My Interview With Senator Mike Dewine

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting former Ohio Senator Mike Dewine.

I initially met Senator Dewine a year or two earlier at the Ronald Reagan Library. Every Summer the Republican Jewish Coalition congregates there with friends, and Senator Dewine has always been a friend of Israel.

With that, I present my 2008 interview with him.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

MD: “This election is about the issues, and the main issue is who has the background and experience to be President.”

2) What issues are most important to you personally?

MD: “The economy and national security matter most to me. That is the reason why this election is so critical. Barack Obama does not have the background or experience on Foreign Affairs to be President.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

MD: “My political heroes are Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Mike Dewine the person?

MD: “I am not much into self analysis. I hope people would see me as someone who was a strong advocate for children.”

Mr. Dewine did not mention this to me, but anybody taking the time to research him would have known that he lost one of his own children. The worst nightmare for a parent is to be pre-deceased by their children.

Had I known this at the time, I would not have finished the interview in a lighthearted manner.

5) Given that Canton, Ohio, is the greatest city in America because of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, are you taking steps to move the nation’s capital from Washington to Canton?

MD: “I am for it, but unfortunately I lack the votes to do it. I agree with you though.”

I wish Mike Dewine and his family well in life, and may blessings and peace be given to the entire Dewine family, including his child in heaven.


2 Responses to “My Interview With Senator Mike Dewine”

  1. How refreshing to see a modern pol who doesn’t choose Ronald Reagan as a political hero. Reagan has to be the most overrated president ever. Well, maybe second to Kennedy. These guys are far more myth than reality. I mean, what the heck did Reagan ever do? I can’t think of anything substantial – or at least substantially good.

    It doesn’t surprise me to see DeWine, who was famously independent, to pick TR and HT as his political heros. He was a lot like them. DeWine was a victim of the ’06 backlash but in almost any other year he would have won reelection. And he shouldn’t have gone quite so over-the-top in that campaign. It did not serve him well, nor did it fit his idium – he was never known as a paranoia-pandering “national security” loony. It doesn’t matter much now though, as the GOP has regressed to an only-hard-right party with a tiny ideological tent. There just isn’t much room for the Mike DeWines of the world in the GOP anymore.


  2. Guys, where the heck are you these days – especially Micky? Now is the time for debate! Come on! Get with it! If you want to scrimmage with the best, he’s here! He (I) wouldn’t be here if our good host didn’t know it! C’mon! Let’s get it on! Don’t retreat! Come now and debate, and argue, and think, and propose, and repose, and admit, and submit, and profligate, and (well, you get it)… Don’t give up on your beliefs, or at least don’t give up on proselyzing them. I certainly don’t hate any of you. Eric espouses ideological tolerance, within the framework of repulicanism (small “r”). I agree with that. C’mon guys! Let’s argue!!! (Besides, I just finished a big assignment and I’m bored as H#LL!)


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