From W to a different type of W

In 2008 we had W. In 2009 we had an entirely different type of W.

2008 ended the eight year presidency of Presidency of George W. Bush. Known as Dubya, or “the Dub,” he took the enemies of America and smacked them back to the stone age. America routed the Taliban, overthrew Saddam Hussein, and liberated millions of people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is what leadership is about. This is what America is about. We spread freedom and liberty throughout the globe. Freedom and liberty are not Western values. They are gifts from God.

Ronald Reagan understood this. When he called the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire,” he was not speaking to the Soviet leaders. He was speaking to the people of Eastern Europe. When he told Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall,” he was letting millions of Eastern Europeans know that America would support their fight for freedom.

We kept our word, and Eastern Europe contains large bastions of American suport to this day.

While our current leader blathers on nonsense about “hope,” “change,” and “Yes we can,” Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush backed up their words with noble deeds.

This brings us to President Barack Obama. Make no mistake about it. This man speaks boldly, but he is a timid man.

North Korea threatens to launch a missile at Hawaii, and President Obama explains in a cool, allof and detached tone why this is something they should not do.

Iran is on fire, and this too cool for school leader of America sits idly by waiting to see who wins the conflict before taking a stand.

He wants to dialogue with the Mullahs. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush would have backed the people.

President Bush wanted to take out the leaders of Iran. Fellow Neocons DIck Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolofowitz wanted to hit Iran. Ambassador John Bolton was for it.

Yet low poll numbers meant that President Bush could not get the lily livered cowards in Congress to go along with him.

So why is President Obama, who has high poll numbers, hiding under his Oval Office desk in a fetal position rather than condemning the Iranian leadership of the mullahs and Armageddonijad?

Because, to quote Political Goddess Andrea Tantaros, “Obama is a wussie.”

That is the new small w. He is a wussie.

Sure, he acts tough against Republicans, but they will not bomb America. He even gets tough on some Democrats, but that is with his bodyguard Rahm Emanuel clenching his fists in the background. President Obama even bullies Israel, as if bullying Israel requires much bravery in this world.

Yet President Obama is completely impotent with North Korea, and especially Iran.

Like liberals before him, he wants to focus on domestic policy. He wants to destroy the health care system, make the education system worse than it is, and save all the trees at the expense of every human being on the planet. To do this, he cannot have worldwide distractions from things such as other nations.

The man does not want to deal with foreign policy. Neither did Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, or Lyndon Johnson.

The problem is that unlike domestic policy, foreign policy will not just go away because the President of the United States wants to stay at home. To put it blountly, there are dipsh*ts in this world, and sometimes they need a good slap upside the head.

Giving despots warm fuzzy hugs does not work. Yet Barack Obama has no Plan B.

I give Mr. Obama credit. When somebody has nothing intelligent to say, they should shut up. President Obama is not a stupid man, but he has no clue what to do about Iran. Yet shutting up is not an option because the President should know what to do.

The solution is to understand what makes America so special. Alex De Tocqueville understood that America is a force for decency and goodness.  That means standing up for freedom against tyranny.

The Iranian people have their best chance at liberty in 30 years. President Obama is treated like a hero by sycophants in the American media, but he could actually earn that heroic status by putting decency and honor above cautiousness and timidity.

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did not spend every waking minute analyzing their polls. They did what they believed was right, and history has already rewarded Ronald Reagan. George W. Bush will reach that level as well.

There has not been a President that is seen both as positive and also as relevant since JFK. LBJ was relevant but hated. Clinton was liked but completely peripheral. Carter was bad all around.

Barack Obama has high poll numbers because he has not done anything. Yet if he thinks he can coast for four years, even with the American media, he will be mistaken. he world is not impressed wih him.

North Korea and Armageddonijad see him as what I called him during the campaign, BHMO. He is Barack Hannah Montana Obama. He is a sweet child, but this is an adult world.

The despots of the world are not going to leave him alone to play with his American sandcastle. They are going to try and destroy it.

North Korea has kidnapped a pair of American citizens, and now threatens Hawaii. Iran threatens to destroy their own people before ending the world.

President Obama had better get tough real fast. Time is running out.

America cannot afford to confront World War III while being led by a wussie.

Man up Mr. President.


4 Responses to “From W to a different type of W”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Over 100 people were killed in Iraq these past few day, while our
    troops are preparing to leave the cities by the end of this month.

    John McCain and the Republicans warned against a timeline or deadline.
    The Democrats were always quick to give timelines., which were
    never approved by the Executive under Bush.

    This week, over 106 billion in funding for all three Muslim wars, which
    are in fact taking sides in their hatred for one another (Sunni vs Shia vs
    Taliban, vs insurgents, vs Al Qaeda), was approved by the Congress.

    Not one cent was authorized to taking out the Iranian madmen, including
    their “monkey” leader Ahmad., while millions protested the rigged elections. (Where were you Jimmy Carter when the world needed you, oh, I know, patronizing Hamas in Hamastan (Gaza Strip). You say you are really a Palestinian, while they lob more rockets to kill my people).

    What the heck, what is a little Jewish child’s life worth anyway?

    Iran, my friends, has 70 m people, most under 35 years of age.
    They love us..except when told to burn our flag by the mullahs.
    They want freedom, democracy…equal rights for women. They
    have the wealth (oil), but are spending their denaro to make atomic bomb Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and US interests. They are told now it’s the Zionist lobby, the Zionist controlled new media, the entertainment industry, the Israels, that are fomenting the riots.

    So, while Rome is burning, Obama is fiddling.

    When will we wake up, I ask my fellow Americans..when there are mushroom clouds over Tel Aviv, or New York?

    Is there an answer to this muck..yes, impeachment.

    Or as one Republican Senator asked America, do you want a health
    care system run like the IRS?

    The IRS collects our tax dollars..while allowing 300b a year to go
    unpaid. Yet they seize, levy, lien, take our assets w/o warrants,
    bare down on the little guy, and play politics within the agency

    But I admit to liking Herr Obama. I suggest reading Liberal Fascism
    for what is going on.

  2. This is just the silliest pile of jingoisms I’ve read in a long, long time…

    “2008 ended the eight year presidency of Presidency of George W. Bush. Known as Dubya, or “the Dub,” he took the enemies of America and smacked them back to the stone age. America routed the Taliban, overthrew Saddam Hussein, and liberated millions of people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    This is what leadership is about. This is what America is about. We spread freedom and liberty throughout the globe. Freedom and liberty are not Western values. They are gifts from God.”

    First of all, nothing is a gift from God. There is no God. It’s time human beings grew up and realized that.

    Secondly, there is no true “freedom and liberty.” Human beings are social animals that cannot survive without social structure, rewards and sanctions, limits to our “freedom and liberty.” Also, one man’s “liberty” is often anathema to another man’s “freedom,” and vice-versa. Not everyone defines “liberty” and “freedom” in the same way. To a neocon, “freedom and liberty” are just code speak for “keep your God damned hands off my big pile of money.” To a liberal, “freedom and liberty” are just code speak for “stop locking people in prison for non-violent, victimless offenses.” I prefer the latter.

    Thirdly, you have to be the most naive human being on the planet to believe that “We spread freedom and liberty throughout the globe.” No we don’t. Sure, sometimes we have, so have many others. But overall, we have shown little propensity for “spreading” anything other than the interests of the very wealthy. You’d have to be historically illiterate to think otherwise.

    Fourthly, we did not “rout the Taliban.” The Taliban are alive and well and making all sorts of trouble in the Kush. The Taliban will kill more Westerners with heroine than the terrorists could in their best millenia. George W Bush completely and utterly failed his duty in regards to Afghanistan – and the trouble is spreading to Pakistan, creating a situation that could make north Korea look like a grade school name-calling spat.

    Iraq is now a Shiite stronghold with close ties to Iran’s Mullahs. The future there is still very much in question. Iraq could very well become another Iran.

    I for one am glad beyond belief that we’re finally rid of the Bush administration and that it is widely loathed and regarded as one of the worst in American history. You can fool some of the people some of the time… How’d the rest of that go again, “W”? Oh, that’s right, you never had a clue.

    Obama is handling NK and Iran like a mature statesman, rather than like a buffoon. Americans have had enough buffoonery.


  3. Dav Lev says:

    Oh me oh my, what next will Herr Obama do to US? I didn’t vote
    for him, did you? I am a registered Democrat, but saw through his
    fancy and meaningless rhetoric from the very beginning. I cast my
    (wasted) vote here in Cal for McCain/Palin.

    We all know that the moderate and conservative voters have left California for greener pastures..replaced by the liberal crowd. So how could McCain win here?

    You say, so what, Obama is the messiah..he will lead US back to
    the promised land, of economic revival and security.

    Hmmmmmmmm, let’s see what is now in the news. We (US) are sending
    an envoy to talk, engage, and push diplomacy with Assad
    Assad however, tells Israel that unless it agrees beforehand to give up
    the Golan Heights, taken in the 67 War, there is no peace partner. It also
    has denied the IAEA rights to inspect their (at least) 3 nuke plants..claiming
    the one destroyed was an empty army barrack.

    No. Korea is threatening the US with a massive attack worldwide, if it
    stops their ships per the UNSC resolution. (John Bolton is laughing at all this thinking, “I told you so”. ) Our Sec. of Defense know, the nice (er) guy who replaced the candid and less nuanced Rumsfeld…says
    we will protect Hawaii from Korean missiles. Hey guys, they have 4 nukes,
    we have 40,000. So what are we afraid of?

    The Israels are being told (by Hillary) that no building is allowed beyond the 67 borders (even though the Arabs are building illegally like crazy).
    Hamas, Hez, AND Fatah (Abbas), have already dismissed Bibi’s offer of a state (where have I heard this before, like in 48, 67,73, and at Camp David). They want it all, including 5m Muslims relocating to Israel, no longer to be a Jewish state.

    Of all the 22 Arab states, how many are Muslim states, per their constitutions (assuming they have one?). I mean, in Saudi Arabia, no Jews are allowed, Christmas cannot be observed, and pity the women who
    cheats on her husband (see the French Revolution).

    Iraq has seen over 150 people killed in one insurgents..who
    see their chance now that our boys are leaving the cities. Thanks Obama.

    In Iran, millions of people want Ahmad brought gain some
    freedom for themselves. Obama refuses to land marines from our
    carriers in the Gulf (we have 3 fleets), with hundreds of planes. He
    thinks we may incite he mad mullahs to get even madder.

    Anyway back at the ranch, I still haven’t received my 1,000 check from
    Uncle Samuel, as promised by Obama, remember? Cap and trade is
    going no where, and unions are fighting among themelves for membership
    of low paid immigrants (see Calif).

    Talking about the economy, now that we have guaranteed 15 trillion dollar
    for this purpose or that purpose, we are reading that if unemployment
    goes up this year..we might get rid of Obama and his socialist advisers
    and cabinet members in the next election.

    Okay, who the will take over the helm, I ask, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Reid
    or G-d forbid John Kerry?

    Speaking of Kerry, did anyone hear him the other night being
    interviewed. He said this, had we not pressured Iran to stop making
    nukes…we would not now be hearing, “Death to Israel”, Death to the Zionists”, “the Holocaust never happened”, and “Next Year in Jerusalem”.

    Soooo, he blames the Bush policy and the UNSC resolutions for
    inciting the mad mullahs and Ahmad against US and little Israel.

    I mean, come on…we should be thankful that this bum lost the election,
    even though he ranted and raved against the Vietnam War, while our
    guys were dying and threw away his medals.

    Bottom line: we need McCain, Giuliani, Thompson and Romney
    now more than ever, before more damage is done.

  4. Norm says:

    Gee, I read the commentary…then I read the comments!
    Whew! When the country is this far apart there’s little hope left…
    but there will be a lot of buffoons voting in the next election.

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