Ideological Bigotry Part XX–Nancy Pelosi Implodes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is imploding. She is not just imploding as a political figure. She is imploding as a human being.

For those who need an education in reality (aka liberals), the argument has been raging about waterboarding for some time now.

I have some basic opinions on the subject. Coercive interrogation is not the same as torture. Torture involves cutting off heads and other body parts. Torture causes permanent pain. Anything that can be easily reversed is not torture. Stress positions, loud music, sleep deprivation, and adjustments in room temperature are not torture. Waterboarding is not torture.

Now unlike most liberals, who feel that anybody that disagrees with them is evil or an imbecile, I as a conservative cannot actually respect somebody holding an opposing view. Some people truly believe waterboarding is torture. They are wrong, but I will not attack their intentions.

Nancy Pelosi was not willing to let people on the right have a respectful disagreement. The Pelosiraptor is a hyper-partisan that is more interested in destroying others than lifting her own side up. What conservatives want to do to Al Queda, Nancy Pelosi wants to do to conservative Republicans.

Those who feel I am overstating the case need to observe the Pelosiraptor herself.,8599,1899778,00.html

She wanted to have Bush Administration officials brought up on criminal charges. Despite the fact the Democrats want to pretend otherwise, we are still in a war on terror. President George W. Bush did not knock down the towers. He is not the enemy. Nancy Pelosi fails to grasp this. Ironically, her supporters at refuse to just get over the 2000 election and move on.

Nancy Pelosi wants those who gave President Bush legal advice to go to jail. Does any reasonable person thinks this is anything other than a witch hunt?

(Insert Pelosi witch joke here.)

This is not about getting to the truth. It is about the politics of personal destruction.

The Pelosiraptor’s reign of terror began to crumble when it was revealed that she knew all along that waterboarding was taking place. She has since changed her story approximately five times.

She ran out of Republicans to attack. She went after the CIA. Yet Leon Panetta, a hyper-partisan liberal himself, was not willing to lose the trust of everybody below him at the CIA. He called Speaker exactly what she is on this issue…a liar.

Why couldn’t she have just let the matter drop? Why not just acknowledge that in 2002, after the worst attack on American soil in 60 years, drastic measures were taken?

Because Nancy Pelosi hates Republicans more than she cares about anything else. She is an ideological bigot.

How else can one explain why she has turned into a verbal Kamikaze pilot?

No rational person would destroy themselves just to destroy somebody else. She has become a verbal suicide bomber.

Another irony of all of this is that George W. Bush is no longer President. Unlike Democratic leaders, who insist on staying onstage long after their time has passed, Republican leaders just shut up and fade into the background. It is called grace, also known as class.

(For those that try to cite Dick Cheney, he is defending himself against attacks, which is more proof of the other side never letting go.)

Nobody would fault Nancy Pelosi had she stood up at the height of President Bush’s power and condemned waterboarding. Some would argue that the climate was too toxic politically for anybody that wanted to go soft. Americans were angry, and wanted a Toby Keith style boot sent up the enemy’s @ss.

Yet this is a lame excuse. Government by polling is followership, not leadership. Nancy Pelosi chose to stay silent. This means that She was too gutless to follow her principles, or worse, that she could care less about the issue until it became a club to hammer Republicans in general and President Bush in particular.

Implying that she is gutless gives her too much credit, because it implies that she has principles. Her career to date would suggest otherwise. In fact, I cannot remember her ever advocating a single thing resembling a policy.

Some Republicans want Nancy Pelosi to stay in power in a weakened condition. This also puts strategy above principles.

Nancy Pelosi must be fired. Every day that she pursues her Jihad against Republicans is a day that the real perpetrators of Jihad can breathe a sigh of relief.

Some will say that her behavior is “just politics,” but her behavior is truly unprecedented. She is not attacking people in power. She is going after people that have already gone back to civilian life.

She needs to go. Her departing will help Democrats, because Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is a tough guy who fights on politics without getting vicious.

Nancy Pelosi supported waterboarding when it was popular, and condemned it when it lost popularity. God forbid there is another attack, people will not be asking what Bush Administration officials sanctioned. They will be asking President Obama why he didn’t “do something.”

Nancy Pelosi is more than a political albatross. She is a nasty human being that is willing to destroy herself, provided that the people she hates also suffer.

For this and other reasons, the Pelosiraptor needs to go. SHe is too hateful to do her job. Every day she fails to do her job is a day when the terrorists have time to plan and carry out more attacks.

Americans did not automatically become Republicans after 9/11, but they sure understood that Republicans were not the enemy.

If only the Pelosiraptor and other leftists could understand this simple concept.

Then again, if they could, they would not be leftists.


18 Responses to “Ideological Bigotry Part XX–Nancy Pelosi Implodes”

  1. “Waterboarding is not torture.”

    Okay then. So, then you’d agree that Truman committed a war crime by trying Japanese POWs for waterboarding as a crime of torture? The fact of the matter is that waterboarding is, or at least was, legally recognized as torture, no matter what your opinion. I’m sure you’d think it was torture if it were done to you.

    This whole Pelosi flap is a typical conservative pseudo-issue. It is an unprovable matter, as there was no written or audio-recorded record of the briefing in question. It is purely a he-said/she-said situation. And so it’s the perfect pseudo-issue for conservatives – it is irreconcilable. Lord knows conservatives don’t want to talk about the ailing economy, the failed foreign policy, and the rest of mess they’ve left us – so let’s talk about some nonsensical he-said/she-said trivial claptrap!

    If the GOP is to make a comeback, they are going to have to get serious. This sort of nonsense is even beneath a spoiled, suburban, teenaged girl.

    On the other hand, the Dems would do well to finally shut the H up about waterboarding. Americans are morons who think “24” is real life and so they just don’t care about it. Obama has wised-up. He’s trying to put this all behind us. Pelosi and crew just wouldn’t shut up about it and now it’s coming back to bite them. Only educated liberals care about this torture issue. There are simply not enough educated liberals out there to sustain a fight to right this wrong of the past. The Dems need to put this to rest for once and for all as it’s simply feeding the beast of ignorance, and that beast is the favorite pet of the GOP.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    3 Islamic terrorists were subjected to waterboarding. So what!
    Over 3100 of our finest; police, firemen, pentagon employees, etc.,
    were burnt to a crisp, chocked in fumes, jumping out of windows,
    on 911, thanks to the very people that are being subjected
    to a mild form of (whatever you call it) “torture”.

    John McCain a fellow Republican was tortured off and on for 5 years.
    He is against torture., and why not, considering his personal experience.
    His opinion is understandable.

    Admiral Mullen is partially wrong when he says GITMO (where the
    “torture” was performed), is a recruitment tool for terrorists. THEY DO
    US, “Infidels” and “Jews”. They preached this hatred long before Gitmo.

    I believe most decent Americans are against torture, NAZI or Stalinist
    style, not to forget what the Muslims are doing.

    Slavery was routine throughout the planet for over 3,000 years.
    It was more than accepted, it was encouraged. It was wrong.
    Torture is wrong…

    Yet we fought to end it and lost 600,000 Americans in the process.
    Slavery is not accepted throughout most of the world now. But it
    still one form (child labor) or another.

    We read daily how Islamic extremists torture captured prisoners.

    The Syrians tortured captured Israeli soldiers in 1973..they were

    There is psychological torture, as well as physical.

    Maximum security prisons in the USA, and solitary confinement,
    is a form of torture. Keeping the lights on 24-7 in cells is torture.
    A medical condition known as “cabin fever” is a form of torture.
    It’s called being along..with no communication allowed.

    Beheading in Saudi Arabia ( or cutting off one’s limb), or the threat
    of same are forms of torture. Brain washing is torture.

    Sunnis torture Shias and Shias torture Sunnis in Iraq.
    The Taliban torture fellow Muslims in Pakistan and Afganistan.

    Eric is correct, we are not torturing people..we are however making
    life very uncomfortable for them on a temporay basis.

    Sitting in a dentists chair can be torture.

    Hooking one up to life support can be a form of torture. You don’t
    believe me, ask someone who has been through this.

    Treating someone with advanced cancer or parkinson disease
    can be construed as a form of torture. These people cry out to be
    allowed to die. They scream in pain, yet mercy killing is outlawed
    in most states, in spite of their ordeals.

    Making someone feel pain temporarily which might save dozens
    if not hundreds of lives (911) is worthwhile, under limited circumstances.

    Nancy Pelosi is banking on US forgetting these past few weeks.

    She is correct. She knows her audience.

    She is also a liar..and by rights, should be prosecuted, just
    as she is asking for the heads of the attorneys who wrote
    opinions stating the methods used in Gitmo were legal.

    The Democrats are to put it simply full of it.

  3. Norm says:

    Check out this

    a water board video…you could enhance your opinion (pro or con) after watching…

  4. Norm says:

    Ref: Jersey

    “This whole Pelosi flap is a typical conservative pseudo-issue”

    psuedo? Don’t you watch the news? Nothing psuedo about her flip-flopping lies…

    “Lord knows conservatives don’t want to talk about the ailing economy, the failed foreign policy, and the rest of mess they’ve left us ”

    The ailing economy? Everybody is talking about it! Are you in some kind of closet?

    Failed foreign policy? Who failed? The liberal left that voted and funded it and then tore it apart before it had a chance.

    and the rest of mess they’ve left us? “They’ve” would have to included the 110th Congress that went on a wild spending spree and earmarks like Murtha’s Airport to nowhere in Pennsylvania…

    There’s a zillion other things we could talk about but I never hear a liberal talk about what’s really wrong with America…Murtha’s Airport is wrong…make that number one, you can start with number two (product of anal expulsion intended).

  5. Dan Lev, moral equivilency is the excuse of scoundrels. Should we all become radical Christians and cut off people’s heads too? C’mon man. We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not a bunch of lawless jihadis. And whether or not people choose to become terrorists, GITMO certainly isn’t going to help dissaude them! Neither is supporting crooked aristocracies and juntas in exchange for oil. Don’t think all this happened out of some vaccum. Nothing ever does. It’s a fundamental law of nature. We became targets by our actions. We may not deserve it, but we certainly didn’t do much to avoid it.

    Norm, the point is that this whole Pelosi thing is pointless nonsense. Nothing of any intrinsic value will come of it. It is a diversionary tactic, designed to take our minds off serious issues – serious issues that are a direct result of the failure of laizzez faire conservatism. It panders to the GOP base, yes, but does little for the rest of America’s majority.

    And yes, the foreign policy of the right is a complete and utter failure in almost every conceivable way. Look at Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, China, South America – you name it. We took out a couple of third rate juntas, and did a half-arsed job of that, and pat ourselves on the back for a “Mission Accomplished,” while the serious treats remained and worsened. Complete. Total. Utter. Failure.

    And you want to talk about a spending spree??? The cons DOUBLED THE NATIONAL DEBT IN 8 YEARS! Where’ve you been? Were you born on Januray 20th of this year?

    What’s really wrong with America is that we’ve become too stupid to know what’s really wrong with America. We fuss over stupid nonsense like this Pelosi matter, while unemployment fast approaches double digits. We wory about Murtha’s airport, while North Korea sets off a nuclear blast. We sit transfixed like zombies staring at cheap sensationalistic journalism, while serious laws are debated, trials decided, international agreements haggled out. We’re STUPID. THAT’S what’s wrong with America.


  6. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, You are absolutely correct – we are stupid. We came together as a nation – Dems and Repubs, condemned Saddam, got rid of him, then started pointing fingers at each other. Republicans blamed Clinton for 9/11 and Dems credited Clinton for a boon to the economy…the most likely reason for the boon in the economy is a Democratic President and Republican Congress – government couldn’t interfere much, so it took off. Now Gibbs wants to pass laws to ensure we don’t have “another boon”… We didn’t get attacked because of what we “did”…we got attacked because of what we stand for – liberty. Repbulicans are being blamed for attacking Sotomayer because she wants to bring a woman’s perspective and a Latino’s perspective…why would Republicans attack this? Why wouldn’t every person who has one iota of knowledge about the Constitution and law attack this nomination? Why would Dems attack our surge in Afghanistan? Why not everyone who has any knowledge of the past 100 years there attack it? We are imploding because we are stupid and fighting each other. We are so concerned about celebrating diversity that we forgot that what made this country great was unity. It’s not the African American, Latin American, Euro American, Indian American, Placeholder here American states – it’s the United States of America. So, when our leaders lie to the public – especially one in a position of power such as the Sneaker of the House, we must hold her accountable. This isn’t a Republican thing – it’s common sense…ok, so it’s not that common, but change the subject, attack another issue, blow a smoke screen, dismiss her proactive attacks against those who have been risking their lives in the name of freedom, and they will quit risking their lives, and we’ll have no freedom or liberty…but the bright side is, if we don’t have liberty, the Arabs won’t be as apt to attack us.. because they’ll likely own us.

  7. Eagle, do you still really believe taking out Saddam was worth the cost? Really? Dick Cheney once didn’t think so. I’m still not sure what changed his mind (maybe all those years at Haliburton?). A lot of prominent Republicans once didn’t think so either. But as with a lot of things (no nation building, no deficit spending, no increase in the debt ceiling) I suppose you all changed your minds en masse. I know, I know – “9/11 changed everything,” bla bla bla. The only thing 9/11 canged was the lives of those poor victims and their families. Other than that, nothing really changed, except your minds. As FDR once warned us, fear is a most fearsome force.

    It’s funny you mention how the Clinton/GOP Hill balance lead to the alleged good times of the 90’s. To this day I don’t see them as such good times, but rather just a floating of the boat of state, or how Clinton and the GOP Hill accomplished that, as I still credit GHW Bush and the Dem Hill for that. Of course, you all turned on GHW Bush for that. God forbid a man breaks with rigid ideology and does the right thing.

    And to say that “we got attacked because of what we stand for – liberty,” is just silly, childish, comic-bookish nonsense. Only a fool would believe such tripe. We were attacked because we made ourselves a convenient target as a unifying enemy for a theocratic revolutionary movement to rally the Arab Street. Do you really believe in comic books? These guys may be crazy, but they’re not stupid.

    The rest of what you said is quite substantive and evocative. The problem is that it is open to a subjective view as to what we should unite around. If you want to unite around a fear of a bunch of psychotic turbined shmucks in the desert – count me out.


  8. Norm says:

    Ref Eagle
    “Dems credited Clinton for a boon to the economy…the most likely reason for the boon in the economy is a Democratic President and Republican Congress – government couldn’t interfere much, so it took off. ”

    The number one reason for the economy when Clinton took office was Ronald Reagan…Clinton being a shrewd politician Knew this so he worked on other issues like the Law Of The Sea Treaty (surely to place us under the United Nations), the CRA which put teeth into an earlier version by Carter and thus began ACORN’s envolvement backed by the Community Organizer of that time, Obama and then there was the Communications Act of 1996 (or 1995? I forget the exact year) which brought the vast majority of the news media under Left Wing control (George Soros, et al) plus a whole lot of EO’s that somehow became law without Congress voting for them…
    Then when the time was ripe (November before Clinton left office) he passed the largest tax increase in American history (according to the Wall Street Journal) thinking that when the next recession comes along (it did in March of the following year) that George Bush would get the blame (again the economist at the WSJ blamed Clinton’s tax increase) but the New York Times et al continued to blame George Bush.
    The entire Left Wing philosophy is to always blame the other side no matter what…that’s why they flip-flop so often…

    The entire mess is all part of the conspiracy to do away with the United States and Obama is just another tool used to move it along…
    If you follow what’s going on at The UN you will note that Obama is following the UN…all a part of the plan…
    The New World Order is a bi-partisan (politic elite) conspiracy…Bush 41 spoke of the NWO frequently, followed by Clinton’s, “Every American should have a world view.” GW Bush changed the title somewhat to SPP better known as the NAU… GW once told the RINO, Sen Lugar, “Get this thing ratified!” (that was in the fall of 2006) referring to the Law Of the Sea Treaty. (recall Clinton signed it in 1992 in Brazil…and it was never ratified by the Senate). When myself and others heard of Bush’s directive to Lugar (he is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee head by at that time, Senator Biden) we jammed the White House Phone lines and got it stopped. The Law of the Sea Treaty is all about control…control by the UN and it will affect every US citizen from coast to coast (read sub section G starting with article 177 or 178…I forget the exact number but subsection G should be enough to get you riled up).
    All of this conspriacy thing has been going on for years and is sponsored by the Rockerfellers (donated land for UN), the CFR, Trilateral Commission, et al (including the recent G20 summit [go listen to Gordon Brown speak of the NWO at the G20 “…NWO is emerging” you can get it at Youtube]) …prior to the G20 many members of the CFR met in Paris and other places to assure everybody was on the same page while Obama sent Henry Kissinger on a secret meeting to Moscow (Kissinger has NWO order on his brain 24/7, that’s all he talks about) to talk about the upcoming global currency….

    I could go on with this but right now I’ve got other things to do…and just because you may not believe any of it does not change the facts that all of this has transpired…you can look it up yourself!
    As for Pelosi, we don’t need to talk about her we need to get her out of here…she has broken several laws and used her position for personal gain using the Left Wing’s excuse that her legislation was beneficial to her husband’s business deals (including that water front condo and the tuna fish thing out there at American Samoa)…it’s not just her husband’s for we all know that California is a community property state and she owns it too…
    Again, you may not agree with any of this, but your disbelief cannot change the facts…
    It was once believed to be a “fact” that the earth was flat but those disbelievers could not change the “fact” that the earth is round…
    So therfor if you continue to disbelieve which I have laid out here then you obviously have a pre-Columbian mindset and I cannot change that…you’ll have to attempt to sail off the edge yourself (by doing a little research).

    Have a good day

  9. Norm says:

    ps to my earlier comment…

    I may have been mistaken on the date (2006) regarding my comment about LOST…it could have been 2007…here is an email to the White House dated November 2007:

    Dear President Bush

    When the citizenry of this country know more than the President of the United States the harm that will come as a result of your Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and the Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST) it is indeed a time of crisis.

    In the words of Senator Sessions, “The LOST creates an entirely new government, complete with legislature, an executive, a judiciary, and a secretariat.” Mr. President! That is not a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We the People did not ask for
    nor approve such irresponsibility. You sir, dictated a fiat undefined and unauthorized by the Constitution.
    Why should the President of the United States usurp the will of the people?

    You took an oath to uphold the Constitution, the bedrock of our foundation.
    It is not “just a piece of paper.” Mr. President, you cannot tear up a rock!

    It is obvious that you have ties to a New World Order promoted by your father and William Jefferson Clinton. Your recent comments favoring Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next President of the United
    States implicates your role in their scheme to destroy a Democracy in favor of Socialism.

    The nation is currently in a civil war of words, a precursor to anarchy and violence. When the American Colonists lost their ties to the Crown a revolution occurred. You sir, by promoting LOST and SPP, are leading the way to a recurrence. You sir, need to lose your ties to a traitorous
    cabal seditous in nature, and detrimental to the cause of freedom.

    Your father said, “If the American people knew what we just did, they would hang us from a lampost.”. Mr. President, the American people know!

    With all due respect for the office you hold, I, we, the American people beseech you to abandon your plans and tear up your blueprint for reorganizing this great country. Distance yourself, from those that rot the soul of this nation and become close to those you swore to protect…
    The American people!


  10. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, Your comment, We were attacked because we made ourselves a convenient target as a unifying enemy for a theocratic revolutionary movement to rally the Arab Street.” seems to support my premise that we were attacked because we have liberty – people who have freedom of choice, which we do, serve as a convenient target as a unifying enemy, which we are, for a theocratic revolutionary movement to rally the Arab Street – which they did and are continuing to do. Nothing comic book about it – just a different perspective for saying the same thing. some of your other comments are a little presumptuous – I never said taking out Saddam was worth the cost – I simply stated that whereas before we took him out, there was consensus…and when the aftermath didn’t play like Desert Storm 1, then a number of people developed memory loss – which is the entire point of Eric’s article. As for the boon during Clinton’s years, I’m not really qualified to offer any substantive except my opinion, and depending on what I ate the night before could portend how substantive that opinion is… :>) As an anti-government intervention kind of guy except for near term emergencies, I believe the economy does best when left alone. Both Dems and Reps alike relaxed mortgage qualification standards which upset the balance for supply/demand/affordability, and we bet our future on the come.

    Norm – If a person is entirely ignorant of the product you are trying to sell, even a hungry person will gag when someone shoves too much crap down his throat. I read with interest your initial comments, but when you started throwing dates, circumstances, and false premises at me rapid fire, then cast me off on a pre-Columbian Flat Earth Society ship to the edge of the earth, I have to admit my journey to research the referenced data was cancelled. Making an assumption that I am X, Y, or Z prior to my offering a response does nothing but draw battle lines, and as much as some of us on this forum may disagree, we’re on the same team – USA.

  11. Eagle, why would a bunch of crazy Arab theocrats care about our liberty? It makes no sense. Their are plenty of other liberal republics out there, plenty a lot more liberal than us, why pick us for that? It makes no sense. They certainly never cared much about us before. Why now? Why? Because we were meddling in their affairs, we had troops on their “Holy” soil, we are allied with Israel, we prop up their crooked regimes, and so forth. Sure you could argue that our imposition, for better or worse, of our brand of “liberty” on their peoples may be what set them off, but it wasn’t the “liberty” itself, but the imposition of it. It is unwise to force democarcy down other people’s throats. As Sam Harris warned before the war, it would be stupid to give democarcy top a people who would gleefully vote it away the first chance they get. So it’s not our “liberty” that inspired the 9/11 attacks, but our empire. Doesn’t that make a lot more sense to you? That regards their interests – our “liberty” does not. And not all of what we do is bad, per se, but it does often conflict with their interests. In international politics it all comes down to interests and our “liberty” just has no relevence to their interests.

    Good retort to Norm, by the way. I wouldn’t have had a clue what to say to him!


  12. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, Again, I think we are in violent agreement but using different terms. I am hung up on the word “liberty” because I’m anxious about our losing it, but our presence in other countries, our “threatening” to give people their freedom/liberty/independence from harsh theocratic regimes made us, and still make us a target. And having spent a couple tours in Iraq, my unsolicited opinion is that the Kurds in the northern sector would do fine with a democracy (or a republic), but the Arabs aren’t ready yet because they are still hung up on emotions rather than logic; entitlements versus opportunity, and their religious views are stringent enough to seem to not make them care whether their government gives them freedoms because their religion, in many cases, doesn’t allow them many freedoms anyway! I think they would rather the government gave them air conditioning and lunch. Having said the above begs the question about why the leaders are so fearful of freedom/democracy given the family, tribal, sect hierarchies they enjoy (well, saying they enjoy them may be a stretch!)… And another confusing tidbit is that there are a great number of “wanna be” Muslims, just as there are a great number of Easter Christians…lots of lip service but not nearly as many jundis (Iraqi Soldiers) praying five times a day, or once, as I would have expected…

  13. Norm says:

    Ref:”Norm – If a person is entirely ignorant of the product you are trying to sell,… ”

    Not ‘trying’ to sell anything…simply the messenger.

    Ref: “…false premises…” What is false about the truth?

    Ref:” then cast me off on a pre-Columbian Flat Earth Society ship to the edge of the earth, …”

    I did what? There’s a little word somewhere in there that says, “if”

    Recall that I’m simply the messenger so don’t try to kill me because you don’t like the message. Whatever it is that you think I’m selling has already been sold. I just happen to have many years and thousands of hours following the scenario (backed up with ten thousand or more pages of documentation) and I feel somewhat insulted when they try to reduce those hours to zero. You can believe whatever it is you want to believe. I am not dictating just transmitting…

  14. Eagle 6 says:

    Norm, Many of the problems with written communication are immediate feedback, body language, tone, context, and other factors. Another problem is not knowing the audience or his perspective. Still another is a tendency to immediately be defensive and or go on the attack. Context with “selling someone something” – analogy. I was trying to be cute, not offensive. I saw the word “if” in there a couple times, but my telling you about a conspiracy theory I spent thousands of hours researching and saying if you don’t believe me you are obviously stupid is not the best way to get you to believe in my story. Likewise, saying something to the effect of, “Again, you may not agree with any of this, but your disbelief cannot change the facts…
    It was once believed to be a “fact” that the earth was flat but those disbelievers could not change the “fact” that the earth is round…
    So therfor if you continue to disbelieve which I have laid out here then you obviously have a pre-Columbian mindset and I cannot change that…you’ll have to attempt to sail off the edge yourself (by doing a little research).” to the casual observer, could be construed as an insult to my intelligence…but as I mentioned in another post, one must first have intelligence to be insulted, and I haven’t proven that part yet.

    The false premise (or premises) is your rebuttal about my opinion concerning the economy. I am not an economist, but I attribute lack of government intervention as a positive on a capitalist society. You refuted my opinion with irrelevant comments about the Law of Sea Treaty, CRA, ACORN, and Kissinger…and maybe I really am stupid, but I can’t make the connection of those things with the economy. If you had said trickle down economics under Reagan was successful, I would have shouted yea, verily, amen. That’s not what happened. Again, context, tone, feedback…experience and perspective make written communication difficult at times…

  15. Norm says:

    Ref: “…but I can’t make the connection of those things with the economy. ”

    It’s all about connecting the dots and the economy is just one dot. The economy has to go in order for the ‘NWO’ guys to complete their plan.
    In a one-on-one discussion with Senator Shelby over two years ago, I mentioned that the banking industry is in severe trouble and will go bust in the very near future (I wasn’t far off)…I told him (and he is on the banking committee) that the upccoming crash is deliberate and he did not want to believe it…since that time I have been proven right by economists far more notable than myself…in a more recent (several weeks back) meeting with Shelby he saw the light! Somewhere on my website I believe I posted the so-called notable’s acclimation about it being deliberate (too lazy to look for it right now).
    I am 69 years of age and have been studying this since the mid-seventies and everything these ‘NWO’ guys have planned is or has come to fruition.
    …and the planning started before 1913…if that date means anything.

    Part of the problem (and I noted it with Shelby, et al) is that many politicians don’t have a real handle on what is going on…without getting into too much detail, I had to chastise Mr. Hanson, Shelby’s chief of staff (and a lawyer) for not knowing some particulars about banking and the CRA passed by Carter and stiffened by Clinton.
    I do know that some of my correspondence gets intercepted by the NSA for when I discovered something on their website and mentioned it to Shelby, the item was immediately reworded. I also know that the NSA can and very well may be monitoring this very message…I have been personnally monitored by every major and minor government agency or Department up to and including the US State Dept…but that’s no big deal, everybody (at least most political websites) get monitored routinely.
    If you don’t think that this conspiracy is real, simply look around and see what’s happening and then go back and you will find that all of this was carefully planned…DL Cuddy has a good summary of the NWO and thousands more like myself have been comapring notes since I first got involved…and that was when Henry Cisneros was invited to the Trilateral Commission…they and othe NGO’s (i.e. CFR, ACLU, et al) have more power than the entire electorate of the United States…BTW the ACLU had to change the wording of their original charter because of the treasonous implications…never-the-less they still have the same unwritten goals.
    And they all affect the economy…

    Not to change the subject but recently I made a prediction that GE was going to start spending millions on advertising for their medical division…and low and behold I noticed they even use FOX News…I say this because GE is in bigtime with the NWO crowd…my prediction is also somewhere on my website…not that far back, and again I’m too lazy to look for right now…Why GE…because they will make billions (off of you and me) with this Obama medical plan…got to go…talk to ya later…maybe!

  16. Eagle 6 says:

    Norm, Thanks for the response. As you mentioned, you have spent thousands of hours…years studying this – it’s the fire hose syndrome for me, so let’s say you piqued my interest. You mention a website – not sure whether it’s ok to post that here or not…?? This is the only site I visit and am not savvy of rules/protocol…

  17. Norm says:

    My website is listed in the sidebar of this website “Norman Hooben”.

    You won’t find a lot of writings there authored by me. I gave up writing after the 2006 elections…had some nifty stuff over at

    I knew I was doing something right for the accolades were more than I ever expected…but my disappointment comes from the fact that most of the people who read this over here and that over there are usually on the same page with an occassional troll dropping a baited line. So I stripped townhall of everything I had and just left one behind just to keep the account open…I occasionally cross-post some tidbits of insanity from my current site to townhall (ex. )
    So now I have become a voracious reader…I think I’ve been on every website in cyber space ( a little exaggerated) …my favorites column which I always have open has a list so long that if it were not for folders and categories the list would stretch from here to where ever you may be (just a scosh, exaggerated…[comprendo, “scosh”? comes from the Japanese word, “schoshi” which means small or a little bit])…and on top of that, I read on the average about six or eight books per year…some old, some the ink still smudges.
    With everyone on the same page only solidfies the grouping of those individuals and the message we want everybody to know never gets out to all those ‘everybodies’…especially the cluless bodies walking the streets who get their triumphant moment of the week when their choice wins the American Idol protest (or is it con test? for they try to con three judges for a cheap way to heaven on earth).
    My message seems to have more absorbtion with the masses while on the radio. At least I know someone is listening or else they would never call in. The callers would never read my commentary at my website, but they do listen to talk radio…so I say, “That’s a good thing.” I once asked a caller what it is he does with his computers (intentional ‘s’) and he replied, “Games, YouTube, and good looking woman.” And that’s just about the gyst of it…Americans are too absorbed in themselves and do not have a clue about how we got where we’re at nor where we are going.

    This (Tygrrrxpress) is one of my regular visits (by regular it might be once or twice per month…I have a handfull of other regulars)…Why this site?
    I was afraid you might ask…but I don’t want anything going to the site holder’s head it’s fine the way it is so no brownie points from me…but he does have good diction…I can tell the way he talks (but I never heard him speak!)
    I’ve already spent a few month’s worth of visits just with replies to this and that’s more than I’ve said since I left Townhall…
    Good night…

    ps if there is any mispelled words in this commentary…it’s my typing…so sloppy

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