More hate mail from Palesimians

With Passover approaching Wednesday night and Thursday, and Good Friday leading to Easter Sunday, I need to get the bad behavior our of my system now so as to not sully the holidays.

I am declaring today the day when a new civilization was born, that being the Palesimians.

Yes, I am now referring to Palestinians as Palesimians.

For those who insist on creationism, I may have to rethink my view and lean toward the evolution side. After all, the hate mail I receive from Palesimians is significantly closer to descendants of baboons than anything a God who created me could come up with.

Spare me the “peaceful Palestinians” garbage. There are plenty of Arabs. Many of them are good people. The worst of the Arabs, aka the defective ones, are the Palestinians.

With that, I am now offering their version of reasonable discussion followed by my response.

The woman calls herself Citizen Shelly. I recommend she change her name to Deported Shelly with a little help of some Israeli launched bazookas.

I cleaned up the language.

“Whoever you are,

No way in hell would I sign up for your bullsh*t blog, so I’ll send
this to you directly.

I’m on the side of the Gaza citizens. You are a Zionist @sshole who
sends spam to strangers.  The Israeli govenrment is racist and is
universally hated around the world for what they did to Gaza in their
recent “war”.  What a bunch of crap they represent.

Don’t ever send me your spam racist sh*t again.

You’re goddam right I think for myself.  Israel sucks, and so do
Zionist fascists and so do Aussie fascists.  You’re all racist pigs.”

Now this is what Palesimians refer to as “thinkers.”

I responded in kind.

“Thank you so much! I am now about to make you famous.

You should chill out and listen to disco music. My favorite song from the disco era is ‘Burn Gaza Burn, Disco Inferno.’

Please give my regards to your homicide bomber friends. Oh wait, you can’t. They blew themselves up.

I happen to agree with you about the war in Gaza. I am not happy about it either. Israel should have done much more.”

Yes folks, these are Palesimians. This is who they are. This is how they behave. This is not an aberration. This is the norm.

Somebody throw them some bananas.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

11 Responses to “More hate mail from Palesimians”

  1. Laree says:

    Hey Eric,

    Check her out:)
    Chip off the old block blogging here. My daughter Pleasant aka Plez.

  2. “Aussie fascists” hmmm… That’s a new one to me.

  3. Dav Lev says:

    To all Christians and Jews, beware the Palestinians.

    First let’s get one thing straight, there is no such thing as a Palestinian or the Palestinian nation., unless you are referring to the Jews
    that lived in Palestine before it became Israel.

    So, that understood, we see this entire conflict from a different perspective. The Palestinians (Arabs) were never a people, and deserve to
    never have another country of their own. They have one already, it’s called

    Arabs in surrounding parts of the once Turkish empire, moved to
    the narrow coastal strip which later became Israel, in order to
    benefit from Jewish migration to that land, and their achievements.
    They did, oh did they. And they have been spitting in our faces since.

    The so-called Palestinians (Arabs) have benefitted from billions of dollars poured
    into their coffers (some of it squarreled away by their leaders (Arafat)
    in foreign bank accounts, the other money used, not for food and medicine, but to arm themselves for the “Jihad” against Israel.

    What then is a Palestinian, okay, here is the answer.

    Last week, a Palestinian Arab attacked two pious young Jews, one from
    behind, with an ax, killing him. The other, younger boy, was seriously injured. The Arab terrorist escaped.

    What did his fellow Palestinians do, they cheered, and threw kisses
    and candy at one another in delight…a 13 year old Jew was axed to death.
    They were oh so happy, another Jew dead.

    This is a Palestinian.

    We now learn that if Iran and Israel duke it out, the New York City
    and Los Angeles Police Department’s will be on alert. NYCity has
    special teams of officers to protect Jewish institutions and neighborhoods.
    Iran has taken up the cause of these people.

    I am suggesting that 100,000 New York City Jews and Christians
    mobilize, to aid THEIR men in blue.

    I am also suggesting that in California, 250,000 Jews and Christians
    prepare themselves for any acts similar to those commited by the
    Palestinians towards 7 year old and 13 year old Jews.

    I have a gun, in fact more than one. I will defend myself without
    hesitation if attacked.

    I recommend every Jewish family own a weapon, or two or three
    or four.

  4. I don’t see how any of this elevates the discourse at all. “Burn, Gaza, Burn,” ” there is no such thing as a Palestinian” – just really, insipid, little-girly level taunting. Sayin that all Palestinians are this or that – just stupid. Really really stupid. And for a Jew to say such a thing is just soooooo ironic. Do you have any idea how many people say bad things about “all” the Jews? C’mon guys!

    And Dan Lev gives a pointless, parochial history lesson, as if that matters at all to the people actually living on the ground over there. Just pointless.

    Israel should just get back to the ’67 borders, then, the next time you get “Palestinian hate mail,” you can justifiably tell them to go %$#@ themself. We’ll see what Bibi “Do Nothing” Netanyahu does over the next period. If it’s useless, status quo like last time, then expect more terrorism. If he wakes up like Sharon did (only more), then maybe we’ll see some progress over there.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    He he ” the worst of the Arabs” ?
    “the defective ones, are the Palestinians “?

    Thats funny when actually they’re a mix of just about every kind of Arab there is from any middle eastern state whithin the distance a couple tanks full of gas will take you. So with that in mind its easy to paint them all as defective.
    But thats alright, I’m okay with most Arabs being defective since all the others outside of the Palestinians are just as bad for their passive aggresive way of letting this go on just so Israel always appears in a bad light.
    They’ve always helped perpetuate the whole mess so they can have an enemy to rally against when theres a need to get everyone all worked up.

  6. Toma says:

    When Iran completes it weapons system and arms its nukes Israel will be forced to take action or die. Israel will not get any meaningful help from the U.S., Obama will not help Israel protect itself.

    I still believe Obama is a Muslem. I still believe Obama is not a naturalized American citizen. I have seen no convincing evidence that will change my mind.

    I still believe the members of the U.S. House and Senate are the most dangerous people on the planet. They are powerful enough to ignore rules, change laws, and make laws that circumnavigate the consitiution. Their actions speak louder than their words.

    Obama is not our savior, he is rapidly becoming precieved as weak and condencending and our enemies will take advantage of him.

    What I am reading and what I see coming is chilling to the max. But then I’m paranoid and loony, right.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    I don’t think Obama is a Muslim but he does hold sympathies for them.
    Its easy to see in few ways but those ways also make it pretty clear he’s not a devout practicing Muslim.
    I’ve noticed in his visits with Muslims while in their presence his body language is passive, withdrawn, timid and reserved. he walks around with his hands held together in front of him down at waist level while taking slow small steps and looks like a nun would in the presence of the Pope, and then of course there was that ever embarrassing bowing to the Saudi king. Actually, it was a disgusting sign of submission. You never bow so low to an opponent that you have to take you eyes off of him. Whether or not he’s an enemy its still a clear display of over extended trust.
    He’s obviously holding a certain amount of something in his heart for Islam or he’s just an incredible kiss a$$, maybe both but I don’t think he’s a Muslim.
    Then there’s the problem with Islam is that he’s still perceived to be a Muslim by many of them and we all know what price Muslims pay for moving away from Islam to any religion.
    His radical Muslim half brother down in Kenya doesn’t add much help to the mix either in that I’m curious what an Obama reaction would look like if any American action were needed in that part of the world.
    If we put all that together and add his latest speech’s where he practically begged Muslims for forgiveness for America just being America I think we’ve got bigger problems than if he actually was an active practicing Muslim. And even if he was exposed as one it would probably be in his best interest because it would boost his popularity with the moonbats.
    Heh, he tells everyone from Turkey that we will never be at war with Islam and right away the reporters in Turkey painted their faces black and a bunch of Somalis went and hijacked an American ship for the first time in 300 years. Whether he likes it or not he is at war with a good part of Islam and for him not to make that distinction in front of the world while he said that was clear sign of bending over backwards to avoid any kind of dissent in any way.
    That and the whole picture of this tour is kind of sickening really.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Obamas influence on Bibi.
    Obamas suggestion for a two party state along with Israel giving Palestinians a bunch of aid is an old failed idea that Bibi is aware of and he’s not going to let Obama lead him around by the nose. Netanyahu is a clear leader who has way more experience in these matters than Obama ever will and has already sent two signals to Iran that he can come get them if he wants to. He blew up an Iranian supply line down in Egypt I believe, I forgot what the other one was, but I don’t recall him asking any permission from Obama to do so but instead has said that “peace talks are a waste of time” and that if he doesn’t stop Iran “I will”.
    A Palestinian state and peace in the middle east is a contradiction but of course there’s always some jerk in every generation that seems to think he can make what failed once before work for him like no one else could.
    I’m sure Netanyahu sees this the way I do and already has plans for Iran because of the simple fact that Iran is the head of the snake which is the Palestinians.
    Him and Obama are not going to get along, and that makes me happy.

  8. Dav Lev says:

    From 1942 to 1943, 800,000 people, mainly Jews, but including
    Gypies, Russians and others, were shot or gassed at Treblinka.

    Jews were rounded up in Warsaw, Poland and other European cities,
    and as far away as Greece, put in transports and shipped to the camp,
    2nd only to Auschwitz for the numbers killed and the efficiency of the
    death machinery and SS guards (made up of Lithuanians and Ukranians
    as well as Germans and Austrians).

    A transport consisted usually of 30 train cars, each filled with 80 to 100
    people. After hours or days of traveling, many were dead upon arrival.

    Within 2 hours of arrival, the majority of these hapless people were killed.
    Until the very end, they often times believed they were being transhipped
    to other places..and given a coin initially to pay for the travel. Electric
    fences around the camp were hidden with foliage so as not to reveal what was going on inside.

    When first ordered by the efficient Germans, or Lithuanians, to assemble
    in their home towns, or areas within the cities (Warsaw), they believed they were being sent away from the fighting and labor camps. They therefore took with them their most valuable possessions (
    to the smiles of the soldiers who knew their fate).

    Upon arrival, these people were beaten with whips, sticks, rifles..
    and moved along to the gas chambers, where they were shoved, while
    being struck again, into the huge buildings. Within 15 minutes, the doors
    were opened, and men, women and children alike fell out of their tombs, they were so packed it.

    Jews assigned the gory aftermath, pulled them apart, dragged them
    to pits, where they were buried. Large German made vehicles,
    using cranes to hold immense shovels, buried them. Hundreds of
    thousands of people were buried in these mounds.

    Some time later in it’s brief history, the German’s in charge of the
    entire operation, had the bodies burned, sometimes in heaps of
    over 10,000 to 20,000 people, to the glee of the guards.

    Finally, there was a revolt, and a few people escaped. Out of 800,000,
    only 100 survived, so efficient was this killing machine.

    Many of those interned were from Warsaw, and these people received
    especially brutal treatment….since Warsaw was the scene of a large
    revolt against the SS division which ultimately bombed the ghetto to
    the ground.

    There were infants also in Treblinka..who were killed by special guards
    who delighted in smashing their little heads against walls, killing them

    Why am I bringing this up now you ask?

    Virtually every mass demonstration by the Palestinians, most especially
    Hamas and Hezbollah, incorporates NAZI salutes.

    Is this simply by coincidence, or is this a portent of things to come?

    After billions have been given to the Palestinians, five failed wars they initiated with their Arab counsins, numerous efforts
    to create an entity, autonomy or a state of their own on the West Bank
    of Israel and the Gaza Strip, we are still hearing from the Arab-Palestinian world, the 4 nos…no peace, no recognition, no compromise and no
    meaningful negotiations. Just more and more perfidy.

    During this Passover holiday, a major and probably the most
    important holiday in the Jewish calendar except for the high holy days,
    Israeli security is present all over the country..enhanced with the call
    up of special units, more protection provided at malls, restaurants,
    places where Jews are celebrating.

    If the Palestinians want a true and lasting peace with their neighbor, why
    the necessity? Why do the Palestinians take advantage of every Israeli
    gesture….like sending their youth (men and women) out to ax young
    Jews to death, or kill piour students in their learning centers?

    Why, why, why?

    But the larger question is, why is Israel being so tolerant? Why is Israel reacting and not acting? Why is Israel ensconsced in trivia, when the Arab/Palestinian worlds are at their throats..and desiring to
    emulate Auschwitz and Treblinka?

    Isn’t it time that we Jews and Christians put a stop to this once and for all
    before we too are engulfed in Islamo-fascism?

    I have recommended to fellow activists, both Jews and gentiles, that hundreds of thousands of we partriots for America, from groups…
    arm ourselves ( within the law) and act to protect our country and our way of life.

    I am disappointed now that our great leader has chosen to meet with
    the mad mullahs and Ahmad of Iran…at UNSC meeting, and elsewhere.

    I ask, why are we meeting with these scumbags? We should be giving
    them a deadline, a time frame to stop their enrichment (per 3 UNSC
    resolutions) or else., and I mean or else?

    Why, why, why?

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “But the larger question is, why is Israel being so tolerant? Why is Israel reacting and not acting? ”

    With Netanyahu in the corner right now I wouldnt call it tolerance as much as I would call it hesitant. Liberal leadership will give you tolerance when it comes to the worst people on earth. The right is less famous for this defect. I think one reason Israel doesnt perform the drastic action that would end it once and for all is because they know that it would escalate the whole region into a fury that would require our help, and this gutless wonder of a president wont commit to anything more effective than old tired tried and failed methods that treat symtoms but not the disease. Right now theres just too many worms in that can.
    What he decides to do with these Somalis who have taken the American Capt. hostage will be a good way to guage just how serious he is about dealing with these punks.

  10. Toma, every time one of you guys say something like “Obama is a Moslem,” all I hear is one more clang of a nail in the coffin of modern American Conservatism.

    Dan Lev, we have plenty of Nazis here in America too, ya’ know. But just the same, there’s a huge difference between the Palestinians and the Nazis – the palestinians do NOT and will NOT have the power to commit a holocaust. It’s like comparing a snarling pit bull to a snarling poodle. Overreacting to the poodle will only make YOU look like an inhumane moron.

    Micky, Netanyahu has never done anything and never will unless he has changed over the past some-odd years. We shall see. When you look at his list of accomplishments, however, the ONLY thing he’s ever accomplished is getting elected. Given the tenuous coalitio he’s sitting on now, I foresee yet another term of nothingness for Bibi.


  11. Salome says:

    People and nations will sit back and do nothing about this situation and it will send us into the 70 weeks of Daniel. It will, of course, begin with a peace treaty. Just like Hitler, a peace treaty will be signed and it will begin. Peacefully, first, of course. I do not understand why people want to be so politically correct when it is so obvious that their final solution is the annihilation of anyone who does not accept Islam as their faith. Anyone who thinks otherwise is blind. Let Israel go ahead and do what she has to, to defend herself against her enemies. When she does, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has already promised to intervene and give a victory so stunning, no one will be able to deny it was His help. America can help or not, she will be judged accordingly. God’s covenant is an everlasting covenant, and one He won’t forget! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

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