Pro-America Cartoons from our Aussie friends

When I look to people that are Pro-America, and no Republicans are around, I search the globe and turn towards the decent people of Australia. Like American Republicans, Aussies have an actual sense of humor. That, and being right, makes for wickedly biting satire that all Americans should see.

These may not be as important as the Danish cartoons that led to Arab frothing, but they are nevertheless just as accurate.

Thank you to the hot Republican Jewish brunette that sent me these, and cut them up into minifiles for her technologically incompetent blogger friend.!/My%20Story%20Lara.htm

Thank you Australia!


25 Responses to “Pro-America Cartoons from our Aussie friends”

  1. Toma says:

    Aussies are a tough bunch. Gotta luv em. Thanks mates.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    While having my morning coffee at a local restaurant, I re-read
    last Fridays edition of the large circulation newpaper covering my area,
    specifically the 3.7 billion dollar bailout provisions, proposed by
    herr Obama and his minions, in the budget, last week.

    What got me really going was a Republican response in the Congress
    on Friday, telling America that the interest over 10 years will be
    400 billion dollar per year, or 4 trillion dollars. This interest, I’m going
    to assume, will mainly go to the countries that have been financing
    the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (China alone holds nearly 1 trillion
    in US paper). I’m afraid to guess what the Saudis (the country that
    under Sharia law emulates the French Revolution), receives 350
    billion/year from it’s OPEC sales, employs foreigners, doesn’t allow Judaism or Christianity, and has Cruise type missiles with BC warheads aimed
    at Israel.

    Folks, dont we get it? 400 billion just to finance the NWO of ASS as I call it or “The New World Order of American Socialistic System”.

    One part of the news I found more incongruout than the others.

    The US now will lend college students directly, rather than going through
    intermediaries, whose loans have been backed by US. I am talking about tens of billions year, to send Johnny and Sally to college…or as I call it
    the 5th year of high school in drag..or the continuing baby sitter.
    (Over 50% of college students drop out prior to graduation, probably
    realizing courses in arts and crafs won’t make them millionaires.
    This is the rub, many of these students DEFAULT and never pay back
    those loans.

    Speaking of millionaires…do we understand that for every 100.00
    earned by those earning over 200,000 and 250,000 year, state and
    federal taxes will amount to over 60%….in Los Angeles County, sales
    taxes will be over 10%. And let’s not forget the social security taxes
    on income below 110,000..which may rise someday…or the surtax
    on our (California) state taxes. I haven’t mentioned the increase in
    capital gains tax OR real estate taxes.

    Sooooo, I ask, why bother working harder, putting in more hours,
    risking one’s money, employing more, why, why, why?

    On the foreign front, we will withdraw our troops by 2011 from Iraq, in compliance
    with THEIR parliament’s vote last year, after much discussion with the
    Bush administration. Nothing really shocking about that. Hopefully, Al Qaeda Iraq won’t use the opportunity to enhance their weaponry, just
    as Hamas is doing in the Gaza Strip, for the next round.

    But, sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan…even though
    that too is a lost cause ultimately. Havn’t we learned anything from
    the Russian experience I ask? We cannot win over the Taliban tribesman
    which are supported by Pakistani Muslims..and have, as do the
    so-called Palestinians, an endless supply of men (and women) to commit
    Jihad (with 72 virgins waiting for cavort forever and ever).

    Are we aware that suicide bombers cleanse themselves prior to
    their dastardly be clean, neat and trim for those virgins.

    I’ve alway wondered however, what do they do with the blood that
    spills over them..after an attack, from their victims, punctured with
    thousands of pieces of metal, nails, screws, etc?

    Sure, we should withdraw from Iraq..but it’s like the stock market.
    Typically one loses 1,000 in trying to get back 100.00 in losses,
    especially if we reveal our plans.

    We lost 3100 people during 911. We have lost another 4100 in Iraq
    and dozens in Afghanistan.

    How many more will come back in (this time their frozen boxes photographed for the grieving public)
    until we get it.

    The answer to the M.E. problem: support our allies, Israel, Turkey, Egypt,
    Jordan, the Gulf States, Kuwait, Iraq, and send the RIGHT message to
    our enemies..Iran, Syria, No. Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

    How can we do that effectively? Well for starters, transfer entire brigages
    to those countries (from Iraq) backed up by B1s, B2s, F18s, Cruise Missiles, etc., to supplement THEIR armed forces.

    One marine division from Camp Pendleton to Israel, under a unified
    command, with 25,000 Golani and Gavati Brigade Israeli combat
    troops..will do a lot more than Mr. Mitchell talking to Olmert and
    Abbas. Am I RIGHT. Israeli F16Is with US F-22s what a wing!

  3. Dav Lev says:

    P.S. That should have read 3.7 trillion. A little mistake.

  4. Stix says:

    Glenn McCoy is actually from my home town. He is a great cartoonist and is in a ton f newspapers world wide.

    The Auzzies have always been out best friends.

  5. There are characters in probably every country who back the American rightwing. I guess these Autralians forgot what these same bunch of Americans did to their sovereignty not so long ago… Oh, how soon the righties forget!

    Dan Lev, the effective tax rate for the wealthy is no where near 60%, there is no bailout plan for the newspapers, there has always been a direct student loan program and we are the only civilized nation on the planet that punishes students for getting an education, and putting our forces in Arab countries is what caused 9/11 in the first place! I mean, c’mon! Where do you get these crazy ideas from? NewsMax???


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “putting our forces in Arab countries is what caused 9/11 in the first place!”

    Yea, and I’m hung like a bull.

  7. Micky, that’s it. I am now convinced that Hawaii is actually on another planet.

    The expressed reason, given time and time over and again. for the 9/11 attacks was the stationing of US troops on “Holy” Saudi Arabian soil.

    Really, is Hawaii on Earth?


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  9. Micky 2 says:

    Radical Islam going all the way back to the Islamic brotherhood and even ststes in Obamas letter to America that its our presence everywhere along with inbred hatred, not just the middle east.
    We could isolate ourselves whithin our borders and they would still come after us.
    To them we are the scurge of the earth and need to be removed no matter where we are.
    We must be eliminate to bring on the 12th Imam and hasten the end
    It has almost nothing to do with where we go.

    You really do think your country is the enemy, dont you ?

    “Really, is Hawaii on Earth?”

    What does that have to do with it ?
    Judging by the crap that comes outta your mouth I wonder if you even live in America

  10. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, every Wednesday at my mother in laws Seventh Day Adventist church I spend about two hours talking to the pastor while I volunteer at the foodbank, hes a Muslim Arab turned Christian.

    I know whats goin on, honest, its not our fault.

    He tapes a program once a week for out local PBS called “olelo”

    Arab Preaches Christ: Acts 15: 12-21, Episode 52, Length: 0:55
    J.D. Rarag, an Arab man from Lebanon now a Christian Pastor, preaches on Mideast Bible prophecy and the Book of Acts
    3/1/2009 Sun 3:30 am, Channel OAHU
    3/2/2009 Mon 4:00 am, Channel OAHU

  11. Micky, in order to go to war with Vietnam, the American government needed an excuse, otherwise the public would not have tolerated invaded sovereign nation just because they were having their own civil war, or were becoming communist. But the powers that be wanted that war, and so they invented an incident – the Gulf of Tonkin incident – to rile up the rabble and gather the necessary support from the Hill and the general public to go to war. 9/11 worked much the same way. For the Arab Street to support the terrorists actions, there had to be an ostensible reason for attacking us. Their reason was the stationing of American troops on “Holy” muslim land. Of course, that had little to do with their real goals, but it was the rhetorical excuse they needed to feed the rabble and garner their support.

    As for all that megalomaniacal bs you think these people believe, I’d suggest you put the comics books down and start reading some adult material.

    This is not about casting blame, like little school boys who just got caught smoking in the bathroom. This is about understanding on a serious, adult level, what’s going on with the world around us. As long as you gofballs continue to believe all that comic book nonsense, we’ll be caught in a neverending quagmire in the Middle East. Did you see PM Harper on CNN this morning? Did you hear what he said? He was talking about the insurgency in Afghanistan, but he may as well have been talking about this whole mess between American and the Midle East right now. He said, “we are not going to ever defeat the insurgency.” He’s right. What we need to do is to figure a way OUT of that part of the world and their problems and stop sticking our fat, stupid, idiotic, moronic, bloody, greedy, insipid, evil, counterproductive, retarded, assinine, comic-bookish noses in their business.



  12. Toma says:


    Holy soil? Strange talk from a non-believer.

    Man. You are one thing one minute and another the next.

    Make up my mind, the more you say the less…


  13. Firehawk says:

    JMJ…I am a Vietnam Vet. Have you ever heard of SEATO…? Or NATO..? You don’t have the first clue why we went to Vietnam. Considering that the Crusades were an answer to 400 years of invasions by the Islamofacists into all part of the Middle East and Europe right up to the doors of Austria, I would say that they just might have their sights on a worldwide caliphate……!!!!! What the hell do I know? I just kinda love history? Can you tell me when the USA first fought the Islamists…? You might read the Quran. If you do, you will find 19 places where it advocates violent jihad.

  14. Toma says:

    Very good points Firehawk. I’m a fellow vet, served in Africa in mid sixties.

    You have take into consideration JMJ is one of Chuck Schumer’s Americans…


  15. Micky 2 says:

    How the f&*# does Vietnam equate to us being attacked on 911 ?
    Please, make the connection for me. And when you find that connection, take your stupid a$$ comic book metatphor and go wipe yourself with it.

    What formed Osamas hatred for American and anything non muslim was an ingrained hatred taught to him by mentors long before our presence was significant in any middle eastern region.
    I’m not even going to argue this point with you again, we’ve had it a million times and you’ve never ever had a speck of any reputable info to back your crap up.
    You’re just a little trufer conspiracy theorist delusional fairy tale writer running around spreading hate filed vial crap against your country who wouldnt know the truth if it climbed up your rump-popped out your mouth and screamed in your face.

    Thats it Jersey, morons like you running around making us out to be the bad guy is the most reprhensible disgusting think I think I could imagine any citizen to do, and the last thing we need.
    If I were a 911 widow and had to be subjected to your crap you probably wouldnt be fairing too weel right now.

    “He’s right. What we need to do is to figure a way OUT of that part of the world and their problems and stop sticking our fat, stupid, idiotic, moronic, bloody, greedy, insipid, evil, counterproductive, retarded, assinine, comic-bookish noses in their business”

    Hes an apologitic woosey a$$hole of the unpteenth degree and needs his head handed to him.

    These people are out to kill everyone in the world who does not bow to Allah and you call good Americans all those names ?
    You seem to have made an attempt there at saying that the whole middle east hates us and just wants us to pack up and leave ?
    Well, I got news for you poindexter.
    Saudis, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Jordanians,Turks,Kuwaitis, they all like having us around, they like the money, get it ?

    Its the radical elements, ours and their enemies that say things about Americans like ” fat, stupid, idiotic, moronic, bloody, greedy, insipid, evil, counterproductive, retarded, assinine, comic-bookish ”

    Toma, Jersey is no ones American

  16. Toma,

    Nice try. Always with the semantics with you guys, huh? I think anyone over the age of say 10 would know what I meant. To THOSE people it is HOLY soil. To me, it’s a sand box that we have no business playing in.


    You shouldn’t assume what other people know or don’t know. However, if they prove they don’t know what they’re taking about (ie: “the Crusades were an answer to 400 years of invasions by the Islamofacists;” no, not even rhetorically. They were politically motivated for the purpose of thinning overgrown aristocracies, diverting public attention to a foreign enemy, and opening trade routes to the east.), that’s another story. You should try proving to me what I don;t know, rather than just asserting it and then leaving a vacuum of an explanation.

    The “islamofascists” can want to rule the world all they want, but they can’t, so it’s moot. As for Vietnam, went to war for one main reason: containment of communism in far east so as to impose ourselves for our cheap labor needs. That’s it. Period. That’s why they sent you to fight in Vietnam, regardless of what you personally were fighting for.

    Micky, try to follow the story here, will ya’? I was using an example, something I know you have a hard time with. I compared the Gulf of Tonkin incident with the staging of US troops on Islamic “Holy Land” – both were excuses for inexcusable attacks.

    As for the rest of your comic-book fantasy, I’m done with that. I can’t argue with people who actually believe in comic book villains and heros.


  17. Micky 2 says:

    ” Always with the semantics with you guys, huh?

    “fat, stupid, idiotic, moronic, bloody, greedy, insipid, evil, counterproductive, retarded, assinine, comic-bookish ”

    Hey, you said it, not us.

    “You shouldn’t assume what other people know or don’t know. ”

    Your ignorance has made it clear what you dont know.
    And we can only assume what you know by what you display, or lack of.
    You as a matter of fact are the pot calling the kettle black on this one as you have repeatedly said a ton of crap that you can never prove.

    Yea Jersey.
    That flaming idiot Rosie went and used that Gulf of Tonkin comparison and anyone with a brain laughed her off and put her in the defect bin.
    911 was real.
    When you’ve got someone with as much exposure as Rosie does trying to float that BS out there and no one swallows it you just look like the looser you are for trying to assert it also.

    “As for the rest of your comic-book fantasy, I’m done with that. I can’t argue with people who actually believe in comic book villains and heros.”

    Gutless wonder just knows that this rhetoric of his has been shot down a million times already and knows hes headed for the wall.
    So he calls names and bails like a little baby

  18. Micky 2 says:

    “The “islamofascists” can want to rule the world all they want, but they can’t, so it’s moot”

    Earth to Jersey.
    Doesnt mean that they wont kill milliions trying.

    Honestly, even the messiah you voted for gets it but your hatred for Bush in the last years by minimizing the enemy to make him look like a warmonger is backfiring because Obama seems to get what you thing was a bad attribute on Bushs part.

    You’re a hypocrit, or Obamas just a liar.
    I think its both

  19. Firehawk says:

    JMJ ….you didn’t answer my questions. You only read the revisionist books of history ,ie. the communist point of view. It is quite likely you have never put on the uniform to defend the USA. You also have a very bad case of diarherra mouth. I shan’t bother to engage you again. My time is much to valuable to waste it on you.

  20. Micky, they haven’t killed millions yet, they don’t have the capacity to do so anytime soon, they wouldn’t be bothered with us if we weren’t bothered with them. Get real.

    Firehawk, you have no idea what I’ve read, and it’s a hell of a lot more than just what you would call “revisionist books of history” (I’ve got news for you, sunshine, it’s ALL “revisionist” in one way or another). “Communist point of view” my @$$. That’s just a juvenile thing to say. Vietnam had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with “defending the USA.” You haven’t “engaged” me yet, so why bother start now?


  21. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, they haven’t killed millions yet, ”

    The point is that they have expressed this as their objective.
    Thats whats real.
    Whats also real is that they are a true and proven enemy with a track record to prove it.

    “Firehawk, you have no idea what I’ve read,”

    We can only judge by your opinion what you have read.
    Underground trufer conspiracy theorists comic books.

    ” You haven’t “engaged” me yet, so why bother start now?”

    Bull, he asked you a question. If thats not engaging then you need your head examined, or restudy the english language.

    Jerseys a great workout if you’re going to condition yourself to take on one of the countries greates enemies.
    Hes a gifted Trojan Horse pretending to be an American and we could do well to try and figure out the thinking behind what could ruin the country.

  22. Firehawk says:

    Thanks for the defense. I have been fighting people like him since junior high. The first book that really opened my eyes was “You Can Trust A Communist……….To Be A Communist”. I have been “there”. And most vets have been “there”, out of the country and have seen just how good we have it. Most are loathe to let anyone take that away. I took an oath as a Marine to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. Not some leader or president.
    I asked “him” several questions, to which there were no answers given. I have to figure that he has no idea what the answers are or what their impact has been.
    I have his number. Just now there are a few grass roots movements going on. One dealing with sovereignty of states rights. Another, the 2nd amendment of the Constitution. “Boston Tea Parties”… etc. My time is spent working to keep us in the Republic of the United States of America. I don’t have time for “him”. I am sure somewhere down the road he may have to face me. I will show no “quarter”.
    Thanks again Mick. Keep your powder dry.

  23. Micky 2 says:

    Bless ya bro, thanks for all you’ve done.

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  25. prying1 says:

    I liked the one with Petraeus and the jackass. Uhhh, I mean Democrat Mascot. Don’t want to be thought of as hateful…

    Hey Jersey, Did you see the last cartoon?

    I, for one, am glad for the purple thumbs and fingers.

    P.S. to Eric… Lara is hot! Glad she is on our side. The Dems can keep Duncy Pelosi, Thick as a Brick Boxer and Feindstain.

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