Barack Obama–Meaningless words celebrating a meaningless milestone

A meaningless milestone in the form of an unrealistic artificial timeline was celebrated with a meaningless speech by an artificial leader specializing in meaningless words.

His chin was tilted to the perfect angle to hide the lack of meaning. He looked downright authoritative and serious with his meaningless proclamations.

Then the evening went downhill when President Obama stopped doing his “wow, I look important” pose and began the lecture.

The blatherer in chief let us know that the flu virus situatin was “serious.” The government is “doing something about it.” He told us to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough.

He claimed that his recovery package “saved or created $150,000 jobs, and gave a tax cut to 95% of all working families.”

Hey, they guy makes up numbers out of thin air and the media blindly accepts it, but let’s be fair. His suit looked good, his shirt was crisp, and his necktie was perfect. The Jayson Blair Times will be doing a three part expose on whether he prefers the Windsor knot or a more traditional tie style.

He even claimed that his housing plan led to a spike in refinaincing, which in Obamaland, “is the equivalent of another tax cut.”

Yeah, and my doctor just put on the rubber glove and checked me for testicular cancer. It’s the same thing as when my girlfriend visits, except it is completely different. It depends what the word “equivalent” is. Equivalent is a word that lying politicians and makers of diet soda use. The equivalent is just as good, except it is not.

“We have to lay a new foundation for growth.”

He is just brilliant.

He bragged about closing Gitmo, without addressing whether he will actually work on a plan to place the detainees.

He claimed to be against torture “without exception,” which I thought meant he would end his speech right there. No, he continued.

He thinks he is doing a good job. He is pleased with himself. Now there is a surprise.

He acknowledges that projected deficits are still too high, without acknowledging that he is the cause of the projected increases.

He will continue scowering the budget for savings and eliminate programs that don’t work. The man is a genius.

The first question belonged to AP reporter Jennifer Loven, who is a left wing hack married to a former John Kerry campaign staffer. Oh, and she is unbiased. She asked about closing the Mexican border and possibly quarantining people. This allowed him to come across as “compassionate,” as if there was any chance he would say yes.

He actually said that “the Bush administration did a good job” regarding the bird flu epidemic in 2005. He should get some hate mail from the leftist lunatics for that remark.

He reiterated washing hands and covering the mouth when coughing. He then admitted that what he was talking about “sounded trivial.” He then told people to stay home from work if they are sick, and not to fly when they are sick, as if that will ever happen.Then again, maybe he can change the behavior of the entire human race.

For some bizarre reason, the Detroit News was allowed to ask a question. President Obama spoke about Chrysler and General Motors. He said nothing of consequence, but nothing harmful.

ABC News asked if waterboarding was torture, with the obligatory war crimes accusation against President George W. Bush. President Obama insists that we could have gotten vital information”in other ways, in ways that are ocnsistent with our values.” of course he did not elaborate because that would mean having a solution. He then rambled about Winston Churchill in World War II, and how Churchill did not torture.

Churchill would have taken any steps to win, but let’s not confuse facts with President Obama.

Shockingly enough, President Obama was comfortable with his decision. President Obama would not commit to pursuing war crimes charges against President Bush. He wants no part of that powder keg.

I found irony in the fact that the conversation was about terrorism, especially since the next questioner looked like a terrorist. It turns out the fellow with a beard scruffier than most vagrants was actually Mark Knoller of CBS Radio. I have nothing against Mr. Knoller, but when entering a room with the President, even I would shave, or at least trim.

Mr. Knoller asked if President Obama would use coerced interrogation methods if there was an “imminent threat.” President Obama insists that we could have gotten the valued information without torture. Apparently Khalid Sheik Mohammed disagrees with President Obama.

President Obama then said, “I will do whatever is required to keep the American p[eople safe, but…”

There is no “but.” That is where President Obama goes off the tracks.

He then said, “There is no information I have seen that makes me second guess the decision I have made.”

There is a surprise. When a guy makes up his mind before the question is asked, there is little room for reflection.

Naturally, MSNBC got to aska  question. Chuck Todd asked President Obama to promise to secure loose nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Barack Obama crossed his heat and hoped to…well, not die.

He is confident on the issue. This seems to be a recurring theme.

CBS News asked if the Arlen Specter switch would lead to “one party rule, where he runs roughshod over the Republican Party.”

He replied, “I am under no illusions that I will have a rubber stamp Senate.”

He meant to say that he would NOT have a rubber stamp Senate. That was an interesting Freudian slip that the leftist media ignored. With regards to Republicans, “reaching out to them has been genuine.”

Inviting them to a Super Bowl party is not reaching out. Reaching out does not mean politely listening to opposing views and then dismissing them. Nobody questions his politeness.It’s his sincerity that is the problem.

He then reminded America that he won a historic election.

Ed Henry of CNN asked if the President would keep his promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

This allowed Obama to be at his most weaselly. He went out of his way to say that he respects those with an opposing view. Yet that is not the same as actually offering an ounce of compromise on an issue. He should have just said, “I am pro-choice, so yes.” He tries so hard to sound moderate that one could believe that he actually is a moderate, if one was a media lapdog.

He then said that the Freedom of Choice Act was “not my highest legislative priority.” NARAL will find a way to take that dismissal and claim that he supports them.

The Jayson Blair Times, never won to show an ounce of humility or ask a tough question of a liberal, asked what surprised, troubled, enchanted, and humbled the President about his office.

The surprise came in the form of the number of issues coming to a head at the same time. President Obama did not anticipate “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,” despite talking about it on the campaign trail repeatedly. He claimed arbitrarily that “other presidents have two or three crises, while he has seven or eight.”

He is troubled by the partisanship, which is odd since he is a driving force behind it. For one thing, he will not rein in the Pelosiraptor.

He likes our troops. He claims that they are “really good at their job.” Now if only he would let them.

He is humbled by the power of the Presidency, and the patience of the American people.

Black Entertainment Network got to aska  question on what the president would do to lessen the impact of the recession on black people. President Obama smartly responded that he was trying to help all people.

I give him credit on this issue. He simply refuses to become like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. He may be doing this because he knows white America will not tolerate it, but that does not change the fact that he is right to stay away from it.

Time Magazine asked about the State Secret Doctrine. President Obama wants it “modified,” which is a fancy way of saying, “mend it, don’t end it.” This guy really is not Jesse Jackson. He doesn’t even rhyme.

He doesn’t want to reveal covert information which might compromise our safety. In short, he will do exactly what President Bush did without saying so.

The Wall Street Journal asked him what kind of shareholder he would be, regarding auto companies. Then Barbara Walters asked him what kind of tree he would be.

President Obama claimed that he did not want to own auto companies or banks. Yet at the same time, he refuses to let banks pay back the TARP money.

He wants to “help these companies make tough decisions.”

The banks that are screaming that they do not want or need his help are being ignored.

I have to concede that his five minute speech was not dreadful. The remaining 55 minutes were inconsequential.

Then again, those who want substance should wait for his Republican successor.


5 Responses to “Barack Obama–Meaningless words celebrating a meaningless milestone”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    In a liberal New York Times article about the closing of Gitmo, the writer relates how Sec. of Defense Gates is proposing a block of cells be created
    to house some of the remaining detainees. (You know Gates, the guy
    who replaced Rumsfeld thanks to Rumsfeld’s war policies and arrogance which ticked people off). BTW over 200 people have been killed recently in quiet, Iraq.

    Senators from several states have voiced their opposition to have
    ANY prisoners housed in THEIR state., most especially the good Senator
    from Kansas. (Sounds like the liberals who say, it’s okay to release the sex offenders but not to my hometown motels).

    I have personally suggested that an old hotel scheduled for demolition
    be used for both in one of the 50. You can imagine the outcry.

    Sooooo, Obama last February said the prison in Cuba should be
    dismantled..but to date has NOT related to US the remedy for
    the detainees, some of whom will never be released, tried or
    sent back to their homeland.

    So what to do with these people?

    Like most everything else..Obama (and I agree totally with Eric), has
    lots of answers, none of which have any substance or meaning. To be frank, Obama reminds me of a professor I had years ago, but at least
    the professor was smart.

    But didn’t he do this throughout his campaign against Hillary then against
    McCain., lots of fancy rhetoric (speeches about race, etc.,) with
    no substance. Now we all love one another according to surveys. Yeah, sure!

    I asked a close friend the other day who supported Obama, “What has
    he actually accomplished these first 100 days?” I got no answer, but
    people sitting close by grinned.

    I ask myself, what in fact has Obama and his whiz kids accomplished?
    I really want to know?

    I do know one thing, he signed an executive order allowing hundreds
    of thousands of (so-called) Palestinian to enter and live in this county, despite the fact that they pale in comparison the goals of
    Al Qaeda..and the remaining inmates in Gitmo.

    I mean, can we all imagine what it will be like in a few years, not
    knowing whether your next door neighbor is a former detainee,
    a Palestinian supporter of Hamas/Hezbollah or a (good) Taliban.

    I know one thing…I have my defense weapon near me all the time, and
    will go out and purchase more 12 gauge shells, just in case.

    Hey Obama, why not go further and allow Al Qaeda militants in our country, why stop with the Palestinians? I mean, even Jordan didn’t want them (“Black September”).

    I agree with Eric that we will rue the day, we allowed this administration

    Anyone read the NYTimes today..most especially their article about
    the middle class facing those tax increases?

    Stay tuned folks, the best is yet to come.

    Any bets on how long Chrysler survived in bankruptcy. Now that
    is one to watch. Buy Ford stock.

  2. Dav Lev says:

    Did anyone ask Obama what he would do about No. Korea’s latest
    threat to either launch a long range ballistic missile or explode
    a nuclear device?

    It was reported that the Koreans are upset and want the UN to
    apologize for their criticism relating to the satellite launch a few weeks ago (which they claim was not a test of an offensive missile).

    The No. Koreans are believed to have several nukes..and the capacity
    to manufacture about 6 more should they start up their plutonium
    enrichment plant. They also have a 1m man army and over 20,000
    rockets aimed at the South ( Hezbollah boasts of having 40,000 facing

    Some experts doubt the country has the ability to place even a small nuclear
    device on a long range missile (to hit the West Coast of the US for example). (Hey guys what about surrogate groups using components?-like in downtown beautiful Manhattan?)

    Hey Obama, now that Iran has rebuffed your “engage”, “talk” and
    diplomatic efforts with THEIR demands that we (USA) abandon that
    racist Zionist state and throw the Jews into the ocean (or sea), and vacate
    Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan AND Syria just conducted joint maneuvers
    with NATO Turkey (while we arm the Lebanese army), AND the No. Koreans are giving you (and US) the finger…what are your plans to
    protect we Americans? Should we cover our mouths and wash our hands?

    So far, I haven’t heard anything, despite your fancy rhetoric about
    reaching out to our enemies.and apologizing for our errors these
    past 50 years. Hows about this, placing an embargo on Venezuela oil
    for starters.

  3. Laree says:

    This is a good video you will like it. This incorporates Lincoln Obama’s inspiration on so many levels.

  4. Micky 2 says:

    The whole time I listened to that speech I was out on my patio hosing chickens*t off the deck.
    Everytime he hit on a issue another chunk of poo would break loose.
    After this happening 6 or seven times the irony hit me.

  5. This whole “hundred day” thing is a joke. Arbitrary, innane, pointless. The press was as usueless as usual, which made it a sad joke.

    He did just sign a massive tax cut, but conservatives don’t really care about tax cuts, just tax cuts for the rich. It’s the ol’ failed supply-side theory. In an economy that is 70% consumption-driven, supply-side economics are just plain stupid on the face of it. But when one wants to rationalize what one wants to believe, there’s no persuading them of even the most obvious contradictions in their thinking.

    “The banks that are screaming that they do not want or need his help are being ignored.”

    I don’t even know what this means. Sure, some institutions that took money, but now don’t want to live by the terms of accepting it, want to pay up and get out, but that’s for the benefit of a few at the expense of those that gave them those benefits in the first place. That’s just plain sleazy, and those beneficiaries can go vomit themselves to death for all I care. But those institutions that don’t need the help are more than welcome to decline it, if anyone’s even offering it, which they’re not. So again, I have no idea what that comment was supposed to express.


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