Fabulous Republican Women

I have had the pleasure recently of encountering some fabulous Republican women. Society will be better when everybody interacts with these delightful GOP women.

Last week, I got to meet the women of the Women’s National Republican Club in New York City.


In the past, I spoke to the Thousand Oaks chapter of the Republican Women’s Federated.


Yesterday I had the distinct honor of speaking to the Tarzana chapter of the Republican Women’s Federated.


I will not be covering my own remarks, since I have a suspicion they will be spoken again.

This is about the audience.

I enjoy speaking to College Republicans. I am of course grateful to the Republican Jewish Coalition for their support.

Yet Women’s Republican Groups are in a league of their own.

Women are simply better politicos than men.

The women are more passionate. They are more relentless. They like political red meat.

I will mention one thing in my remarks that I know I will say again.

“Men think they know everything. Yet women are so smart, especially when they stand by their man. When the man is done speaking, the woman is often so adoring that the man truly believes that the woman thinks that he does know everything.

Ladies, you truly do know everything.”

Some people on the left love to say that Republican men are threatened by strong women.

This is nonsense. From Lady Margaret Thatcher to Governor Sarah Palin, strong women are celebrated by Republican men and women.

These women are brilliant in their careers, but not burdened or ashamed to be housewives. They see raising a family as a noble calling, not a punishment.

They worry about crushing tax burdens and terrorists that want to kill this nation we love.

In California, they worry that the state has been mismanaged into the ground by unions, drug addicts, homeless people, illegal immigrants, and other parasites who sap the souls of the productive people.

Then of course, the productive people simply give up and leave. Yet these women stay and fight.

They have built good lives for themselves. Their families are here.

College students can go anywhere. Yet these women will stay here. They do not want greener pastures. They want their own neighborhoods back. They want the halcyon days before others destroyed their beautiful society.

California was once the dream. That dream has turned into a nightmare.

I am not sure I have their fortitude. I often think about leaving for a low tax state. Yet this is my home now. My friends are here. My children will be raised here.

I will be ok. I am romantically involve with a strong Republican woman. In three days I am meeting her family.

We will be ok, and lord willing, so will this beautiful state of California.

With fabulous Republican women, no area is beyond hope.

All I did was give a speech. I talked.

They are the doers. Their actions make the world a better place.

I would like to thank Women’s Republican groups from New York to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.

While we men try to develop ideas, they implement them.

They fight the good fight, and we are lucky to be by their side.

If we listen to them, maybe we will know everything one day.


3 Responses to “Fabulous Republican Women”

  1. Hey, I used to live in Thousand Oaks! Good times!

    I don’t know about comparing Sarah Palin to Maggie Thatcher, though. I mean, c’mon! Really? Shouldn’t Palin first have to actually DO something before you start making such comparisons? Isn’t that the whole knock you guys put on Obama? Let’s not be hypocrites now.

    I think republican women may actually be of great assistance in the revival of the party, come to think of it. You guys could use some women. Too many middle-aged really-white dudes. You need a different perspective. But it can’t just be “hot broads.” You need women like Thatcher – tough, real women – the kind of women that remind us of our moms and grandmas. The Barbara Bush types. And no, not the Doles and Hutchinsons – yeah, they’re old, but still too regal. You need salt-of-the-Earth sorts of women. They’re out there. You just need to look. But they can’t be vacuus, like Ginny Brown Waite. They have to be tough, outspoken, with-it. That rare combination of grit and intellegance. Hot chics will only win you a small number of testos-morons. You need the everyones-grandma type. Look, I’m not a republican, and I probably shouldn’t be giving this advice, but you would do well to take it. I don’t lie, and I always prefer a good fight over the sort of easy pickin’s we have today.

    Think about it.


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  3. GayleS says:

    That’s a wonderful post, Eric. I certainly agree with it. I doubt there’s a woman alive who has more support from their husband than I do! I stayed home when I could afford too and worked when I felt like it. Either way, I always had my husband’s support and there’s no one that I know who would say I’m not a strong woman. :)

    Jersey may be right about needing to get more women into the party, but it seems unfair to discount a woman because she’s what men consider “hot”. There is no law that says a woman can’t be attractive and intelligent too! That’s discrimination. As long as a woman has the qualifications to represent the party with strength, honesty, and intelligence, then we should respect her. There isn’t that sort of discrimination regarding men. There’s good looking male politicians, fat ones, old ones, young ones… men of all ages, sizes, with hair and without it. Why should it be different in regard to women? It shouldn’t, and the fact that there are people who think it should matter what a woman in politics looks like shows that as a society we sure do have a long way to go!

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