Marc Rudov–Alpha Male and American Hero

The Phil Donahue era has finally ended.

The American male has a chance at salvation, and his lord and savior is Marc Rudov.

For the sake of full disclosure, the Sacramento Queen and I are doing back to back weddings in different cities. The first wedding is her family, the second one, friends of mine. Since this the “meet the parents” weekend, perhaps writing about testosterone driven maledom might not be prudent.

Yet apparently I am still typing. Now, back to American Male Patriot Marc Rudov.

Not since Al Bundy on “Married With Children,” formed “No Ma’am” have men had such an inspirational leader (side note…Al Bundy once scored four touchdowns in one game.).

Below is one of the best quotes from his site.

“Chivalry is benevolent sexism.”

Even the title of one of his books is raw testosterone.

“Under the clitoral hood: How to crank up her engine without cash, booze, or jumper cables.”

The following insight is shockingly yet simplistically brilliant.

“Men built America, landed on the Moon, and comprise 85% of legislators. So, how did America become a ‘womans nation,’ where 60% of college graduates, 50%+ of med-school graduates, 50%+ of law-school graduates, and 80%+ of veterinary-school graduates are female where Barack Obama created an unconstitutional Council on Women and Girls and now wants to institute a Title IX-like push for women in science & engineering?

Simple: men, who have a perpetual fear of not getting laid, never had any real power. Back in the day when women were home baking cookies, couldnt get credit, couldnt own property, and didnt run businesses, men had perceived power.”

The man is not a sexist pig or a neanderthal. He is just a guy that has had it.

“When men are bashed in TV sitcoms and commercials, they tolerate it. Thats why so much is on the air. Corollary: You never see woman-bashing on TV, do you?”

Marc Rudov will take on sacred cows that everybody else are gutless to go after. Nobody criticizes Oprah. Well, he does (No, I am not calling Oprah a cow. Let it go.).

“Oprah Winfrey is increasing domestic violence in America. By being Harpo remaining silent on the truth about violent women, she unwittingly perpetuates the problem.  Repeatedly excusing womens culpability and unfairly blaming men only serves to foment this pernicious societal scourge.

On March 19, 2009, Oprah aired an anti-male show about domestic violence (DV), to capitalize on the biggest news story: Rihanna. Oprah holds men totally responsible for both causing and ending DV. Outrageous! Nowhere on her show was mention of all-too-common incidents of female violence such as those involving actress Kelly Bensimon and NFL player Geno Hayes.

Instead, Oprah stridently cautioned her female audience: If he hits, hell hit again. Fair enough. Missing from her mantra, though, was: Never hit a man out of anger, revenge, jealousy, hormone imbalance, or any reason whatsoever! Also absent from Oprahs show was a reciprocal warning to men: If she hits, shell hit again.”

In the same way that there is a difference between black pride and simply hating whitey, Marc Rudov is not interested in hurting women. He simply wants to stick up for men.

Yet if people only learn one thing about this man, his advice on sex must be drilled into people’s…well, their (redacted).

“Ive written, ad nauseam, that men chase women because theyve been socialized to believe a lie: the male libido far exceeds the female libido; chasing women is the only road to sex. In fact, this lie is the single source of all stupid male behavior.

The truth is, women are hornier than men, every day of the week (hint: thats why they buy vibrators), and men dont have to pay or chase for sex ever. This is the underlying principle in my popular book ‘Under the Clitoral Hood.'”

I could go on and on, and believe me, I want to. For now, I encourage everybody, men and women, to spend lots of time on his site.

All hail the Alpha male!


2 Responses to “Marc Rudov–Alpha Male and American Hero”

  1. Just out of curiousity – is he single?


  2. hauk says:

    Modern stupidity knows no bounds- and never acknowledges it’s own hypocrisy.

    “there is a difference between black pride and simply hating whitey”

    There is also a difference between European Pride and hating Jews. But no one likes to acknowledge that. Modern Tolerance is one sided- and bigotry is only a bad thing if you’re not the one in power.

    Right now Obama is being pressured to choose a Supreme Court Justice. The different groups are clamouring for him to choose a Woman, a Lesbian, a Latino, or a Black- how about he choose someone fair minded, impartial, and good for the job?

    That is one thing I really miss about George W- he chose the best people for his cabinet regardless of skin color. Colin Powell was and is still a great man. Condi Rice is one of the smartest people out there. It didn’t matter that they were black/a woman.

    Someone ought to write a book about Ideology and Bigotry. Or maybe I just need to get off my ass and buy a copy. ;)

    Anyways- I consider myself a strong, independant man. My girlfriend is also strong and independent. I like her that way. We don’t give each other any psychological bullshit- we just live and grow together. Thats the way it should be. I don’t want my women to be subservient or second class- I want them strong. As I like myself to be. Strong in spirit, in heart, and able to walk side by side with a strong woman.

    That’s the way it ought to be. My. $0.02.

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