I had the pleasure of seeing an independent film named “Corked.”

I loved it. My review is at Big Hollywood.

Go see it!


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  1. Sounds good! I think I’ll check it out!


  2. Eagle 6 says:

    So are you weaning us from the Tygrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Express to go Hollywood? Baby steps…then an entirely different audience… You have your vintage types on this site for quality, and junkies on the other for quantity, but some may be ok… I guess I don’t make a very good Repubican because although I hate change initially, I love it within minutes…

  3. Micky 2 says:

    ” will spare you the elitist, flowery rhetoric about how it pops out of the bottle with energy and flows smoothly until the viewing palate is pleased. I remember seeing a commercial where wine tasters exclaimed, “Splendid clarity. Excellent Nose.” I wanted to smack these people, and also wanted to know if Hollywood celebrities could have a form of rhinoplasty that would enhance their wine drinking sensation.”

    hah ! This reminds me of all the snotty little sh*ts I used to get waiting at some of the finest houses in the country. Or the South park episode were liberals are sniffing each others farts. These people are for real and theres a lot of them out there. It seems the closer you get to Santa Barbara the worse it got.
    Having an ostentacious wine vocabulary is simply a must for any decent waiter. You’re knowledge doesnt have to be half as great as the way you ramble off all the cliche references… “good nose” “complimentary to the cusine” ” you can taste the orange blossoms from the neighboring orchard” and all that crap

    One night at the Tavern On The Green a guy was with what was no doubt his first date whom he did his ridiculous best all night long to impress with culinary and spirited knowledge was really starting to get to me. He asked me if I could explain to his date the characteristics and history of truffles.
    I then went on to explain to her that they were harvested by pigs in the south of France who’d had their eyes gouged out only to enhance their sense of smell therefore enabling to find and dig up the undergound fungus much easier.
    As far as the flavor goes I told her they’re much like cardboard soaked in dirty dishwater or maybe the bark off a tree. ” ENJOY”
    You would not believe how many half full bottles of Dom Perignon I’ve seen people toss their cigar butts in etc…
    I love the food business, but have no tolerance for the pageantry and snotty displays.
    I doubt any place in Honolulu will show this but I’ll hunt around and see if I can download it

  4. blacktygrrrr says:


    No no no. I only post at Big Hollywood once or 2x a week at most. This is still my main site. My traveling makes it almost impossible to answer comments as fast as before, but I am always lurking.

    As for email and privacy, it’s your email addy, so no harm on my end. I just don’t allow people revealing private info of others.

    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

  5. Eagle 6 says:

    eric, No explanations necessary; I was just busting your chops. I’m a wry, dry, and satire kind of guy, and you hit on most cylinders… in later years I’ve learned just enough to enjoy a glass of wine with a steak, but my youthful experiences are with Boones Farm, Tyrolea, and Mad Dog 20/20… Ah, the stories to tell… thanks for the note.

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