mindin’ our business when suddenly a one ton four wheel drive mud caked ford pickup truck will zoom around ya doin’ about 90. It’s got these fangs or forks or somethin’ stickin’ out the back and a big dog standin’ in the back its ears flappin’ in the wind. It’s got these three cowboy hats sittin’ in the cab and a rifle with a scope on a rack in the back glass. The rifle with the scope means they can shoot a long way off. We putt into the next little town and find a waterin’ hole. The joint we find has that big pickup truck with the rifle and scope and dog parked in front. The dog growls at us as we walk pass. In side are those three cowboy hats at the bar havin’ a cold beer. We drink our beer and keep our mouths shut. No pleasantries are exchanged because we do look suspicious. So we mind ourselves and putt out of town knowing they can shoot a long way off. There’s areas in the country where you just don’t mess around.

    As I mentiond these “Americans” are self-reliant, hard-nosed and tough. They are oil field workers, (farmers, ranchers not in the program) heavy-equipment operators, merchant, bankers, service station operators, (school teachers not in the union) and many other “Americans” that see to the needs of the “Americans” that make this nation work. They are the backbone of this nation and they are not fooled by the words of politicians, in fact they despise them. These are the people that Chuck Schumer scorns. Chuck Shcumer and those like him had better fear these people, because they will not be backed into a corner, they will not give up their livelihood, they will not pay the way for freeloaders, they will not join a union and they will not back down. They will fight. I know these people, I work with them, live with them, I’m one of them. I know what I am talking about. These “Americans” have had enough. Republican, Democract, Libertarian, it don’t matter. These “Americans” will defy you Chuck and your ilk, and remove you Chuck and your ilk, one way or another.

    “Don’t Tread on Me”. Fools, you know not what you do!

    P.S. The wife and I went to Walmart last Saturday. I was going to buy some ammunition but they were sold out. The guy said, “I’ll get in a shipment next week, but it won’t last two days”.


  9. Micky, I’m still waiting for those new GOP ideas. We’ve ALL heard about tax cuts and deregulation already – really, believe me, we get it already. You’ve cut taxes and deregulated for years and years now, and all most of us got out of it was flat wages, booms and busts, and costs of eductaion and healthcare run amok. For ever tax you guys cut at the federal level, state on local taxes went up. All that did was make it impossible for people to live in certain areas, breaking up families as they move around the country looking for cheaper places to live. So much for the “pro-family” party.

    You guys got your way. You cut the taxes, deregulated where there you could, unregulated where you could get away with it, and ignored the breaking of regulations at very turn. You kept the interest rates ridiculously low, so now they can’t be lowered any further to free up more capital. You legalized usury, because, after all, you’re the party of “Judeo-Christian values,” and now millions are caught in unmanagable debt. You allowed bad mortgages and those bad mortgages to essentially become derivatives, and now our homes, the very center of the American dream, have lost their value. You went to war, because after all, you have to have some excuse for that ridiculous military, and now we’ve sunk deep into debt top pay for it. You did it. You got your way. And you failed and the country is a mess.

    Meanwhile, Toma complains about illegals and thinks he has to stock up on guns, like David Koresh. Yes, it’s a problem, but I could think of quite a few larger problems right now. And then he has the gall to call Obama, a cool, educated, wise man, a “kid,” when Bush was the most obviously immature, unprepared, uneducated and inept president we’ve had in our history. And then you, Micky, claim that Wall Street is somehow at the center of US society, when most people have no money in it, are not employed by it’s investments, and really couldn’t care less what happens on it. But they do feel it’s negative impacts – whoring out our nation to the multinationals, free tradnig our way to the Third World, and profiting from layoffs, essentially killing themselves and making them less and less relevent to our lives. %$#@ Wall Street. After all the pounding they’ve done to our rear ends, to paraphrase Mickael Savage – I hope they all get AIDS.


  10. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, I’m still waiting for those new GOP ideas.”

    Maybe Eric will let this one slide only because I’ve made the point more than twice now and Jersey just wants to contimue playing his F*****G idiotic sopmmoric games again.

    So I’ll say it again
    line after I’ve told you how many frickin times now that its not something new thats needed.
    And now, for the third time, you still cant answer my questions. And dont ask me what they were, they’re right there buddy.
    You cant tell me what Obama is doing thats different except for the volume of the numbers.

    The rest of your crap is just that. But repeated over and over again, useless, unsubstatial, non factual opinionated hate filled lies and childish dribble.

    Your rantings are really getting old and I get tired of arguing with whats amounted to a whole bunch of statements that I’ve put right back in your rump where they came from.

    You just love hearing yourself say all these things that you wish were true.
    Its like satan lookin at himself in the mirror trying to give himself a pep talk to bring up his self esteem a little.
    He walks away feeling better about himself but in the back of his head hes bothered, but he dont want to go there.
    Babys dont like being hurt by the truth.

  11. hauk says:

    Have you looked into “green” bullets? Some companies are now selling copper bullets instead of the traditional lead. It’s apparently easier on the environment- less lead in the soil- and also better for you if you go hunting. You know- less lead poisoning.

    As a biker myself, I concur- there are some places where it pays to be calm and polite. Robert Heinlein put it best- “A well armed society is a polite society.”


  12. Micky 2 says:

    I like the noise the bolts from my crossbow make when they enter flesh.
    They’re re-usable, so mother nature can just shut up.

  13. Micky 2 says:

    I just shut down my metal refinishing shop. Fabricating, polishing and chroming
    Went into business to do wheels and automotive and ended up doin more Harleys than anything.
    I’m the guy that takes that ole pan head buried in someones backyard for 30 years and makes it look new.

  14. hauk says:

    Crossbows are fun- I’ve mostly used bows and arrows though, and not as much as I’d like. Ain’t recycling fun? Like all my homebrewing friends- they don’t recycle the bottle- they refill and reuse it!

    Harleys, eh? Much as I hate to admit it, I ride a Honda Shadow. It was more affordable, and just plain built better. When I’m rich, I’ll get a Harley. But for now, I love my Honda.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    Yea, todays Harleys arent built as well as they used to be, still better than the AMC days.
    Most of the bikes I deal with are anything but stock, pretty much custom from the ground up.
    My first bike was 1976 GPZ 1000 that married a Toyota fender.
    I dont ride anymore. :-)

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